I 9 Verification Online

How Can I Verify an I-9 Form Online?

Forget about completing paper forms! The days of printing out a document, manually signing it and sending a scanned copy back to your PC or Mac are over. With the SignNow platform, you can quickly and easily fill out your I-9 (or any other) form online.

An I-9 is used to verify the identity and legal working ability of all paid employees in the U.S. Every business owner in the United States is obligated to ensure that the form is completed by each person they hire. It’s comprised of three sections:

  • Employee Information and Attestation (must be submitted by each employee on the first day of employment, in case a job offer is already accepted)
  • Employer Review and Verification (must be filled out and signed by a company representative within 3 days of employment)
  • Reverification and Rehires (must be filled out and signed by employer)

Read the instructions carefully before distributing or completing this form. Both employers and employees tend to make mistakes when filling it out. It’s important to understand that SignNow allows you to insert fillable fields and make as many changes to them as you need before saving a final version.

In order to start working with your I-9 form online, simply upload a document to your free account and fill in all the necessary fields. Click the blue Done button to complete the I-9 verification process when you’ve finished editing and proofreading.

As an employer, you can onboard as many hires as you need by inviting them to prepare all necessary documents electronically. Save time and optimize your workflow with a fast and secure online solution by the number one e-signature platform!

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