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Industry sign banking hawaii letter of intent online

welcome parents friends coaches and most importantly for student athletes who will continue their athletic careers at the next level in a non-covered year we would be meeting together to celebrate these accomplishments due to restrictions we can't have everyone on campus where we are excited to be able to bring this event to you signing a national letter of intent is an official and binding agreement in one of the final steps to becoming a collegiate athlete your many years of hard work and dedication to your sport have paid off you have left and will continue to leave your mark on pomfret and we are incredibly excited for what your futures hold it should also be noted that many more pomfort students will be attending college as recruited athletes and we look to celebrate their accomplishments later in the school year today we celebrate those that are signing an noi during the official signing week today we are recognizing hannah twombly who will play lacrosse at st michael's college 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to the citadel next year keegan palmer hailing from west newbury mass during the pomfret community this fall is a postgraduate student after completing his high school career at central catholic high school his relationship with pomfret has been in the works for several years as he played with pomfret coaches in the club setting keegan committed to quinnipiac university to join a budding program with a lot of youth where he is sure to make a big impact keegan is an aggressive defender with a slick set of stick skills he is just as comfortable causing turnovers as he is scooping up ground balls to start transition opposing attackers should think twice about throwing skip passes when a stick is in the lane as his hot and hand eye coordination intercepts anything nearby the biggest question is he enters the next level may not be if the bobcats can use his skills but how they employ his range of competencies keegan joins 2019 pomfret alum johnny goudreau in hampden connecticut where the two will look to anchor the team's defense we're grateful you joined us this year and congratulations to you and your parents andrew and angela as you take this exciting step forward congratulations keegan [Applause] lance martineau has recently made his commitment to the university of hart university of hartford after a careful and thoughtful review of several schools recruiting him across all three levels of college lacrosse in the end lance a native of londonderry new hampshire chose the hawks as they involve into an american east contender at an institution well known for the academic program he plans to pursue lance's detailed approach to the recruitment process embodies the method he takes to all aspects of his life lance works quietly and relentlessly at his craft always pushing himself to be the best version of himself both on and off the field and this quiet leadership has proven to be a model for his peers around campus on the field lance is a smart and fundamental player as 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