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Is an electronic signature equal to its handwritten counterpart?

An electronic signature is the process of adding a text or a picture of your signature to a document using a digital device. eSignatures are legally binding in most countries and continents, including the US and Europe, and have the same legal power as traditional “wet ink” autographs. The legality of eSignature is defined by the following laws: eIDAS ( Electronic Identification and Trust Services Regulation), ESIGN Act, and UETA.

Even though more and more countries adopt eSignatures, there are some legal nuances. For instance, not all documents can be certified using online signature generators or eSignature solutions, like deeds or adoption papers. Some documents require the physical presence of a signer. These exceptions might vary between states. Before certifying a document with digital tools, make sure to check with your local authorities.

How do you create an eSignature?

There are various ways to generate your autograph electronically. For example, you can create your eSignature using electronic signature makers, MS Word, or even Paint. These tools are excellent assistants in terms of productivity and creativity. However, when it comes eSignatures, consider choosing solutions that provide a secure eSigning experience for all parties involved. signNow helps you avoid any legal pitfalls when certifying documents online. To create your customized eSignature in signNow, you can type, draw, or upload an image of your handwritten autograph - all of which are legally binding. signNow saves your signatures for future use. No matter what platform you use (Mac, Windows, iOS, or Android), easily connect with people inside and outside your company to send and sign documents.

Is an eSignature acceptable in all industries?

Generally, yes. However, other rules may apply in some heavily regulated industries where classified data or human welfare is at stake. One of the examples of this type of industry is healthcare. Non-compliant eSignatures and mismanaged data may lead to improper patient care or a leak of sensitive information. When considering an eSignature solution for healthcare, the first thing you need to look for is whether it’s compliant with HIPAA (The Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). This law shields patients’ sensitive information from illegal disclosure. signNow processed all the necessary security measures to comply with HIPAA.

Does a digital signature differ from an electronic one?

An electronic signature is often referred to as a digital signature. They both validate a document’s authenticity and integrity but differ in execution. Digital signature solutions contain many mathematical algorithms and encryption methods to ensure top-level protection of a digital record. This type of encryption is used mainly in industries with high standards for document management and data protection, such as petroleum, vehicle manufacturing, or healthcare. For daily business operations, like managing contracts, closing deals, and approving agreements, an eSignature solution is sufficient as long as it meets security standards enforced by local and state laws.

How do I put a signature on a PDF?

It’s no secret PDFs are not an edit-friendly file format compared to a DOC or DOCX. Signing a PDF is time-consuming and requires many extra steps. You can use some online handwriting signature generators to help you sign. But, will they be secure and efficient? eSignature solutions, like signNow, guarantee compliance with all the legal requirements to protect your autograph and data. Certifying a document with signNow is fast and easy. Before signing a document, you can test the features using the pre-uploaded sample. signNow’s many tools are not limited to filling out and signing papers. You can also turn records into interactive fillable forms and create reusable templates.

Is it possible to sign documents on a phone or tablet?

Many online signature generators allow you to sign a document on your mobile device. However, they don’t necessarily provide users with many features like signNow, which lets you experience complete flexibility in your signing experience. Everything that you can access in a web-based version you can get with our mobile app. It will be legally binding and enforceable in court whether you type or draw your signature. You can configure eSignature workflows, automate routine tasks, provide a smooth signing experience, and track updates on the document. signNow enables you to edit and sign documents even while offline, right from your computer, tablet or mobile phone. As soon as you regain internet connection, your work is synced so you can send out your documents.

How do I ensure that my eSignature is authentic?

To prove that your autograph is authentic, watch for these four critical points when choosing an eSignature solution.
  1. Does the eSignature solution have an Audit Trail that captures a snapshot of the document’s changes?
  2. Does the eSignature solution hold up to worldwide legal standards that define the legality of eSignature (UETA, eIDAS, etc.)?
  3. Does the eSignature solution offer two-factor authentication that ensures the right person has access or editing rights to a document?
  4. Does the eSignature solution provide role-based signing (fields that are designated to specified recipients)?
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