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Sign for Procurement Presentation Easy

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How To Sign Presentation for Procurement

hello everyone my name is Barbara featherly I am currently a graduate student at Saint Mary's University of Minnesota and I am presenting today my creation of geospatial services new project management system procurement management process I will be discussing three documents that I created for this procurement management process the first two documents are the request for proposal or RFP and the statement of work the subsections will teach each one of these documents will describe exactly what the procurement is that is being managed and what that procurement is the final section describes the proposal that I created in response to request for proposal and statement of work that I had created in the earlier part of the class there are various subsections that I will discuss for each of the individual section documents in order to completely explain the entire lifecycle of the project the request for proposal is a document that is sent out to vendors by a specific organization in order to define their need for a specific service product or software for my RFP I decided to describe the procurement of a centralized project management system for my current employer geospatial services and the system would manage the entire project management of the entire organ organization or department the description of the organization geospatial Services is actually a department of st. Mary's University it is stationed at the st. Mary's campus in monarda Minnesota the organization or department has three main categories of projects that they are currently working on the first main prod section is geographic data production production or GIS production natural resource assessments for the National Park Service and the creation of geographic enterprise systems development including the development of applications and websites as well as knowledge transfer and IT support the format described to the RFP for the proposals in response to the request shall include five sections the transmittal letter the executive section management session the technical and the cost sections the transmittal letter is more of a introductory statement that defines the organization's abilities and the organization's reasoning behind wanting to become a part of the project the executive section explains how the proposal how the better is proposed to execute the various tasks in the project the management section which explains who will have what roles and responsibilities in the project as well as defining the unique processes that will be used to complete the project for example user acceptance testing as a prosit a process that is described as part of the section technical information is included in the technical section about the types of software hardware whatever is needed to complete the project and finally the cost section which outlines the high level and low level cost for the project the section itself will contain a table that has the cost of each of the individual milestones as well as costs for any post project maintenance Microsoft Project should be used to complete a project...


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