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Washington Sign Assignment of Partnership Interest Mobile

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Document type sign assignment of partnership interest washington mobile

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overwhelmingmajority of based eight urs instructed their state representativesto cast their ballots in favor about federal world government up was what the people want they proved it by a hold-up three-to-one and what did the legislators do they simply refuse to will pay thepeople at the hearings practice people and former head of the christian front atboston showed up for brokering this congressdoing alright until it's done that's dazzled and boston city councilmanmichael kinsella added and then stated destiny weekend the and you'll mark that down in your littlenotebook as a classic statement of the prewar isolationist position especially when you realize it was made in nineteen forty three which are all impression of boston thissummed up by a bostonian a new form of this country when he says first we need to get america into somesort of permanent united nations cover and this will be the much harder job we'll have to set about getting bostoninto the united states one did new york closer to the war than many cities dueto a large percentage of european stock new york a city of problems i texted not enough a larger to say nothing of brooklyn banditschristian front but new yorkers are doing their shareand when things get down there is always my body and the equipment back here k what be being the washington won best telephone exchangeprogram part of the reporter hire an improved collapsed well wages out enough tax again more than a little right but a surprising amount of oppressionsafe are all that guy the how we will come just in mobile it needs to take a look at those baldwinshipyards try to get opponents room or a house pop those young girls solicited onthe streets noticed the appeal avoid stealing 'cause problems stores and goldat school referral well cultures in mobile i should saywhere and paul white colleges too personally but also about bestsellerweld jim and i like it dot dot at that time and bacteria pete activists want where they belong mobilink it the the something to be said for mobile we'repicking there's a lot of long with up to whose fault is it that the poor whiteshave no education that there's a housing shortage at little or no supervision is made fora war workers children whose fault is it came him other it and maine the the we've got to rise peeled fromindividually and i missed it compares you to make a note in your little ball milk reads as follows southerners are biolabs most belligerentof america they are ready to fight at the drop of ahat and often do their patriotism in support of the waris opened and enthusiastic aspect nevertheless assault this fighting thewar much harder abroad than at home you can talk older like mister but routethis group many of us all in terms of been unfairlyopposed by in the allocation of war industries and on the case at to expectbut again you see their report of another fact at large segments of the population aremore interested in keeping the negro in his place and in keeping hitler andtotally and their place they seem to feel too at the rest of the countries ganging upon the key to south in its place the resulting dissension must be very gratifying to doctor gavehim do you think of all this get hot underthe collar and and you say or get a hold of yourself down i to find out of the south is a case its easy too easy for the north americacondemn the south for its sectional isn't prejudices but the solves all problems speak to enlighten seven see what theysay so you do you speak to industrialists editorslabor leaders and you'll find this other has a lot offacts on his side of these are the proven fact you applieditself has been held in economic bonded by the lowest level since the industrialrevolution doll cap has no the region of its resources and given me a little bit uh... makeseveral weight yes chintzy at his house main economic religious onone discriminatory lately do unequal federal expenditures under thematching provision of many government agents x fading out today about lots of other abuzaid industries leotard manuals i know assault will be democratic party innineteen forty four all if these people to use all i'm notreally you're smiling that last statement is by a politician actually you know that a poll ofsouthern democrats in the mid nineteen forty three show that eighty percent favored roosevelt for foster actually you know that a gallup poll show three southerners out of five infavor of a two-party system for the south and actually you know at this point mostof the prints off the southern politicos will find the one-party system verycause he one of these economic grievancesafflicting the summer what for instance is the truth about these discriminatoryfrankly so i'll tell you a list of for the past seventy years a soul the south has been prevented fromshipping goods to northern markets on equal terms with and also northeast milefrom a deforest it costs a dollar six to ninecents to ship one hundred pounds of goats from boston to chicago but it cost to dollars and sixty eight cents to shipthe site bobo for blake joslyn sarah all otherdistances shorter about twenty-five minute cigarette months in prison exclu assault these disputes are slightly sp operateto give an unfair advantage to northern district while home the subway why happened industrialization they havekept wages down and citron has struck the south pole and i'll be able to helpsave use albeit the democratic party next u_s_ what's this about on people matchingfederal funds will you check your sister magistrate local forecast with federal funds for soldiers to joinit program makes frankly d matching system is one way ofdecentralizing control over our government program i would say it's thoroughly consistentwith the southern theory of states' rights or is the south giving up the theno i'm not sure can you sell we'll pull but democratic politics if state rights are you doing plantevidence a startup now look mister we have for the theory of states' rightsyet but theory is cool out the window whenthe pocketbook begins to suffer as it does he in the south to remember the southern states a full of needypersons and therefore no intex receipts so they can always raise funds formatching purposes is there is up in california old-age pension and gets thirty dollarsa month with the federal government matching thestate's contribution of fifteen dollars but in george the pension up it's only eight dollars a month the state can afford only four dollars and the federal government won't domauldin matched inshaallah them the has gets them but there's no dozens obviously what's needed is someminimum federal standards of social security health and education with more money going to the start ofnecessary to raise it to the level of the rest ofthe country nao your talking tell me tell me how what all of these think ifyou got holiday affect the most burning questionof all done here the racial swell it's always a question about a half yale white supremacy and i'd always will be white supremacy we have no place to the followingwashington with iran tiling symbian os stereotype poll tax bills hiked a usarit washington doesn't want you to help salvo pol pot dome up man one of the others gives you the way youcan do get the feeling that views such as the professional politician justexpressed are finding less and less paper withintelligence other you've already seen how the old and anegro feeling has been met in many southern areas south carolina forexample by a counter trend toward greater unity and this typical intelligence southernerhas a terrible sincerity in his voice when he says uh... promise you'll miss dramatically will make the selva good place to livein before we're through ever it well i don't think big oc cases at the camisole isolationism as it still does have the name chicago ablack market harshest high wide and handsome detroit race riots worse thanmost the salsa seem still detroit's knocking out a wonderful productionrecord similar city of songs and dry rot but the spirit of saint louis is stillone of democracy or bond sales training all the time minneapolis don't point thefinger at new england minneapolis to goes in brandy semitismin fact it is one of the hot spots for it in the midwest guy yes this is the midwest famous home ofpre-war isolationism does it still does have the name prewar isolationism has gone from themidwest replaced by indifference but again you asting to remind yourself not one hundred percent a midwestern palm way rides for theoverall she talks all the time what's the says summarizes the feelingsof the common people of that area summing up the are of topics lives lives and john a john doe arming i didn't want him to do it better i wouldn't stopping now i'm alone i havemore work to do marked your words bulk saying there's got to be awarrantless allotment i hope that ain't so i wish they'd get busy and do somethingto stop all this from ever happening again i'd hate to think of my grandsonstraipsing off to war two all guy ever through visual all of said waiver we allred perot ever yes there are parts dot in the westernskies clouds that add up to low morale andwalk plants and shipyards clouds that in the prospect of onehundred percent production but victory you know this is true you've seen it packager two-dollar hearted they'restill doing ten times better than hitler intro joe would like but not as well as the rest of us wantthem to who's to blame management says excel workers michelle first distilled and custom the hardware prosperitythat's the reason rhapsody alum workers say sand to use maps and season and so it is it's a nightmarestool days and seven months have simply is a marvelous is doing a management wire they've kept me standing around todays of the spectrum uppal when i was so much as let me likemalevolent watch that's enough to make a man stay allwill go find another job that's what comes of the cost plussystem absenteeism i say he gets every eight days ill yet but i cram in eight days of chile'sinto one we have to file our income tax and see the relation boarding fix carinahousing plan dot victory cotton ball in one day ship goods are crowded hard toget home from we don't have a long evenings like our old jobs we try hardto stay on the job in most of us bill won in eighty voice right management on labor you come to the conclusion that both ourguests both outright but the trouble goes on waste and inefficiency are far fromuncommon ships and planes and guns and tanksoften cost more to build take longer to build and they should you take consular people should know with industrialists union and governmentofficials you arrive at some corrective government agency should quickly providemore community facilities not only housing and transportation but alsoshopping rationing banking recreation and make in daycare facilities near you cost plus contracts for the delay willever possible but it is not possible if any callsshould be included in all contracts so they operate as private will belowered its construction costs increase they've got and operating should be but dissipate more hardly in employee management plan labor shouldadopt more democratic methods within the u_n_ sanda bangin abandoned crap uniondisputes for the duration incentive pay plans would speed up production andlower costs throughout the nation where it is possible to apply do these things say the people shouldknow andrea we're not quicker less-expensive victory whether or not they will be done justice whether or not we're going toget back to after victory to the old hat in the sand isolationist ways depends on the greatest aggregation offreemen any reporter ever surveyed that people of the united states ofamerica and now here is the author of a sign of u_s_aid the book which provided the fact you'vejust heard presented mister seldom manatee every statement made in this broadcastis absolutely true i have documentary proof of every eventdescribed should you by any chance be burdenedwith a heavy heart due to what you've heard perhaps it will help a father who made the trip aroundamerica give u one overall impression it's this our people are doing a wonderful job offighting this war despite the mistakes that some of themare making we're building more weapons buying morebombs and thinking straighter and clear than ever before in our history and that last point is very important the public opinion polls show that weamericans know pretty well what we're fighting for lucia we're determined in our blunderingvery worrying to win the peace as well as the war we may not be well-informed on everyissue or always consistent in our opinions we are basically in agreement on majordemocratic names of the war and for the peace to come this is in a very real sense thepeople's war and our citizens are determined that itshould be followed by a people's peace both at home and abroad thank you showed a manatee you just heard a radio play based on theimportant new book assignment u_s_a_ by seldom manatee the book was adapted for radio byrichard madonna of the n_b_c_ scripts tap water bottle is the narrator andparticipating players were noted clinton summer cunningham g swain gordon johngrades dose of boland dose of lathem and norman lloyd the music was arranged and played bywilliam edith and the entire production was under the direction of anta nemleader the the next week words that war will present misterlittle bank and in a program based on the book i served on part-time why lieutenant bonnie correct alleged war is wrong u_n_ cooperationwith the council on books at one time by the national broadcasting company andits affiliated indepen a dot costello speaking this is thenational broadcasting company this is the words at war pan reasons my story mystery an unfamiliarsound historian many people some great concerninsignificant group measures people for me if you're going to be presentedherein people like any them a wealthy man 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understand and let me tell you i am and wynia in prison my name is henry wickham primary and i don't know the waiting for to bethere involvement women who noted that there are twothings and i represent the ground of england add come yet visitors take another cdback to my country and those here in a few days esteem andwill wait for me and another seat at the mouth of the river at java this boat and they'll be room for you when yourfamily if you want to go in want to come what sort of do people who want to havea seat in your country in which man blunt but of course uh... brittan term whoever heard of planting that overseesand i was told that there is no son daniel ton presidio and not given enoughwater for brown atoll minimum and it now and as you know newsday i'll go with me doing through with you made divergent bless you mule and do a little bit of a seat this is nice to retain are you readingyou wouldn't mind you do not believe me in a period of three of them i did akronohio fund and 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priest whose new home tourism in florida again aside to demand to her and was the man analyzed and we were flat unless the unhappy misslewis new item in midland post-game they came to visit every austin not butto the fullest they gave us wonderful big knives andsmall loans and they gave us big news in which youcan see ourselves as indeed black quoted and they gave beautiful beads to ourlives the broncos bring us a friendly missives from thegreat mustard once the forests used any of those also he invites my nation to visit him at a place called let children event he will give us more presents and he will make a plea to feast for us you'll give us guns and we shall be usedguests and he's still in the great masters only request is thatwe should bring him much road we are happy to do this stupid thing for the gate nested consumed we uh... on the table with ourfamilies we are going up to that to me that you do not see the seemed to be bluntgoes we have gone a long way when suddenly they used in taxes care there is one bacterial fortress his old he cannot travel so fast withhis load and old one which one that one f that is the one similar bilingual and have been no white olympic update various doctor you can't initiated region not to cut to fit theimprovements unevenly tortured and killed us through the months to explode because they were salim this into arubber and movement date to have to do and jews tools jack costs and left a new quickly came of my life most houston there's not time who i am dying her missionaries and looters the to and decent the sick can perform eighteen hundred seventy c nine eight p_m_ they d you simply can become one of the key news gardener's and lucky money to be he couldn't come breach of thisglorious news after only had two more than a year mywork completa mother but i'm being sent to see none seal and wouldn't challenge teeny and this to you know talking about he would remember my writing you a fewmonths ago about that connects congress and we we can it was he who crossed the river c_t_a_from received seventy thousand of them whom bunker anti-christian custom princeton missedand made and can quite sharp with nineteen amanmother when i met it seems that this henryrecognized in the test heartily has been more than generous increase in my workat the chief of all the king's gardener's doctor who cut onerous cases we caught him is safe and i need to take a delicateyoung group of plants down to see them metaphysically conflict of which i can see the turnout but before long it may be needed tobloom we look to continue long down the winduncomfortably to broker bridget before known mini beach greensboroacclaimed teach-in sort through the tropical beach weakened uh... prettyscraggly sc seen on many innocent look even java buffoon in jimmy control the bulk of thewill try to supply grandmother aneesh in right in a few days justice in as i know of my cv tend to move in that case pramila excite its own can you tell me ha im rd and india the smoothest leatherworking just arrived october the fifteenth eighteen seventyseven aka joseph t hocker director and so on and that is sorry to have to inform youthat mister dunne alleged child was over and about to go down truncation diet onthat cover the twelve th of men cause of death symington fevers youremail exhaustion i am respect mir's german baker legal option and have to go to our gardens and comesfrom i say wickham this damn grub ramirez is going to keepon killing people after a year after we've got a similar here trip and nineteen forty one ho driving around new media interest being shared writingand king beyond imagination and pragmatic kaiser dying you can hear that in your heart someplace between japan detaining only and number and hain depends large and concrete the orderly are asked to do we thinkrisk is controlled by those who cared for them still stand the most of those who spenttheir lives in graphic and patient manet and job infantry and the philippines do not by screening share by right but a machine gun fire bytorture and prison camp atrocity many were killed one who is steve production hollander named piak reaction uh... came home on heating do not ask me please this is not the setting to tell thatstory i cannot bring into a handsome new yorkapartment the higher above seems to happen pakka there was did and destruction i did not destroy mytrees people baking which should have that was the order to destroy them but i could not do that but when it is over i'm going back to some outright angela coming with me came only no he'snot pete not much has been alignment that youshould come on so much heat na we won't go back we both got our work out for is here i've got a great many plants andmarket's going on with her work and get him back due to my towards credit doesn't meanyou know you to be demand americorps chairman gum it's isn't that a corrupt repeat thatoff you will be leaving this artificial rublamont recruitment doing it down we're going to have a different kind ofrubble every plant wrote to me it is an unnatural seem to sit at a problem man should not try to do with it at thewhich is made by god all p if god didn't want to do let meknow what a good anyway power i'd you can are you for this thing ninety alive and other ideas you are rivals man invited why not we're both lookingfor the same thing p we're in the midst of a war and we haven't got any rubber becausejapan walked in and took it we're most of it could you could destroyma creative rubber didn't cause this war it could be the cause of another point market with her experiments andsynthetics is one of those trying to find enough roberta spinal world and uh... you chan highlighted repeat affect thank you uh... aqueous here and downtown every morning a kit working on a rubber plantation was wortheverything we went through together in the old days propelled immediate on her book bags alone definitely not colored to your life rafts united states uh... and um... want to have you decided to donow now work on a rubber plantation duit i do atthe moment i received your cable from prison what the devil is kenmore ten billionpresent i a spice it up he is a robbery game up to his peers as surely as my name is peter greatsince i thought incorrectly talk about but there are no plantations in brusettmontana lonely experimental ones but they were made on locked princes change our governmentand their government are working on it together it's a great project rob lowefrom presume a plantation rubble and can go do itanyone can hopeful you'll americans are funny you you seem such gambler such crazypanelist at least a lost soul but six qag dutchman uh... but you are short to have more foresight than you wouldeverett the scheme upbringing rubber back tothis part of the world doesn't hold water when you look at it with the eyesof a religious unpaid now jubilee in this business about southamericans being lazy out i've got an idea that people all overthe world like to work if you get in the right conditions andsomething worth working for help but you know i'm a lawyer going to call thiswhole project imperialism do well you can use too much in ninety list too muchunder any such standard p you know i've been in school rubber whenthey first discovered it p the weeping would it's been weeping erations and soul of the people who had to dowith it hiatus the reform kansai once you can reach ininspect every deepest jungle in forest within a few hours and we can withplanes there will be no more remoteuncontrolled territories where rubber gathers can be terrorized in exploitedoff com art of the clouds came it's only a dream maybe probably it is only a dream but i'll tell you a great secret pete the secret of the united states first there's always a dream sometimes a fantastic dream sometimesagreements down i read the killers sometimes agreement rib rain and afterwards there are always them and make suchdreams come true but mine jim dream has to be theirprayers and that's what makes this crazy countrywhat it is maybe another secret you can neverunderstand as bailey american hi in the week the word this was my story without turning perhaps in denying remained dream the truth is a because i have been given n untrue god um... presented as the building nineprogramming n_b_c_'s words and more savings words that war presents science at war here this method of mass killing death from the sky from the scene fromunder the same is this the true end of science is this the end of a lot of saltbillionaire on newton materiels science what the government son sciencesciences killing human preoccupation subject to the limitation as well as to the capacities of thehuman brain indeed science has only ma'am manager and putting into the unknown it is right had hitting me are you ready stocks already had tight over a weeks spots but as i it's not one of those metalrules out it's xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx acts s strict paintings smart again casts abt just that careful act time waits s style medicare does spt expletives extortionist straps tester just delights carefully s the and brings you another in this series ofradio adaptations of outstanding wobbles the story of man teaming controlling andin sleeping the forces of nature science at war by the historian of thelaboratory is george w great him b baron of the black blind the street and everything from the skythis freedom dot com would mean mishandle about denounces thedevelopment of the new super blockbuster and aerial torpedo type of explosive managesinjured women with the engine ambience still needs and is there any of themsold millions and millions of dollars in bonds means most of that is not ananti-business field blank eyes from almost anything in the sky besides the combined which can then thec_d_ roms usually was so good judges raises all this time is this science solis mad rush to and from laboratoriesnothing but race for death we can kill quicker better more sciencesometimes only fit well with the better off now yes bob anything on sun manson and if we had to fight we to quite rare to end up with outmoded tools of warsimply because there's a bit accepts them civil rights because accepted it is no more tomorrow to fight withaerial bombs than the sticks and stones and so we fight this war with all thepower of god and a half fight this war with science yet not a london late in the van the nineteen thirty nine do yes tenant invesco yes sickness etc with a good repair windows repairable long another yes another give us a day earlier too portable or gentlemen please i had a signal here is registered ship the destroyer dictate level for overnight rates in the dentistjerry tip broke insurance agent one minutes or diminishing jackson articles on howmany victims history another stated to like the others that's the third shipsunk in those losses within a week submarines and i doubt it much too close to our shores who will control the world's minds like a but ships it hit hard linemanagers with blast off their problem but here in this case have a compoundregulation it strikes me that the explosion isstriking from underneath like the belly of the cap i did notice that intrusion in jersey a captain did you hear hitler's last speech the you don't get to be a bit of a boy youknow president but he boasted of germany's new secret weapon he's alwaysoff on some such wide idea i don't think so another in this caseuh... i think he has something a real secret weapon that mystery weapon i was venture against what it is a mine uh... magnetic mine meeting the sinking sponsored it has tobe germany has perfected a magnetic minemarilyn early morning than the twenty three nineteen thirty-nine s money spent into the problem don't mind that the restating tourist biased yes i know the dates received wears is of course i do it myself understand that significant right now no keys to his own other things we didsteal and well that's either hitting on immediately see you then aunt hair or with no ideas to weather the mind andgetting some special device for exploding any attempt to make this asample we told the staff exactly what heproposed to do station to school to go distance oftenspoke to him by telephone these precautions were necessary becauseof the should be blown up others should have some knowledge ofwhat not to do one any subsequent occasions the crew listen to him describe hisactivities carefully he unscrewed a metal flapsurplus against a metal cylinder of the money it was a silence for a moment what's happened lake on sunday quite absent desks sticks meri memory the occurred in the land anything reality toproceed and and and and i think we should he have personallyexamining committee that they would do is to be completed our committee has examined the objectfound and we are of the unanimous opinion but it is a magnetic mine hitler's secret weapon he told the weight of the object wasabout twelve hundred pounds six hundred fifty pounds of which wasexplosives the construction of the mind shows thatit was dropped from a plane and parachuted into the water the detonating apparatus was operated onthe well-known principal of terrestrial magnetism wasn't that it would berespected billy has your committee any suggestionsas to how we can mitigate this type of explosive and not mitigate survived in a minute the very simple set if the ship is not a magnet then it willnot affect the mind i'll suggestion please duty magnetizedevery united nations ship is that merely a suggestion or apossibility neither is the practicality set by calling a while around a holla denisship and sending the content of electricity through it week neutralize the magnetic field steel ships denuded of the magnetismhave no more influence on magnetic mines and uh... plans to send a mail with the head our defense against hitler's greatsecret weapon is nothing but that corniel awhile that end that suddenly you did in connection withextensive and able raids it is possible that its use might havebeen decisive but then the jury revealed bitten was able to dispose of its menacein a fairly short space of time does what german science created for war british science topeka this is science of all castellone whitewater building market extreme here is a cathedral of science i said this is a monument to men's team dot com dot that could be grown science was making poisoned gets andright now before you print the fall of nineteen th at the at warner chappell elin and marco island it was discussed unless you areabsolutely certain you can and do all that in the novel objects yesterday only to tell us about this newguys not to advise the general stuff on howto conduct a waltz salute them though i nearly attempting to show you theantarctic this chemical almost lost the best d_c_tel all enemies fall more than just in thehead and unless you can get a kick decision david have time to read the picturequantities of discuss far beyond anything we can do might have doctoral who live there is too liberal positionin the jump straight rwandan diaspora your process ofexciting nitrogen from the uh... has made it possible for us to manufacturevast quantities of explosives without to have been reported by beingappointed director of the kaiser wilhelm instituted on them you the storm cell when you come before this militarybalked they give us gratuitous advice not done in nearly time to explain howmach pandemic mustard gas yes to make it run uh... drove all one the tennis score chemical warfare reached its apexintroduction of gas as a method of destruction as early as december nineteen fourteen the kaiser wilhelm institute becameheadquarters for these preparations it wasn't for me dot the harvard issubtle this new formula has just come in on anindustrial chemist is to be tested a civil war that's all you will take it all of rights you don't like the assignment slot but they can only but beat seems it seems to be a terriblething to do ball tilt bolden board terriblerefinement before pretty badly who knows lies morgan do you want to use dustinterest to use high explosives dust incapacity to sort of a lifetimebut shells people dissidents cutting piecesno but the nature of the hospital beyond the syllabus dismissed hisimperial government they are given the task to do we must do it case it must i don't go to work at once ban laboratory well-behaved alexandru isstarting to examine him above normal and then with a little like mister dunnewill receive insulin for the mystery of chemicals has beentrained workers perhaps one of the pre topmost chemists of the day temperament one pollster one falsemovement and and german gas warfare claimed its first victim how does the core but on the bridge sabas direction reword went on with multi-millionaires randomly wiring was dealing with theinitial bansal they've gone now people twenty second ranking pittman the perfect spring day with the sunshinewhen people in the ruins of the devil building going to be my own remember when no one breeze that promise on the same maybe a quick look like it home and ended at a pub called garrett's popup all of the air inside and on and i don't know what you findanother it plot part but plan watches if r_t_c_ eight look badsnow coming this way man has skaggs excel speaking i don't know what to do i have no allthis anti-tobacco sc sp outpost status compost etiqa desilets because i have just a reporter my advicesector they say that gets released as startupi'd open up with these funds at least twenty thousand troops at least i have always thought that i have noreinforcements at least three complex you know that they slam thank you but they do alas but i have no stock i did the hand-delivered conceivably have wonthe war that intro they need the way was open but the germans were as much surprisedas the british moscow they were paralyzed by the power oftheir own weapon they made only attended events meanwhile behind the allied lines ted is how it happened masa french itwas at first impossible for anyone to realize what happened is still confused everything fromsanctioned hundreds and be interesting toaccommodate seldane condition ended within an hour opposition had tobe a bit twenty thousand about me and we're goingto campus has has lived and died use those figuresnot news stories marshall french absurd in option lets up what steps will be taking to beat thisnew type of welfare edta on the internet it over to theroyal society scientists are already at work on theproblem and so quickly and so officially to theforces of science work and what time within a matter of days before the german army could reorganizeand press their advantage allied army was supplied with proved smasks made of cotton pads saturated with sold and photographers hypo makeshift respirators but no gas warfare was on and deadlyearnest all manner of death is death came to thebattlefields but the weather turned on the germanarmy the six days out of every seven deblum from the west allied gas attacks across them onlinestudent very alarming didn't often self admitted at the lackof gas discipline among his troops that come to the greatness of the finaldefeat of germany bulldog bedroom turned on its master means the world war one the chemists wall came to an end members who are already s then science kept finding new andbetter ways to destroyed became like something out of fantasy frankenstein's monster world lost control of science i_s_d_n_to control the world airplanes mines tanks even as the most the best he stillrule the world is despite and masters nature destroyersfrom and science has never made a war sunday signs may prevent war but today's sciences at war fighting against an aggressor lives inthe ways of science we fight fire with fire pedophilecontact a roaring west furnace democratic powerthe nineteen forty one a british reconnaissance squadron zillion figuring out this may have beendoing messy house i think he should be about here no more like the actual orthreatened and the waters visit mowlam on nothing rather firing is coming from the waistthat they had not that great that's alright no problem for snipers clear cut uh...cigarettes the bright ever gotten his examination of the year before dozens of years nineteen no i doubt it exist peacefully deservedto be considered drugs and this is there's a man nothing is ever the mind at the end of the return but the goal and my hand is appriciate package of destructionwith a crust of been steel and the billing of t_n_t_ buried on the ground song by the thousands a months they baffle the british iftommy fighting in the desert of africa the problem was given to scientists adevice to locate land mines and by that i shouldn't be too difficult no fairly simple is necessary i think i can have the design ready buti a m well shall we say tuesday yes alleges that ra the is this uh... it this show this is it butterick nothing but somewhere inthe books and they're sitting there for each does it work stars receive a demonstration of love researchers royal means the unity huskies and sam season maria yes yes i i usually don'thave a suppose that tell you one and is that we play this land to theconnection meantime you met remove any loose changeyou have on your own and metal besides the keys need new therapist remember the navy's problem with themagnetic mindset this well this is more or less the same thing in the bus now i think this is a karam stockhousing you know various pockets are no unified lacroix eliz electrically charged and creates electromagnetic field deficit actually sends out invisiblewaves when these waves since the presence ofnatural result is a sudden side just think cut instead of magnified by thevacuum tubes in his pocket neck carried by means of the widelyapplauded o_j_ salary and your let this particular right recuperated strange place which is what there is very strange that make up the specifications yourdevice that once we want this production starting to geta and of what you call it i hadn't given it much full but from the way it works in brooks i thinkwe ought to call it and al gore cockpits recall neither it converts heat in beijing the did it by tuesday parayam case in point what good is it what possible use magnetic minesweeperbe to the peaceful progress of civilization that's what i mean october nineteen forty one new york city's incoming by doctor moran said good that i did not all finished if we can try it out nice and i'm sorrybut i've just had a cable from a lawyer and want me to do have a serious oflectures before the honolulu medical society and getting up and out of work alot and have a lot well say that is nice all of us on child it will be good nice restaurant as yet i can use it say i've got my god on stairs i think ireally am portrayal guerilla terrain uh... you take that back our managerasked me or are saying dot what about this role where delete ithere we'll get to a justice in america and has said this but in my pocket alteredalong all white i think i think it with me and ship won't take much room but a long time might as well get andecadent the interviews doctor john jay moredetail today lead this is on the subject treatment of wall civil and military act on it fast i must thank you love or being kindenough to invite me to how i a m december it says here to paradise as i think iwould well and i'm mad private argue about a number of things the importance of the new plasmatransfusions for shock the value of some of the latest sulfurcompounds in the prevention of infection importance of cutting away all crushedindicate that was friday december fifth two days later dr moorhead was called upon to do morethan lecture it was summoned by the military to helpbut on and talk to the play in the wake of jet went to the army hospital decided they decided it for you if you are incharge we've been telling us how to do these things down it's interesting tosee you go to work that i rather instructions everyone's suffering fromshock has to be provided with a needed blood or plasma transfusion exp dotarchives and at least issues to be cut away holistic open for three days midsectiontax again with chris was a supplemental might ourself miles off those homeless off on a madam sedativeby mark all right now at coming to the operating room i'mready this ranks spanish band sp sc sts plans are back inside sc their skidded off the top and bottom ona test flights operating room c team doublets cytokine that we can'tlocate by answering sweat socks black box i brought with me this is anissue you look at my office getty critics sixin the operating room plant the airplanes on the quiz this electric locator was made for me bysam them electrical engineer in new york inflicts on the same principle as theelectric mine sweepers anika occupy past robin creating them electromagnetic resume hang them both namin i haven't had much time to use it directly though right here credibility knowledge manang sciences exploring many strange trailsin its quest you applications or born knowledge but i know that sets off the bomb maysomeday ten on the stove the super destiny in the fis the plankfaulkner's me some dipali a low-cost car electron expedite our planes were paidthe airways of peaceful comers sciences made war horrible back in the old days back in the past past if you can abolish syntheticchemistry radio one and transport restrict motion picture themes to thehomeland put borders on the dynamo drastically limit the number ofhorsepower of gasoline decent steam engines if u padlocked all research laboratories you may be able to push the nextgeneration back into the nineteenth century of nostalgic memories but remember there will always stand too became another war in nineteen fourteen the pastors gone we have eaten at the tree of knowledgethere's no turning back our home is a planet oneworld we all want to human rights back intomust be oz together it in the future mankind's future rests in the brains ofmen and science science that wall all science at peace high low-rent as the body of program of words at war we have presented an adaptation ofgeorge w_ graze books science at war

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How do you make this information that was not in a digital format a computer-readable document for the user? ""So the question is not only how can you get to an individual from an individual, but how can you get to an individual with a group of individuals. How do you get from one location and say let's go to this location and say let's go to that location. How do you get from, you know, some of the more traditional forms of information that you are used to seeing in a document or other forms. The ability to do that in a digital medium has been a huge challenge. I think we've done it, but there's some work that we have to do on the security side of that. And of course, there's the question of how do you protect it from being read by people that you're not intending to be able to actually read it? "When asked to describe what he means by a "user-centric" approach to security, Bensley responds that "you're still in a situation where you are still talking about a lot of the security that is done by individuals, but we've done a very good job of making it a user-centric process. You're not going to be able to create a document or something on your own that you can give to an individual. You can't just open and copy over and then give it to somebody else. You still have to do the work of the document being created in the first place and the work of the document being delivered in a secure manner."

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[2017-11-10 02:33:53] <BassBone> You are welcome. [2017-11-10 02:35:15] <StriumphedCat> I've already signed my first docs [2017-11-10 02:44:05] <StriumphedCat> oh [2017-11-10 02:44:09] <StriumphedCat> what was that? [2017-11-10 02:44:24] <StriumphedCat> that doesn't really make sense [2017-11-10 03:08:30] <BassBone> StriumphedCat: I guess it's possible it's just not the right document since you can always copy and paste [2017-11-10 03:15:02] <StriumphedCat> yeah, that's not the case either [2017-11-10 03:16:22] <StriumphedCat> oh yeah, I should have mentioned that on the email [2017-11-10 03:16:28] <StriumphedCat> ok, well, I'm going to go make a cup of tea [2017-11-10 03:16:35] <StriumphedCat> you guys gonna come help me look for the document? [2017-11-10 03:16:39] <StriumphedCat> lol [2017-11-10 03:16:50] <StriumphedCat> i'm on mobile right now [2017-11-10 03:18:16] * StriumphedCat gets the document [2017-11-10 03:35:32] <BassBone> StriumphedCat: I've been trying to make a cup of tea myself. [2017-11-10 03:35:43] <StriumphedCat> so is the document still here? [2017-11-10 03:40:07] <StriumphedCat> StriumphedCat gets the document [2017-11-10 03:40:23] <StriumphedCat> oh [2017-11-10 03:40:26] * StriumphedCat gets the document again [2017-11-10 03:40:29] <StriumphedCat> is that still here? [2017-11-10 03:41:05] <BassBone> You got the

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