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How do I sign a document online?

airSlate SignNow is a web-based solution meaning you can assess your eSignature workflow and records regardless of the device you use. Go to and log in to your account. If you’ve already uploaded the PDF you need to sign, then you can select it from the Homepage and open it. Otherwise, add a file from your device by clicking Upload Documents. All records in airSlate SignNow open via the built-in editor where you can edit them as you need. Utilize the My Signature option to insert your eSignature and click Save and Close to apply the changes.

How do I sign a document on my phone?

airSlate SignNow provides both Android and iOS users with powerful eSignature apps. Install the solution from the Google Play Store or the App Store to eSign PDFs quickly while on the go. To get started, log in to your airSlate SignNow account and upload the PDF you need to sign. Utilize the toolkit to make edits and turn the uploaded file into an enforceable document. Pick the My Signature element and start drawing your eSignature with your finger on the screen. After you make edits and eSign, click Save and Close to apply the signature and other changes.

How to add a signature to photos without Photoshop

If you want to work on images without Photoshop, then airSlate SignNow comes in handy. The server supports different document formats, including .png and .jpg, meaning you can upload and sign almost any file that you have. Open the photo in the editor and select the My Signature element to insert your eSignature. In addition, you can take advantage of the My Initials element for adding initials to photos instead of signatures. Once you've finished, save your image or send it.

How to draw a signature on a mobile phone

You can draw your signature and eSign a document via airSlate SignNow hassle-free. Upload a PDF to your account and open it. Select My signature and create your eSignature. To apply it, click Done. Move the field and adjust the size as you need. Note, only the drawing option is available in the app. If you want to type your signature, you need to make several adjustments to the settings first. Go to the platform's website, log in, and change the default eSignature in the profile settings. Save the change and return to the mobile app. Once the accounts are synced, you can use the typed signature directly from your smartphone.

How to apply a signature in Word using Android

It’s impossible to make a legally-binding signature in Word without third-party solutions. airSlate SignNow allows you to upload any document to your account and convert it into a PDF. Thus, making the file secure, and any edits to it easily traceable. To sign a Word doc from your Android, install the airSlate SignNow app, and upload your doc. With the built-in editor and My signature tool, you can create and insert your eSignature in no time. Draw it on your screen and save the changes by clicking Done. End your process by downloading or sharing the executed PDF.

How to electronically sign a PDF

With airSlate SignNow, you have 3 equally valid ways to sign your PDF. Upload a document from your device, the cloud, or from the Google Chrome search engine to your account. Using built-in eSignature functions and the My Signature element, choose how you want to eSign the PDF. You can draw, type, or upload an image of your signature. Adjust the signature’s size and place the field anywhere on the page. To save the changes and create an enforceable document, click Save and Close. Download the file, export it to the cloud or store it in your account.

How to sign a document on a tablet

airSlate SignNow provides users with the same functional running on any device. So if you use a tablet, you still can sign a PDF hassle-free. Install the app and log in to your account or create a new one with a free trial. Once you've signed in, upload the file you're going to use. Make a few edits if you want, add a photo or type text, etc. Utilize the My Signature tool to create and apply your eSignature. Click Done to apply the signature. To finish the process, tap Save and Close and download your PDF for free.

How to sign offline

It's not always possible to be online all the time, especially while traveling. However, with airSlate SignNow, you're able to work on documents and sign them while on the go, even if you don’t have an internet connection. Every document you sign while offline will be stored separately in your account until you reconnect to the internet. Once you reconnect, auto sync will take place and update your account and add the documents that were signed offline. Open the airSlate SignNow mobile app and the PDF you want to eSign. Insert your signature using My Signature and save the file. Once you’re back online, all the changes you made will be applied and updated.

Who can sign documents?

You can be sure that all your recipients are able to receive and sign documents without even having a airSlate SignNow account. You just need to configure the signing request and send it. To do so, open a PDF via airSlate SignNow and add fillable fields for your customer to complete. Of course, add a signature field and make it required if you want it to be signed for sure. Click Invite to Sign and configure the signing order. Enter the recipients’ emails and set up Advanced Options if you need. Send the request away by clicking Send Invite.
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