Create Fields in Word

How to Insert Fillable Fields in Word

Did you know that inserting form fields as well as other fillable text blocks directly into your Microsoft Word documents is now possible? Learn how to create fillable PDFs within MS Office documents using the SignNow platform. All you need to do is open your file in the document editor and drag the fields you need from the toolbar. It is a simple procedure that yields impressive results. With our online tool you can forget about purchasing expensive software or wasting time on unnecessary downloads.

SignNow instruments are mobile friendly and feature an intuitive interface. They enable you to implement form fields, sign your documents while working within the MS Office workspace and convert text blocks into fully-functioning and fillable PDFs. Work with your papers electronically and invite other users to collaborate on them by simply uploading them to your personal account.

Other useful features include:

  • Adding roles to your file and safely storing it online
  • Insert elements such as text, signature, initials, date/time, dropdown menus, etc.
  • Insert forms among existing blocks
  • Name your Word document and send it to your account in one click.

The ability to add form fields in a Word document is advantageous to users who make a lot of content edits. Their original document’s structure remains unchanged.

Our product simplifies the process of verifying, editing, sharing and saving your files in PDF format. You’ll never have to waste time searching for a particular paper to sign again. Enhance your workflow and work with various file formats, all with the number one e-signature platform!

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