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How can i industry sign banking california rfp

okay what's happening my construction entrepreneurs Taiwan Jones back here again this time I'm gonna kick off a video and we're gonna dive into which you should look for with selecting the right project for your company your construction company to bid on right for me I stay with small companies I usually build small partnerships I like to say small you make a lot more money with that I don't like the overhead and I think you can do a lot more with just having just four field employees you know one person working in the office or at they home and I just get a lot more production out everyone and things are a lot quieter and I can be like you know for those little small companies and be happy and and continue to do whatever I want to do so let's go into my process when I'm looking for work bidding on work and and the different platforms I go on to find work now one thing I want you to realize is that I used to be a numbers guy right now I'm Tomo I know my numbers on business side I'm good on that part overhead labor burden profit you know risk I know all that but I used to be the guy that said you know I I'll go somewhere see another fellow business owner and I said man you know what I just been on two million dollars worth to work this week now I just been on ten million dollars worth to work this week and that's what I mean by me been used I used to be a numbers guy I used to share those numbers all the time and and I fell into the little rat race on a rut if you want to use that word that sharing those number and it looped me into this circle of always produce high numbers cuz you're only ones for every ten you're gonna get one I think that's I don't I don't those are not my statistics but I used to feel that way I used to be in that circle that felt that way that's why I did those high numbers and what's different now is I spend more time looking for the the the project then bidding on the project right see once you get established and you understand how to build rates you understand your labor burden you understand your overhead especially as a small construction entrepreneur remember that over that overhead number fluctuates right goes up and down but you know what your sales numbers are depend on what your projected sales numbers are right and you can do a comparison from the year before the year prior to that to kind of kind of get close as close as possible to that numbers as you need to be but I'll overshooting it that way you know you don't want to overshoot it you be you know low or your your overhead percentage so I usually I usually take a lot of time with finding those projects forget that been on ten I land one bid on twenty I'll Andrea no no I've been on five I'm gonna get four from me okay and the reason why I'll get four done is because I look for the projects that fit me one now as a business and where we're going as a business right so now that as a business what that looks like for me is where my Foreman's are at right where do they live how forward need to travel you know what equipment do I have to travel with what vendors do I have in that particular area how quickly can immobilize right that fits me in a noun right and there's some other factors there as well what fits me where we're going is looking at the amount of jobs that I can do right where we're doing that I projected sales number at the end of the year what we need in a bank what we need to make you know for my partners for everyone then involve my private investors like I need to hit those numbers to make sure that I I get there right also to you know adding more employees right getting to a point where we need more equipment more vehicles so that's where we're going we're getting that we're getting that a company - you know from level b2 level C and that doesn't necessarily have to mean growth I'm just throwing out some options out there so where we at now and where we're going and trying to figure out what's in between there okay where we are now where we're going and everything in between it and that's what I focus also I spend a lot of time looking for the right projects and then once I find it I plug it in and you know I'm doing you know 300 PI of 500 - you know 800 - a million dollar project in you know three to five hours you know and that's with you know doing my take off because with my swing system you do your take off as you bid so you plug in those numbers that should go along so you know I'll just sit down and and and and plug this thing out and then I'll do another class on I don't print out plans no more I don't know who really does that I know the construction entrepreneurs I know that's that's out there doing business like I you probably 5pi half of them or still print up plans and marking them up and things like that but what I do is I usually pull mine up on PDF and I'll use of measuring - on PDF I'll do a class on that as well I'm recently looking into what's that program Blue Beam recently about to look into blooming because that allows you to mark up the PDFs and manipulate that in different ways to takeoffs and things like that so I'm still looking into it but I mainly this do you know use Google Earth and the PDF tools on there and things like that now I'll probably do a class on that too so I I do have a plotter what I can print out plans but only print our plans if I'm a water with the project so but I like wasting any more time let's get into what we're looking for when we select major projects okay so alright so this one here is this one here is the blue book now this construction blue book not the audio blue book right this destruction blue book here in a construction blue book now this one is is this set up for categories right it's set up on region County City classification codes and things like that okay you can set yours up however you want - I'm more of a cement concrete guy as you guys all know so mine is dealing with everything that goes with on the street side you know from from turnkey from you know traffic control to grind and capping curb and gutter grading work demolition cleaning up paving new pavement silk OD and things like that so that's what this page for the Blue Book is covering now Blue Book is good right but we do have to understand what Blue Book is doing here okay now and we're gonna get into these other platforms so I got two other platforms I'm gonna share with you as well and one is AGC and another one is the Dodge report Dodge report I recently just purchased and I've come to a story about that but the the Blue Book here if you look at these jobs here you see City of Pasadena right local government job bid datus pre-bid date is 11 to bid do day this is 1116 so it's due tomorrow right that's what this shows it so or do the day only wanna says do the day and it has the 16 here anyway so today is the 15 so anyway so these and these disciplines past due so you see here asphalt lunch area I don't always have a school district miscellaneous concrete improvements most likely throughout the City of Pasadena there's another school bid here mercy repair of North Street another roadway repair so you see that here and it gives you you know when a days is bad name of the project local government and and what you'll see here on this platform here is this platform is mainly designed for subcontractors okay which you will see here a lot it will you can do subcontractors and you can also do GC as well right you can do subcontractors and you can do GC as well so this one here you can see the bidders list here who's actually going for it now what's what's what's what's messed up well I would say messed up is that CS a subcontractor suppliers list right so that's the subcontractor supplier list but I don't have a general contractor this right who's the general here you know who cannot bid and and that's the problem with this system here is that if you're gonna bid as a as a as a sub it it may work and it may not now also to you you have to realize that all these projects are leaning more toward public works right now when you're you have to understand this too as well when you're doing public works you have to have a drr number most likely it will you have to have a PR dir number mandatory what if you are bidding as a prime or as a sub right but you also need to be bound able if you're bidding as a prime on public workshops okay because they're gonna ask for your bid line performance bond and no payment payment mind they gonna ask for all that right and then standard percentage for bonding is three percent now I'd I have done other videos check that you know check my youtube channel where I talked about the difference between the bond that the contractor State License Board requires you to have and being bond a bowl okay then bound herbal and and a bond that the contract State License Board requires you to have is two totally different things okay so remember if the abit on public works as a time you gonna need to be bondable okay you have to find out from your buying company or another insurance agency or contact me I'll have someone that can actually I'll see how much you can be bound herbal for or even if you qualify to the abominable so reach out to us on our hit me up on the email and now for some when you're away okay so these projects here is is a lot of times you will see this is set up for subcontractors okay how you hacked this program to where you can because because the goal is to bid if you if you want to bid as a so the goal is to bid is to give your bid to as many general contractors as possible that's the goal right you don't want the singleton bids right unless unless that contractor is given that job then yes we give a bid to that singleton contractor but if that contractor is just listening that job because they're in a competitive bidding you know market for that job then then we want to know who the other GCS bidding on this project because I want to give my number to them as well right because somebody is going to land this project so if I only know one GC that's been on this project you know and I do numbers now I'm only turning into one GC and it maybe nine other general contractors that I could have turned my number into I'm wasting my time spit time waster so you may have to hack this a little bit and how you hacking a little bit you see the city of DC where say San Bernardino you go to the city of San Bernardino website and you look up the RFP request for proposals and you see if they have an RFP page and then you can actually see or the plan holders who are the generals and things like that and then you can actually turn your number into into more general contractors which and you know hiding your chances of getting that project okay so that's what you want to do you want to go to the city see there's a hamburger Palm Springs Inglewood you want to go to all these cities here a Paso Robles so you want to go to that city and see if they actually have a bitty page on the city website and you just have you know hacked us a little bit so you can make your time work as well so these projects here are most likely projects that require you to be bondable now you don't have to be vulnerable as a sub and unless you're just dealing with a large project you know five mil six mil that means that you know when it breaks that work down for that sub you know your your your workers right on the 802 mill so they're probably going to require you to be barbed on the ball to bid on a project like that okay so we look down here we got see here here's another company here so here's a company here Excel paving just listed out this project so they're looking for looks like they're looking for some firms some DBE firms here I'm thinking here it's a federal number so it's probably davis-bacon wages DB disappearance business firms are invited to provide quotes as a subcontractor vendor or supplier so as you guys know there's a lot of projects out there that requires the general two to give a certain percentage to minority contractors right or are two dve disadvantaged business enterprises right DBE contractors so they have to you know maybe five percent set aside maybe ten percent set aside you know like a lot of Caltrans projects they set aside a lot of percentages for a disabled veteran okay so here here it is here is a general contractor listing his project on here for subcontractors and that's what you'll find here a lot you know here's another one here a Dollar General you know redid a Joshua Tree and I kind of stay away from read it you know I try to get a little bit more information why is it going out to rebid oh if I really want that project and I feel like that project is it's right for me I'll even call it estimator and and in acts a little bit more into that try to be quick try to be in and out you know don't hold anyone up just be very to the point if you have an email send an email out data even work but if you can call call act hey waz has been rebid you know what's numbers too high and kind of get your own feel for that you can go for it or not okay here's some more Walmart's this is where I found I recently did a video of me going from one Walmart to 11 Walmart's and this is where I found one of my general contractors or listen to Walmart on here and Waddell and a few stores I bit it on some work with these powerhouse retail services in they're not approved contractor but I think they're working toward it with Walmart so here it is here's another general that's looking for subs so you can actually been on this job here now look at this see this project here if and I can probably find this somewhere else too I can probably find this project as a GC on the dash report right because dodge reporter allows you to bid on projects as a GC and we'll get into that once we jump to the dodge report but this one here see I I actually did it toward them because I axis I assumed they were a they had that project just like the other general contractors that yet that I'd be at Walmart for they were contractors for Walmart so Walmart gives them 25 Walmart's every year they get 25 Walmart's every year and and and they're approved contractor so I know for sure they had those projects but this one I assume they did they actually told me they did I spoke to someone in the office several times they had a very hard time sitting over several different plans and aspects and it was a real hassle anyway they're not approved contractor but I think they're working toward it you know probably good for me to respect out to them and see what I could do for them but that Walmart Supercenter here here in Chula Vista California 11 days to bid you probably can find who another GC or a handful of GCS that's also bidding on that Walmart and then turn it into those GCS okay so this one here is list is listed to owner so you can actually bid as a prime here to the city you know it's a state project road improvements you can bid to the owner as well here so that's what you see here you know and then when we click on it it tells a little bit more about this project so it's in Ferris location estroux Santa Fe Springs I used to love doing projects like that where you had all around the city of Santa Fe Springs you got all these potholes and sidewalk repairs curbing gutters and I used to it was a real joy for me to get out a big map sometimes they give you a map within a spec book but I'll get a map book and put dots all on it label this thing out and group them together all in the same vicinity and maximize my guys time and we'll just go out on these jobs and I'll blow the doors off this job here the only problem with these jobs here was that a lot of contractors were leaving a lot of money on the table leaving the leaving money on the table means that there's a there's a big gap between the lowest bidder and first the second bidder right so the lowest bidder gets the project and then the second bidder he's next in line in case that first first person don't work out right well leaving a lot of money on the table is you know when it was a big you know 20 30 40 grand in between those two numbers even a hundred grand in between those two numbers that means that that the law is better left a lot of money on the table between the second bit so you see a lot of hat on these because a lot of people lose their shirts on there they really underestimate you know the restrictions they have like not knowing where to park your equipment the city really bans you for parking in some cities ban you for parking your equipment on the street or leaving it overnight leaving piles of a base in the street overnight but what I usually do is I'm very selective on those projects I'll finally empty yard and be backyard side yard someone I can rent something from and I could just park my equipment our haul material there and I'll just pick it in different areas you always find some empty a lot back of a partner ability you can take over two stalls on side of 7-eleven I mean is this a number of places that you can just set up little small micro yards and how's your equipment your materials and and just keep moving alone and knocking those projects out so that's that that's what this is about here okay as you see here there's there's more projects here more days to get on there as you see a bodies will be bidding on public works as a prime now remember if you're not set up to do Public Works then you need to remember to get set up you can always give us jingle send us an email you want to start learning how to do public works projects we'll go ahead and help you out and start help and start pointing you in the right direction to get your your your bonds and and make sure your assurance also meet those those minimum requirements okay and then also here they got the plans here they got the specifications here excuse me they got everything here okay you can see who who also was bitten on this project to reseat names due dates and then most likely you can get the project information there alright let's go to the next one here okay you guys have any questions about this one here this is the blue but anyone can sign up for the blue book a lot of times they'll give you free access a lot of times you got paid for some type of advertising ad okay so here's another one here now this one here unlike the first one we just looked at this one here is this is the AGC AGC is the associated general contractor's of America okay this is the San Diego Chapter so with this project here this unlike the Blue Book I'm not yeah the blue book don't like the construction blue book this one there's no categories the construction bloob Academy listed under categories so I can you know kind of filter through these jobs a lot faster this one here which I like is it shows all types of jobs interior exterior Newbill renovation IT everything okay Tia I Tina it shows all different types of projects so you just literally go through these projects you just scroll down of course you can set filters on here and go for different cities and bid dates you know winners do and things like that but I usually mainly focus on the location area for now you know I'll look at something that's cold to my area so now I want to go for here like Turin see I'm living at tolerance here okay so I like oh sub bids only okay so let's do the 15 best today now look at this here this is another hack that you can that you can do here let's say I love that project so I'll click on it I'm like you know what man I'm gonna go for this one I like this project it's commercial online plans are here looking for trays for a new 60 bit I'm looking right here in the description okay looking for trades I'll hold up here let me let me a new share here oh no it's there okay so just want to make sure to share is showing so looking for trays in a new 60 bit memory care facility so it gives the GC right it's a new construction right on new construction I don't have the crew to really go for the foundation so I'll just bid on the site work for a project like this okay on this this this particular anyone can sign up for the a GC okay they're gonna charge you a GC is a place where they help you train you're a help contractors train your employees okay they offer different safety programs like OSHA 10 OSHA 30 they do traffic control programs and all other type of confined space and things like that train safety you know how high the ladder needs to be out of trench and things like that they provide training for your employees and you pay a monthly fee for it and it will recognize any they have a footprint and a lot of projects across the nation you will hear about them if you haven't already once you get into the public works and large commercial sector you were here about AGC okay they they they're on the political side they you know they help put people in office and all sorts of things so this project here you know I'll look up I'll look up this project look at the activity see who see whose check this thing out who's bidding on it a lot of people is looking at this bad boy'll you see here okay and and basically that's that's what I'll do there okay now um and then I find out who I need to cut all what I wanted to say is this so let's say this project here is do 11:15 as actually do today so we're out of it right well I'll actually call that general contractor access speak to the estimator if I can find this number if I can find this name on you if not I'll call that company and access peak to estimating Department and our name this project so I can be directed to a person s over it hey hey this is Tom Jones I'm with a TA journalist concrete and W construction whatever it company with field my partnerships max out asphalt I'm calling to speak with estimators over Torrance memory care and I'm also looking at turning in a business project King you put me in contact with estimator that's dealing with this project no problem sorry and you you do it as urgent as possible that way they don't question that then they don't you know they not that usual gatekeeper you know let me transfer you to his voicemail let me give you his email type of response and then they give you to the estimating do you want to make it quick hey buddy I'm just working on some numbers for this I'll be finished with these numbers here in a short time can you allow me to can you allow for me to get six more hours on this man two more hours on this man another hour on this what can I get from Eunice and I do it all the time because the due dates here is not really due dates that they need to turn their bids in okay now mind you once you do that you're gonna be pushing time on their end so you don't need to be serious about what you're doing and what you're asking for because you can really damage the relationship this way but I've done it several times hey give me a little bit more time and I got you and sometimes you'll find out the ass inators say you know what I mean having numbers give me numbers man I'm coming and that's what you're looking for once an estimate says I'm countin on you give me numbers I don't have them that's your time for your company get it because whoever they were using before now it's not coming through your time to get it okay so these are jobs that you can then also also too here's another example now that company is is doing a competitive bid now I'm only turning that bid to one company that's the thing and it's a commercial project so you may not find it you will not find it on the city website you only find the public worst jobs on the city website the commercial job where would I find this commercial job at the only place you will most likely find it on is the dodge report now a Dodge report the reason why I signed up with the dash report is because it allows me to bid on projects it allows me a bid on more of a wide range of projects as a general contractor so that's why I went for the dollar support these projects here will allow me to bid on more projects as a sub you know versus a GC so I'm new to this one here but this is the same concept all of them are basically the same you know you get the project info a lot of times you get the budget number sometimes they give you the budget number here on the dash report I've been liking looking at these they tell you a stage it's in thousand port you see a lot of planning stages Blue Book and a GC projects are ready to go they got a bid date and they sometimes giving you the start date as well but this one here you see a wide grain of projects you know so you if you're an architect or you or maybe a manufacturer you can get in these these projects in these phases beginning phases as a manufacturer you can get in this is this is what manufacturer gets in where they're listed within the specs and things like that so if that's your game that's your end game then that's what you get in that and this this type of subscription you need and you're just going for stuff as a sub you can easy go to Jesus the AGC or the Blue Book you know and and both of these are fairly price I have dealt with to back in the day where I had renovation experts but they were just sending me leads when I was real small guy which was a mess this was years ago though I've done a big clerk as well I was doing big clerk blameworthy back and I don't know if they were new at it but they were a lot different than there are now I've done homeadvisor I even use home advisor now to find subcontractors at times but I have been a home advisor person where I've gotten the leaves from home advisor doing residential work they don't don't let them fool you they don't have any commercial work okay so let's get back to this so all those I only say that to say all these platforms are similar okay give you the project name give you due dates give you plans give you specs and you have to figure out how to hack that and where are you gonna be at and remember figure out where you're at as a company and where you want to go as a company it's been more time in hacking finding the right project that way once you put it into your bitty system your own doodles projects okay you want to find like you know at least three to five projects and just go ahead sit down turn those numbers out you know and I guarantee you those projects are for you and your your your you found the Hat and you know how to you know re-engineer this thing you're gonna land more projects it's going to spend more time finding the right project you don't land more projects instead of just doing numbers you know instead of just doing numbers at projects projects that Yuri don't want projects that you you know you really don't want to do and things like that you know look at this one this one says El Cerrito auto dealership apartment development the way Manos and that sounds like a nice one there obvious additional remodeling see and then sometimes you see here few of them started already I will start it see here birthday 1218 so electrical substation transform in addition you'll see some of them here say GC bidding so see it's the bidding stages and someone were looking for GC someone were looking for subcontractors but right now I'm looking for the ones that are looking for G C's remember no matter where you're looking at if they're City jobs most likely their public works unless they follow they're about 25 grand then then you know a lot of times at public works don't come in effect I believe at under 25 grand projects you know turn the fund the GC bidding one cuz this is the main result here it is right there so main reason why I got this here so here's a GC bidding so so let's just say here's an example here I'll take this project and I'll say you know what I want this project then I will take this project and I'll list it on for free on a GC on a blue book to get more subs to bid on that only whatever Porsches I may need so it's a be a barrier removal not much were involved in the subs there but I may look for a crane person you know someone to bring in a crane to help me move those barriers may look and a striking person because once you removed barriers most likely got to remove striping and put new striping in because those barriers have been being removed so I may look for signage and striping company you know and that's what you use that you take this bit here and that's what a lot of these companies here I put it into two other bids okay putting it to other platforms to get attention of subcontractors and different areas you know so looking at the project looking at the amount maybe this was ten mil pre-qualified GCS to bid to owner and then some of these some of these projects call for you to be pre-qualified so you have to fill out the pre-qualification package sometimes it's extensive sometimes it's small so you always want to look into it fire stations I don't know much about doing a pre-qualification phone I didn't bid on fire stations didn't have too much of a crew qualification one pager but I've been on schools where they wanted to know your wife social and just dig into your mother's maiden name and I'm a little bit exaggerating this just just just trying to make it a little bit extreme because this extreme on some of the things that they want to know about the GC because you're taking care of last to know dollar project so they want to know everything about you which you have done which you're doing letter from your banks you know verified income and things like that bond bondic status definitely and and that's what you're going to be looking at on that so me right now I'm looking for more GC work more probably around a meal and under so that's what I'm looking for I look for milling under and I don't care this if it's out of state you know one of the hacks that I laid out probably about a year ago even two years ago I put on YouTube was that sometimes when I said my crew out of town I mix in the format Corrado time to night crew out of town instead of me buying a yard somewhere and pin X my dollars for four month I have also planted storage space there's times where I rented a em there's times when I rented a space a parking stall at a storage unit and there's times I've rented a ground unit for two weeks and it was just looking to rent that that thing out got it for cheap and my guys you know we was able to get in there at 7 a.m. they close at 7 and 9 and it was a good thing so you can look into that to set up this boring yards or rent now you know someone's place you can also use this near storage facility so remember that as well so look at what you you know what you can handle the type of work when it starts the bed day the evaluation is a fifty fifty thousand dollar jobs GCS two owner looks like this 2015 mue the office modification so it's a remodel so excuse me see it seems like its newest polish 215 bid day that's kind of weird there it was published noon why is the bid date on the 15 it's a new thing that I meant to with this with this one here seeing star since the 15 for published date now is the 18 maybe they resubmitted it and it gives you the who got awarded the construction project so this type of project here I'll go ahead and give that GC a call to find out if they're looking maybe someone fell off maybe they're looking for some other stuff maybe now they're getting ready to start this thing and maybe they fell off I'm not sure I would definitely look into maybe reaching out to city of Redlands engineering department are this are dependable construction incorporated reaching out to them figure out where they're at with things that's what I would do you know so that's all I have to share their three different type of websites what I usually do what I'll usually look for what they're really about and what you can get from them hopefully you're enjoying this you have any questions list the questions there I know I didn't cover everything I know I probably left a ton of things out because there's so much information into estimating bidding finding projects specs reading specs insurance everything and and and one day I'll do a video on each of those things and talk your head off for an hour okay until then I will say hopefully you enjoyed it you learn something if you have let me know let me know you learned something okay and I'll leave a comment and also don't forget to subscribe okay don't forget to subscribe check out our website remember we can help you out with assurances bonding that's Abney - workers comp ability Auto even to be bondable like I said and if you wanna know more about doing public works projects or eve have trouble figuring out the website to choose where you would like to find projects from because you want to jump into a commercial world hit us up let me know call my office you might even get me and and I'll let you know what's going on okay have a good one thanks for participating thanks for your time see you on the next one don't forget hustle hard then hustle harder Wow

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How do you make this information that was not in a digital format a computer-readable document for the user? ""So the question is not only how can you get to an individual from an individual, but how can you get to an individual with a group of individuals. How do you get from one location and say let's go to this location and say let's go to that location. How do you get from, you know, some of the more traditional forms of information that you are used to seeing in a document or other forms. The ability to do that in a digital medium has been a huge challenge. I think we've done it, but there's some work that we have to do on the security side of that. And of course, there's the question of how do you protect it from being read by people that you're not intending to be able to actually read it? "When asked to describe what he means by a "user-centric" approach to security, Bensley responds that "you're still in a situation where you are still talking about a lot of the security that is done by individuals, but we've done a very good job of making it a user-centric process. You're not going to be able to create a document or something on your own that you can give to an individual. You can't just open and copy over and then give it to somebody else. You still have to do the work of the document being created in the first place and the work of the document being delivered in a secure manner."

How to put electronic signature on pdf?

The best way to send electronic signature on a pdf is using pdf signature tool.You can use this tool to send digital signature by a click on any file type:( .gif, .pdf, .png & images)How to send email with secure email? Secure email (also called encrypted email) is the best way to protect your email communication using a strong encryption to prevent hackers from reading email message. Here is the tutorial how to send encrypted email using smtp/tcp/mail.How can I encrypt all files inside a folder? First, select one folder to encrypt. To encrypt all files in a folder, select all folders, and then encrypt all files.To decrypt encrypted file, right click on the original file and choose Open File As from the context menu. This will open the original file in a new window.When I open a file encrypted with BitLocker on my PC, the image gets replaced by a warning. What is that ? In order to encrypt the file, you have to first choose the file encryption, and the computer will ask you to confirm the file encryption. Once you confirm, BitLocker will start encrypting the file and you will see a screen with a warning, it is normal.How to send email to all users with one account from the Windows 10, , , or devices using Microsoft Outlook? Open Microsoft Outlook, and go to the mailbox that you would like to send emails to. From the menu bar type in "emailto" and click the "Send" button.Once the email is sent, you have to click the button in the bottom right corner...

How to add electronic signature in indesignmac?

How to add the signer? How to add the signer to the file? What does the file do? What does the "signature" do?

A smarter way to work: —how can i industry sign banking california rfp

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