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Document type sign stock certificate florida online

hey everybody is Shameka just wanted to give you some information about the new program that has been approved it is the remote online notarization process that florida has now been approved and if you are a notary in Florida you can participate in this program I'm going to show you where you need to go to get your information the files and things you got to click on and all you got to do to get your name on the list all right so we're gonna go to some bids org which is the Secretary of State's website for the state of Florida we're going to go here where he says authentications notaries and other services we're going to click on notaries this gives you a whole lot of information about the different types of notaries but for intensive purposes we're just going to go here to remote online notary public as that is what we want one thing that is different is in order to get your name on the list there has to be in a you have to be on an approved notaries list what you can see here so in order to get your name on that list there is a step of things you have to follow I do not understand why they put the application way down here at the bottom but they did put the application down here at the bottom of the page this is what it looks like you can fill this out online it does have to be notarized so you are gonna have to print it out of course it looks like they want a picture to be affixed I have not read that yet but if you happen to have you know a extra passport picture a lot of times they give you three you can actually put one of those on there this does require signatures from the individual that you get a surety bond from I'm gonna talk about that in a second hey everybody is shemika I wanted to make a quick update a correction to actually what I said I actually printed out the application and this box here I actually thought it was a place to put your picture but as I printed it out I saw is actually a signature block so you can actually leave this area blank so do not do anything in this section not go out and hit you passport photo I completely apologize it was very difficult to see but like I said under further review I had to give you guys that update so nothing else in the video change that was the only update that I had all right thanks guys I drew that you get a surety bond from I'm gonna talk about that in a second so but this is the actual application that you have to have so I'm gonna go back I'm going to start from the beginning so you're an individual who wants to become a remote online notary or Iran as they call it all you're going to do is the first thing you're going to do is you have to be a notary first if you're not a notary then you got to start from the beginning and become a notary first before you can become Iran after you be if you are already excuse me or currently a notary then the next step we're going to take is one print out the applications next alright so get that information filled out and then you're going to go they give you three courses to choose from I do not know why I think is spinning but it doesn't even matter I don't need it right now so anyway you can go here and choose one of the three classes that they give you to take that to our online class I already took it actually to this one here at the top these classes are only $20 it is a computer-based PowerPoint program so you cannot skip through it unfortunately it does have a lot of information a lot of the stuff you should already know because you're a notary so there is a 10 question quiz at the end I would tell you if you got some extra time to the side you know put this class on pay your $10 register down here and turn it up loud and go do your chores and come back and take the test and the good thing about this class is you do not have to be at the computer to actually click for it to go to the next page it does it on its own so this technically can run from hour for two hours and you can come back and your certificate excuse me your quiz is waiting for you and as soon as you take that you get your certificate you do have to provide a certificate to the Department of State with the application that you got to see down here alright so the next thing you're gonna do after that they want you to review and read there's nothing that you have to sign to say that you have acknowledges the the law but the one thing that I took away the most is if anything happens to you as a Ron it affects you as a notary also and vice versa if anything happens to you as a notary it affects you being Iran so if something happens in your just qualifying you can no longer be a notary then you can no longer be a run-off either okay but please read this as well then after that you're going to need to make sure you have a company this is in this area here they want you to contract with the appropriate third-party vendor before applying which that makes a lot of sense because there's no sense of spending all this money and turning all your paperwork if you don't have a format for how you're going to do your online notarization I currently use DocuSign it's excuse me not doctor sign I hold on I'll get you the name of it because I'm giving you the wrong information but excuse me it's doctor verify I couldn't think of it for a second but I currently use doctor verify as my third-party vendor you can go to their website they have some programs they're a little on the pricey side they're about 100 or so dollars but it's going to do exactly what you need one thing that they require is they want you to be able to have the technology that actually can store your online notarization for at least 10 years so if you get nothing out of calling these companies around and there are gonna be companies that you can use as you see it says that um I'm trying to see where it says that the state doesn't they don't give they don't give you any suggestions of who you should use so you're really gonna have to find your own I just found that verified to be easier for me and so that is what I use okay so I'm gonna go through this one more time in order to be Iran you're gonna have to get on the approved notaries list in order to get on the approved notaries list you must one be a notary already to you need to print out the application which is down here that that application will have to be notarized you will have to have a bond it will have to be signed by the by the individuals that so do the bond now it Duke the new changes and that is what they're gonna why they have you read this is because in those changes your bond limits increased normally most night your errors and omissions insurance your bonds so most notaries have a bond of seventy five hundred now you have to have twenty five thousand dollars in your bond so that's pretty important so if you wherever you got your notary stamp and all that from I actually use national notary org I actually just went on the other day and upgraded my bond so that I can meet the requirements and I'll show you how to get to that in a second okay so you definitely want to make sure that you have the right limits on your bond you also need to make sure you have a third party vendor I just dog verify you can find your own but I believe they have what it is that you need to get the job done and I know being able to store that information for ten years is going to be very very important a lot of these vendors use a cloud-based service so nothing gets stored on your phone but you can use your phone or the computer or however you choose but being able to store that information to be able to do a lot of those biometric and and you can get fancy with this notary something that you can get it where it it it pulls questions like when you're going to sign up for credit repair and and when you get credit when not credit repair when you're trying to sign up to view your credit and a lot of times they ask you those security questions a lot of that may you could choose the ad that is a product in you know if you stock verify or whatever other company you use to make sure that the individual that is signing or that you're doing a notary for is actually the individual that they say they are so just because it's done online doesn't mean that people are gonna be able to get away with just lying and producing false documents a lot of this stuff is going to have to verify but that is what's so good about having these vendors and yes you do have to pay a little bit I will tell you doc verify is about a hundred and I think it was one hundred and ten dollars for the year okay the application fee for Florida to turn in with all of the documents going to be $10 if you need to increase your bond I increase my bond to $25,000 that ended up costing me 40 bucks and let's see that's what 160 and I'm trying to think is there anything else we need I don't believe so so I think that's all the funds you're going to spend so I'm gonna tell you right now when you're doing remote online notarization you're a fee that you normally were charged it's $25 if you're a mobile notary you know you can charge additional for your mileage that you're driving your gas and all of that so you can make this back in a matter of you know five or six people depending on if you drive far you make you might be able to make it back and three or four people is it worth the investment I think it's worth the investment I think this is a great service to be able to add to what you already currently provide to your customers so anytime you can offer them more and make it more accessible for them I think you'll actually do great so it doesn't take too much to get this done but I just wanted you to know that you oh I know what I forgot you also have to take that class alright so again cuz I know I'm a person of repetitiveness I want to make sure people get it so you're gonna go to the state's website you're gonna go here you're gonna go for notaries it's gonna bring you here to this page you're going to make sure that you are a notary one you're going to make sure you have your $10 money order so that you can send your application back you get your application from down here it's going to have to be signed by someone with a surety bond it's also going to have to be notarized okay you are going to need to take the two-hour education class you can choose from these three I've already taken this one it's $20.00 two hours it goes on its own come back you just take the 10 question quiz and I think you can get a 70 and you will still pass you have to print out your certificate cuz that has to be turned in along with the application that has to be notarized and signed by the company that's giving you your surety bond please make sure you read this section right here because this section is the most important section of all the changes that have come about so the state wants to know that you familiarize yourself with the information also you need to make sure you have a third-party vendor that's actually going to allow you to perform your services remotely and store the contents of the call so that anything comes back you have proof of that so I use doc verify okay so that will be one of the third-party vintage that you could use and once you have proof of that and a sign stating that they have given you that surety bond you can turn all of that in to the state to the Tallahassee of course with your ten dollar money order and boom if you are approved everything is good to go you will be on this approved notaries list all right and as you see they put your commission number and the date that it expires all right so it's quite a lot of people on here a lot of us did not know about this change so hey um we probably catching up late but that's alright so again not that hard get the process started add this is a service to the services you're already provide you could definitely make this hundred and I think we're up to one hundred and eighty dollars now you can definitely make that back in no time less than ten customers and this lasts as long as your notary public last as long - okay so anyway I hope I helped you guys all I didn't confuse anybody but um thank you guys for watching please like subscribe and share my videos I appreciate your support thank you bye

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