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Industry sign banking mississippi living will myself

creating an official and legally binding last will and testament in mississippi may seem intimidating at first however wills can be made rather simply and most importantly often without an expensive lawyer if provided the right guidance in this video we'll cover the importance of wills and what happens when one isn't made what's included in wills legal requirements in mississippi and how and where to create an official will let's begin wills and their importance a last will and testament also simply known as a will ensures an individual's estate is properly handled upon their death we'll set clear instructions on how to distribute the deceased assets among their family friends and other beneficiaries it's highly recommended for adults to have one in place particularly those who are of advanced age or suffering from fatal health conditions but now what occurs when no will is left a person who passes away without a will loses full control of who inherits their property instead mississippi law will determine how the deceased assets are dispersed typically their spouse and or children inherit the property through a set formula but it varies in some cases loved ones may engage in disputes regarding who is the rightful heir to certain personal or real property it's best for the willmaker to set instructions in writing by drafting a clear will which in many cases doesn't require an expensive attorney a person of sound mind can draft well in mississippi with the following information on the document their full name and residing address the information of their personal representative also known as the executor who will manage the estate accordingly the names of all beneficiaries and a thorough list of assets each shall receive any additional terms and conditions and the signatures of the testator and two witness signatures and finally let's go over some legal requirements in mississippi last will and testaments in mississippi must be signed by the person to whom the will belongs known as the testator in the presence of at least two trusted and competent witnesses though optional it is recommended that both witnesses be disinterested parties disinterested parties are individuals who do not stand to personally benefit from the will or receive a share of the testator's estate once created and signed the document will be legally binding multiple copies can be made and given to the trusted individuals for safekeeping we're eforms the biggest database of legal documents we have created state-specific last will and testament templates specifically designed for mississippi that are quick and easy to fill out our software generates an official document after you select your desired will instructions and name all of your beneficiaries click on the link below to begin creating your will and don't forget to like and subscribe for more daily videos

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