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Sign Follow-Up Letter To Customer

hey this is three email follow-up strategies that actually get responses I'm Alex Furman from inspired beats chief marketing sumo over there over 20 million dollars in leads generated 2 million in sales digital nomad so I got this comment on a video the other day on the actually a comment on the video that I did last week so how do you send follow-up emails can I see a template well here are some real emails I've used to progress deals and the mindset that goes into each one that you can use in your email follow-ups to help get more responses increase your close rate and sell more of your thing so let's get into it 3 email follow-up strategies that actually get responses first one is the personal connection follow-up so use something you have in common or a personal question in the email for instance this woman responded to a followup with I'm in LA on business right now we'll have to start when I get back back on Friday so I know that there's an awesome haunted house at Universal Studios so I just left that in there Universal Studios LA so check out the haunted house at Universal Studios and she responded back she actually ended up signing so this one this guy used to work for the Cowboys team football club so I said do you still root for the Cowboys and he got back basically there's a lot of information here about you know the type of leads and everything but he got back in at the end he's like Jets Jets Jets Jets Jets with you know one can only assume means he likes the Jets but he's engaged with the emails and he did follow up quickly finally how's Miami hope you're doing awesome this final one I looked into his background on LinkedIn and I saw what he was bragging about in his profile and he bragged about how he took a company public to a 1.5 billion dollar exit so I tried to connect with them personally called out how impressive that was and then I also did something that we're about to go over which is talked about how excited I am to do lead gen forum and then had a meeting so this is the personal clothes find something personal or relate something personal in your life and put it in their email in order to get a quick response that's that's probably the most effective follow-up strategy and this next one is a little less effective but easier if you can't find anything personal this is called the excitement follow-up so the goal here is to show how excited you are to work with them so hey name I've got your word that we're starting this week right looking to get things started so we can get you know company name out there and he immediately got back a minute later funny you should skype...

Its easy one of the best tools for document signing.

What do you dislike?

There really aren’t many things you can say wrong about this app, because it does just what it promises, in a quick, simple and understandable way for any user who has never used a document signing software before. If there is a serious bad side is that customer support is only available on enterprise plans, which is a little disappointing if you have a problem and you have one of the most basic plans, even though the support works great if you have the possibility to pay an enterprise plan.

Elisabeth T
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Best E-Signature Service going

What do you like best?

I love how easy it is to use. I have a lot of clients that are over 60, and the fact that SignNow guides them through every step is fantastic.

Fred C
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Simple, it works

What do you like best?

I love the document template feature. My business tends to send the same document frequently and the template feature makes it so easy!

Administrator in Computer Software
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