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What does electronic signature for email mean?

If you want to easily sign documents received by email, the entire process can now be completed in less than 5 minutes using our electronic signature service. With signNow, you can create a unique autograph for your online correspondence and use it in your emails.

An electronic signature is an official analog of handwritten initials approved by law to confirm online arrangements and papers converted to electronic format. eSignatures simplify daily life and offer a modern way to verify the signer's identity.

How to create digital signature for email

The signNow add-on is a reliable and convenient electronic signature tool for document signing within your mailbox. To insert electronic signature into Outlook or Gmail, install signNow in your inbox and log in to the platform.

The sidebar opens in the mail and analyzes the letter's content. Then it prompts you to upload the file to the system. Once the file opens, you can start creating your signature. To do this, click the My Signature button to add your signature. Select the signature you want to use from the options provided, or draw a new one. Make it unique and as recognizable as possible. Once your digital autograph is displayed on the screen, you can reduce or enlarge its size.

Be sure to include fillable fields when sending a signature request to one or more people. Add recipients who need to complete this file by entering their email addresses. You can always add or remove previously added users. Finally, click Invite To Sign and send the document to the signer.

How can you add a signature to Gmail?

By using signNow, you can take advantage of built-in integrations designed to save you time and increase productivity. This means you can use signNow with online services you already use, such as Gmail.

The installation process takes a couple of minutes, and you can sign documents online without leaving your mailbox. First, click the Settings button in the right corner of your Gmail inbox. Select Get Add-ons and find our platform among the provided extensions. In the new window, select Install and confirm the process. Sign in to the platform using your account. Now, signNow eSignature will be available right in your inbox.

Click Upload to import the attachment into your signNow account to begin the signing process. Choose a ready-made signature generated by the service, or create your own by clicking the Draw button.

Then, add recipients with their email addresses. If you need to collect multiple initials, you can set the signing order. For example, the third person can sign the contract only after the second, and the second only after the first. This is helpful when you need to follow a document approval scheme.

After sending the contract for signing, the recipient receives a letter with a link to the document. After clicking on the link, they can sign the file with the generated initials or draw them on the platform. After approval, the author receives a notification that the document has been signed, and all parties can save it by downloading it from the link.

Do your documents become legally binding email contracts while using eSignature?

In our modern 21st century, where everything from commerce to government services has become digital, having trust in the online space is essential. It can be difficult to understand which source of information or documents you can trust.

Electronic signatures guarantee the authenticity of papers. It can be valid outside the country and help people save time while building trust and maintaining security. Electronic initials are used in the United States and many other countries and have the same legal status as handwritten ones.

signNow is a legally binding signature service compliant with ESIGN security and authentication requirements. You can confidently use our platform for your business and daily tasks, knowing signNow keeps your data safe and compliant. Our service also protects saved files with SOC Type II certification. This way, you can securely manage your documents and create legally binding autographs with our reliable solution.

Is it easy to add eSignature to Outlook?

signNow’s integrations let you work with solutions you already know and use. Make electronic signature in Outlook emails without logging out of your account. Click the Integration button in your signNow account and select Outlook from the list of apps. Once installed, the add-on will be added to your email menu. Open the attachment in the platform and insert eSignature in Outlook email.

You can draw or upload an image of your signature and then complete the process by clicking Done. Your colleagues or business partners can sign and return documents in seconds on any desktop or mobile device without the need to register for an account or install any software.
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