Electronic Signature for Email

How to Add Electronic Signature to Email

Have you ever wondered how to add your electronic signature to an email? Did you know that SignNow has already developed a simple, secure and convenient solution for your business? It allows you to insert legally binding e-signatures to documents you send via email. Every document you work with and send using your personal or corporate mailbox is protected from unauthorized access and cannot be viewed or hacked by a third party.

With SignNow:

  • Adding an electronic signature to emails is a safe and simple procedure. You can use it with any mail service and send it from any device you choose
  • After uploading your file, you can add or remove users by clicking the Edit Signers button in the main menu
  • Add your signature, set the signing order and ensure your file is ready to be filled out by other users
  • You can invite as many people as you need to put their signature on the same document. In order to do so, simply insert the respective fields and set them to every person you wish to invite by filling in their name and address.

Nowadays, an email containing digitally-created signatures are accepted by most business entities and government organizations. Sending forms, contracts and other templates via our platform means keeping your finger on the pulse of your business transactions. You are always in control of who is allowed to view and edit your documents. Try out our service today and forget about the heaps of paper on your desk!

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