Sign Your Documents in Word

How to Sign a Document in Word with SignNow

If you’re tired of constantly having to print documents to be signed and faxed to separate parties, we have good news for you. With SignNow’s streamlined solution, adding electronic signatures to your documents is a breeze.

With the adoption of the ESign Act of 2000 by the US government, and the advancement of document management solutions, it is now possible to sign a Word document online in seconds. Users can easily insert their signatures into Word files and have them approved anytime, from any device. SignNow’s esignature solution enables users to make any document legally binding in just a few clicks. Just drop a signature anywhere in a file and easily send it off to a customer or partner.

Being one of the most trusted global esignature providers, SignNow offers you a number of powerful features:

  • work anywhere using your preferred device
  • instantly sign in word
  • send signature requests to your customers or partners and get them back in minutes
  • sign directly from the SignNow app.

With our advanced solution you can effortlessly send a file to one or multiple signers, even while on the go. What is more, you can track your document’s status in real time. Signing a word document has never been easier. Try SignNow’s free 6-day trial and start streamlining your documents to today.

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