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Speed up your workflow with a powerful new digital solution. Signing contracts, leases and agreements via email has just gotten easier and faster. Try signNow’s Email Signature Generator to identify yourself via email correspondence. Create your own professionally designed template and add it to Gmail, Outlook, Apple and Yahoo Mail messages in a few clicks.

You don’t need to download or install any software. Find the best solution online. To get started, log into your account and click the user icon in the top right corner of the signNow member page. To make your brand recognizable, add branding elements to your emails.

Customize the tone and style of your signature. Provide paperless transactions and build your brand’s credibility. Learn how to get the best result in as little time as possible with our user-friendly interface.

Our digital platform is a cost-effective and convenient way to streamline your business tasks.

The Email Signature Generator ensures comprehensive support for all categories of customers. Our professional support team is standing by to assist you for any specific issues. signNow is your answer to time-sensitive documents requiring fast completion and a legally binding e-signature.

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How to create a new email address

Hey friends! I’m Tasia and this video will show you howto create a custom email signature that works across multiple email clients. I was messing around in Gmail trying to customizemy email signature, but I quickly became frustrated with image sizing issues and just settledfor a really basic signature. Not long after, I happened to get an emailfrom a company called NEWOLDSTAMP. They are signature generator software thatworks with gmail, outlook, apple mail, and more. I really liked their platform, so they hookedme up with a free account so I could showcase their features to you guys. I want to make it clear, I am not being paidto promote their product - I truly think it’s worth it - especially for small business owners. So we’ll walk through how to create a customsignature, but as we move through the tutorial, I’ll highlight some of the really cool marketingtools that I think makes this software worth it. So here’s how to create a custom email signaturewith Newoldstamp. From your dashboard, you’ll have a coupledifferent options for creating a new signature. Now I created one for my business earlier,so I have a couple tabs here, but don’t worry about those yet. You can either set up a master signature orcreate a signature. The beauty in setting up a master is thatif you have a team - or department - that you want to create signatures for, you canquickly setup a master that teammates can easily customize, keeping the exact formatting. You can also make bulk changes by editingthe master only. I love that feature so much. Now, you can also just create individual usesignatures too, and at a later time set that as a master. So let’s go that route and click ‘createa signature’. Here, you’ll have a preview of your signature,and template options to the right - these are alternate layouts for your signature. Clicking on ‘show more’ will bring upeven more templates. So select a template you like and now you’reready to customize your signature. The left hand side of your screen is whereyou’ll fill in all of the signature details, like name, company, title, department, anycustom fields, as well as adjust your fonts and colors, add a photo or logo, and socialicons. As you add your signature details, your previewupdates. Just fill in any necessary fields. Now under fonts and colors, you have the abilityto customize colors. But cooler yet, if you upload or drag anddrop your logo or image in the photo or logo section underneath, you can click where itsays ‘grab colors from image’ and boom - the colors are pulled for you. If you want to change the text color at anytime, just click in the text field under signature details and you can change the color underneath. Back under photo or logo, you can crop and...

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