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Can you use an eSignature on a legal document template?

eSignatures have the same legal force as handwritten signatures according to the UETA and ESIGN Acts. This means you can use eSignatures on legal templates in a wide variety of situations. However, eSignatures can't be used for a few types of documents:
  • Court orders or official court documents (eSigned records are applicable by courts)
  • Health or life insurance termination notices
  • Wills and testamentary trusts
  • Documents connected with transporting dangerous (toxic, hazardous, etc.) materials
Regulations can be different in your state, so you should always check with your local lawyer if you can use an electronic signature on legal document templates. eSignatures are accepted for most other types of documents but be sure to check your eSignature service enables you to place legally-binding signatures.

How do you place valid eSignature on legal templates?

UETA and ESIGN Acts granted eSignatures with the power to be presented as evidence in courts. However, it’s not enough to draw a doodle with the randomly-picked tool from Google on a document. There are requirements to recognize electronic signatures as valid.

Ways to check if your eSignatures are legally binding:
  • There's a clear intent to sign. For example, a party has an option to decline to sign.
  • A party agrees to do business electronically. A signer should give separate consent before signing.
  • A signature must be associated with the record. There must be a confirmation that an eSignature was made right in a document without transmitting it from another file.
  • An eSignature stays obtainable for later reference. Make sure all parties have their copies or delegate automatic sending to your software.

Where can you find a service to place valid eSignatures on legal templates? Right here on this website! signNow meets all the requirements for ESIGN and UETA Acts so you can be confident your signature is valid.

How do you sign an Acknowledgement Letter?

Before you sign an Acknowledgement Letter, double-check the document is built to meet these specific requirements and contains:
  1. An acknowledgment statement. The statement should be clear and concise.
  2. Dates and signatures. There must be a particular place to sign an Acknowledgment Letter, type a recipient's full name, and add a date.
  3. Next step explanations. If receiving an acknowledgment requires a recipient to complete further actions, make sure a letter provides a list of defined activities.
  4. Contact information. Provide contacts in case of any questions.

When all of these requirements are in place, you're ready to sign an Acknowledgment Letter. Using a reliable service like signNow to create your legally-binding signature protects you in case of any problems. When you create an account, upload a document to the system. Then, use the My Signature tool to eSign the record by drawing, typing, or uploading. Then, click Save and Close to confirm changes in a file and select More > Download. If you need another person to sign an Acknowledgment Letter, open the editor, insert a fillable Signature field, click Invite to Sign, and provide a recipient's email address. The recipient will receive an eSignature request and can easily sign a document even without having a signNow account.

Can I sign a Car Lease Agreement Template online?

You can sign the Car Lease Agreement Template online if you use a reliable eSignature service like signNow that is compliant with ESIGN and UETA Acts. With legally-binding signatures, you can forget about printing, manual signing, scanning, and sending documents. After going digital with signNow, you can quickly create eSignatures on legal templates in minutes and leave tedious paperwork behind. signNow satisfies the needs of even the most demanding customer and offers multiple advanced tools:
  • Legally-binding eSignatures. Create valid signatures with no additional configurations.
  • Fillable fields. Request additional information and signatures by placing specialized fields with various validation types.
  • Payments. Integrate your signNow with Stripe and collect payments right after signing a document. For example, sign a transportation services agreement and get paid instantly to save more time.
  • Attachment requests. If you need a recipient to attach specific documents, just add the appropriate field to your form and receive the attachments you need.
  • Signing orders. Need to sign a shareholder agreement template electronically and collect signatures from more than two parties? In the signNow editor, click Edit Signers, add a required number of parties, and specify their emails. Then, add fillable fields to your document and assign them to particular signers. The system will route signature requests among all parties automatically.
  • Reminders. If you’re worried that your customer will forget to sign your legal document template, set up reminders, and signNow will regularly remind them to sign your form.
  • Templates. If you need to sign an acknowledgment letter often, upload it once, click More > Make Template and reuse it multiple times without needing to upload a clear form again and again.

signNow will simplify your entire document management process. You can sign a Car Lease Agreement Template online and significantly reduce the time spent on paperwork. Don't hesitate to go paperless – become more efficient with signNow!
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