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Industry sign banking hawaii job offer free

aloha guys i am currently here with the director for the west hawaii uh small distance development center um i am very very excited that he's here talking to you guys talking to the audience about how to get a job here in hawaii which is very very challenging at times and you know for the people that are moving for the people that are watching welcome welcome um to this platform we're happy that you're here um so dennis is going to share with you guys what his um what his uh what does the small business development center does for local businesses and for people that are wanting to make the big island their home so aloha guys we have viewers hey so dennis if you would like to share with the public what is it that you that your organization does for the island okay aloha everybody and i'm based in kailua kona and as mali said i'm the director of the west hawaii small business development center and so we divide the island of hawaii in half and i do the west half and my staff and there's an office on the east side as well so what we do is help businesses get started we help people find financing for their businesses help them write business plans help them with product rollouts site acquisitions uh human relations human resources management kinds of issues just the gamut of things that small business can run into and in doing that i run into businesses that are seeking employees uh so which is why mali asked me to talk about this today with her so uh right yeah yeah so uh that's what we're gonna do um what i can i mostly work with small businesses as i said businesses are trying to start or to expand but um i i do connect a lot of people all the time so if i hear of a business that's looking for a particular skill and i get a call from somebody who's looking for a job or exploring opportunities i can do say hey you know i just heard about somebody who's looking for a job so um that's kind of the the resource i can be for finding a small a job here in hawaii that is beautiful advice because i mean we do get a lot of those questions by people that are wanting to make hawaii their home and um they are really sometimes um have this impression that is so easy to get a job on the island it's so easy you know and so like those are the conversations that i have almost on a daily basis um we have uh dennis and i we have divided this into four categories of people that um are wanting a job in the in hawaii so we're gonna outline four scenarios um that we have so people that know um so there are four scenarios that we encounter on the islands uh people that know a lot of local people and can get employed so those are local boys local girls they know auntie uncle everybody everybody's got a relative everybody knows used to work with somebody everybody's cousin used to work with somebody everybody knows everybody so those people get a job any day because they're connected they're connected with the community they give back they um they know everybody they they have put in their time right and so they they it's very easy for those uh for those uh people to get employed the other category that we have it's people that have a company that operates already or can operate in hawaii and are looking to relocate or work remotely right and that's where i come in i get i get those not not a ton of those companies but i do get those companies companies that uh california had one recently and they relocated here and they wanted to know how do things work here what do they need to do to register uh what are the marketing outlets what's the labor force like uh just how does the tax structure work for general excise tax which is a unique hawaii thing we've got um so um yeah if you've got a company that's operating on the mainland somewhere and you're bringing that expertise here to hawaii that's great that's that's what we want to see or if you're working for a company on the mainland in a particular field for somebody and you want to take that skill you have and open your own company here in hawaii that's another avenue for that people take frequently that is awesome and as touching bases um dennis i mean jesus he um oversees the entire woods hawaii operation and he does talk to a lot of businesses that are wanting to operate in hawaii so he's an amazing resource and people don't know that your resources are free oh yeah we don't we don't charge for our services no i used to say you get what you pay for but not no no no no we don't charge because we're funded by the small business administration and by the university of hawai'i uh we're not we're we're relocated at the university of hawaii the other part of our funding is the state of hawaii exactly so it is just he's just an amazing resource i cannot recommend dennis enough every time that i get an inquiry of somebody that wants to open a business in hawaii or wants to you know get you know more ideas on how to operate their current business dennis always always sending people to dennis well that's part of that networking that goes on here where she knows somebody who knows somebody exactly there you go exactly so if you need help dennis is your boy so uh now let's go into the third category let's go into the third category is people that are moving to hawaii in hopes to find a job and that is a um that is a category that is very challenging uh for those people that are wanting to make hawaii they're coleman have no job no employment um what do you say to to to those people uh boy if you don't have some skill or some significant work history you can bring here uh especially now you're gonna you're gonna have a tough time yeah as you know maybe i hope we're heavily tourist dependent and here in the midst of this pandemic our tourism is way down so those server jobs at the restaurants are gone all those eight kinds of jobs you find in the hotels they're way way cut so uh if you're looking to just come here and find any old job like that it's not gonna happen uh you've gotta be more targeted than that exactly yeah and and what are the um industries that you see that are suffering the most or what are the industries that are even that are excelling okay i thought you were going there first on the suffering it's the tourism so it's anything to do with tourism it's although the restaurants are coming back lately uh just really recently i've noticed um but the the retail is down the tourist shops are down the tour operators are down so the people who take people out to see the whales or snorkel or go up the mountain those kind of things their way down as well as the of course the hotels um the things that are thriving are the businesses that the locals use so car repair plumbers plumbing electricians electrical contractors anything to do with housing anything to do with the real estate market yeah appraisers are going through the roof right now i'm trying to buy a condo as an investment and you cannot get well you can get an appraiser but it's way out there and the money is is more than you want to spend so i think the key for people is to sort of do a little research before and talk to people and see what businesses are or what sectors of the industry are looking for skilled labor um i know for a fact that for recruiting auto technicians uh some companies are going to the mainland and recruiting because they can't find those people here yeah and you know what into your point um and as far as the real estate market goes um having uh skills that like electricians appraisers um uh plumbers people that are still in those areas this industry right now is going through a huge boom and so that those can be like traits that could be utilized um on the island if you have those um uh skills you can you know come together come on down and help us out because appraisers as you know geez i mean they're out yeah they're um yeah same with survey companies and stake groups and all that but um that was a great point um and now we're going to go on to our fourth category which are people that operate in a profession or train on them okay we already touched well a little bit but i think the point i wanted to make that people who are in a trade or a profession on the mainland don't think you can automatically bring that here so if your trade requires some sort of licensure like i don't know an accountant or a contractor or a barber or a beautician there may not there probably isn't reciprocity from your state to hawaii so you really do need to do your homework and check first uh with our professional and vocational licensed division at the department of commerce and consumer affairs those are the people that regulate all the things that need licenses and there's just a vast array of things that need licenses from massage therapists to you know doctors and physical therapists and just a whole bunch of things um just to see what the what the barriers are to you getting into that employment here i know somebody who's an accountant on the mainland and came here to try to be an accountant and that there's no reciprocity across state lines in hawaii for accountants so um you're sort of back at the back of the line so you do need to do your due diligence and you need to check with those resources i just mentioned to see uh what you got to do to be able to practice your trade here in hawaii wow and and that is so true like i was approached by an aesthetician and her licensing you know like her license doesn't transfer she needs to go through like the whole um the licensing requirements for hawaii and so there's so many trades that you're right they go through that transitional phase and then you also have to take that into account when you're moving right i mean how long is it going to take me for um to transfer those um courses or those um geez how do you call it um the requirements for my license like how how long is that going to take and then make the jump um to hawaii um now what are some sites that people can utilize to search for a job here on the islands and particularly here on the big island and what are the one of them the most successful sites um that you can that you can share with the with the audience well we listed a few when we were brainstorming this uh higher net hawaii hawaii uh hawaii workforce uh infinite info net you can go to the large institutions like university of hawaii they have their own site you can go to helco they have their own that's the electric company they have their own sites uh the department not the department the grocery stores uh kta safeway times is a big chain on oahu not here they're going to have their own sites where they're listing their own their own jobs but i think because it's such a relational marketplace here and people get jobs because of where they are at one particular time the use of the internet is not as as a tool for finding a job is not necessarily as strong as it might be on the mainland you know great point i think you can also get a craigslist and i think it does facebook and facebook marketplace yeah yeah facebook marketplace that's um one of the ones that are most popular on the island facebook marketplace craigslist but to dennis point um there are um companies that only advertise on their websites like you mentioned you know ktl the big supermarket safeway um when they have openings on accounting or management or you know or other positions meat cuttings meat cutting that's okay that's a big deal yeah yeah so um we encourage you guys to look at those um websites for employment um hiring net hawaii it's one that it's it's an equal opportunity um employer uh program um that is offered for the state of hawaii they have like also like lots of of um uh employment um openings yeah yeah yeah yes um the newspapers are not very good um i don't know that they are anywhere anymore no um it's not such a great resource no now how is the online industry impacting the way people are getting hired in hawaii well people especially down this time of the pandemic it's i think it i pretty sure it's the same as it is with real estate yeah uh people are interviewing online uh just like you're previewing a house online yeah i've heard of more and more houses that are being sold sight unseen which is kind of mind-blowing to me but it happens quite regularly that's true yeah so your agent goes around with their little webcam and there you go we're having a lot of that a lot of that is happening throughout the island um so um let's see so how can people research what is required for the position um or what are the a couple of things that people can um you know kind of brainstorm what to ask that employer uh you know average salary how where can they go for for this type of information like average salary um like the top 10 employers is there like a specific website or [Music] yeah you know that in terms of the top 10 employers and things like that we're really a state of small business so the top 10 employers there's probably top five employers you know the electric company the state the county you know the usual kind of suspects um it's really the the job growth i think is more in the small companies because everybody's a small company here pretty much by and large um and how to find out what those the answers to those questions you're asking is obviously go to the source and i think um you know i had to find a job coming here from the mainland um call those people up who who are posting on the internet and and ask them you know if you're not seeing things that are evident in the ad or in the posting uh call up and ask and say yeah i was just i was looking at this job and i'm interested but i'm trying to evaluate how it fits into my lifestyle can you tell me a bit about the range and the range the salary range and the salary progression or just something uh people here are generally uh willing to talk to people you really are that is you know and that brings a great point because that's what i tell people when they approach me um you know when they have a question on it's very specific so um in this kind of going a little bit off topic but i do get a lot of inquiries for like people that are wanting to do like off the grid right and there's so many resources that you got to do inside contact the tiny living um you know the the people that build uh tiny tiny home structures the uh the solar panels and all that so and and i tell them you call and they're gonna they're gonna pick up the phone and they're gonna talk story to you like they will talk to you so it same goes with the employers as dennis was saying that don't be afraid that you know there's a posting and you don't know what to do just call them up you know just call them up figured out the details figured out the pay figured out the uh the requirements for the for the job and make it happen yeah yeah absolutely i mean you know people you know talk story is what we do here it just means chat just chat talk story talk stories what we're doing here does it so let's talk about cost of living [Laughter] whatever you heard about how expensive it is it's more expensive it is expensive i think the only people i run into that say hawaii is not a bargain but is reasonable are people from the bay area pretty much yeah and that just blows me away that people think this is reasonable but uh if we pay a lot more for groceries everything comes on a boat or on a plane figure it out so um every bottle of orange juice is attached to plane fare and that adds up eggs milk all that all the uh the most frequent frequently bought items we do have costco we do have costco thank god but just be prepared you know just be prepared for that situation when you're wanting to make the big island in your home and you're finding a job know that the cost of living is something that you're gonna have to take into account um uh it is higher than other places um you know in and that is a cost of paradise cost of living in paradise that's you just have to forecast for for for that um and there's variation among the islands too uh particularly in the cost of housing so the big island is the most reasonable housing cost that is true that is true out of all the islands molokai um oh yeah molokai counts no i know [Applause] [Music] housing prices are higher way higher here in kauai too in kauai too eactly yeah we're still more we're lowest i mean as i said with the low you're right you're aware on the low end and the lower end the reasonable the recent reasonable end but still um you know sometimes i'll say that if you're if you're wanting to explore the island more in detail come and make a trip to the grocery store you know just kind of like assess like you know what would it take for me to live here what will he oh we got some likes aloha guys thank you for your hearts and your in your in your thumbs up thank you so so much um so yeah you know make a trip to the grocery store um kta sac and save even costco and just kind of make your cost analysis that way because it's it's hard uh you know when they say well how how expensive is it well come over and see you know come over and because there's no pricing list online of okay milk costs this much and and eggs and well there's that cost of living indicators there's a cost of living calculator yes those are yeah they're quite well yeah i guess yeah that could be another tool but just gather hey guys thank you thank you so much for for liking this video i'm very honored that you guys are here listening to to dennis boyd and i talking about how to get a job here in hawaii so um basically those are your resources uh cost of living living is higher um and utilities are higher utilities are higher way higher electricity sometimes people get surprised by the cost of electricity able to talk about the living in different areas i'm reading a comment from chase able to talk about the living in different areas on the island like housing prices versus kona side and south side or north yes we can okay well perhaps in when we are done talking about how to find the job in hawaii we'll connect chase um so um moving moving on with um [Music] getting a job here in hawaii connecting with local communities and finding a job in hawaii how important is that for for the people that are new to the island but it's everything essential it's everything because we mentioned earlier it's all about connection here it's all about networking so if you can tap in to networks maybe networks that are somewhat similar to what you're involved with back on the mainland uh so the chamber of commerce for example is a really good network and uh you know just uh truth in in advertising i'm on the board of the kona koala chamber of commerce yes um but there's a you know the conocoholic chamber of commerce there's a uh on the west side the hawaii island chamber of commerce on the east side the japanese chamber of commerce on the east side uh native hawaiian chamber of commerce there's a number of those um professional organizations or a rotary lions club lions club yeah um those kinds of things bni business networking international um it says international i suppose they're all over the place those are uh groups of business owners who refer to each other but they they allow guests to come twice without joining so you could come and really get a flavor for the business environment by going to one of those things there's three of them i think there's three in kona one in waimea i don't know how many in hilo so there's a number of those that would be a good a good way to do it you know what and i i think that when people are researching they don't see that far out and so i'm thankful that you have recommended those resources because um you know like bni that's one that you know not a whole lot of people know about and i think that's like a good yeah and in one group you get talking you can talk to or see interaction among 30 businesses exactly so that's all and that is how heavily it's like heavily refr uh it's just a referral business right like that's what they're all about they're all about referrals and referrals yeah yeah so that could be a good great way to connect with the japanese chamber of commerce yeah yeah yeah yeah i mean those are like resources that are like not like they don't pop up like every single time somebody searches for this information so that's right that's that's a great recommendation and when you know when life gets back to normal i know in our chamber we have uh monthly after hours um which there's a small charge for that and it's a networking event a couple drinks some poo poos and pasture business cards around uh and those are open to the public too right those were great let's hope that we can get back to normal we got another um uh question by debbie shields my husband is a master welder and we are discussing moving our business there oh yeah check out our website it's and it's free and what you do is you click on the link uh register for one on one on one business advice and that pops you up in my system uh and i'll give you a call and we set up a time to talk yeah yeah he's he's uh dennis great wealth of knowledge and he's always came to uh help businesses that need his asses his assistance um so now yeah that's my job um okay so we are going to move on to talk about um oh look this one so what is in the horizon hawaii yeah yeah you know uh this is i i this i thought was a pretty good idea i came up with it uh you know in this time of uh pandemic we've been forced here in hawaii more than most places i think to really look at sustainability and how we're going to survive into this century uh we just can't rely on tourism because uh something happens at one other part of the world and tourism shuts down yeah so we're looking to become more self-sufficient so there are a number of industries that are and initiatives that are on the move in hawaii uh to help us reach that um energy alternative energy is very big here um i think we're untapped to be by 2040 or 2045 i think 100 um renewable in our energy sources uh so if you're if you i i work at the natural energy lab of hawaii and that's all about you know deep sea water energy production and things like that so if you're involved in that field this is a good place for you if you're involved in aquaculture this is a great place for you broadband initiatives we're trying to we're pretty sketchy right now on our broadband um coverage but there's a big initiative to make that more um accessible to the island so those kind of things you know sort of hop on that train and and come with us uh as we we sort of move forward that's that's such a great uh piece of advice i don't think that's advertised enough at this point i hope that they yeah and one other industry medical medical anything medical anything medical is booming at this at the moment right now because we need we have a great need there in those areas any uh niche in particular or just medical in general doctors doctors doctors any medical doctor doctors nurses nurses nurse practitioners uh physician's assistants you name it bring it okay so now let's let's let's continue to talk about um you you plan to live on six months with no income well that was your idea not much hey you got to come in prepared you can have you got to come here you got to come in prepared um you know worse comes to worse you know you're here and you cannot find employment and then what happens you got to be you got to be prepared you have to have a cushion to you know what yeah absolutely i agree you know what i would advise though is that you know if you're thinking about moving here take a hunk of time a chunk of time if you can afford a month take a sabbatical or a leave of yeah and come here before you quit your day job great check it out and see what it feels like yeah you know because i i know uh i'm from denver and i read in the paper today they got 15 inches of snow yesterday i know yeah i know sitting there looks pretty good here uh in our sunshine uh but you got to come here and really live it and feel it and see if it fits for you oh that's the gold uh golden advice yeah why i mean come in why quit so we're gonna re-change all this whole thing don't quit your your job yet no don't give it up yeah don't give it up yet exactly because um yeah that's great advice just take a sabbatical come in check things out rent out for a while and see if um and see if it works see what it feels like so we got another question by chase recommendations on where for job listings wife is looking she is a woman's health nurse practitioner not much listed on your traditional google listings yes uh kona hospital uh directly to the source oh the rest north hawaii community north hawaii community hospital which is a part of queens medical center hilo medical center medical center um midwifery is a big deal here um you know they're affiliated with the hospital so did you say a woman's health yeah i mean chase if you want to provide more insight on what your wife is looking at we might be able to uh help out um but all those yeah those um those venues i think yeah yeah there's not a lot of them but you know they're looking and you know what and that's great um i'm coming uh what month for a temp test out with the company that is hiring me uh we hope that that interview goes amazing cool so um yeah so i think to them at this point um going directly to the source um especially if you're in the medical field if you don't see openings posted on indeed craigslist go check out the hospital you know call them up and see if they have any openings or if they know of any openings call the receptionist yeah i guarantee if you call and say you're a nurse practitioner thinking to move looking for a job you will get a call back yes i guarantee you yes i mean for any medical doctors or anybody watching this video that specializes in the medical field um call the hospitals if you don't see any of the listings they might be you know overwhelmed with a job or they might be understaffed or you know god knows right um that sometimes people don't get to post the jobs online or somewhere indeed or monster what's it what's the name not monstering [Laughter] yeah but you get you get it right so um i think that going straight to the source will only benefit you and your family um okay so we're moving on with the questions what will you quickly discover in hawaii is is that everyone knows everyone okay so we already talked about right yeah go go go for it right go to our cheat sheet there oh is there okay so is there a lot of new construction going on yes ah no um waikaloa and park a little bit of kona not a whole lot not a whole lot like of new construction but well construction industry is the one industry that hasn't had a big dip in the panda exactly but new construction you know there's a new there's a lot of new construction happening in hilo there's vacant lots yeah yeah uh there's some um areas up in um leilani estates milani estates um yeah there's yeah there's a lot of people well and so a little bit of background on leilani states that the lava right happened in 2018 and so i we see a lot of new construction around that area as long as one very difficult to ensure and i personally wouldn't recommend anybody to live there but um yeah a lot of new construction a lot of new houses and a lot of new construction in hilo kona um not so much not so much in kona not so much in kona waikoloa is picking up but you know uh kona every now and then um uh chase uh sorry out of correct coming wednesday for a month to work with a hawaii nautical as a boat captain nice oh you know what we need is boat mechanics um if you're in that industry at all gold medals both mechanics i forget that i forget the uh the where it stands but our harbor here is is one of the larger private boat harbors in the state if not the largest i can't remember not the largest but it's i can't remember but it's yeah we need people okay well chase there you have it uh if you if you um if things hopefully things work out with this company but no you know this information that dennis just shared that boat mechanics are in demand at the moment i believe so can i believe so yeah and uh we wish you luck and congratulations on scoring an interview with them but what i wanted to tell people that you know depending on wherever they want to move in the state and here's my other plug for the sbdc contact your the office in that on that island also if like the people who are planning on relocating their business contact your local sbdc office there's almost a thousand of them across the country and see how they can help you get started on what you need to start on financing or whatever before you move here or before you try it out your trial or whatever you're gonna do that is so yes to all of that i said love the svbc as you know adore it she does so yeah i do generally i love dspvc it helps many many businesses thrive they have many many programs so don't think that this is only island that is localized it's all over the mainland you guys can contact your sbdc all over the mainland and then you know or perhaps if you're already a member affiliated with svdc up in ohio or california and you guys can probably like transfer that conversation to you sure those people those counselors consultants can call us yeah and we can you know talk about what they need to do and how to how to segue over over here that's that's beautiful that's that's beautiful advice um so okay so now we're going back to our um uh quickly which is um embrace the culture embracing the hawaiian culture okay so when moving to the island um and you're wanting to you know find a job and get situated with the community embracing the hawaiian culture will get you farther than you could ever imagine if you come in with um with a different attitude right you know pushy or demanding you know many businesses out here operate on what we call hawaii time uh they're more laid back uh their regulation might not be the same as on the mainland people might not come in on time right on the dot uh they might not pick up the phone they might you know call in sick the next day and so just adapting if you're coming into like in management positions you might encounter that in your workplace so coming in to embrace a culture um you know because i know of people that you know they they things don't work out you know people come in with with a very harsh attitude and they they they don't fit in with the culture and then they end up unemployed so you don't want that right you make this huge move you move your entire life and then and then you get fired because you couldn't embrace the culture so just be mindful of of um how the hawaii culture i'm laughing about this because i was late getting here and i got a boatload of grief from you for doing that and here she is no no no no but employers right your employees because it's different you and i are friends yeah well we're like hey like no but but employers right well your employers doesn't want you to show up on time yeah but you know it's just the general pace of things is a little bit slower and it's all it's different very yeah yeah i mean it's it's a culture shock sometimes to people you know that come in and and they see you know that things are more laid back um so you know just i think that's that's a very important thing yeah just keep in the back of your mind i don't think each island is real different and the sections of each island are real different so kona is really different than hilo very true we're different way different than the south in puna what will you yeah what what would you say that would be the biggest differentiator between those two hilo is more old family uh more iso isolate insulated insular maybe um they probably don't want me to not happy that i say that but people have lived in hilo for years and years and that's true um it's really strong japanese culture there kona is more mainland oriented puna is more people want to get off the grid north hawaii is people want to get off the grid but maybe have more higher demographic more income i think that's true well i think i think those key points will only benefit you when you're looking for a job and wanting to learn more about the culture i think that it's a good starting point i mean it's not definite what we're saying like you know you know it's not like but it's something that we have we have personally encountered right yeah and so you know we're just passing it on yeah right um okay so i'm raising the culture um ah let's see okayso we're no one sorry we're going through our sheet of questions um so can you get volcano insurance and it and if so is it expensive you can okay but well yes there's only like one person [Laughter] hey dave we have to have a conversation about that because um yeah um okay so there is um like one person that insures uh a lot of zone one um but so here's why i tell people that are wanting to look into those type of scenarios if you are okay with uh the lava taking all of it away proceed you know because it it it could happen we don't know when we don't have a uh uh a magic ball in front of us we don't know when we're gonna have another disaster like leilani states but if to your question yes uh there's uh one person that ensures hi guys thank you for the love and the hearts uh it's it's real in some areas yeah so um lava is real we've seen it oh yeah it's very real it just happened two years three years ago and uh people lost everything you know so if you are and this is what i tell my clients if you're willing to just kiss your money goodbye and you're at peace with that investment there's one person that insures love with someone and i don't know if he sleeps at night why would you get insurance if you feel that way if you're willing to let it all go yeah but hey you know what hey they're people that that want to get into love with someone and you know that's a personal that's it that must be real it must be really expensive it is very expensive it is expensive it's it's a triple the price as regular insurance because it's triple the risk so it uh to your question yes there is somebody that insures good to know yes no because i was looking uh talking to a bank today about a client who was looking for property um down in ocean view and somebody he said isn't that lavazone too right then they would they wouldn't let you yeah i've done that it is difficult to get and it's very uh property dependent like there's a lot of regulations that um that are in place it's it's it's very very hard but you know there there there is there is insurance there's hope i learned something yeah yes so um if you yeah no worries dave so if there's any other questions that relate uh we have like 10 uh viewers right now aloha guys if there's any other questions that you guys have for dennis and i were here to answer and help out but any final thoughts for people that are wanting to come to hawaii and make it make it their home and look for a job and just that we have a lot of needs in the workforce so if you can contribute to the community by filling those needs we would love to have you here it's a great place to live look at us we're happy yeah it is truly paradise guys and if you can um you know go through uh this video uh you know you can as soon as we hit um we as soon as we're gonna uh posse the this video you can go back and re-listen to it and kind of take some notes because we did drop like very very uh helpful information for you all hoping that you guys enjoy it and connect with dennis and his association yeah [Music] hey we're done we're done yeah i guess hey guys well thank you so so much for being here thank you very much so much for being here and so i don't see any further questions at the moment but if you uh would like thank you for that heart thank you for that heart um you i hope that you have a beautiful day thank you for tuning in and uh we'll be in touch we're gonna go watch the sunset we're gonna go watch the sunset yes yes and we have the most magical sunsets ever yeah i mean the kona sunsets i don't know if you guys if you visited three years ago and fell in love we're thinking about it after the judds move out what do you mean dave after after the clouds or thinking about about it after the let's move out kids the kids kids sounds like okay okay well thank you so so much for watching and for being here thank you um and aloha

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