Can I E-sign Washington Child Behavior Contract

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E-sign Child Behavior Contract in Washington

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Can i document type e sign child behavior contract kansas

[Music] this is donna and her teenage son roy in many ways roy is a typical teenager he loves playing video games and just recently got his license when roy was younger donna felt she was a successful parent but now that roy is 16 she's not feeling as sure of her parenting skills roy has chores he's supposed to complete after school each day she knows he works hard at school so she makes sure his chores are reasonable but most of the time she finds him in his room playing on his computer instead of getting his chores done often he says he will do them later maybe after dinner but donna usually ends up completing the tasks herself donna has tried taking away roy's computer but that just makes him sullen and she's afraid it will ruin the tenuous relationship they have donna has a friend with a young adult son with autism this friend has worked through many challenges with her son and has gotten advice from a bcba to get through the toughest ones donna sent her a text to see if she could offer some advice her friend recommended that she look into behavior contracts donna went online immediately and found that behavior contracts are a way to specify expectations and consequences since roy always seemed to want to be treated as an adult she thought she could probably get him to buy into this donna sat down with roy to work out the details of the contract they went back and forth a bit about what they each thought were reasonable in terms of expectations and rewards finally roy agreed to complete one chore every day after school in exchange for being allowed to use the car friday night to hang out with his friends they decided that the chore must be completed each day by five o'clock and he must complete the chore all five days to earn the use of the car on friday of the following week donna found roy in the kitchen just finishing up cleaning out the refrigerator he told donna that he'd just finished all of his chores for the week and asked if he could get the keys to the car he mentioned that he wanted to meet his friends at a local fast food place for dinner donna readily agreed since he had held up his end of the contract there was definitely something about this behavior contract that made things a whole lot easier for both of them you

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