Can I Sign New Mexico Banking Purchase Order Template

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Sign New Mexico Banking in Purchase Order Template and Other Documents

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Sign Form for Procurement Mobile

hello in this video I'll take you through our procurement template now this template is powered at Microsoft Excel so you need to have Excel pre-installed on your computer preferably a version from 2013 now when you open up the documents you arrive at the dashboard that's where you currently see on the screen and this holds three buttons to navigate to the three major sections of the template we have the supplier section where you add all of your supplier information the procurement section where you create new procurements and the vendor summary which is a report that shows you your purchase history now in this video I'm going to go to all the sections let's just start with the first section and to open it up you simply click so notice as I click on the button it takes me to the supplier section of the template so now we're in the supplier information section now all sections in this template have a similar formatting in the upper left hand corner we have the section title which tells the user at any point inside the section your own so notice it says supplier information so you know this is where you list all your supplier data pretty much serving as a supplier database so the right of this we have four buttons to add a new supplier to delete an existing supplier to edit the drop-down list in this section and to sort your suppliers in ascending order above this we have the navigation pane and this has several labels to navigate to a particular section of the template notice as I click on the dashboard label it opens up the dashboard section where we initially started recall I'd n clicked on supplier so each label represents a button to navigate to a particular section of the template and below the four buttons here we have our data table where all supplier information will be listed now at the top you notice we have column headers these are attributes you expect that to supply for each supplier so to add a new supplier click on the new supplier button at the top and this pops up an Excel form now Excel forms provide an easier way to store data to this table so you notice the column headers I referenced earlier are equally listed on the form as labels the user simply has to supply values to the white portion of the form the first attribute you expected to supply as a supplier is name so let's assume is our first supplier and he supplies us with Dell computers and accessories and once you're done entering the supplier name to move to the next field which is a product and service type you can either click on the white portion with your form or I mean with your mouse excuse me so you can either click with your mouse or you can make use of the tab key...

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