Electronic Signature in MS Word

Make It Easy to Add a Signature in Word Documents with SignNow

Today, Microsoft Word is the preferred format for millions of people when it comes to creating and saving their documents, contracts and agreements. Using a mainstream format for sending and e-signing documents makes life much simpler. Even better, if a user is able to access their sent and signed documents anytime, from any device, the savings in time and money are immeasurable.

Experience the ease of inserting an electronic signature in word with SignNow’s advanced solution. Designed for speed and ease of use, you can go through it in a few simple steps. Begin by creating a SignNow account with your Office 365 or Microsoft ID and then add your legally binding e signature in Word in just a few seconds.

Integrating SignNow with MS is a breeze and each customer is provided with a number of benefits such as:

  • seamless integration with Office 365: no need for printing, scanning or faxing documents
  • draw signature in Word or request that your edited docs be signed; drag and drop tags indicating where a recipient should add their signature
  • manage completed docs from any folder.

Eliminate the hassle of organizing paperwork by applying our streamlined digital signing service. Sign up and try our service’s free six day trial.

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