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How to search for documents in airSlate SignNow

airSlate SignNow doesn't make you have to remember dates uploaded, edited, signed associated with records; you can easily find them in your account hassle-free. The search option allows you to access needed information using document names, text, IDs, or by signer and inviter email addresses.

To locate a needed sample, follow the instructions below:

  1. Log in to your account. Enter your email and password or use your Facebook/Google profiles.
  2. Define what to explore. Click on the down arrow connected to the Search field's (on the right side) and then, select locations to search in.
  3. Insert known information. Place the cursor in the appropriate area, type a word or phrase, and press Enter to proceed.
  4. Repeat the procedure. Change your query or sources if the system can't detect it in your files.
  5. Get the document. Go through the results and get the appropriate sample.

How do I search a whole document?

When you or other signers add textual content to your documents with airSlate SignNow, you can easily find it later using the Search field.

By default, the service looks for requested information in document names, IDs, or through inviter or signer emails. To locate needed data in a sample's text, you need to select it in the Search options. Before you press Enter, after inserting a query, click the down arrow to the right of the Search field and click the appropriate checkbox(es). Then, you can use the function as usual.

If you want to explore information in a particular record, you can utilize the Find on the page option. Just open your sample, wait until it's fully loaded, and use the shortcut CMD+F in macOS or CTRL+F in Windows.

Can I find a document across a whole organization?

Of course. airSlate SignNow is a business-oriented solution. It analyzes all the content your team uploads or creates within the platform. You don't need to enable additional filters or utilize separate search fields. Type the doc's name, ID, or signers' emails in the Search field at the top of the screen and get the file you need in just a few clicks!

How do I enable the Spotlight search?

Spotlight is one of the most convenient options on Apple devices. You can find wanted programs or files on your device or in the cloud in seconds. Spotlight is also available for airSlate SignNow documents without any additional settings. When you install the application from the App Store, log in to your account and exit the app. Swipe right, tap on the Search field, and type what you need. You'll see the results across all your documents and files, including ones stored in our service.

How can I sign documents?

There are plenty of ways to eSign records, but the most comfortable and secure method is using airSlate SignNow.

The platform empowers you to create legally-binding and HIPAA-compliant eSignatures in your browser, on iPhone, or Android devices. Start with creating an account on or download one of the mobile applications from the App Store or Google Play. Consider using your Facebook and Google profiles to complete the registration even faster. Then, upload the file you need to sign, open it, and select the My Signature tool to create your first eSignature. You can decide how it will look: draw it with your finger or stylus or type your name and choose a handwritten font. If you need perfect quality, sign a piece of paper, take a photo of it or scan it), and upload it to your airSlate SignNow account.

Once you create an eSignature, you'll be able to place it in a couple of clicks. If you want to have several saved signatures, you can create different kinds and use them as you need.

Who can sign documents?

airSlate SignNow empowers anyone with an internet connection to create electronic signatures any number of times.

When you want to eSign a form on your own, just upload it to the service, open it in the editor, and use the My Signature tool. You can choose a preferred signing method: drawing, typing, or uploading it. Then, click Save and Close to apply the changes and get a document signed with a legally-binding eSignature.

The service also allows you to conveniently collect signatures. You can send signing requests to anyone whose email you know. Select a doc on your Homepage or open it in the editor, click Invite to Sign, and insert a recipient's email. They’ll get a notification in their email and will be able to electronically sign the sample you sent them.

To make the process even more efficient, consider implementing basic automation – assign fields to different signers and define a signing order. This way, the system will send eSigning requests in turns, and you'll get an accurate document with no effort from you outside of assigning the fields correctly.

How to enable eSigning in Windows 10

airSlate SignNow is a professional web-based service that is compatible with all platforms so that you can reach it from any browser. The only thing you need is an internet connection. You need to complete only a few steps to eSign documents in Windows 10 or in any other operating system. First, go to, and log in to your account (or create a new one). Then, upload a file, open the editor, and use the My Signature element to place your electronic signature. After that, export a sample in your preferred way: save it on your device, send a copy by email, or transfer it to the connected cloud storage service.

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