Legally Binding Email Contracts

How to Sign a Contract via Email

Did you know there’s a way to complete your electronic form or sign contracts without ever leaving your inbox folder? With our tools, you can have your papers filled in and sent via email to anyone you’ve given permission. As a document owner, you are also able to add and remove users, manage their roles, set the order of signing order, etc. If you receive an invitation, simply follow the link emailed to you and fill out the form in a couple clicks.

SignNow is a rapidly growing online platform which enables you to work with a variety of file and page formats directly in your web browser. Our instruments are efficient, user-friendly and accessible from your computer, tablet or mobile phone. All you need to do is log into your account. No download or software installation required!

Sign email contracts by uploading them to our official app. Use the toolbar to create a new field within your template or click an existing field to fill in your name. Generate your own legally binding e-signature by pressing the My Signature button to use our unique handwritten signature tools. You can also draw your signature manually with your mouse or touchscreen, or upload it to your document as a scanned copy.

Press the Add button to insert your autograph and save the changes you’ve made by pressing Done in the top right corner of the editor’s page. As soon as you’ve finished, the file is ready to be processed by the next user.

SignNow enables you to sign contracts via email or safely share them with your business partners. Our services are fast and secure. Try them for free today and get rid of paper clutter forever!

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