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What is a fillable form?

A fillable form is an electronic multi-usable document that contains particular areas to fill out data. Users can easily add their information inside these specific answer boxes, but they cannot edit any other content in the document. That's why these templates are so popular. PDF and Microsoft Word fillable forms are the most frequently used. Online questionnaires, website form requests, tax and legal templates available to fill out and download are just a few common examples of fillable forms.

How do I make a Word document fillable?

Microsoft Word is the most popular word processing program that enables users to create, modify, and print text documents. Users can easily edit documents navigating through Word’s tool pane. The program also offers layout templates to create letters, reports, certificates, surveys, and agreement templates.

Even though Microsoft’s program is great for creating texts, generating multi-usable online fillable forms can be challenging. The program offers such functionality, but the process requires many steps and user expertise. To make a Word document fillable without using a third-party solution, you need to create a template and then add content controls completing the following steps:
  • Add a Developer tab by navigating to the File menu → Options → Customize Ribbon → Developer;
  • Add Content Controls with the Design Mode in your Developer tab;
  • Highlight the content control, customize settings, and formatting;
  • Create a custom explanatory text to provide clear instructions on document fill out;
  • Protect the newly created form from editing, if needed.

This method works for generating Microsoft Word fillable forms, but it’s time-consuming and complicated. Using specialized online editors to create fillable fields in Word is much easier, more effective, and hassle-free. With signNow, you can generate forms for filling out and send and sign documents with legally-binding electronic signatures. The service allows users to upload and manage files in Word, Excel, PDF, PPT(X), and RTF, JPEG, PNG images. Once you import a file to your signNow account, the system automatically transforms it into a PDF. To make it fillable, simply open the form in the editor and use the left-side panel to insert fields for fill out.

How can I create fillable fields in Word with signNow?

Unlike the MS Office native functionality, signNow has a powerful editor that helps users make any Word document fillable in a few simple clicks. All you need to do is create an account with signNow and choose the subscription plan that meets your needs. Next, upload your file using the Upload or Create button. You can browse for a file from your device or import it from your preferred cloud storage (signNow supports Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Box, Egnyte, and DocuShare). You can upload any file 50 MB or smaller (or up to 15 MB if you use the mobile app for Android or iOS). When the file is in your Dashboard, click on its name to open it in the editor.

signNow’s document editor provides you with a robust toolbar on the left of the screen. You’ll see two blocks of tools: the upper one enables you to create fillable fields in Word documents (the Add Fields for Recipients block), while the second one allows you to use such fields to complete the form on your own (the Fill out Myself block). You can add different areas for different data types. For example, you can create fields in Word for text, date and time, initials, stamps, and electronic signatures. The editor also allows you to add calculated fields with a formula that automatically figures values from previously completed fields. Checkbox areas, Radio Button Groups, Dropdown fields, and even Request Attachment fields will help you modify your sample most efficiently. To make your Word document fillable, simply click on the tool you need, dragging and dropping it onto the document. You can set each field as required or optional, or even conditional, making it appear only after your recipients fill out other boxes.

How do I insert an electronic signature into a Word document?

Even though MS Office program has drawing tools, it can’t be used for signing as it’s non-compliant with eSignature regulations. To draw an electronic signature in a Word document that is legally valid and court-acceptable, you need a professional eSignature solution. signNow enables users to legally eSign their forms and agreements, making it easy to transform their Microsoft Word files into smart fillable forms. Register for a signNow account and access its powerful and easy-to-use functionality to get started. After you upload a sample from your device or the cloud and open it in the editor, you can drag and drop various fields to fill out and place My Signature where you need to eSign. Then, choose how you wish to create your eSignature: typing and stylizing your name, inserting an image of your handwritten signature, or drawing it with a stylus or mouse.
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