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Have you been looking for a reliable and efficient paperless solution, i.e. real Estate Agent Tools to facilitate the process of signing and editing your documents? With signNow’s newest tools, you’re able to go completely digital by working with your files online. All you need to do is create a free signNow account and upload your paper(s) to our fully-functional web editor. Forget about scans and hard copies or having to download useless software onto your computer. All our instruments are accessible from any desktop or mobile device. signNow customers are provided with the highest level of security. In fact, it’s safer to store your data on our server than on your Mac or PC’s local disk!

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what's up everybody it's chasing J miles and this video actually came as a request from one of my subscribers and I actually can't believe I haven't talked about this yet but I'm going to tell you five of my top productivity apps that I actually used in my real estate business you know the big reason why I've never done this video before is because I feel like there were so many just blog posts and videos about different real estate apps but one thing that I saw was that they were all kind of focusing on the same HAP's and saying the same things and so I figured what I would do is I would give you a real world view from a real agent on which apps are actually beneficial so you don't necessarily waste your time trying to learn and half that couldn't really make use in your business and so if this is your first time watching one of my videos welcome again my name is Jason J miles and I'm a real estate agent out of Dallas Texas I've been in real estate for many years and so what I like to do in my real estate channel is tell you about what it's like working in real estate and give you tips and tricks and just helpful things that would help you out in your real estate business whether you were an agent already or you're just starting on your journey so please subscribe and just look out for great content like this all the time so again in this video I want to give you my top 5 apps for productivity when it comes to real estate so I'm about to get into that but before I do I just want to make a quick announcement I have opened up and released a new version of the first 31 and so you can see that link below and enroll if that's something that you have been waiting on and also my mailing list I have opened that up and it is free to anybody to hop on my mailing with this if you want to get things like scripts motivational stuff stuff that will really help you out in your real estate business go ahead and click on that link below that'll take you to my website and you can join my mailing list which again is free so let's go ahead and get into my top 5 apps for real estate when it comes to productivity so the first app that I really like and this should be available to pretty much anybody is called cost first this is an app from first American title and they are a big large national title company so that's why I said you should be able to get this app wherever you're at but what this app will allow you to do is run those net sheets for your buyers and sellers now what...

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SignNow is a software used for signing documents, you don't need to travel or send documents with a courier, SignNow allows you to sign a document and send them to anybody online. It saves time, cost and energy since you sign and sends documents just with a click of a button.

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User in Insurance

What do you like best?

Obviously I like the fact that during this COVID time I don't have to risk my health by going to meet people in person and that everything is done online.

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Many aweome capabilities
Tanya Perez

What do you like best?

I really liked the fact that you can create folders to organize all your files especially if you have multiple projects. There's also the ability to create a team that would then allow your colleagues to access documents and work collaborative on the same account. You also have the option to create templates on forms that you usually use frequently.

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