Collect in-person signatures on Android tablet

Activate Kiosk Mode on any Android tablet to quickly and easily collect in-person signatures from multiple people. Be sure to use templates for this feature.
Enterprise Class
Enterprise Class
Great Setup Experience
Great Setup Experience
SOC 2 Type II Security
SOC 2 Type II Security

How Does Kiosk Mode Work on an Android Tablet?

Kiosk Mode helps collect in-person signatures on contracts, agreements and delivery forms right from your tablet.

Step 1

Kiosk Mode requires templates for use. Upload your document to your SignNow account and tap on it. In the menu bar below, select the Template option. After that, it will be available in the list of Kiosk Mode templates.

Upload Documents to Collect in-Person Signatures on Android

Step 2

Enter Kiosk Mode using two methods:

1. Navigate to the Templates section and tap on your desired template. In the menu bar that appears, select Kiosk Mode.

Choose A Template for Collecting Signatures

2. Open the side menu bar, choose Kiosk Mode and tap on the template you need to be signed.

Choose Kiosk Mode in The Side Menu Bar

Next, you’ll see a message promoting you to read about Kiosk Mode or to begin use.

Read about Kiosk Mode or Start Using It on Android Tablet

After pressing ‘Start’, you’ll be required to enter a four-digit passcode and re-enter it to avoid any typos.

Add A Passcode to Collect Signatures

Then, you’ll be able to customize the messages that the signer will see while filling out your document. Tap the Begin Kiosk Mode button and hand your tablet to the first signer.

Customize Messages for Signature Collecting

Step 3

Each new signer gets their own document to complete and sign.

Separate Document for Each Signer in Kiosk Mode

Once a signer fills out all required fields, the following message will appear.

Message after Form is Filled out in Kiosk Mode

After clicking OK, Kiosk Mode will automatically generate a fresh copy for the next signer. The process can be repeated as many times as needed.

Step 4

If you want to stop collecting in-person signatures, tap Settings in the top panel and select Exit Kiosk Mode. Then, enter the passcode that you set at the beginning of the session.

Exit Kiosk Mode using Settings

All signed copies will be saved in the All Documents section.

Save Templates with Collected Signatures
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Fortune 500 #107
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