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Industry sign banking missouri ppt now

hi welcome to this training video for the American Board this is our PowerPoint presentation for our ambassadors or our local representatives in Missouri and it's going to walk people through how the program works in that state and how the program how the American Board program works as a whole so this is the presentation that if you're one of our ambassadors you should already have received along with a presentation guide that walks you through how we like our presentations to be conducted what I'm going to do is walk you slide by slide through the PowerPoint and explain little things that we typically like pointed out on each slide I'll say at the very beginning that we ask that you learn the American Board Program well enough that you're not reading directly from the slides every time you should be able to speak to the program as a whole clearly enough from memory that you're not constantly having to face the PowerPoint and read off it so that being said we like for me adjust those real quick I might adjust some things as we move through the presentation because the font size has changed a little bit we like for this portion the slide to be up on the board as people come in so actually let me back up a bit so I've opened to the PowerPoint presentation in PowerPoint if you're not familiar with how to use PowerPoint please do familiarize yourself with how at least to open it and set the presentation up for view what I mean by that is when the program is open you come up here to slideshow and you click on play from start and it will fullscreen it I'm not going to do that here today because as you can see it cuts off the very bottom so I'm gonna leave it in this view while I walk through the presentation but we'd like for it to be presented like this up on the overhead as people come in so that they can see what the presentation basically is about so please do have this up on the overhead as people come in for your event you should be getting there 15 minutes early with enough time to set up and be ready in the room when people arrive at the very beginning while this is up we typically ask that you introduce yourself and we go over why you're helping to promote the American Board now a word of caution here I have never in my life met a human who does not love the sound of his or her own voice myself included so studies have shown you have about 17 minutes of people's attention before they start to wander that's adults not children so 17 minutes to get your point across what I would caution you here is a lot of people if given the opportunity to talk about any aspect of what draws them indication into education they they'll talk a bit more than people want to hear so please be mindful as you introduce yourself and talk about why you're with American Board that you have planned out what you'd like to say and it's your precise and to the point so that you don't lose people's attention and then move quickly on to the first slide and get into what they came to hear which is how the program works so having said that you greeted everyone you've talked a little bit about why you're with American Board and then you move on to this slide I'm going to adjust this real quick we'd like to start with a summary of what our program does and how it works again we need to move point by point to these but please don't read them directly off the slides we like to touch on the fact that we're a nonprofit that we're an alternative route a lot of people when they come in think that we're a school in fact I'm gonna add one thing down here we're not a school you can't use FAFSA FAFSA for us sorry I don't think I'm getting that acronym right it's been too long we're not a school we don't do credit hours we don't do semesters we don't do classes for a lot of people that's so different from what they expect that they don't even think to ask those questions so it's important to hit on that at the very beginning we're not a school no classes no semesters we're an alternative route to certification we're a certification route only we give you the training materials and we give you the exams we help career changers transition in the classroom now that theme is going to come up again a little later the why we do what we do because it has to do with how our program is structured but to open the presentation we do always like to touch on these few points to help give people a better idea of how the program is structured so they don't think it's a school moving on we get into how it works slides so one of the benefits of the American Board program is it's designed to be very simple there's not a lot of Hoops to jump through there's a couple of pretty standard hoops for the state of Missouri all you need to have are three things a bachelor's degree from an accredited university in any field you have to pass a federal background check and you have to have a 2.5 GPA and actually I think that recently went up to a 2.75 so my apologies for that 2.75 GPA now the 2.75 GPA is put on us by the Missouri Board of Education there's nothing we can do about that your undergraduate has do you have to have a cumulative GPA of 2.75 I want to touch on one other thing because we get this question a lot having a bachelor's degree in any field for the purposes of our program the the field you got your degree in does not have to relate at all to what you get certified in here's what I mean by that if you got certified or excuse me if you got a bachelor's degree in English and you want to teach chemistry or biology you can try if you get a bachelor's degree in biology and you want to teach world history you can try there's no restriction on based on what your bachelor's degree was in if you want to try and teach a certain subject you get to try to pass our certification exams and if you can you get an initial teaching license to teach that particular subject so that goes to what you need to do our program now once you are enrolled in our program and here I would note that we have open enrollment we're open three you can roll 360 days a year once you're in our program all you're doing is studying for and taking our two certification exams subject area exam and professional teacher knowledge exam once you've taken pass these two exams you've earned our teacher certification which you then take to the do-e why is it important to hit on these two points there's a reason this is the first slide a lot of us are too involved if you these people wouldn't be sitting in front of you if they could go back into a masters some of them may be considering a masters but by and large the people who do our program a masters is not an option for them it's too complicated there's too many hoops they don't have the money or the time to leave their lives and go back to school for two years sometimes three so we like to hit these points home early because it spells out how simple our program is compared to other alternative certification options so make sure when you go through this slide that you go through it carefully because it's important that people get the understanding of how few steps there are to our program moving on to the next slide we like to point out that they have 12 months from the day they enroll to complete the program but the average time is 7 to 10 months you can point out here anecdotally that sometimes it takes people less than seven months depending on how much they already know but 7 to 10 months is the average it should be no problem to complete in less than a year that's with I'm going to add this note 5 to 7 hours of study time per week let's be safe and say 5 to 8 some people need more 5 to 8 hours of study time per week so an hour to an hour and a half a day is requires some self-discipline but it's what you need to pass the program so moving on to the next slide I can't look at my timer now but I know that we're coming we're closely approaching 17 minutes so we want to get this information in before we start to lose people after both exams are passed and you've got your 60 to 90 contact hours documentid you do have to do 60 to 90 contact hours usually substitute teaching you get your American Board Certification which you then present to the state do e for an IPC you teach on the IPC for four years and again everything that I'm saying you should be able to face the audience and speak to clearly without reading off the PowerPoint so do familiarize yourself with these three points right here make sure that you can recite them in order it is important because the Missouri Department of Education doesn't let you do it in any other order so then we like to move on to what resources we actually provide at the beginning I mentioned we're not a school we don't have study materials or we don't have study materials that we send to you we're not we don't have classes so we like to at this point with this slide make it clear to people that once you enroll everything you study is online there's no books that we send you there's history certification textbooks that you can order off Amazon but that's only for the history everything else is online practice quizzes study materials practice exams videos webinars everything is online so we don't send you anything everything that's available online and it was designed to be very convenient for you you can access the program whenever and wherever you need as long as you have a computer and an internet connection we do have PDF versions of our study materials so they could download and print out some of our resources but here's the point the place to emphasize in the presentation that everything's online and we don't send you anything so this is a big let's change this I'm sorry I'm not going to edit this because editing takes so much time at this point not my strong suit so I'm going to fix this header real quick and then we'll move on so this slide after you've gone over what the resources we provide are one of the most common questions we get is what about student teaching how can you train people to be teachers if they don't do student teaching again as I mentioned in the for the second slide this goes back to the structure of our program and why why we were created we were created to help career changers with experience in other fields transition into the classroom now what that means is if you've got someone who's in their 40's who's been working in a different industry student teaching is not going to have the same benefit for them as it does for someone who's 21 and still an undergraduate so student teaching just doesn't have the same effect it is also a huge burden and barrier for a lot of people who are transitioning from another career because they can't quit their job and student teach for four months for free so student teaching for our program is not required it's not required because our candidates typically bring real-world experience into the classroom and they simply don't need it the same way a younger person would we like to bring that to everyone's attention and then what we always recommend people do if they're in a position to is substitute teach before they finish their certification with us now here I want to give you two notes when you recommend this please say we recommend you substitute teach for two reasons one to figure out the grade level you'd like to teach and two to figure out the subject areas you'd like to teach and here's what I mean by that a lot of people think they like the idea of teaching a certain grade they'd love to teach fifth or sixth grade or they love to teach tenth or eleventh grade or they'd love to teach first grade some people when they start substitute teaching discover that while they thought they wanted first grade they don't want 37 kids wrapped around their knees all day or maybe they thought they'd like fifth grade but really they like fourth grade that's the kind of thing you want to figure out before you finish certification so we do recommend substitute teaching so you can figure out what grade level you actually want to teach and in tandem with that it's a good way to figure out what subject area you want to teach especially getting into high school every brain level has a different subject concentration for example if you want to teach history there's typically one year in high school that's your state history missouri history one that is US history one that's world history so if you want to teach tenth grade but discover that tenth grade is world history and you'd really rather be teaching us then you need to figure that out before you complete certification with us so we like to just to recap student teaching is not required because of the population of people that come into our program however we recommend you substitute teach and figure out what age range you want to work with and what subject area you really want to teach so those are the key points to hit home with this particular slide let's move on because I'm pretty sure I'm coming up on 17 minutes which is my self-imposed deadline for this I somehow think I'm not gonna make it but you know I like the sound of my own voice so subject areas offered in Missouri so at this point we'd go over these are the subject areas we offer and these are the age ranges or the grade ranges we offer it for please make it clear that for the state of Missouri if they want to teach any of the subject areas that have two classifications middle school in high school they are gonna have to pick one you can't get certified for example in English for fifth through twelfth grades there's just too much of a content there's too broad an array of content that's taught in those years so they'll have to choose middle school or high school for English science history and math for physics chemistry and biology you really can only do high school elementary education of course as a general you're teaching all subjects at that point so emphasize they have to pick one set one age range for those subjects also you can say to them we have a premium plan available the premium plan is $200 additional and it offers some extra resources and extra quiz Bank extra study guides for you to use now here's an important point for this slide while we offer the premium plans we don't push them or wreck because the standard plan for each of these subject areas was designed to be completed to completely cover what you need to know there's no there's no special questions that are in the premium plan that help you pass the exam that are missing from the standard plan so we have the standard plan for all of these subject areas the standard plan is designed to be sufficient to study for the exams if they want the extra resource material is available under the premium plan they can certainly do it we just don't we don't pretend that it's necessary for any of them because it's it's quite simply not moving on Department of Education requirements so again this why it's not quite updated minimum GPA 2.75 is required that's their requirement not ours you have to complete the American Board program complete contact hours substitute teaching or parapro if you're working as a parapro you apply for your IPC your initial Professional Certificate and then you have four years to complete whatever local develop professional development requirements you need in order to upgrade to what's called a C CPC continuous career professional certificate this is usually where I like to make a joke about how many acronyms you're gonna have to become familiar with education because there are a lot so please walk through these requirements if they have any questions oh I forgot to mention at the start you'll want to tell people to hold their questions till the end or it will take you an hour to work through these slides so how much does it cost another common question we get right after student teaching so we have to payment options for our program please stress that we try and make it affordable for everyone so for the installment plan the full cost you end up paying is two thousand eight hundred sixty-two dollars we break that down into nine payments of two hundred and ninety eight dollars so that for some people is a bite-sized that's the way they can do it that's how they shift to a new career what time-payment plan we do a lump-sm promotional rate so if you do a one-time payment the range every week it changes weekly the change can be anywhere from $1,900 to $2,200 if you do the one-time payment now for this slide there's a very important important point to make you're changing careers for some people if they're if they're looking at the slide and they get a little bit of sticker shock it's important to point out a master's degree is typically between ten and fifteen thousand dollars on the lowest side we are one of the most affordable ways to transition into a teaching career you don't have to go back to school you don't have to pay thousands and thousands of dollars to get certified this really is one of the best options for people if they want to get certified to teach it's one of the most cost effective ways to do that this would be the slide to make that point you so go over the two pricing options please mention they can enroll anytime they can enroll online with the one-time payment if they do the installment plan they're going to have to call it in because we have to set it up in the system this would be another good time to remind about open enrollment they can enroll 365 days a year any time like I said if they do the installment plan they'll have to do it over the phone with us or the hop to fax or email it in one-time payment they can do by themselves sitting at home in front of their computer but for for your purposes on this slide please just go over the the payment plans and then emphasize that it's open enrollment you can enroll anytime and then emphasize that this is a very affordable way to change careers and probably the most affordable way to transition into teaching so we're coming to the end of our presentation and at this point what we do is circle back to why they would use us so this is kind of where you do what for a non-profit counts as a sales pitch you have to sell them on the program and tell them why would they do this program why wouldn't they go back and do a master's if they can why would they consider shelling out you know 2 to 3 grand is a lot of money for a lot of people including myself so why would they shell out that much money to do an online program so this is where you sell the benefits of the program and a no particular order here they are we're the only program in the country founded by the US Department of Education that is online self-paced and alternative so the the self-paced part is a selling point I typically like to say you know we made it for career changers you can do it in your own time in your own home based off your schedule you can mold the program to suit what you need based on your schedule I also like to touch on the fact that we're the most affordable you can say affordable you can say cheap you can say cost-effective I like to avoid the word cheap because it has certain connotations but we're the most affordable option out there period there is no other option like ours and that's not that's not a boastful statement that's literal there there is no other program like this that is approved in the United States so we're the only program like ours were the only option and we happen to be one of the most flexible and affordable options available so that's what you would touch on for this slide finally or next finally we like to point out to anyone who attends the presentation that they get a 7-day free trial so at this point you can pull up the slide and say and for all of you who are here tonight or this afternoon or this morning you're gonna be sign up for a 7-day free trial there's no obligation for this free trial you don't have to give us a credit card or anything you just get seven days to look at the entire program you get to look at every subject area you get to look at every practice quiz you can try the practice quizzes so seven days you get in the program to see what it looks like use that time as a way to judge if you think this would be a good fit for you and then I always like to point out if you want to sign up for the free trial yourself we've got it on the top right-hand corner of the website but by virtue of coming to the presentation you get signed up anyway so at this point I'd say thank them for coming tell them they should see an email with their free trial information within the next 48 hours if they have any questions transition to the slide and then leave this up while you answer questions so at this point I'd say if you have any questions you can reach out to our enrollment team this should actually be goodness this being a whole person info at American courts at or I'll have to change that a little bit in code American Board org or you can contact us via phone or visit our website American Board org forward slash Missouri they can go to Missouri page to recap everything that we've covered in this presentation so like I said leave this up while you answer questions once you send you this is the contact information please use this to reach out to us let me know if you have any questions thank you for coming and I hope you enjoy your free trial now if anyone has questions about the program I'd be happy to answer them at this point you could be answering questions for five minutes you can be answering questions for 25 minutes typically what you'll get if you already answered their questions in the presentation is you'll get very specific questions specific to their situation if you get a question that you can't answer and in my experience that happens almost every single time someone has a very specific question if you get a question you can't answer what we typically say is punt it to the enrollment team say that's a great question I don't have an answer but I know our enrollment team does if you would write your question down I'll send it along to them or you can tell them you know email or call us and our enrollment team will be happy to that question so when you get something you can't answer just go ahead and punt it to us and we'll handle it from there now one final word before I close out this presentation of the presentation is please get us your sign-in sheets the sheets with the names of everyone who attended your event please get us that and your invoice within 24 hours of your presentation so once you get done go home go ahead throw that together or or take a picture or scan it and go ahead and send it to us as soon as you can the sooner we get the leads then the people who came the sooner we can sign them up for a free trial and the sooner we can reach out to them and see if they're truly interested so time is of the essence on the leads also the sooner you get us your invoice the sooner it gets processed and the sooner we send you a check there could be a bit more but I'm gonna stop there that's been the presentation for the Missouri program for ambassadors if you have any questions you can reach out to representative at American Board org and our team that helps coordinate all of the ambassadors we'll be happy to help you thank you for listening to this presentation and I hope you found it helpful

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