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What is the easiest way to sign your documents in Word?

There are at least two ways to sign your documents in Microsoft Word. The first way is paper-based. Print your template out and sign it. Then mail or deliver the document to other signers. As you can see, this method can be time-consuming and costly.

Fortunately, an alternative allows you to sign your documents in Word and even helps you close deals from anywhere in just a few clicks. With an eSignature solution, you can turn any document into a fillable form that can be signed online. Simply create a signNow account and upload a file to get started. The service supports various file formats, including Word. Using the built-in signNow editor, insert your eSignature using the My Signature tool.

signNow lets you choose the signing method you want. Easily type, draw, or upload an image of your signature. Any format is legally binding and valid because signNow complies with the ESIGN Act requirements. You can sign documents and send them for signing in a matter of seconds, knowing that the solution keeps your data safe and secure.

Does an electronic signature in Word have the same legal effect as a handwritten one?

Electronic and handwritten signatures have the same legal standing. Because of the ESIGN Act, courts can't deny a document's validity solely because it is signed electronically. Let’s look at how to sign your documents in Word to create a valid contract. In short, each eSignature needs to include the following aspects:
  • Intent. The intention to get a legally binding contract or agreement should be made clear. Clicking an accept button, drawing, or typing your name in the corresponding field can demonstrate your signing intent.
  • Consent. Signers must be able to agree or refuse to conduct business electronically. For example, signNow has a pop-up window that users must click to accept the consent clause.
  • Authenticity. The symbol or word that serves as your eSignature should logically associate you with the document. The audit trail contains timestamps, your IP address, and your email address to confirm that you are the signer.

Are photocopied signatures legal?

Considering the above points, a photocopy of your signature can't be valid as it doesn't have one important element. Although the signing stamp belongs to you, it can't be linked with any particular document. In short, the copy doesn't demonstrate your intention to sign the contract or agreement. Otherwise, such an image could be placed in any PDF or Word document and passed off as a legally binding stamp, even if the signature's owner didn't read the content.

However, there are cases when you can create a signature offline and insert it as an electronic one. Let's see how to do this with signNow. The service helps you to sign conveniently, including using a handwritten type. Take advantage of the My Signature tool and click Upload Your Signature. Select the required file and add eSignature to the Word.

Can I type my name for an eSignature?

The short answer is no. Your typed name in the document doesn't mean you sign your document in Word. Even if it's a photo of your wet signature, there's no ground to consider the file enforceable. You must have a way to type your name so that it becomes an eSignature. To do this, you need an eSignature solution like signNow. The market offers many eSigning tools you can research, or you may register for a free trial by signNow.

To get started, register for an account - you don't even need to enter your card details. Then, upload your document from your desktop or cloud. Additionally, there is no need to convert the file because signNow supports Word format. Once the file has loaded, open it and select the My Signature tool. You can type your name and apply it to the form using this tool. Save your changes and download your enforceable contract, agreement, or another document. When you insert eSignature in a Word doc, your signature is automatically saved, so you just need to click to sign next time.

Who can create an eSignature?

eSignatures are used for business and individual purposes – anyone can make them. There are no special requirements for how they should look. You can use cursive or any other font you like. Hand-drawn is also suitable. signNow supports both types to make the signing process flexible and convenient for everyone.

Electronic Signature in Word is also used for internal company processes. Employees can make documents valid and enforceable online with eSignature. From signing NDAs to sending invoices, signNow is a secure and reliable solution. Provide your team with signNow’s easy-to-use solution and speed up paperwork workflows with no-hassle eSigning.
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