Add Conditional Fields to the document

Make a recipient of your document meet requirements in order to see and fill conditional fields. This feature ensures that your document will be completed properly.
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How do I use conditional fields?

Conditional fields allow you to apply fields to your document which will remain hidden and only be asked to be filled out if the proper conditions are met to make the fields visible.


The first step is to place two types of fields on the document. We’ll keep it simple with two text fields.

  1. Place two text fields on the document where you would need them.
    • Next go ahead and name them appropriately so when you apply the conditional aspect you’ll be set.
    • Now you’ll want to select the second field that you wish to make conditional and open the Advanced options.
    • Click the checkmark for “Make this Field Conditional”.


  1. Select “Your Field” > Open Advanced > Click “Make this field conditional” checkbox.
    • To complete the requirements to make this field conditional you’ll next need to link the two fields together, making it so the second field will only display if the first one is filled out.
    • Up on the right of the document you’ll see a new tab that will display the Conditional checkbox and the option to “Hide this Field until…” and two drop down menus lasted as:
    • Choose By Clicking: ‘Is Filled in’
    • Select the option “Choose By Clicking…” and select the first field you named and created to link the conditional field to. Once that’s done you’ll have your first conditional field all set up and ready for use.
  1. Scroll to the top right of the document after making the second field conditional, then select “Choose by clicking…” > Select Field to link to the conditional field.
    • You can make any field type conditional once you set them up and wish for certain fields to only display and be filled out as needed. Its recommended to make the field that triggers the conditional field not required to avoid forcing someone to fill it out and triggering it.
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