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Help me with industry sign banking delaware form now

everybody welcome back to the channel and over the weekend more pieces of the puzzle are coming together and unfortunately those pieces are coming together to not form such a pretty picture over the weekend mainstream media outlets are now picking up on some news that actually is starting to leak out on Thursday the big banks and they want less exposure to certain mortgages and their lending standards are tightening up they may not save you but they sure are gonna save themselves first and foremost hit that subscribe button [Music] mortgage markets are in a little state of limbo at the moment as credit markets try to make sense of a lot of unknowns to come on Friday this article came out of inside mortgage finance talking about how Ginnie Mae and the FHA were working overtime trying to reassure the mortgage market that non-bank mortgage backed security servicers will have the liquidity they need to make future bond payments this apparently is kind of an issue because seven of the ten largest Ginnie Mae services are non banks and that year end the seven had a combined eight hundred ninety five ninety 4.2 billion in MSRs backed mostly by FHA and VA loans those FHA and VA loans are known for having low down payments and credit scores also on inside mortgage finance on Friday night was some news about America's largest traditional mortgage lender Wells Fargo Wells Fargo Thursday night surprised mega bank pulls out of jumbo correspondent channel Wells Fargo is seeking to limit their exposure to jumbo correspondent loans this news also hit mainstream media outlets The Wall Street Journal on Saturday night at 6 o'clock Wells Fargo cartels jumbo loans amid market turmoil apparently you can still get a jump a loan at Wells Fargo just one caveat if you are currently a customer that holds at least two or $50,000 in liquid ass you can still get a jumbo loan from Wells Fargo other big bank lenders they are looking to do the same as Wells Fargo here's an article titled banks tighten lending to nervous homeowners hoping to tap equity the first paragraph market conditions severe that's Bank of America's new assessment of a corner of the US mortgage industry facing a deluge of applications from homeowners looking to shore up their finances apparently in the weeks up coming to the are preceding the lockdown orders applications for home equity loans and lines of credit jumped as much as 33 percent from a year earlier in recent wink weeks at nation's lending which originated some two billion of mortgages last year applications for cash out refinancing have doubled now economists they are sounding the warning that trillions of dollars of wealth is going to be wiped out in this market shutdown but apparently people are desperate and they are gonna try to tap their home equity well they still have it or will they believe they still have it it says if you're a homeowner you've always been told that one of the easiest ways to access cash in a pinch is to tap the equity in your home since nation's lending chief executive jeremy Sopko in an email in a normal environment that is absolutely true but this is no normal environment and fear is building also looking to tighten up is JPMorgan another high volume traditional mortgage lender that I was right up there with Wells Fargo they are looking to slash their HELOC application volume by as much as seventy five percent they are upping the credit score for applicants to 720 up from 680 they are also going to limit approvals to customers who already have a mortgage or checking account with the bank now other questions in the mortgage markets lie in who and how many forbearance requests they are going to get the more there's an article from bloomberg mortgage crisis prompts us to wait harder line with borrowers the fear here is that borrowers that don't need to request forbearance that could actually pay their mortgages would apply for forbearance so servicers mortgage servicers they are looking for clearer lines or harder lines as to who they can approve and just and more so who they can deny because they do not want their forbearance agreements to be abused by borrowers that simply don't need it I could see an issue here I mean if I was someone that maybe I was a little unsure about the stability of the housing market I might want to apply for forbearance whether I need it or not and I might want to just put my house payment aside and watch the market and see how it goes if it declines if it bubbles I might want to take my accumulated house payments and walk away and move forward into something else at a better more stable point in the housing market so I get their concern here also I don't think they can afford everybody trying to apply for forbearance now here's an article called mortgage industry seeks billions many of the country's largest mortgage lenders are warning they will soon be pushed to the brink of failure with a million with millions of Americans laid off due to the corner coronavirus if 25 percent of borrowers cannot make their mortgage payment because of job loss or other financial disruptions due at the corner coronavirus mortgage industry officials say they could need nearly 40 billion in federal help over the next three months and a hundred billion over nine months the industry has tried but failed to secure language guaranteeing some mortgage companies access to government loans in the emergency 2.2 trillion economic rescue package so it's still quite up in the air as to if these various mortgage servicers are going to get access to relief for the loans that they are granting forbearance to the mortgage industry now has its sights on grab a portion of the 454 billion in loans and loan guarantees allocated by the Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve under legislation so it is where they are going to get bailed out or get made whole is still in question now we have this article from Bloomberg it's titled after 50 billion of losses no one comes to save the mortgage market its focus is on real estate investment trusts real estate investment trusts they are absolutely bludgeoned there has been an absolute carnage with real estate investment trusts many of them have lost beyond 3/4 of their value some are asking for the Federal Reserve to buy bonds backed by homes cars baseball cards and beanie babies just every type of bond to save them and they are also asking banks to halt margin calls here's some of the biggest losers of real estate investment trusts here's AG mortgage investment trusts down 88 percent in March now many they absolutely do not want anything to do with the securities behind these investment trusts because they are backed by non performing contracts or contracts that they expect to not perform and that is everybody except Starwood Capital Group and a JP Morgan Chase Starwood Capital Group is stating that they are looking to take advantage of market dislocations of course many of these real estate investment trusts they are restructuring and I would assume that many assets that are owned currently by these investment trusts they are going to actually probably hit the market so keep that in mind as you try to think about where prices are going from a supply and demand perspective it looks like there's a lot of reasons mounting why real estate related assets are going to hit the market so things are changing fairly rapidly and traditional banks they're looking to tighten things down a bit as to what kind of mortgage exposure they are looking for now can you simply tap the brakes on over on an overheated housing market and expect the housing market to take a minor hiccup and not have a manager correction I don't know about that we will have to see now my next video I'm going to talk about some things I am seeing in the Las Vegas rental markets that I have not seen since the last crisis I will catch everybody later thank you so much we'll see you [Music] [Music] you [Music]

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A. To download the document from you need the "download" button. This will download the pdf file to the desktop of your browser.For any other questions please email us at: info@To find out more about eBooks please go to

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