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This platform allows you to save time by signing your documents online using our new features and tools. You can also optimize the process of completing your form by adding as many signers as you want and setting the signing order. Our instruments are fast, effective, easy to use and enable you to work with all types of documents as well as various file and page formats.

Our new Digital Signature for Email feature enables you to certify papers online in your web browser and invite your business partners to add their autograph to your document in a few simple steps.

  • Upload a file to your account
  • Click the Edit Signers button from the toolbar on the left
  • Enter personal details (i.e. name and email address) of every user you wish to invite
  • You can always add more users or remove those previously added.

Once you’ve finished editing, click Save Signers in the bottom right corner, then click DONE to confirm the changes you’ve made. You’ll be sent back to the main page which contains information for your folders and files.

With the Digital Signature for Email feature, your finger is always on the pulse of your business. If a person you’ve invited declines to sign your form, you’ll receive an instant notification. You will also be notified when your template has been completed by all parties in your specified order. All recipients will receive an email, phone call or SMS depending on the type of authentication you've chosen.

Our platform offers a legally binding and secure digital signature service accessible from your computer or mobile device. No software downloads or installs are required! Try it out now!

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