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What is hand signature generator?

Are you looking for a fast and secure way to certify your online document electronically? Regardless of your level of user experience, our brand new Handwritten Signature Generator feature is one of the most simple and convenient solutions on the net.

Some users still think that automatically generated digital marks look unnatural and cannot replace a traditionally handwritten signature. The truth is that with our tool you’re able to create a unique electronic sample which looks as smooth and natural as if you wrote it with your own hand.

SignNow’s Handwritten Signature Generator has certain advantages you might find very useful.

How it works?

Find a solution that suits you best! Start working on your forms with the official app or simply edit it in your web browser. Begin by opening your document and clicking on the “Signature Field”. Use the mouse or touchpad of your laptop or the touchscreen of your mobile device to certify your paper manually. You can also scan your handwriting from a piece of paper and upload it to your document. Use the keyboard to type in your name and choose the uniquely generated sample of your handwritten signature in one of the icons below. Check the “Make this my signature” bar if you want to reuse your sample and add it to another copy.

Any sign you create with our platform is legally valid. Our main purpose is to provide users with paperless transactions. Get rid of routine paperwork by choosing SignNow and enhance your workflow right away!

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