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Most companies and corporations, as well as citizens, prefer to speed up the document workflow as much as it is possible. The exclusion of the printing hardware and supporting paper materials increases the income.

That is one of the reasons why a popularity of e-signature grows. SignNow developed an online signature maker that is supplied by a powerful toolkit. Thanks to that, every customer can modify his initials to look individual, neat and legible.

Online signature maker allows every user to certify his template in several simple steps. The feature has numerous convenient advantages:

  1. The digital signature can be captured with a webcam or written with the mouse or touchpad as well as may be created with a finger right on the touchscreen of the smartphone.
  2. All the document transactions are protected and kept confidential with advanced encryption and authentication. Both documents and personal information of every user is completely safe.
  3. The signature maker provides a wide variety of options. Every user may create typed or written initials and reuse all the patterns that were generated before. In addition to that, the image with the handwritten autograph can be uploaded and added to the document.
  4. SignNow mobile application provides the offline documentation processing function.
  5. The user can include roles and permissions for every individual that works with the document. Every modification made by users is followed by the e-mail notifications.
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