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How do i industry sign banking maine word now

hello everybody the purpose of this video is to discuss academic referencing what is referencing and how can you begin to use it in your work the most common thing for new students or perhaps students that haven't looked used to it perhaps so that later on in their studies is not to reference at all or only to reference one or two small things that are perhaps taken from a module guide or from some of the core texts however what we hope and show today is that referencing is a really important part of your university work and it's really straightforward as well in terms of how you can get started with it so when it comes to referencing there's a few things to think about first and the question at the top is why bother firstly and referencing helps you to avoid plagiarism so if you are making claims in your work or if you're copying things from the internet or from books or from journal articles the most important thing is you give them a proper citation or a proper support in your work otherwise you could be at risk of plagiarism which is essentially type of cheating so we encourage you to hope things from elsewhere as we'll talk about in this video your work is not an island it should exist in the context of other pieces of work so we just need to make sure that you are giving proper credit where it's due for the things you find secondly it allows you to acknowledge the contribution of others once again your work does not exist on its own it's not an island so all the people will have contributed to the question that you're talking about or the question that you're trying to answer and thirdly you can provide evidence to support the claims that you're making so if you're telling me something about a company or a theory that's fine but it's much more powerful if you can say someone else agrees with you or somebody else doesn't though the quality of your reference is really important and the best thing to think about it who provides the more most authoritative voice on that subject so for example if you were writing about a bank which we will go through an example in a moment and the most authoritative voice on that Bank would be the bank itself now whether you trust all the information that Bank is telling you that's a difficult question and one for perhaps another another video but for now if we were writing about a banker then presumably the bank would give the most authoritative and accurate information and that you're looking for so that's quite easy when it comes to data it's slightly harder for academic theory and my advice for academic theory would be to go back to your module guide to your module handbook to your reading list to your lecture slides and find out exactly what theory has been covered in the module and use that in much the same way so for example if your assignment question was to provide an overview of the banking industry and select case Bank to focus on and discuss it for all of the sector how might you go about doing that so firstly and I would recommend that you select a bank which in this case can be lets say the Royal Bank of Scotland now for the purposes of this video we will pretend we don't know anything about the World Bank of Scotland and we're writing an assignment about them so firstly this is the main Royal Bank of Scotland customer-facing website which isn't really going to cover and the requirements of what we need we need more data about the bank itself we probably need to go on to the investor website to find out what that can tell us so just buy I don't know an investor I'm straight to the investor website here so by looking at this investor website I can see its it seems to be very well populated there's an annual report here which looks good there's some investor feedback which might be useful to us as we're writing our core but for now I'm really interested in the headline figures so if I come to the investor part and come down to the Annual Report perhaps that's going to be helpful so straight away we can see rather predictably that the Chairman has got something to say about it so in 2018 the bank delivered a good financial performance desired uncertain economic outlook well that's really interesting straight away that even the bank are admitting that there's an uncertain economic outlook and a highly competitive environment so perhaps that was going to be useful for what we're talking about if we come slightly further down we can see that the bank had a 3,000 million operating profit interest tax what I'm looking for here is the turnover which is not very forthcoming but it must be in the annual report so if we were to open the annual report perhaps we can find it somewhere in there this kind of stuff is really useful perhaps for your appendices we can see that the bank's ambition is to be the number one for customer service that's good it's useful it's helpful in terms of the context that we spend talk about for a moment but for now we're trying to find aha so the income for the bank is thirteen thousand four hundred and two million in 2018 so if we were writing that up as a piece of work he gives us a great starting point so if this was the assignment question provide an overview of the banking industry select a case Bank to focus on and discuss it Israel on this thing but we can start that straight away so we can say the Royal Bank of Scotland turned over now how much was it thirteen thousand four hundred two million two thousand four hundred two million pounds and let's not worry about the reference for now so we'll just put RBS xxx so I know there's a reference to go there and I'm not worried about it just yet in 2018 and then we already have some interesting information from the annual report and at the top of the Investor page and this so Howard Davis who's the chairman so we could call this is but Howard Davis claimed that the banking sector exists in a so that's no paste that in as a text only and we can put that in as a nother citation so check my spelling and again barbi s xx xx for now direct quotes should be in italics but please do check your university policy they should also have something to distinguish them and make sure they are a quote so you can see straight away that just by doing a tiny bit of research in a tiny bit of checking online I've got two efforts or the blame that I'm trying to make now this is very biased but it's all we've done so far is go to the Royal Bank of Scotland and we've only got data for one year so 2018 and we know that is an uncertain economic outlook so we don't know a lot at state but we do know some of them we know the bank turned over this amount now it might be interesting if we could compare that to other banks so perhaps we could go into our University's library system and find out what is available in terms of data so this is sheffield hallam university's online portal and if I go into the library I can start we go to the eighties at our databases and come down to statista we have got it right there so let's not forget we're talking about the banking sector in the UK so let's have a look for what statistic can tell us banking sector so it doesn't offer banking sector but it does offer banking which I suppose is much of the same thing so let's have a look what we can find in terms of banking so Lloyds Banking and most popular mobile apps this is looking more promising banking them a Netherland Saudi Arabia US banking in Europe we can take that if nothing else is available banking and finance in the UK that looks good as I've got another one there banking channels in the UK so let's see what that can tell us so that's more about visits to Maine current account branches perhaps that's not going to be so useful and perhaps this one banking on violence in the UK is more useful for us and it's looking like it is so let's download that report and see what kind of things talks about up the report now we can see and this is a statista report so it's it's of good quality and they're talking about the impact of brexit they provide an overview industry turnover that's probably going to be useful for we're talking about right now so if we put down we can see that the turnover for the banking sector in the UK is a hundred and thirty six billion pounds so perhaps that is quite useful for our the Royal Bank of Scotland returned over 30,000 million in the UK in 2018 [Music] and perhaps we could introduce this now this is against the UK sector total turnover of a hundred and thirty-six point four billion one hundred and thirty six point four [Music] billion that is from that's Easter and we'll come back to that as well so this is becoming really useful so suddenly we know that the World Bank's content over 13 million which on its own is completely useless information we that could be 90% of the sector it could be 1% of the sector we don't know and but now we've got the UK sector total of 136 point four billion now that's starting to tell us a lot more and if we wanted to we could go into the employees the RBS and quite 11,000 employees sorry they sector has 11,000 employees and and if we went back to the RBS report we could find out how many employees RBS had and probably less interesting and then some of the other statistics we're able to present and I'm just looking through this report enough to see what kind of things might be able to help us so this is quite interesting there's an a SWOT analysis now SWOT is very useful because it's a little piece of theory that you can introduce into your work and the good thing about SWOT as well is generally you don't really need to cite it because it's so well-known it's so saturated in the literature that you don't generally cite where it came from it would to be a given so this could be a really useful piece of information for your assignment so you could copy this page or screen grab this page and pull it into your appendices and talk about the impact of it on your work so for example let's just take one look in it now [Music] so one of the threats is brexit uncertainties of oil result in a massive exodus of employees of global banks which a global site that Corbett sacked or the EU nations fill of that could be really useful for our assignment so we could say here who provided this report and teaster statista analysis highlights that or you could say the cities to highlights Howard Davy's concern for the sector claiming and then we can put a quote in as well sometimes many copying things from the internet it can go a little bit crazy so you just need to fix the formatting a little bit and just like we're doing here you hopefully that provides a good citation for your work so what we've done here over the course of visiting three or four different websites and reading a couple of different reports is we've gone from knowing nothing at all about the sector knowing a little bit about something so we now know the turnover for our Bank of Scotland in 2018 we know that the sector has an uncertain economic outlook we know that the sector total is a hundred and thirty six billion which makes Royal Bank of Scotland a reasonably small player in the industry and we know that statisti have got similar concerns as the RBS chairman claiming that brexit uncertainties have resulted in a mass exodus of employees of global banks so we're on to something now the next thing we could start to look at if we're going to take this further is we could compare it to other banks so you could start to introduce HSBC [Music] Halifax or similar you could bring in other banks to answer your question so provide an overview of the banking industry and select a case Bank to focus on so your case Bank is always going to be the Royal Bank of Scotland and but how you approach that and how you get under the skin of what way to pop up is really important so back to our presentation so we've looked at how we can provide an overview the banking industry and select a case Bank to focus on and what I'd like to talk to you about now and we've touched on this partly in the video is not all sources are equal and think about quality of the source that you're introducing and I touched upon this argument earlier but your work is not an island and it must occur within the context of what he's already known what have other people done about this or similar questions and by looking at the literature looking at what's already been happen it can help you to sharpen your research ideas now the danger of this is you can turn out a little bit like Alice in Wonderland in but down the rabbit hole in that you can read for a long time so I've already shown you the RBS annual report you can see that I didn't spend very long reading it I went straight in got exactly what I needed and kind of canes back back out there's nothing wrong with reading and aging with the work you're doing but just be careful that you don't spend hours and hours and hours reading the report that's full of information that's not actually helping you to answer your objective of your assignment so just think about that so what I'd like to do now is for you to think about the quality of the reports that you're all at the quality of data that you'd like to use for your report so here I've got a whole bunch of different and have different and sources that you might find information so it goes all the way from government reports to the BBC to a man shouting on the street with a big sign company websites journals and have a look through the list and see if you can rank those in an order that you think will be most suitable it might be guided to pause the video but this is a great test to make sure that you've got a good idea of what the most suitable academic theory is for your work you so if you've completed this exercise hopefully you can see your list looks a little bit something like this so high up on the list is journals reviewed or academic journals and aren't review although these are less common nowadays we don't see so many of them and secondly thirdly we have academic reports Mintel marketLine statista and then coming on to things like broadsheets Financial Times The Times and The Guardian the BBC and the British Library and as we come down we've got things that company accounts government reports and conference papers and this is all really useful information and now obviously if you were talking about RBS like in our example and this list would be entirely accurate it will be unusual for an academic journal to discuss and the turnover of RBS and if they did it would probably be outdated so for the purpose of company information this list might change a little bit and you might find that company websites or company accounts might be the best place to find that information but for general academic work the best place you can start is an academic journal and academic reports and good quality newspapers now the further down you get this list and you end up in what I like to call a point of no return which is the point in which you shouldn't quote things so for academic work you shouldn't really be quoting the Sun the Daily Mail the Daily Star personal blogs you shouldn't really be quoting Wikipedia now Wikipedia is a personal favorite of mine in terms of quickly accessing information quickly learning about something Wikipedia is fantastic but just don't cite Wikipedia Wikipedia is excellent in terms of pointing you somewhere or helping you find something but just so the purpose of your work pretend that it never happened and online news Twitter Facebook Twitter posts Facebook posts aren't suitable either generally for academic work and of course the man shouting on the street with side is the least reliable of all so hopefully that is a useful and series of instructions as to how you can assess the quality of the sources that you're using although I've given you the example that perhaps and the source of information will change depending on what you're writing about in the next video what we're going to talk about is how you can actually cite these arguments into proper and references and how you can turn them into a proper reference list and make sure you're not getting feedback too and say that you've done something wrong so we'll do that next and for now thank you for watching goodbye

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