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Industry sign banking arkansas notice to quit simple

so let's say theoretically you've got some good rackets going on done some illegal gun running traffic some drugs dropped a few banks or jewelry stores done some insider trading the point is you're a professional criminal who's only loyal to one thing the holey dollar you've got some illegal businesses on your hands that are doing really well and now you're literally drowning in cash great right wrong here's the problem unless you can show that all that illegal money came from a legitimate source like a regular business for example then you and all the dirty money that you worked so hard to make are screwed if you just flat out and use this dirty money to fund your lavish lifestyle eventually not necessarily right away but eventually you'll catch the attention of those pesky government agencies like the FBI IRS DEA and many others but new problems are a good thing it shows that you've been taking a fair amount of action but if you don't continue taking massive action you're probably gonna end up in prison for up to a few decades with some hefty fines we need a way to clean that money to disguise the nefarious origins of how we earned it so that we can spend it on real estate legitimate businesses and of course to fund the lavish lifestyle that you rightfully deserve we need to learn the game of one of the biggest industries in the world we need to learn how to be laundryman money laundering is the lifeblood to our profession of organized crime without it there's no point to committing our crimes in the first place if the money we get isn't usable and back in the good old days cleaning the money you got from the criminal enterprise was pretty easy since banks get suspicious and have to report large sums of cash that get deposited you just sent out a bunch of renter's also known as Smurfs once the Smurfs collected the day's cash from their contacts they'd work their territory just like door-to-door salesmen going to different banks in their area and depositing small sums of cash but not just any area will do too small of a town would mean that there wouldn't be too many banks or customers and the tellers would be able to remember faces too big of a city and there would be long lines making the Smurfs a lot less efficient so affluent suburbs ended up being just the right balance for laundering and what the simple system alone if each Smurf deposited just 200 dollars in the 20 accounts each which is very reasonable to do on one day a mere 10 Smurfs can allow you to launder 40 thousand dollars in dirty cash every single day that's two hundred thousand dollars a week or ten point four million dollars per year without raising any eyebrows but today it's different law enforcement have realized just how vital money-laundering is to us and have severely cracked down on it they're a lot stricter where banks they've made it so any business dealing in cash has to report transactions over $10,000 and they use algorithms to catch on to suspicious transactions among other things and although they've barely made a dent in the money-laundering world it does raise the stakes if you get caught with the punishment being up to thirty five years or more imprisonment and fines up to three times the amount laundered and just like any other business or industry as the landscape evolves so do the tactics but the fundamentals on how to lawn their money are still the same number one we obviously want people to not know where the money came from so we have to conceal the ownership in the source of the money number two we want to change the money's form if you have three million dollars and $20 bills to wash you don't want to end up with the same three million dollars in $20 bills you want to consolidate that three million dollars into say $100 bills this reduces the bulk and helps conceal the origin of it at the same time number three money laundering doesn't work if a nosy detective can just follow the trail of money right back to you so we have to obscure the trail and lastly number four dealing with tons of cash requires a ton of manpower and the more the man powered the more opportunities for people to skim off your cash and since you can't just call the police or sue someone if they stole dirty money from you you have to have complete control over the process and the people so now that you know the fundamentals of laundering let's get into the actual wash before we can make dirty money look as if it came from a clean source we have to get the dirty money into the banking system in the first place since we're at the beginning of the money trail this is where we're most vulnerable and when you're dealing with a lot of cash one of the most popular ways to go about doing this is by using legitimate businesses as fronts for your laundering it's probably why a lot of hole-in-the-wall restaurants and drug trafficking areas like South Florida or New York only accept cash the goal with fronts is for legitimate customers to walk in and out of the front door while dirty money sneaks in from the back by a restaurant bar a retail store or any other business that deals a lot in cash and carefully inject a little extra cash into the business's books every single day if you do this gradually it will be next to impossible to spot an extra $500 coming in daily for a restaurant that caters to hundreds of customers a day that's a hundred eighty two thousand five hundred dollars a year of dirty money now all of a sudden looks like it came from your legitimate business people also wouldn't raise any eyebrows if you eventually scaled up to let's say ten restaurants that all happen to have five hundred dollars added to it every single day at that scale that's one point eight million dollars every single year and safe clean money going into your pocket now before you get too excited this is usually the part where laundry men get into trouble they'll think to themselves oh if I just Nikken six hundred dollars a day instead of five hundred how can an extra thirty six thousand five hundred dollars each year from each fronts then that $600 a day turns into $1,000 a day and then ten thousand dollars a day and then you try to get your local banker in on the scheme and then prison large sums the companies like Southern Air Transport that raises the feds antennae it looks like one big money laundering machine and that's not what you want that's no bueno smaller sums with more frequent deposits through my company's fly right under the radar of the feds you know why because all of my companies are legitimate greed is what will attract the wrong attention greed is what will get you killed in this game so don't get greedy keep it gradual and let's move on to step number two of the wash after Dirty Money is brought into the financial system it's time to hose off all that blood with some heavy soaping this is where all of our work has been leading up to making our illegal money look like it came from a legal source and the way we do this is by sending the dirty money through as many accounts as possible in our restaurant example this is as simple as jacking up the receipts of what customers paid so that the dirty money is hidden into the customer's transactions to make it look like it came from Lum if you need to launder lots of money it gets a little bit more complicated but all it really entails is setting up a bunch of dummy companies around the world in areas where the economy is stable and they don't enforce money laundering as heavily this is as simple as literally grueling shell companies for sale make sure your name isn't on any of them of course send fake invoices from one of your companies to the account your dirty money is in wire lap money to that particular shell company and then repeat this process of sending money around the world to as many different accounts as you please since you chose areas where banks have a lot more secrecy and don't have to disclose as much about their clients a meddling detective trying to follow the money back to you will be out of luck and once you've successfully obscured the trail leading back to you it's time for the fun part and just like that by loading dirty money into the financial system and hosing out all that blood by sending the money through a series of hard to follow transactions we've concealed the illegal origin of it we've changed the money's form we've obscured the trail leading back to us and all the while maintaining complete control over the entire process and now it's time for the moment you've been waiting for withdrawing that newly wash money from their accounts back into circulation as sweet taxable and most importantly legal income that you can spend on whatever your heart desires and if you did your job right those vultures and law enforcement won't be able to do anything about it even if they're suspicious simply because they can't trace the money back to you now as your fiduciary I am compelled to give you this warning since this is an underground illegal business laundry men aren't too keen on sharing their tips and secrets with the public so everything we went over in this video is based on what law enforcement has found or in other words it's based solely on the people who've already been caught so if you have the hopes of being a successful laundry man you better innovate and not just copy what everyone else has done or else you'll end up with the same fate prison and fines society is also gradually getting more and more cashless and although cash won't be going anywhere for a while crypto currencies have already taken over the criminal world by storm now though they're not anonymous a hundred percent of the time it sure does make the job of an inspiring laundry man a lot easier with the law enforcement world's still struggling to catch up but whatever it direction the world of currency goes the basics of laundering will always stay the same making illegal money look legal welcome to the watch the egg Club if you're watching this right now you guys are my most loyal supporters and if you are new to this channel I make video essays like this every single week on the most provocative stuff in the world business so if you enjoyed this one well you're probably gonna enjoy the future ones so click that red subscribe button below and turn the notification bell because it's free and you can dislike and unsub and leave me your best hate comments whenever you want if you wanted to support this channel financially being that you're probably stuck at home right now for obvious reasons you might as well take advantage of extra time by checking out a course I made on how to land a remote job and work from home that is how I got my start with this whole make money online thing with a $40 per hour web dev job and I think it's the most practical path out there plus with a remote job you'll be fine in situations like this and you get to support this channel financially at the same time there's a very big very temporary sale going on right now and I will link it in the video description that is all the shameless plugs I have for you guys thank you so much for watching I mean that from my heart you've been awesome I've been Jake I'll see you guys in the next one [Music] you

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