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Sign Your Documents Online with a Signature Font Generator

The growing industry of online services offers dozens of solutions for users looking to get rid of piles of paperwork by editing their documents electronically. This includes creating fillable PDFs, applying a signature font generator, filling out forms and contracts and passing them to their business partners. But are all these products equally convenient and secure? With SignNow, your workflow is always ready to handle more.

Our tools enable you to customize your online document so it has all the features of a good old paper form or contract. Some users still think that automatically generated digital marks look unnatural and cannot replace traditional handwriting. The truth is that our Signature Font Generator tool converts every symbol you type into a customized digital symbol that looks as smooth and natural as if it was written by your own hand. Therefore, it gives the possibility to create customized handwritten-looking characters by simply filling out a respective field in your document.

Follow these simple steps to use the font generator:

  • Log in to your account and open up your file
  • Find the “Edit and Sign” section and click on “My signature” to add a new field
  • Start typing your name in the “Sample Signature” bar
  • Choose the uniquely generated sample of your handwritten autograph
  • Check the “Make this my signature” bar if you want to save and add the sample to another copy.

Any digital writing you create with our font generator is one hundred percent legal. Files created using SignNow are encrypted and stored on a secure server. You may activate two-factor authentication on your form or contract for additional security. Try out our up-to-date tools and find out why we are the number one solution on the web.

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