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South Carolina Sign Travel Agency Agreement Mobile

More and more people, as well as companies, are switching over to using digital documents. However, with the new opportunities that going paperless provides, there are also some challenges. Among these is being able to certify the authenticity and integrity of an electronic form.

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all right so again I would like to welcome some minor Realtors to today's webinar you signature packets for zip logics digital ink today we are going to be covering the following will be understand the difference between a zip logics digital ink subscription and a zip logics digital link member benefit which it just so happens that Carolina Realtors happens to have so more on that in just a couple moments will also be configuring your zip form plus for use with zip logics digital ink and then taking a look at our three steps to setting up and sending our digital signing packets we'll be taking a look at the signing editor which appears a little bit later in the e-signature packet setup process and then we'll be checking the status of our signing packet also navigating that digital signing process so that if any of your clients are buyer sellers they have questions you'll be able to help walk them through that we'll also take a look at how you can ultimately access and review copies of signed documents and we'll talk a little bit too about cyber security and two-factor authentication so a lot to cover today one thing I do want to mention is that the necessary prerequisite just sending out a signature packets is of course that you have a zip form plus account so if you have not set up your zip form plus account you can look at the first session of this webinar series in order to learn how to do that today is the third session in our webinar series for South Carolina which is going to be going until a January of next year so if you missed those first two be sure to a check out I believe that the company YouTube channel has these webinars on or you can feel free to just ask me in the question box I'll be happy to send a copy of those out to you and if you do have any questions throughout the course of this webinar please feel free to ask those I will be monitoring that question box periodically just to make we are answering everyone's questions so again feel free to type those in at any time we'll start off today by talking a little bit about zip logics digital ink zip logics digital ink is an e-signature product it is the official digital and Electra signing product of zip logic so this would be our in-house signing product um you can do everything basically that you can with any standard electronic signature program send documents out for contract for signing and then when they're done they will actually be redeposited inside of your zip form plus account so a super simple process that we're going to be reviewing today you also have the added benefit with zip logics digital ink of having digital signing which is a more secure signing solution we'll be talking a little bit more about that later into today's session and a couple people have just asked me for the links to the first two courses I will be sending those out to you I can run the report after the webinar and find out who had requested those links to the webinars so let's talk a little bit about member benefit versus subscription so a subscription to zip logics digital ink is going to be exactly what it sounds like okay the annual fee and you will be able to use the service however South Carolina Realtors happens to have zip logics digital ink as part of the member dues that means your dues that you pay to your state association actually covers app logics digital ink so after seeing today is 100% free of charge to you you've already paid for it and you can feel free to just go ahead and configure your account to start using it so there you can see south carolina realtors down there so you do get this product as part of your member dues no additional fee required we're going to begin today by signing in to zip form plus you can do this by going to WWE to just jump out of this slideshow and into my zip form plus account alright and I'm just quickly going to sign out and sign back in so that you can see how you would do that so this is what the front end will look like when you go to zip form plus com you'll be prompted to enter in your username and password which by the way we do cover that in the first webinar so if you have any questions about how to set up that account and obtain that password and username that's going to be in the first webinar in this series once you enter in your username and password for zip form plus you can just click sign-in that's going to launch you right inside of your zip form plus account now in the past couple sessions we have learned how to create a transaction and how to use templates in order to some of your forms and create some time-saving entries that will allow you to save a little bit of time so today what we're going to be doing is actually moving again into e signing so the first thing you need to do when you're getting ready and contracts out for a signing is make sure that your zip form plus account is properly configured to do so you can actually sorry about that make that a little bit bigger you can do that by going to the upper right-hand corner and clicking where for me you can see I've added a photo of myself you can do that if you would like by clicking that me drop down and going all the way to the bottom we click on profile and settings from this drop down and we're going to move all the way over once those profile settings pop up to the tab that is name setting so easy to remember profile of things and then settings right at the top here you should see your default you signature option make sure that you do this the first time you send documents to sign with zip logics digital ink once you've done it you'll never have to do it again unless changes so by coming here we can select a zip logixx digital ink which you can see I have done and then below we're going to select our appropriate default signature time zone so because I am in Michigan I have selected Eastern Time which I believe is what you would be selecting as well and we're just going to scroll up to the top now in like save and as an aside that default signature time zone is configured so that your time stamps on your documents once they're signed are going to accurately reflect the exact time that the signer did execute that signature and we're going to travel back up to our main transactions home landing page hopeful of you are familiar with this this is where all of your transactions live and now for all intents and purposes inside item zip form plus when we talk about transactions what I'm really referring to is a unique client and property combination housed within a file so I would create a transaction for example purchases if I'm working with a buyer or for my listings if I'm working with a seller and we talked about transaction creation in that first webinar as well today we're simply going to be manipulating the content inside of a transaction that already exists so we're going to move ahead in time a little and say that we've signed that agreement with our buyer or seller we're ready to help them either list their home or purchase a property so we have created a transaction for that individual or entity and we have also added our forms in so this particular 1-1 3-8 Madison Avenue I have created for just this purpose today we can see that our buyers Jim Schultz and Jill Schultz are eagerly awaiting signing those contracts and getting everything executed making that offer so that they can hopefully purchase their dream home we're going to click on 1 3 8 Madison Avenue in order to open it and once we open it you can see that there are a couple different ways that you can access a signing on the sign icon on the right hand side right after you open the transaction the super easy or if you want to make sure that all of your documents and forms are included before you send them out for signing you can move over to tabs to where it says documents and that's going to show you all of the documents or forms that you've already it to your transaction now if we scroll up to the upper right we see this all forms icon on the right-hand side hopefully you all can see that if I click on that that is going to show me my South Carolina Association shelters library so this is going to have all of those fillable forms that your state Association has custom view and you can add any of those in so I've just used a couple as an example and added to my document section and you just add them by clicking on the appropriate icon there you may also have a local library or an MLS 3 and that is going to be contingent upon where you are located and what memberships you hold so after we've added all of those forms and we'll jump ahead a little bit and say that we have filled some stuff out as well we can see that we've made a couple different entries in here as we get more and more information and are ready to send this contract for signing ideally all of these fields will be filled out so we'll just go ahead and click back you can see that this information is also going to populate other forms that have related fields in them so if I open this agreement hopefully yeah you can also see that a little bit of information has populated over so any entry that I make in any of my forms is going to populate all fields that require that same information so we'll jump ahead in time and just say that we've put all these out we're ready now to send them for a signing so as I mentioned one way that you can access a signing is from the summary over on this big launch pad on the right another way is from documents to click on a sign so if we click on a sign it's going to jump us into the actual signing process now the e-signature process when it's broken down is actually very very simple one thing that you can do is just click on new if you are going to create a new signature packet you may create in fact you probably will create more than one signature packet in a single transaction that's highly likely because sometimes we need to send that counteroffer if we're working with the seller sometimes we need to send additional documents for signing so it's possible we may create one of these but for our first signature packet we're just going to click on new and this jumps us into the 3-step process very simple first step is adding your forms that you want to send for signing second stuff is adding the individuals whom you want to sign those forms and the third step is making it sure everything looks nice and pretty on the document so that you can send those documents out and your signers know exactly where they need to click to sign probably most of you are probably familiar with the concept of a signing where you go through and your prompt and areas of the document to click in order to agree to the terms so this is a very similar set up from the documents to sign window we can see all of the documents that we added to our transaction so it may be the case that you don't want to send every single document for signing so this is where you can kind of cherry-pick exactly what documents you want to send so we're going to do this agreement to buy and sell here and I'm also going to choose this home inspection report now bear with me because I know these particular documents don't exactly go together but the reason that I'm using this home inspection report is because it is a PDF document and I wanted to talk in a couple minutes about how PDF documents work inside of a signing compared to your forms for Carolina State or your local Association library you can add an external document but for signing if you want here just by clicking add external document and browsing for it on your computer's hard drive I would highly recommend however just adding any outside documents right into the transaction that makes it easy to track and they're not just tied to one particular esign packet we're going to go down to the bottom click close if I real little whoops I forgot to check one of the documents to add them I can always go back click select documents to include and select a different document or an additional one from here so you can see that we are in step one of three there's this nice little tracker here it's going to tell you exactly how far along you are in the process of setting up your signature packet so under select forms were first going to name our packet all of the signature packets are given a standard naming convention of signature packet one as you can see here or a signature packet two three four depending on how many you've created inside of the transaction I kind of like to just leave the packet name if you have a specific thing that you would prefer to name your packet you can feel free to do that but because the packet is housed inside of a transaction anyway you're not going to have too difficult of a time figuring out what it's tied to but if for example I wanted to indicate if I were working with a seller that this is a counteroffer you can customize that packet name and add any additional information in that's going to help you easily if I what it is below is the signing service make sure that this is set to zip logics digital ink if it is set to something different do make sure to go up to your sorry about that go up to your profile settings and configure your default key signature signing solution for zip zip logics digital ink okay so we've selected forms we chose the documents or contracts that we want to send from that select forms window we also established our packet name which I'm leaving the same and our signing service once you've done that you can go all the way up to the upper right where it says next you see right here in the upper right and I'm going to click on that and this is now going to launch me into step two and before I start with step two are there any questions before I kind of proceed I see a couple more people asked for those webinar links I will be sending those out all right I'm going to go ahead and move on to step two again if you do have questions please feel free to ask those at any time we'll try to get to them periodically throughout the webinar so we can see that now we move to the second step we're able to establish who our signing parties are going to be which in most cases is pretty self-explanatory because I am the buyer's agent I have my buyers who need to sign need to sign those contracts you may notice that it automatically defaulted if you called transaction parties so zip form form of a cool thing your South Carolina forms if you fill them out with the buyer information or any other pertinent information that's going to be tied to the transaction and because it's tied to the transaction it's also going to hypothetically populate your signature packet and this is just a time-saving feature so if we look we see we already have our buyer one information here because we added him in on one of our forms so all we have to do then is click on the checkbox in order to add our friend Jim in here this is a boat this is opposed or different than clicking create new and as opposed to what we did with transaction parties we would actually fill in all of the information for Jim which if we already have it it makes sense to just add it in because it populated over from our forms so that's what transaction parties is if you've added the information into your forms it's going to Auto populate this area let's click on the checkbox also to add our buyer to and also myself as a selling agent I do need to sign somewhere on these documents so if you are the agent you may still need to add yourself as a signing party and I'm going to click close if I need to add additional signers I can do that at any time by just clicking add signers and I jump right back to where I was alright so now we have our signing parties added that was super easy we have a buyer one Jim and our buyer two Jill this is a married couple and they are trying to purchase this particular property you may also notice that I myself as the selling agent they added as well I can change my signing order right now what the signing order is showing us is that Jim is going to have to sign the contracts first he's going to receive them via email first and have to sign them once he's that those contracts are then going to go on to Jill and once Jill has signed they're then going to go on to Laurie this can be a helpful method if you want to keep track of exactly who has the contracts one but the downfall of it is that if you're trying to do something that is really time-sensitive you may not want one signer to have to move the other to sign and in order to mitigate that you can just click on the drop down and change the signing order so theoretically all of my minors can sign at the same time provided that they receive that email at the same time so right now the way we have it ordered whoever receives their email first is just going to be the one to sign they can sign at the same time it really doesn't matter but then one isn't waiting on the other you may notice that two of my signers have the same email a lot of times what will happen is if we're working with a married couple they may share an email address and that is perfectly fine because what's going to happen is that Jim here is going to receive an email heads up logic will say zap logics agent at he's going to receive an email address to him while Jill is going to receive an email address to her so same email INBOX but different emails addressed to each of them respectively the CC option is automatically defaulted on for all intents and purposes all CC means in this case is that the individual who the CC box corresponds with is going to receive a copy final signed documents so once every one signature is on those forms on those contracts it's going to send that signed contract to this individual so that they have a copy of it if for some reason you don't want a certain individual to receive a copy you can just unclick their name unclick that checkbox that corresponds with them and it won't send that you also have the CC list option this is located in the right hand corner CC list is a similar concept to the CC icon that we just looked at except that CC list allows you to Carbon Copy anyone who is perhaps not a signing party so this for example could be your broker it could also be a cooperating agent it could be a transaction coordinator so you can add that information in there you can also access your address book by clicking add contacts and you can locate that contact as well so if you want to add additional email addresses to the carbon copy list if you're adding more than one individual just make sure to separate those unique email addresses with a comma or semicolon and then once you're done just click Save and you'll have those individuals on the CC list so now once everyone has signed the email is going to be sent to those individuals containing the completed signed documents and then finally we have cyber security protection so I always like to take a moment to talk about the importance of cyber security protection and encrypting your documents because there is a heavier risk of wire fraud when we're doing everything electronically it is really important to try and protect the integrity of these contacts in the transaction as possible and that's why we offer this cyber security protection cyber security protection is an add-on so it's a $5 fee in order to protect all of the individuals who are in this signing packet if you don't want to use it that's fine you won't be charged but if you would like you click on the drop down and enable SMS authentication it's then going to ask for a valid mobile phone number that can receive text messages so you would put in probably this individual bull phone number and we're going to do that for all of them now we can go ahead and click Next in order to proceed and we'll be prompted to pay that $5 fee again if we don't want to use cyber security protection we won't be charged for it what cybersecurity protection does is provides a one-time use code that is sent to these individuals via text message they'll be prompted to put in that one-time use code before they're able to access the contracts so you're protecting those contracts because accessing them now requires two things first of course is access to the email address and then second is that one-time use code so it really is adding that added layer of security in order to protect those contracts and someone just asked a really good quest actually a couple people ask this is that five dollars per transaction or per individual signer so it's actually five dollars per signature packet so for this entire signature packet I can protect one signer I can protect twenty signers for five dollars if I create another signature packet it will be another five dollar fee in order to protect those but it's a for as many individuals as are in that um that e signature packet it's a five dollar fee and if you want to know more about cyber security protection I'm happy to send some additional information just let me know in the question box but you probably honestly seen something similar to this if you've ever reset a banking password or your gmail password it sends you a code B a text message and you're prompted to enter that in before you can recover the information so just to recap the second stuff we've added our signing parties ensured that they have a first name last name role an email associated with them and we'll see what according in just a moment we've also established their signing order if we wanted to adjust that and determine who is going to be carbon copied and also if we want to add any individuals who may not have a signing task but to be privy to that final document and then we added cybersecurity protection if we wanted to you okay I'm one of our attendees has asked a question she has said we added say an addendum to this transaction it will cost another $5 if you haven't had done them and you send it out in an additional signature packet then yes that will be an additional $5 fee so it's five dollars per on signature packet that's a good question thank you for asking all right so now we're about to proceed into our final step which is adding signatures this is actually a little bit misleading what it really is is adding ature tasks so that your signers know where to appropriately sign the documents we're going to click Next and we're moving on to our final step all right and the first thing that we see here is that agreement or that document that we added from our South Carolina library as we scroll down we can see that some of these signature tags have already been placed and this is going to be the case with any forms from your foreign libraries that are provided to you in zip form it's going to take that first and last name associated with a role and it's going to determine where on the contract this individual needs to sign the fact that these are all pre tagged for you is actually pretty nice because it can save you some time we see right here where we have our buyer one Jim Schultz will be signing our buyer - Jill Schultz is going to be signing here or in this case initially so of course without saying probably but Jim and Jill have not actually signed this document yet this is merely you setting up exactly where they are going to be signing or initialing scroll and we see that these are actually signature placeholders right here so this is where Jim it'd actually be signing and there is a date field associated with both of those if you would like to associate a date field with an initial you can do that too I get that question a lot all you have to do is click on the little gear icon at the top of that initial field and then just click include date field and apply that's going to include a date field and you can just adjust that all right so once we get to the bottom of this contract that's actually one of our South Carolina forms we're going to bump her into our PDF that we added in this PDF ignore the fact that it's a home inspection report the point is that it is a PDF document any document that we pull in from outside of zip form plus is going to be read as an external document and so what this means for assigning in this context is that you will need to make sure that you appropriately manually tag these documents because they're not all set up for pre tagging the way that your South Carolina forms are it's going to be a little bit of a different process you all right and I see that we have a question that has come in Susan you have asked how do you know when it is actually done that signed and not you so you'll actually be sending this to their on their email to sign and this is not signing yet these really just serve as placeholders that show you where the person will be signing so we'll go through that signing process in just a moment and you'll see what that looks like so in order to manually tag a PDF document what you want to do is first select the individual or entity who you want to sign the document so we're going to select Laurie here in this case and I'm going to go to the signing editor on the left and just click and I'm holding my mouse down and dragging and dropping that signature task and some of these are adjustable meaning that I can drag and drop this date field to the appropriate location you can use the same process to add an initial task which we saw up top you can also add a text box and if you click on this gear icon it allows you to make it mandatory meaning that there's some action required or read-only if you want to enter in say a value for a counteroffer you can also add the signer name with the text box and this is also a really good option if you need to do a quick strike through sponsor dashes and the value and click buy and you can adjust that on top of whatever you want to strike out as well it looks a little bit neater on that final document you can also use a checkbox you can do a read or an acknowledge and agree and these are all just stamps you know that the person has either agreed to the document or acknowledged or done what they need to in order to have final contract executed um Lane you have asked him the date may be made smaller it can but I'll tell you a little secret which is that it looks really big on here so that it's visible but on that final document it is going to appear much smaller than this so it won't be this big block that you're seeing as the placeholder alright so now that I have properly tagged my documents I'm going to click send and it's going to bring up a customizable send invitation I can feel free to adjust this if I want maybe I want to put signature packet 1-1 3-8 Madison Avenue this will indicate to my signers exactly what property this is for you can adjust anything in the email message too if you want to if not you don't have to it's up to you and then click send and congratulations this East signature packet was successfully started it's going to launch you right into your window where you're able to view details and pause the signature packet will come back here in just a second I do see that we had a question come in someone has asked without the security option is the document then clear would you be able to just kind of explain exactly what you mean by clear text to the person who asked that I'll be able to answer it a little bit better than so we're actually going to exit out of here we're going to return to this window in a couple minutes but I'm going to close this and you can now see my e-signature packet we've created that is now in progress and we're I to go create a new signature packet I would just click new and repeat that same process if you needed to add an addendum I'm actually going to leave the porn plus now and just show you how that a signature packet will look once it translates to email and what your signers are going to be seeing on their side so I'm going to jump into my email quickly one of my signers gets an email that says oblige X digital Inc your documents are ready to review so that will be sent from you they click on that this is Jill so Jill has been sent an email that says her documents are ready to sign this is the part where if you add a cyber security protection Jill will be prompted to take the text message that will be sent to her phone and enter in that one-time-use code she's then able to sign those documents so if anyone ever gets to access to your signers emails they're not going to have access to those contracts unless they also have their phone which is highly unlikely Jill click sign documents and she's launched into the e signing process so it'll have her read this quickly --gel consent it's not a lengthy document it's just basically saying that she consents to put her signature electronically on forms so hopefully she'll be accepting and agreeing to that legal consent and flex next that will launch her into the area where she can create her signature if she wants to use the default that's fine or she can click Choose custom signature and she can choose a font one of six did signature fonts or she can draw her own signature with her mouse and as you can see I am not too swell at this but I want to give you an idea of how that looks and also initials but since I'm pretty sloppy yet that I'm just going to click use default signature or so that's the easy way to go and then we're going to go to the bottom right and click let's go and Jill is now being launched into those documents that you were just nice enough to set up for her she has two options she can either click let me review and scroll through the document page by page or she can click go and it's going to jump her right to her for a signing task now she can still scroll up and review that contract make sure she knows what she's signing and then go down and click initial so we're you were seeing that big J ass on your side Jill is simply seeing a tag that prompts her to click in order to initial you can see it's not right here it'll be clearer on that final document so she clicks again click click it's really simple scroll back and read the document again make sure she agrees to what she's signing and just click and then here instead of an initial task happens to be a sign task that signed date and the exact time that she signed is also going to pop in on the right here that is why we established our default signature time zone and click and one more and the my progress bar in the upper left-hand corner shows our signers how far along in the process as they are Jill can choose to stay here and continue to review her documents or when she's all done she can click finish and not only will it send Jill a follow-up email or once every one signing containing those signed documents but it will also send an email to you notifying you that one of your signers has signed the documents she going to click close here that is the process that your signers would use in order to navigate the e-signature proc process and actually go through those contracts and get them signed pardon that is also the same process that you would use as the agent if you have signature tasks that are necessary on the forms as well and Elaine you have asked you have a combination initial in date field so it is not required to add from the gear wheel every time so there was a reason and I'm not exactly I can't put my finger on why but there was a reason that we chose to have that add an ADD date field inside of the initial box some issue with that with certain Association so we have actually added that to the gear icon now so short answer is unfortunately at this time you will have to enable those date fields for initials if that is what is if that's what you need to correspond with your initial tasks and James thank you for clarifying so James was the one who asked without this option is the document then clear text and what is meant by clear text is that the document is not encrypted now the document is still going to be an encrypted document this just prevents against wire fraud so it provides another layer of front-end protection so that if someone gains access to your signers email or hack set they still won't be able to access the contracts but those contracts are still encrypted documents they're still digitally secured meaning that if anyone tries to tamp signatures it's going to effectively render them invalid so the document will be null and void if anyone tries to mess with it which is kind of a nice characteristic of digital signing all right the last thing we're going to do today before we wrap up is click on the transaction again and I'll show you you can go back at any time and monitor the status of your signing packet you can either do this by clicking sign or again from clicking a sign under documents that's going to launch you into that same area where you can create a new signature packet for the moment though our for our focal point pardon is going to be the signature packet that already exists we can click on in order to gain more information about how far along in the process we are we can see that our buyer too has already signed we are still pending signatures from our buyer 1 and our selling agent if you want to adjust any information for them you can click on the Edit signer icon that's this little pen right here you can adjust the follow-up email if necessary and also the spelling of the names you can add additional signers if you want to from here you can also view the details and history of your signing packet you can click Edit it clicking edit is going to suspend the packet so if you need to go back and make any significant changes it's going to let your signers know that the packet has been suspended and that they'll be notified when it's resumed when you're ready to resume it just click resume and it will send another email saying that your signers have the a-ok to sign again so I'll show you just one more time how I got there I clicked on the signature packet in order to suspend I click to edit I can also click view details in history that same edit page you see that I did have a question come in Deborah you have asked how do you make a correction to make a counter off there are a couple of ways that you can do that chief among them is using that textbox so if you want to strike something out you can put dashes in the value of that text box if you want to make an adjustment to price you can just put a new price in the value of that text box and then you can adjust it that would be the easiest way in my opinion easiest workaround to make a correction to a counteroffer Deborah you have said on a different template oftentimes I want to email the form to myself so I can complete text fields on forms without me signing is there a way I can do this without having to put a signature or initial field on the form so in order to complete the text fields you would actually be able to fill out the contract before you even send it for signing so if you're just looking to fill in areas of the form you would want to do that before you send it through the signing process but for the most part all of your South Carolina forms are going to be fillable I hope that kind of answers that question um if it doesn't please let go and I can provide some more clarity from this final page this is where you are able to must all of your preferences for your e signature packet if you want to modify you can click modify it's the same thing as edit it's just going to suspend that signature packet and will let all your signers know that you've done so and you can make the necessary Corrections you can also view the history of the signing packet this is a lot like an audit trail by clicking view history it's going to show you all of the events that occurred from the most recent at the top to the oldest at the bottom you can also view whoever was on the CC list by clicking on view CC lists so nothing too see there sorry about that keep getting you signature notifications in there um you can also follow send a follow-up email any of your signers if they say hey I never received those documents that you said you son you can just click email this is a fast workaround to resend the documents select whichever individual you want to receive those documents say we'll say second round of contracts hi JM I am sending you the same contracts as you said you didn't receive them and then always make sure to click include a pickup link with message that is going to include that signed document it's linked so that they'll be able to access the documents again then we just go ahead and click send so a quick way to add a follow-up email you can also view any of the documents or download them just click on View or download which correspond with the document name you want to so I clicked view there and if we move down we can actually see that the signatures are showing up in real time so because jill has signed we're already able to see hers some asking a little bit earlier about how the date field would look or if you could size it and I'm about to show you what that would look like so the date field is going to look something like this I have a very small screen resolution now so it's appearing tiny it will depend on how much you've zoomed in on your document but this is going to be that final verified date field and time stamp and you can see it also has that secure stamp that shield which lets you know that it is valid will close out of here one last cool trick you can access on this page is download all this downloads all of your documents that you've sent for signing like ok there along with a complete audit trail in a compressed zipped file so I can see all of my documents here and then I'll also click signature packet one and this presents me with an expanded audit trail so we saw that condensed audit trail a little bit earlier this has all of the details on it as well and then for the sake of time I'm not going to go through every single person signing because I think you kind of get the idea of that but I do want to mention that once everyone has finished signing you'll receive kind of a folder that will appear in your documents area and that contain all of those completed signed documents so you're receiving them at your email but also right back in your transaction their depend on atic lis okay and Debra thank you for clarifying so Debra has asked for example to complete home warranty forms or any other forms that are not in zip form so PDF documents so Debra's question again was I want to email the form to myself so I can complete text fields on forms without me signing is there a way I can do this without having to put a signature or initial field on the form so there are a couple different answers to this question and it's a really good question um so if you want to fill out those forms before you send them for a signing and they are not formed their forms from outside of zip form you would have to do that inside of a PDF Editor or Microsoft Word I would highly recommend not altering anything on forms after signatures have been put on there just because it's possible that they compromise the integrity of the document so currently I know there's not a way for you to do it inside of zip form without having to put a signature or initial field because it is an outside document and not a zip form document you won't actually be able to edit it in the system Jay you have asked how do some companies get their logo at the top of contra contracts if you're referring to brokerages that is a custom fee so if you are interested in that they can work with you in order to customize forms are they you pay a little bit extra so that they can have their logo for those companies or individuals that have that if you're interested just let me know and I can connect you with someone from our sales team who can possibly give you a quote on that all right big thanks everyone lots of really good questions today if you have any other questions right now would be the time so if there's anything else that maybe I didn't answer or you want additional information on please feel free to let me know right now and J yes I will send you that information and for anyone else who is interested in getting your contracts or your logos customized please let me know and I will be happy to connect you with someone in our sales department all right if there are any other questions feel free to ask those now if you think of more questions later that maybe you didn't get a chance to ask or just think about a later time you can always feel free to email us our email is training at zip logics calm and I'll put that product support side up while I try to answer a couple more questions all right a couple of people have asked for links and also for the information on customizing forums I will be very happy to send those to you a J you have asked could you also hit on a few of things a few things at the top of the screen like the lightning bolt yeah so I can spend a couple moments going over a list flash for anyone who wants to stick around I'd be happy to go over a couple additional features before we wrap up today just because we are ending a little bit early and for everyone else I do thank you so much for attending if you have any technical issues with your account our customer care line is five eight six eight four zero zero one four zero and they are available around the clock 24/7 in order to assist you now and if you have any questions again please feel free to send in painting Ed's of logics comm for everyone who asked for a response to something I will try to connect back with you at some point today and a couple people have asked if I if they need to enter their email address to receive the link no absolutely not I do have your email addresses so no need to do that but I do appreciate that for those of you who have I will be sending those links out and so you can receive not only the link to today's webinar but also the links to all the to pass ones if you're interested if you're on social media feel free to connect with us you can like us on Facebook connect with us on LinkedIn follow us on Twitter or tag us on Instagram so we'd love to connect with you if you are on social media again I do thank everyone so much for attending today's webinar I am going to end the recording now if anyone wants to stick around for a couple moments I can go over a couple more facets of zip form plus that are not related to digital signing so I think everyone so much for your time have a wonderful rest of your day bye bye

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How do you make a document that has an electronic signature?

How do you make this information that was not in a digital format a computer-readable document for the user? ""So the question is not only how can you get to an individual from an individual, but how can you get to an individual with a group of individuals. How do you get from one location and say let's go to this location and say let's go to that location. How do you get from, you know, some of the more traditional forms of information that you are used to seeing in a document or other forms. The ability to do that in a digital medium has been a huge challenge. I think we've done it, but there's some work that we have to do on the security side of that. And of course, there's the question of how do you protect it from being read by people that you're not intending to be able to actually read it? "When asked to describe what he means by a "user-centric" approach to security, Bensley responds that "you're still in a situation where you are still talking about a lot of the security that is done by individuals, but we've done a very good job of making it a user-centric process. You're not going to be able to create a document or something on your own that you can give to an individual. You can't just open and copy over and then give it to somebody else. You still have to do the work of the document being created in the first place and the work of the document being delivered in a secure manner."

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How do I configure zipform? I'm getting a "Could not locate or open " error. The only file I have with that name is I tried adding the zip form to my start menu. I don't see how I can do that. Does anyone know how to open eSign packets in zipform plus esign? How do I configure zipform? I'm getting a "Could not locate or open " error. The only file I have with that name is I tried adding the zip form to my start menu. I don't see how I can do that.User Info: GogumGnome GogumGnome 1 year ago #3I just don't see this a viable option for all of the people that are having the problem. The way I see it, if a person wants to edit eSign packets, why not just download the zip form or the zip file itself? This is not exactly the same as having the file on their computer and being able to add it to the start menu. The way I see it, eSign packets are just something you would want people to view in their browser.And since the start menu isn't the proper place for this type of information (like the file you download from your internet connection), how do you really want this to be displayed there? How about somewhere more suitable? It would be really nice if there was an option for adding the zip file, but I don't see how the start menu is really the proper platform for this information. I'd rather you add zipform plus esign to your start menu than the zipform file itself. It's like saying "Hey, I want this information to be accessible on my browser from anywhere."I just do...

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