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okay well good afternoon everyone and thank you for joining us today for our uh masters of science and operations management information session and cara altman is online with me as well and she'll be managing the chat that you can see in your menu to the right she'll have information pop up from time to time and if you would um please do not use the raise hand option if you have a question you can go ahead and type it in the chat box just don't send it yet until we're ready for the questions at the end but everyone will have ample time to ask questions but again please do not utilize the raised hand option uh we will be answering questions via chat for our participants so carol thank you again for joining us today and we also have online uh dr rich hamm who will have a short presentation here in a few minutes and we'll go ahead and get started my name is karen hickenbotham and i will be the moderator today for the information system i'm the program manager and the masters of science and operations management program under the industrial engineering department and the college of engineering here at u of a so thank you all for joining uh in our department we have a master of science in operations management we also have an engineering management program and an engineering masters of science and engineering we have graduate certificates which we'll get to a little later in project management lean six sigma and homeland security so we get this question a lot when we were going to recruitment fairs or our prospective students that email us what is operations management operations management those professionals they plan lead manage business operations so operations management uses industrial engineering techniques to enable individuals and organizations to maximize effectiveness and make superior decisions so that's a very broad statement and we'll get to what areas they can relate to in different disciplines but let's get to all about the numbers we are the largest graduate program on campus we were established in 1974 we have had over 5 000 students we've sent them out and been prepared to become leaders and industry professionals including the military and also help advance their careers about 90 of our students completing the degree are full online um prior to the pandemic that was a number but that obviously is probably a little bit higher now during the year of 2020. we have about 70 instructors who have all been evaluated and have real world experience and practical knowledge in their areas and we have total of 35 graduate courses in the mson program offered each semester online and when we are able to have live in classes on campus or at one of our military bases in memphis tennessee or herbert field in florida so what can i do with an om degree um it's a broad range we have students from almost every professional field industry military non-profit banking so it all depends on where you are and where you want to go is this a career advancement for you or is this a completely different career path that you're going to be taking and we have advisors um that can help work with you and really try to find which path is best for you so you know there's operations managers there's human resources management uh project management finance banking and investments um in the nonprofit sector of course in the government military we have quite a few military folks in our program and uh operations research analyst so those are just a few of possibilities of in the hundreds or thousands that um that pertain to our degree so the job pay outlook this is just kind of a snapshot taken from the bureau of labor statistics can't say that word today um federal government like i said we have a large number of folks that are working in the federal government professional and technical services management and finance and insurance and so with our degree an average salary across the nation is going to be starting between 75 and 80 000 so why msom you know i am here to talk about the nuts and bolts of the program and we can answer any questions that you have but if you really want to know why msom i want you to hear it from our students this year we started a student testimonial on our facebook page and linkedin and what this does is it highlights our students why they started the program where they were where they want to go and they talk about the specifics of what made them join the mson program and or pursue a certificate they talk about the possible promotions they're going to get and what their favorite classes were and why and the biggest thing that you're going to read when you read all these testimonials is that every single person will say what i learned yesterday i took to work the next day and used it and so that's kind of our motto and we've stuck with that because that's what is a consistent message from our students so check out our facebook page i'm going to provide some links um after the session that you can go on and read these testimonials but we have such a diverse student population and you know it's it's amazing to see where they were when they started and then where they were going to be when they finished um again you can also check that out on our linkedin page but really good stories from some really great students and people so again our motto learn it today and use it tomorrow operations management is a high wage high demand field spanning numerous industries okay we are 100 online we also do video synchronous and or evening on campus classes video synchronous is when you actually attend the class online but it is at a specific time depending on where that class is held we do hold classes on uh two of our military bases along with um here at u of a in fayetteville arkansas so there's no out-of-state tuition for u.s residents we have a flat tuition rate and flat online fee to complete the degree is less than fifteen thousand um the amounts are going to vary depending on which prerequisites you'll be required to take you can learn from professional or professors with current and relevant business experience these are stem oriented courses so designed to meet tomorrow's needs and dr ham is going to get to that later on that we just got briefed on friday from a faculty meeting about how a lot of the curriculum has been updated especially to relate to the times that we're living in so if you have any questions about that dr ham um we'll certainly be able to answer those as well only ten graduate courses are required so four are required they're core classes and then you have six electives that you're going to tailor to your needs you will have to finish with the 3.0 gpa and the flexible degree plan again lets you choose you know what classes are going to benefit you for your goals you can also earn a graduate certificate concurrently without taking any extra classes and i'll get to that here in a second so there is no gre or gmat required if your undergraduate gpa is a 3.0 or higher you can enter from any undergraduate degree i've we've had students with history degrees we've had we have a large number of students with business or engineering degrees echo engineering biology i've had journalism sociology psychology so very very diverse we have five eight week sessions a year and um they're gonna be in august october january march or may and again if you could not utilize the uh the hand raising option we'll get to questions um at the end of the session so complete this as fast as a year or up to six years to finish students always ask me well how how fast do i have and i said well you have up to six years to finish and if you want to finish in a year this is how your classes are going to lay it out if you want to finish in 18 months or if you want to finish in two years and so you'll work with your individual advisor as far as what plan best suits you a big draw to this is there is no thesis there is a very simple very positive experience in a comprehensive exam at the end of your program which basically allows you to put together a presentation for our committee and they let them know what you've learned and how you've applied it and this is a great time for you to give your suggestions to have a one-on-one with the committee and they can have follow-up questions with you and it helps us improve to hear from you and again that's why we do those student testimonials because the the best way to learn is from our students and and what they're needing and what they're wanting we also have an msom alumni society and a mslm scholarship each semester uh that you can apply to so there is a cover 19 special announcement effective fall 2020 at this time we are waving the gre for applicants with a 2 5 to 2.99 undergraduate gpa so you will be admitted with exceptions but you will be admitted without having the gre applicants with above a three point is automatically waived for any term for uh without admission exceptions once the gre testing centers resume operations the standard admissions requirements will go back into full effect so the admission process our application is free you can apply uh there at the link or i can also i will provide that for you in the follow up email after the session if you are a u of a graduate your transcripts are already on file there's no added step for you for there others you will just simply request an official transcript from your schools to be sent there is no resume letters of recommendation or personal statements required a very simple process and for the prerequisites you don't need to have those completed for the admission but we will admit you and allow you to take those prerequisites along with your graduate courses depending on what is needed and again work with your advisor on that but the four are going to be law and ethics so baseball class um we have the industrial costs this is it's a basic it's a basic accounting class um i'm sorry i might have lost reception there for a minute i apologize um so the accounting class can either be financial or managerial accounting depending on your previous coursework we'll look at that and evaluate that applied statistics now this is a stat course from any discipline it can be from business stat to behavioral science statistics statistics for engineers so it can be from any discipline and then the final one is an intro to decision support tools we basically call this an advanced excel class um so everyone's coming from a different level of experience with excel and a basic account or a basic computer course during your undergrad is not quite going to cover everything that you're going to need to have to be successful in our classes so there's one of two options we have the actual class that you can take which most students do that option just because they do want that refresher and they want to be solid in those skills but we also have a free proficiency exam available designed by our department that if you are an advanced excel already in your job and you've been using it for 20 years there is a way to go ahead and take that exam and if you do pass with the 70 or better then we will waive that prerequisite for you and again the transcripts will be reviewed for undergraduate equivalency so those are um evaluated during the admission process so the graduate certificates we have three in our department uh the the oldest and the most popular currently is the project management we also have lean six sigma and our newest addition which is gaining popularity which dr hame is here to talk about today is homeland security so with the certificates there's only four classes you only have to have a 2.5 undergraduate gpa and this the certificates do not require the gre at all as long as that 2.5 is there you will are admissible to the program these do stand alone or you can have this current with your masters of science and operations management or engineering management the project management certificate is designed to provide skills to become better project managers and prepare for the pmp certification we are working on some things and we just found out yesterday that there is locally there are pmi societies professional network organizations that you can join so if you have questions about that jot that down and maybe we can answer some specific questions later the lean six sigma this is how to learn how to eliminate problems remove waste and reduce variation to improve operations this off also prepares you for the certification exam depending on what level you want to pursue and then finally our homeland security certificate this is designed for industry and safety professionals to learn how to mitigate risk so for the homeless cert security certificate today we've got speaker rich ham dr ham is the associate director of the masters of science and operations management and the engineering management at the university of arkansas dr ham retired from the united states air force and the department of homeland security where he held various regional and national leadership roles he is a recognized subject matter expert in homeland security issues consulting domestically and internationally to the united states government dr ham teaches courses in leadership global competition homeland security and unmanned aircraft systems also known as drones and is involved in the uas research at the university so dr ham thank you much for uh joining us today and i'm going to hand it over to you well thanks karen so i always am excited to and probably my biggest challenge today will be to keep this short but we certainly would have time for questions afterwards to talk to you some about what the homeland security certificate in our program is about first off a couple of things just talk about when people ask often we're asked you know why does an operations manager uh need to have these skills and really it's grown it was growing before september 11th but uh it has become one of the the skills that are that nearly every operations manager has to know and many will be surprised to know and one of the trends in industry would i think uh interesting to note is uh 20 years ago up to the mid-90s typically the chief security officer that individual would be at what we would probably talk about a senior director director level uh down several levels in virtually every fortune 100 company now those are vice president and executive vice president levels they're c-suite individuals and they have more and more had to have skills to where they understand how to put together security requirements to make decisions and recommend decisions within the c-suite and to the the board but also so that they had learned how to be operations managers many of these individuals originally came up as law enforcement individuals typically out of the federal government and now they some of them had to come back and retool to learn the very things that we teach in our program how to do net value to make decisions on investment how to make recommendations based on roi and i i always leave this with a quote of one of my good friends that's typically a guest speaker and we asked him what was the number one [Music] challenge that you had to adjust coming out of who came out of law enforcement uh and he said well the number one thing i had to learn was that my company was not in the security business my company was in the profit business and so i had to do things as an operations manager to show profitability so here's the kind of skills that you do learn in our certificate you develop those competencies that you can follow both industry and government we have many government officials and officers in the military or military members generally and others that come because they want to add to their skill set on how to make a better decision making how to manage people and understand what the compliance standards were you can apply those skills to interdisciplinary problems very wide problems everything from making a decision of whether or not it makes sense to make a a cyber security decision because you often even if you're not a cyber security expert you are required to manage the cyber security operation and physical security operation for your plant or for a government facility or man manage those skills in some cases you could manag thousands of people that are dispersed across the world which many companies and also government officials and homeland security do you apply the critical thinking and those problem solving skills to basically look at problems that have never existed before and so every day i have uh colleagues telling me about hey look at you know what do you think about this and how you know how would you approach it we've never seen it before it's a brand new problem we have to meet both the mission mission and vision of our company our organization at the same time meet these compliance issues which sometimes you know conflict so it's requires a lot of critical thinking and long-term holistic views of how businesses and institutions operate and then each we we go through case studies and several of these and we basically teach real world skills let me show a couple of things that i think are are kind of important to understand and i'm not going to go through a definition page of all the acronyms because of all of the you know i've been involved in many lines of business uh in aviation in the military and everyone has their own set of acronyms but i will just point to specifically for supply chain you know ctpat is very specific and the things that an organization is required to do it literally will bring their supply chain to a halt if they don't know how to that export control requirements what you can send and what you can't and what those requirements are we teach those requirements in some courses where you have to understand you know when i send this out am i violating any laws because there's certain countries that i can't send it to for certain technology hazmat controls both in shipping and they're also in control and reporting um that is has become a major uh factor this kind of things that you have to do if you're in a chemical facility the chemical the cfats which is basically an infrastructure protection program in dhs you are inspected to make sure you're meeting those regulatory requirements and so you as an operations manager you may not do that personally but you certainly need to understand your people that are doing that and then how what makes sense you know the hr side of this is what things do you need to understand if you are actually sponsoring people to come in on a visa if you're traveling what you need to know what's the reporting requirements uh karen mentioned earlier people we have come out of we often have people come out of the banking industry i have um three recently that have taken the homeland course and those individuals have there's very specific reporting that has to happen within a bank about the amount of money that's transferred where it's transferred to if you hit certain thresholds those are those all came out of one of the various acts since uh some predated 911 but some since then so we start and there's some things that people right off the bat the aviation transportation security act that was the first act after september 11th but then the homeland security act which stood up the department of homeland shortly afterwards fema is a homeland uh i'm actually part of homeland security and we teach those national instant management system concepts throughout the homeland course and a new course in crisis management where you learn how do you set up systems and make plans to respond and you can imagine there's a lot of interest recently because of the covid response there's some people wondering did we really think this through because some of our responses we wish we would have spent a little bit more time doing that exercising it and making sure it was right and then operations managers making decisions to mitigate those and then the patriot act which is probably the most controversial of those but there's still remnants that exist and you have to know how to comply with that if you are to receive uh certain types of subpoenas how would that work and while you've got an attorney uh hopefully a large organization you also need to understand even at what point you need to ask the questions and whether there's a compliance requirement this is not all-inclusive but it is at least a start in the kind of compliance requirement that industry and in some cases the government has in order to meet the mandates after september 11th in some cases there were continuation [Music] of those exact uh kind of a copy and then kind of put on steroids after september 11th but the point is it is a pretty daunting task and trying to figure out and self-study on your own with some kind of guidance it's pretty tough to do so in the courses specifically to give the skill sets you know how to manage a workforce in these situations you know how to comply you would understand what are the things that i need to track are there things i should be paying attention to how does my physical security of my building match with industry standards and how does that and my cyber security match and even some discussions if you choose to take the uas course and discussions about counter-drone and how do you prevent espionage and that sort of information loss in that case so here are the courses and currently and what we'll say the top three courses are currently the required courses but we have submitted a change and anticipated going through this year where and you could apply to only take 5003 and 5993 and then choose two electives and the reason for that is we're always making adjustments both certificates and the course based on what changes there are so one of the body of knowledge in the american society for industrial security had sort of de-emphasize the amount of supply chain we know that several of our folks are in supply chain and they will take that so they understand the foundations of supply chain so that they can apply the homeland security uh skill sets to those and look at optimizing how their current operation works why they're trying to comply with homeland security laws and regulations but we also know that there's some movement there of others that are going to be looking at things like uh human factors a new course that we have that's in the final approval process this this fall eight week two which talks about how do you investigate when something's occurring how do you see what the the uh the human impact on whether they make mistakes or it's a technology issue or the interface between humans and technology and then the new course that we have a 577v that is in the approval process it will be offered eight week two and crisis management and resilient design and in that specific case it's going to talk about it talks about not just the government but also industry best practices the kind of things that you would be expected to do as an operations manager to ensure that you could react like the covet process uh crisis would be one others would be if you had a terrorist attack or an active shooter or just things about if you had a crisis that occurred because you've got a problem that's going on with the reporting or because somebody was suspicious or because you felt like that some of the individuals that you maybe if you sponsored somebody and you're wondering what you're required to do what's the plan how you write a plan what are the requirements for a plan and then how do you exercise those and make sure that you're doing them effectively so you're those that are interested advisor can help walk you through these kind of issues but we have i would say a mixture of individuals that will like to would choose to want to emphasize more of what for instance the cyber security course that course talks about it's not that you're a cyber security coding uh hacker expert but that you manage that using the fair technique or following the nist standards which is the national institute for standards that is how we would look at making sure that you're meeting those requirements and managing the risk can eliminate it but then learn methods to manage that risk to make decisions hey thank you so much dr ham and again um just for closing remarks here we're going to have a q a session here so start thinking of your questions and typing them in the chat box at the bottom right of your screen the fall admission application is open to start eight week one the deadline is going to be monday august 10th so that's coming up pretty quickly uh just this monday if you do want to start if you were a non if you are not a current student so if you are not part of the program um a fall admission application is going to be for eight week one the deadline august 10th and then i believe september 29th is going to be the deadline for any non-current student to apply to start in eight week two i mentioned earlier that we have those eight week sessions and so that's the uh another added benefit of our program is that during the the two main fall and spring semesters if you missed the first cutoff deadline then we can always get you started in the middle of the semester on our second terms or our second session five week session so there's gonna be some links that i'm gonna send out to you folks and everybody who did register but maybe wasn't able to attend it's gonna include a youtube channel that um we've got going on various topics there are uh previous sessions that were recorded uh similar sessions like this we did feature the project management back in june we featured the lean six sigma certificate in july and so those are on our youtube channel for you to view this one will also be uploaded today once it's finalized again there's going to be also a msom webinar series so we've got that we had a few back in the spring starting in april if you want to check those out and then also previous webinars which are basically kind of a taste of what you would get in one of our courses there are various topics project management lean six sigma um again just tons of topics on there that you can browse through and you know at your leisure you can watch those and then get a good idea of what our program's all about again the links will be provided by myself you have my email and i know carol always types hers in the chat for everyone to have for her she's the assistant director in the mson program and she and i work together on the admissions part of of the program so if you have any questions for her as well whether it be previous coursework transcripts processes whatever that may be you can reach out to either one of us our generic or general email is going to be msom which carol also monitors so do we have any questions out there that's all we have for you we try to keep this short um because we want to give you time to ask questions and so with dr ham on here and carol and myself does anybody have anything they would like to throw out there i see that john raised his hand john austin if you would type your question in the chat box at the bottom and again while we're waiting for questions if anyone has anything and this is questions about you know previous coursework or what dr ham talked about with the homeland security classes if you have any questions about what's changing in the fall you know we've updated some coursework and i do know i think i see about four or five of our current students who jumped on here probably to learn more about the certificate so thank you guys for joining appreciate you being here um adrian's got a question that if you are interested in the mson program do you have to declare if you're going for a certificate or with or would you just take the classes so you do think good question you do have to declare the certificate so that is a separate admissions process you will go through the same process you do have to um the the biggest um i guess not mistake but the biggest confusion among students is whether or not they're still degree seeking or non-degree seeking if you're adding a certificate you are a degree-seeking student so when you do the admissions application you will choose degree seeking that allows you to prove to choose the program uh that you want whether it be project management lean six or the homeland security so uh reach out to me if you have any questions or your advisor of course um about that process because it can be a little confusing uh with our new admission system i hope that answered your question adrian let me know uh stephen hey good to have you on here bud um no questions just praise uh thank you uh steven you're always a big supporter of us and i always appreciate you coming on to the sessions uh hi craig um will you have additional aviation courses since i'm in the air national guard in and in the aviation industry um rich what what do you think about craig's question there about having additional aviation courses so uh craig there's now of course we're not an uh an aviation program but the uas uh courses in particular drive us to a few things there are and will likely be as part of a uh interdisciplinary program over the course of the next year or so an advanced course and that is going to be specifically for people that are trying to do something more than just get a basic uh remote pilot certificate but they actually want to learn how to apply for the waiver process beyond line of sight everything if the uas course is an example uh it's about 40 percent a little bit more than 40 percent of the information that's required in a private pilot certificate but also you know there are there's a lot of data that goes about the types of platforms and how you would do uh more in-depth specific use of thermal or multi-spectral or do different types of modeling with those we do have an introduction to how you do that modeling and we do have introductions on different types of remote certificates there's you know there's another um department that has uh after the foundations course we have that course actually has a pretty large um a group in gis that does some more advanced modeling and you know doing more than just the basics so we can teach you how to do uh do the software but actually do some things that would be uh you know a much higher graduate level if you're interested on more of that i'd be glad to talk to you anytime but there are some things that that are developing that the uas course would have that would uh you know have additional have more information more advanced information thank you dr ham um steven thanks for joining us uh can you obtain or pursue dual multiple degrees such as msom and msem or msom in a new msoa if so how would that be structured i think dr ham your best to answer this one well so there are ways that you could apply and individually and meet each of those requirements but there are actually some limitations on the number of hours you could dual count and how that would work so the best thing to do uh if if you have a specific one you're interested i would say is send that interest to the advisor we would coordinate that and then you know carol would assign who's the right person to do it but it's going to have to be looked at individually some of those things have crossover to where you could do some but like i said there are some uh limitations about dual counting so you can you could you know ask us give it if you give us a specific if you're looking at msom and em that would be all of us if you said hey i want to look at msom at the same time look at the new oa program then we would need to coordinate within the department and ask some questions and see how that degree plan would look for you but certainly glad to do it if you uh would like us to to take a look at the specifics based on what your specific requirements are good thank you for that um are there any other questions out there we um have a little bit of time um carol is putting in the chat section here the information or our contact information for my uh for rich dr ham and for herself this will also be included in the email you should have my contact information from the registration for this info session so we'll give everyone a few minutes to wrap up and you can also you know stay on if you have a more personal question maybe with specific coursework and things like that we'd be happy to help you on an individual basis if you don't want to do it in a group setting but again i want to remind everyone um our progam the you know there's no application fee uh there's no thesis and so we really make it a positive experience for for our students and the best way to to learn that is to go in and read those testimonials that we've got on facebook and linkedin and um just you know take your time when you have a minute to go through because they are really great stories and uh we just we love learning from our students and we love sharing their message and and who best to uh to illustrate that for those thinking about coming onto the program so if there are no other questions again this session is going to be recorded and it will be on our youtube channel sometime later today once that is finalized and posted i will send out the follow-up email with all the links with some great information um so carol says stephen if you're still on if you are due enrolled in two master's programs you can only use six credit hours that will count for both degrees so if you have any additional questions about that reach out to your advisor and try to get that you know what that would look like so okay well i want to personally thank dr ham for taking his time and helping out with the presentation and giving us all very good information on the homeland security certificate and other things i want to thank carol altman as always for being my sidekick on the moderator and i want to thank our advisors who joined us today and other staff members mindy lisa marge thanks for joining we always like your support in these and it's always good information for us right we always need a refresher so again thank you carol thank you rich and thank you those who attended and we'll have a follow-up email later on thanks everyone

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The best way to send electronic signature on a pdf is using pdf signature tool.You can use this tool to send digital signature by a click on any file type:( .gif, .pdf, .png & images)How to send email with secure email? Secure email (also called encrypted email) is the best way to protect your email communication using a strong encryption to prevent hackers from reading email message. Here is the tutorial how to send encrypted email using smtp/tcp/mail.How can I encrypt all files inside a folder? First, select one folder to encrypt. To encrypt all files in a folder, select all folders, and then encrypt all files.To decrypt encrypted file, right click on the original file and choose Open File As from the context menu. This will open the original file in a new window.When I open a file encrypted with BitLocker on my PC, the image gets replaced by a warning. What is that ? In order to encrypt the file, you have to first choose the file encryption, and the computer will ask you to confirm the file encryption. Once you confirm, BitLocker will start encrypting the file and you will see a screen with a warning, it is normal.How to send email to all users with one account from the Windows 10, , , or devices using Microsoft Outlook? Open Microsoft Outlook, and go to the mailbox that you would like to send emails to. From the menu bar type in "emailto" and click the "Send" button.Once the email is sent, you have to click the button in the bottom right corner...

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A: You can use a PDF as long as no copyright, license, or attribution is specified.Q: What is the difference between the two types of licenses? A: Open licenses allow you and other people to use the work in many ways. By giving others permission to remix, translate, and redistribute the work, you give them the legal right to copy, modify, use, display, and distribute your work.Q: Why does Creative Commons want me to get a Creative Commons license? A: The main benefit of the Creative Commons licenses is giving you control over how your work is used. When using the Creative Commons licenses, you can be as specific or as vague as you like about who the recipients of your work are. This can have a big impact on the kinds of uses you can put your work to.Q: Is there a deadline when I will want to use a Creative Commons license? A: The best way to figure out when you and your friends will get a Creative Commons license is to sign up for the monthly updates. In the Updates you'll find information about when to get your license, and how to get the license if you decide to use it yourself.Q: How does Creative Commons help my community? A: In addition to making licenses easy to understand and understand, the CC licenses also encourage others to join together and support each other. When you make a public work, you give everyone else the same opportunity to use and adapt it. You can help your community's work survive by using Creative Commons licenses, and encouraging...

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