Add Signature to Gmail

How Do I Add a Signature in Gmail

Great news for all of those wanting their outgoing messages to look more sophisticated and unique! With the world’s number one electronic signature service by SignNow, every user can add original signature samples to letters without leaving their Gmail inbox folder.

As you probably know, Gmail has an option for personalizing your account by adding a customized label that appears at the end of each outgoing letter. The most obvious solution would be using your name but with SignNow you have a much wider range of tools. Generate a unique handwritten sample via our online editing tool and import it into your Gmail account. No software downloads required!

Our new feature allows customers to insert their Gmail signatures and certify papers online without leaving their web browser. Also, you can invite other users to fill out your documents in a few simple steps:

  • Upload a file to your personal account
  • Click the Edit Signers button from the toolbar you see on the left
  • Enter your name and email address, then specify each user you wish to invite
  • Add or remove users
  • Save your settings and click Done.

With this feature you are always in control of your workflow. You are instantly notified via email as soon as all signatures for your document have been collected. You are also notified if a person Declines to Sign a document for any reason. Every user is allowed to work with a document immediately after they receive an invitation with the link.

Our platform offers a one hundred percent legally valid and secure signature service accessible from any desktop or mobile device. Try it out now!

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