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good morning everyone all this meeting of the alabama community college board of trustees to order we uh extend a welcome to everyone that is viewing us online by zoom or other method and we appreciate your interest in the work of this board the work of the system all of this has come together because of the leadership of chancellor baker and his staff the leadership of our presidents throughout the state of alabama and their staffs and faculty working hard and so these projects are presented to us with a lot of work behind them and a lot of thought behind them and we appreciate you following the work of this system uh at this time we're very pleased to have a pastor gary dr gary bellayer with us to give our invocation today and at this time uh dr blair i recognize you sir thank you well i have a scripture for us today and that's out of psalms 116 the first couple of verses says i love the lord because he heard me my voice and my supplications because he has inclined his ear to me therefore i will call upon him as long as i live you know the fact is that each one of us need help from the lord and this is a great opportunity for us to call out to the lord and ask for his help especially during this covet season that we've endured over the last several months and so let's pray to get him lord right now i pray for this board as they meet together lord i pray that you give them wisdom and guidance as they consider and work with the students that they have that are virtual or if they're meeting together lord i pray that you'll protect them watch over them as well as the staff lord we ask for your help your leadership and your guidance wisdom from above that will help the decisions that are made today during this board meeting i pray for your uh blessings and your guidance on each each individual that's a part of this meeting today i pray that you'll be with each one in a mighty way and we ask this in your name amen dr blair thank you again for being with us and we appreciate so much what you and your staff are doing under these trying conditions of covet and the work of all the pastors in our state but thank you again for being here at this time we'll stand for the pledge of allegiance attention salute pledge i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands one nation under god indivisible with liberty and justice for all item three is uh roll call miss wilkins will you please colorado mr al thompson present mr john mitchell miss susan foye president mr matthew woods president crystal brown president milton davis president mr chuck smith president mr blake macanally president you have corn thank you uh item four is approval of the agenda at this time we'll consider the agenda items i'll make a motion to approve the agenda okay mr chairman let me if it's okay i'd like to yes sir yes chancellor there's been considerable discussion about the a1 and what i would like to say is because the funding from this office that goes to this project is very restrictive funding can only be spent for certain things i have not done the detailed review of that whole project i must do that before we can go forward i don't want to delay the project unnecessarily and i don't think we have to but if you move forward on this item i want you to understand there's going to have to be a second internal review and a full report to the board about the funding of the process and if it meets the standards and the effort is going to be to reduce the cost to the extent we possibly can so i don't know what that does to that item but i'm just i'm just saying that while if you go forward with the item we still have a lot of work to do before we actually go forward with the project and i'm not talking about an unnecessarily long delay it may only be a week week and a half we're going to have to look at the overall scope and i've got to make sure that the money that we're using is in total compliance any other comments about the agenda chancellor i i thank you for that uh for you voicing that about that particular item this item uh has been uh it was on the work session in november of 2020 it is um has had an expansion of scope and we'll we'll discuss that if we get if it stays on the agenda and we get to it and i just you know it would be good if it had more review if the board was presented with all the information and had time to digest it and consider it because it's not the board's fault that it's been uh three months since it was on a work session and then it's come back to us with when the expanded scope and significant expansion of expenses and costs anyone else yes sir i'm sorry mr davis did you say something no i was gonna say i would just recommend that mr watley gives us a detailed uh review of this particular item when it comes up in the in the meeting anyone else then we'll go call the question miss wilkins please call the roll and everyone respond with a yes or no mr al thompson no mr john mitchell no miss susan foye oh mr matt woods yes miss crystal brown no mr milton davis yes mr blake macanally no mr chuck smith yes you have three yes five notes okay is there a motion to amend the agenda of need to uh is there a motion if someone has a specific change in the agenda if you just make a motion to amend it such and such uh then uh in a second then we can reconsider the agenda mr chairman i make a motion to amend the agenda to move item 7a1 to the work session for the in-depth review and discussion there's been a motion by mr macanally to amend the agenda as specified as their second second okay second by mr mitchell discussion i'll hold my comments to the workstation and i will just say uh all this is about fairness to the board and the board having proper time and being well informed in a timely manner and and then they can make a clear decision any further comments or discussion if not we'll call the question all those in favor of the motion to amend the agenda specified please call the role ms wilkins mr al thompson yes mr john mitchell yes miss susan foy yes mr matt woods yes crystal brown yes mr milton davis yes blake macanally yes i'm chuck smith this welcomes the uh what is the outcome you have one no seven yes okay so the agenda is approved as amended we move to item five is approval of the minutes of the january 13 2020 meeting board members have received this in advance and had a chance to consider it and look for any uh changes at this time i will entertain a motion on the minutes of the january 13th meeting motioned by ms brown second by mr davis any discussion on the minutes of the january 13th meeting seeing them we'll call the question will you call the roll on this please mrs wilkins mr al thompson yes mr john mitchell yes susan foy yes mr matt woods yes crystal brown yes milton davis yes blake macanally yes chuck smith yes minutes are approved item six public comment this wilkins anyone signed up for public comment no sir okay we move to uh item seven there are no uh no items nothing under academic and student affairs adult education facilities physical information technologies and workforce development we'll move to item 8 executive legal and public information item 8 a1 the 2021 legislative agenda for the alabama community college system this was on last month's work session i think the board has been fully informed of this thank you chancellor thank you mr bernard is there a motion motion by mr smith is there a second second second by mr mcinally any discussion seeing no discussion we'll move to the question and the vote to approve the 2021 legislative agenda ms wilkins please call the roll mr al thompson yes mr john mitchell yes miss susan foy yes matt woods yes crystal brown yes mr milton davis yes blake macanally yes mr chuck smith okay item is approved item eight a two is the professional legal liability insurance for the alabama community college system mr o'brien do you have anything to uh share with specifically i think at the work session we didn't have all quite all the details we we did receive a a final quote from our current uh underwriter rsui it entails a approximately five percent increase uh in the annual premium and uh adjustments to the uh self-insured retention amounts for some of the colleges it is the by far the the best quote we got for the coming year and we were advised that the uh the rising premium and the adjustments to the uh sir uh were the result of the current market environment due to the pandemic but this is the best offer we received any questions from mr o'brien at this time i'll entertain a motion on the uh professional legal liability insurance motion motion by mr woods is there a second second second by ms brown any discussion seeing now i'll call the question uh we'll call the role for all those uh and their vote on professional legal liability insurance for the alabama community college system mr al thompson yes mr john mitchell yes susan foy yes mr matt woods yes miss crystal brown yes mr melton davis yes blake mcinally yes mr chuck smith the insurance is approved next item is personnel chancellor do we have anything under personnel we do we do nikita it should be on i'd like to today to recommend well we've gone through the advertising process for cac central alabama community college we've gone through the interviews had three really good in my opinion out of that process i have selected jeff lynn who you all know to serve as president of the community college central alabama community college susan was you you were on the interview uh interview process and i think you would agree we had three good candidates yes sir we had three very qualified candidates for the position and um i would like to make a motion that we accept your recommendation for jeff lynn to be president of central alabama there's a motion by ms foy uh on the chancellor's recommendation for jeff lim to become the president at central alabama community college is there a second i can say okay mr woods ii uh okay uh discussion comments from the board let's let's let nikita read a little bit yes sir jeff and then i'd like for the discussion because there's a lot of good things to talk about yes sir good morning chairman thompson members of the board chancellor baker mr jeff lynn began working for the alabama community college system on october 1 2016. mr lynn has more than 20 years of workforce and economic development experience across several southeastern states prior to his role at the accs mr lynn served as the executive director of workforce development led fast start for louisiana economic development mr lam moved to louisiana in november 2008 from georgia where he led a similar role in state workforce development leadership while working in georgia workforce program he built a program that maintained a number one or number two national ranking for a decade he served in that capacity in georgia also he worked in advanced manufacturing for civil vision mr land has held positions in manufacturing supply chain headed an erp installation project and led the training department for asmt applied science and manufacturing technology mr lin began his career while in college working full-time in manufacturing and the hospitality industry while studying organizational management from auburn university in august 2017 mr lynn was appointed to the alabama workforce council mr land co-chair of the statewide economic attainment committee which is a governor appointment committee tasked with development a state attainment goal and strategy thank you chairman i i probably this is not intended to be disrespected of anyone but i have probably had more positive phone calls from that entire service area about the activity that has occurred near the time jeff has served as enter and i feel good about this recommendation i think we will see a significant move forward at the central alabama community college he's totally dedicated and committed to that and we're excited for the community that is being served by that school thank you chancellor anything else from the board well i just personally like to congratulate jeff uh he has uh exemplary uh work ethic he's committed to the system uh which he has shown over the past years and i've repeatedly called him a rock star so i expect him to continue to excel in his new position no pressure i would just i would just uh second what milton has said it's been an honor working with jeff and uh i'm certain his talents are going to produce many good things at central alabama jeff that certainly has a wealth of of knowledge and experience and and i think he's going to serve cac exceptionally well and jeff if you're listening we're so proud for you and look forward to great things ahead for you and at cap jeff i'd like to just say congratulations and um before we i think that's well we haven't voted yet but um we just thank you for your service thus far and you know we're excited for you and appreciate the work that you've done for the system thus far so and i'd like to say too jeff that i look forward to continuing to work with you i will tell you all that um our community in the service area has indeed been very impressed with jeff since he came to cac and he has ingratiated himself into the communities that the college serves there are a lot of folks that are certainly uh in his court and are looking forward to working with him from the the local school systems to the economic development entities to the business leadership and so it will it'll be a very happy day for here in central alabama congratulations jeff uh you're making a difference and thank you so much for your service anyone else great comments from the board uh and uh it just goes without saying uh the great job that jeff has done for the system and i know that he's continued that at central alabama and uh as uh as mr davis said we're just looking forward to more great things and and that's true we're sincere about that and excited about this uh this new chapter and that really fine institution of central alabama community college if there's no other comments we'll call the question but go ahead and vote yeah let we'll go ahead and call the question uh there's been a motion by ms foy and a second by mr woods to accept the chancellor's recommendations jeff lynn is the new president at central alabama community college ms wilkins please call the roll mr al thompson yes mr john mitchell yes susan foye yes matt woods yes crystal brown yes mr milton davis yes mike mcinally yes chuck smith since i'm the last one it's a yes jeff and i'll give you the golden buzzer award unanimously uh jeff lynn is a has your board has approved the chancellor's recommendation for him to be the new president at central alabama community college jeff would you like to comment uh yes sir thank you very much chairman thompson members of the board chancellor baker thank you so much i'm very extremely happy and very humbled to serve our students our employees and our entire community uh i'm very excited we got a lot of work to do and i'm ready to get it done and uh thank you so much for your support thank you very much thank you president lynn chancellor baker anything on personnel and then the chancellor's report is next that's it personnel okay i've asked boone if you would give us kind of an update on legislation yes sir um good morning chairman thompson and board um what i'd like to do is go through the agenda that that you all just passed and just kind of give you an update on where we stand on a number of these items many of these items have already begun to move forward through the legislative process on the construction management legislation the first bullet that bill was pre-filed the week before the legislative session began house majority leader nathaniel ledbetter is the house sponsor of that legislation senator donnie chasteen is the sponsor in the senate in fact there is a public hearing on this bill in the house education policy committee later today and we have several speakers that will be going on behalf of the community college system in support of the legislation uh the second deal was the the tenure legislation we are still working with aea on a few issues that hopefully we can resolve on that so that bill has not been inroduced yet but we hope to be able to work those things out in the near future and hopefully that will come forward in the next couple of weeks third bullet was on the lottery i'm sure some of you probably read senator marsh introduced a bill last night that i believe will probably be the vehicle for this issue his bill is a full-scale gambling bill not not only a lottery bill but it includes casino gambling as well as the casinos that are currently operated by the ports creek indians it also includes other types of gambling as well and so i expect i believe it's that bill's uh expected to be in senate committee uh probably i think right now actually and uh i would expect that to come before the senate for further discussion perhaps tomorrow the fourth bullet that was on our agenda dealt with broadband access and expansion senator march also introduced a bill yesterday dealing with that issue we've had great discussions with with ceasefire that they have committed to putting in a substantial investment in alabama over the next few years and we're very positive about where that may lead i spoke to senator marsha's morning he's committed to sit down with us he wants to learn more about the discussions we've had on that issue and how the community college system and our colleges can fit into that to that project and so we look forward to getting that set up in the very near future and then the the last two bullets were budget related and i'm happy to say that the governor released her budget last week education in general running budgets and uh in the education budget her proposed budget uh funds a vast majority of the things that you all had approved in the legislative agenda specifically a six percent uh across the board increase in o m also includes funding for a two percent uh pay raise that would include community college employees also includes an additional 3 million dollars for dual enrollment scholarships to to be able to keep up with the demand that we're seeing across our system there includes some new money for correctional education services and specifically we were very pleased to see that the governor included the full ask of the 10 million dollars that we had asked for to help us the system and our colleges be able to do more short-term certification and credentialing training which is what we're hearing from business and industry every day that they need more quick you know quick start uh training so that money will be specifically used in that regard so uh that's kind of a very quick update um you know public access at the legislature is very different this year so we've had to find new ways to to keep in touch and doing a lot of watching over the computer but we'll continue to monitor things but we're very pleased at where we're at so far and i think we've got a good session ahead for the system let me mention this um i've been having conversations and meetings with the new uh director of the pardon and parole board going back to the live team the current approach is to reestablish life tech i've been in communication with the senator that's in his district and he chairs the general fund budget they will be funded in a combination general fund and with through our program as well so that it will be stood up again and we're going to have to do something they're doing it primarily but we've got to add some fencing and do some other kinds of things but the general fund has taken care of those kind of expenses so i think we will have a very well coordinated prison education program as we move forward with whatever the circumstance is with prison education and with the cam ward has been the director we have an ongoing relationship we've all agreed to work together side by side and i think it's going to be a lot smoother in the future operating prison education correction education mr chairman that's great news chancellor thank you for that information from you and boom any anything else sir that's that's it okay very good uh committee report excuse me i've interrupted you twice i don't mean to you're not interrupting me i hope it's i hope it's okay because i like for example enrollment numbers i ask the student services people to communicate or provide you those kinds of information uh and anytime you need to talk with a department head certainly you know you're it's wide open for you to do so so but the open there's no way i can funnel everything to you or you can understand all that's going on but uh feel free to make contacts whenever you need to and we'll provide you information and oftentimes i just have a standard policy send this out so if you have any questions please let me know and make me aware that you aren't getting the kinds of information you need if that is the case okay i'll be quiet no chance are you one of the most important parts of our meeting is your report thank you for all of that we'll go to committee reports of mr macanally anything from the finance committee nothing today okay uh mr smith anything from facilities that you'd like to report miss brown anything from policy we have policy in the work session that we'll be discussing very good mr davis anything from personnel or you have anything in this part yes uh chairman thompson i would like to uh report out uh in regards to the the chancellor's evaluation uh the personnel committee consisting of myself susan foy and blake macanally initiated the chancellor's performance review on december 1st 2020 in accordance to section 6 of the chancellor's employment agreement which requires an annual review to be completed by december 31st of each calendar year and we utilize the alabama community colleges systems customer evaluation process which provides each member of the board of trustees they bought the opportunity to objectively evaluate and have input into the chancellor's performance review in accordance to the metrics that were outlined in that agreement and once again the board's collective evaluation of the chancellor was exceptional on a rating scale with one as low and five as high the chancellor's composite score was 4.82 and the board has complete confidence in the chancellor's abilities as he continues to leave the alabama community college system and his customary always tried to pull a comment from one of our board members and one of the board members shared this uh comment which i think is the general consensus to the board chancellor baker has done an exceptional job this year given the unique challenges that have been presented this year it would have been easy to let ongoing plans or initiatives take a back seat chancellor baker has pushed forward and introduced several new ambitious projects these projects included the implementation of banner at the remaining colleges enhanced marketing efforts building and renovation projects the hiring of several full-time presidents and the introduction and revision of several key board policies the chancellor has been an effective communicator as we have moved our board meetings to a virtual setting i am pleased with the way he has adopted to the challenges presented by covet 19. thanks to chancellor baker's leadership i'm confident students will have a greater opportunity for success and the accs will be will be well positioned as we enter 2021 and uh uh chairman thompson that concludes my report and again i want to thank the my fellow trustees for their evaluation the uh tool that we use is a 20 page tool and i have promised before the end of the year we will revise that tool and make it more succinct and easier for us to use thank you chairman vice chairman davis i i cannot thank you and the personnel committee enough but especially your leadership uh you've been proactive you've asserted yourself you've uh cracked the whip when necessary to keep us on a a schedule and a timeline that is appropriate for this and you've done it in a very tactful and gracious manner uh just thank you for your service and your leadership on this because it's not easy to do and and just congratulations to chancellor baker it's all well deserved and uh the board knows that from top from end to end any other comments on this from the yeah any comments from the board if not prior to our concluding the board meeting uh i won't take just a moment to to read something that from time to time it's just good for for us to hear this is the conflict of interest statement that we all signed upon uh joining this board it reads the standard of behavior for the alabama community college system and its board of trustees is that all board members script scrupulously lessly avoid comment conflicts of interest between the interest of the alabama community college system on one hand and personal professional and business interest on the other this includes avoiding potential and actual conflicts of interest as well as perceptions of conflicts of interest i understand that the purposes of this policy are to protect the integrity of the alabama community college system and its institutions the alabama community college system's decision-making process should enable and ensure our constituencies to have confidence in our integrity and to protect the integrity and reputations of volunteers staff and board members upon and before my appointment i will make a full written disclosure of interest relationships and holdings that could potentially result in a conflict of interest this written disclosure will be kept on file and i will update it as appropriate understand that the purposes of this policy are to protect the integrity of the public office i hold in the alabama com community college system in the course of meetings or activities i will disclose any interest in a transaction or decision where i including my business and or other non-profit affiliations my family and or my significant other employer or close associates will receive a benefit or gain after disclosure i understand that i will not be permitted to vote on the question and it ends i understand that this policy is meant to supplement good judgment and i will respect its spirit as well as its word i have nothing further today anything else from the board at this time uh we will meet again uh for our we'll open the work session immediately adjournment of this regular meeting and we will meet again march 10 2021 at 10 a.m at this time i'll entertain a motion to adjourn motion by milton their second all those in favor say aye aye aye all those opposed we stand adjourned at this time i will open the work session chairman i make a motion to amend the agenda of the work session to include the wallace community college regional training center okay uh i appreciate that mr smith i don't believe it's necessary because the work session is uh we don't go through that it's an informal setting uh but uh if the board would like that we can pers we can proceed with it i i want to do whatever board feels like we've already uh i think wanted to move it to this work session and that's totally appropriate that will come under facilities and we can do it uh uh we can make it uh item eight the first own facilities any objection from the board on that yeah none for me i guess as a matter of record i'll second if the motion has to carry so we'll have it official uh any any discussion if not all those in favor of adding the uh uh selma wallace wallace selma project at the demopolis site to the work session agenda say aye aye aye anyone opposed is so done beginning the work session executive mr o'brien the first item uh on the uh work session agenda is central alabama's request for review and approval of its current mission statement there have been no changes since it was last approved anyone have any questions relating to central alabama's mission state okay move to item two item two is gaston state's request for review and approval of its current mission statement once again there have been no revisions since its last approval does anyone have any questions relating to gaston state's mission statement we'll move to item three which is northwest shoals community college request for review and approval of its current mission statement does anyone have any questions relating to the mission statement of northwest shoals mr chairman i believe sarah calhoun was going to uh address the uh the next four items good morning everyone uh the next four items on the agenda are policy considerations for the 300 series these have been reviewed by the policy committee and these updates are in an effort to both streamline the 300 series and make them more efficient for both board review and for our users so the action i or a work session number four is for 30201 insurance and fidelity bonds uh this policy is expanding the scope to all insurance policies that we recommend the colleges hold instead of only focusing on the fidelity bonds of their officers policy 30401 financial reporting our effort here was to encompass all the financial reporting requirements of our colleges into one policy so we've eliminated 304.02 and included it here in 304.01 30801 cash investment management uh we're adding into the policy language the requirements at the cash uh that our colleges bank are both with fdic insured and also part of the safe program that was originally part of the procedures but we felt it necessary to include it in the policy and then the final policy is 320.01 this is a new policy relating to auxiliary services which details how the colleges can operate with their food service vending student housing things of that nature this policy had not been previously approved by the board of trustees and we felt it appropriate for the colleges to have guidance on on these services we'll have any answer any questions you might have i'd just say mr chairman and ms calhoun i appreciate the policies uh i appreciate the efforts to standardize reporting on the financial side and uh just commend the efforts thank you very much mr chairman just want to say thank you to the policy committee too and and also um you know having our common erp makes all of this a lot easier so thank you once again to everybody that was involved in that effort so thank you miss brown anything else on these uh policy changes thanks so much for your work ms brown and for that of the policy committee it's made up by susan foy and matt woods if there's nothing else we move to facilities we've got the wall estate selma the recommended president's recommendation for the work at the uh armory we bought for repurp to repurpose that armory for a training facility uh mr watley no can i get the powerpoint presentation pulled up please a second as is pulling it up on his end okay thank you give me a second small difficulty as you're doing that i'll go ahead and and start talking about it we've already uh seen this project one time as mr thompson mentioned this was first brought to the board during the november work session to talk about the scope at the time uh we presented this project we were targeting a budget around 1.5 million for construction with a total project budget around two million dollars if you look at what that would include that was per square foot a pretty limited renovation a you know finish upgrades some modifications uh to bathrooms um since the november work session we continued uh to update the design based on input from a number of stakeholders uh certainly dr mitchell and his team uh the folks there in nemopolis uh a lot of folks had input on this and so we did the job uh here last week uh the job bid on november i'm sorry on february 2nd um and we'll show you the bid results here in a second uh but over the course of that time from uh when it was approved to the board in november uh all the way through bid uh we added uh that there were some scope increases uh there was a more extensive uh renovation i would still classify the entire scope of the project as a renovation we have not added any square feet to the project within the numbers that are included in the action item but more extensively you get into in a more extensive renovation you get into adding walls adding doors interior uh upgraded uh equipment locations updated electrical requirements for that equipment that turns into more hvac i will tell you that some of the price increases are due to jut market uh inflation i think everybody is aware that construction is going up even in the middle of the pandemic i'll give an example steel is up 20 since january 1st i can't tell you uh between the 1.5 and 2.3 i can't tell you what portion of that is attributable uh to inflation and what is attributable to to scope changes um dr mitchell uh would you care to comment at all you or your team care to comment on the uh changes that have been included in the scope of this product yes uh this uh good morning uh mr thompson members of the board dancing because thank you for giving me this opportunity to be here uh i one of the things and we have been at in democracy about a year and a half almost two years and from that time being there we started uh trying to put together uh programs uh or pull together programs that were existing there as well as recruiting and trying to build build our uh footprint there we started this project and thinking as as mr wally had said that it was originally we walked through and we thought oh wow this may be just a little more cosmetic but as we continue to go into the building with various stakeholders as uh mr halfcock who is the campus director there met with business and industry as well as other stakeholders in the areas and con and remember we're serving not just moringo county democracy but those surrounding counties as well we we saw a need and away need was expressed to have additional programs that we had not originally planned such as industrial maintenance uh such as uh elect commercial electrical we were going in initially with welding which was already there welding drug driving uh hvac and programs of that nature and and once we had an opportunity to survey as well as talk with the existing industry in that area we decided we may need to look at those programs because that was a stated need by them and if anybody else on the team would like to add on to that that's fine i would appreciate it uh mr hathcock we see you've got your your hand raised would you care to comment on that it'll take a second mr whiteley while he's coming up i have a question yes sir i understand the scope changed but 70 000 in design fees that's that's quite a lot of change in design yes sir the design phase we use a a table published by the division of construction management and our design fees are tied to the actual construction price of the product and so as as construction prices fluctuate the design fees fluctuate as well aren't these fees delegated through the state legislature how's those fees arrived i do not know if it's a state legislature that dictates the fees it's the dcm that publishes those but it's a uh it's a all of our architect agreements state that we will use the dcm fee table but i can't i don't know specifically developed by dcm i don't think it's legislated i don't know that it is mr mitchell i would tell you that my experience having to work within the framework of these fee schedules and the dcm is legislatively authorized to perform the function a part of the function is determining the fee schedule and for many decades there's been a fee schedule that abc publishes and now dcm publishes and it's a sliding scale it's a percentage of the construction based on the value of the construction the smaller the construction cost the larger the percentage of the construction the design fee is attributed as the as the construction cost goes up the design percentage the fee that the designer gets is it goes down but it's still a function of as mr watley said of the construction value uh so it's you know it's it's pretty well defined and everybody in the state that works on public money is essentially obligated to work by that schedule and i would tell you this too that typically a renovation project is significantly more involved for the designers and on top of the scheduled fee there is an additional percentage and ed you might help me but i think it's a 50 increase on the on the fee for the design for a renovation project is 25 25 okay so an additional 25 above the schedule for renovation project because there's significantly more work involved up front to understand what you have and you know study to understand what's there before you can begin the design designing a new building it's a clean slate then that 25 is unnecessary but that is the state schedule it's mandated by dcm previously by abc and it's even held and practiced as a starting point for architects and engineers doing work across the state but for private projects also yeah and i also want to add on to that uh blake that we're not allowed to bid engineering services they're selected based on qualifications and with these uh percentages already in place it makes you focus strictly on the qualifications of the engineer as opposed to getting into some type of a bidding war right and that that is actually uh that is defined by the legislature the laws that govern architects and engineers prohibit us to bid on price the the theory behind that is you don't want the cheapest guy designing your bridges and i'll add one more comment to all that we uh we set architect fees really at three different points in the project when we first hire an architect we'll start off with the estimated construction amount and their initial fee will be based on uh uh the fee percentage table and also the estimated amount then once a project is awarded we have an actual construction amount we'll go back and update their fee and of course reconcile it uh and tie their feed back to the actual construction amount and then at the end of the project once all change orders are incorporated uh ads and deducts then we'll reconcile the final architect's fee to the final construction value using that same fee table yes sir i think i think chairman thompson mr wilde a little bit to speak to uh program implementation here at in democracy at the tech center uh one of the things that we did uh was was survey industry here locally and in this region obviously we wanted that to drive the instruction to drive the programs that we implemented here in democracy we spoke to numerous employers sent a survey to employers to gauge what programs uh to implement here in democracy so i think part of that was when we changed or looked at program implementation obviously that changed a little bit of scope of the project but we arrived at those programs uh through careful consideration from input from both industry uh and local chambers of commerce about possible future needs that will become in this region if you would would you please uh pull back out the powerpoint presentation yes sir you were talking about the wallace one correct right all right and which slide do you want me to be on uh the one that shows the overall budget please all right this one after we got the bids in uh we took a look at the base bids uh and the the alternates are included and after talking with a lot of folks including dr mitchell his team also here in the system office the recommended or the requested uh construction contract that we're bringing forth for the boards consideration comes to a total of 2.38 million dollars and then other items are tied to that such as the design fees we still have a 10 contingency it is typically a best practice to allow 10 percent in the budget when you're talking about renovation if it's brand new construction we typically allow five percent uh you're generally going to have more unknowns and more contingency on a renovation project so that leads us to a total uh project budget of 2.0 total expected cost of 2.9 million dollars um originally we had talked about the system putting in 2 million with nothing coming from the college after talking with dr mitchell and the financial folks here in the system office we agreed to a split or or came to a recommended split of 2.3 million from the system office with the balance coming from wallace selma funds go to the next slide please i wanted to bring this up uh and and show everyone uh the bid tab that we have uh the base bid that we got uh for the uh work to the existing project was 2.2 million dollars uh we compare that to the next two bidders uh kaiser and nc morgan uh each at 2.7 million uh we were very concerned when we saw this typically when you see two bidders grouped up like that and then an outlier you go to the to the outlier and make sure they're comfortable their number we did that with fraser owsley and they came back to us said they were very comfortable their number uh they're glad to honor uh 2.2 million dollars um internally we discussed that and the likelihood of us getting a better price by rebidding this project we feel is very low and so if there's a desired price change in the project it's really going to involve cutting scope out of the project we're for the scope that we have we are fairly convinced the 2.2 million is going to be the best number we're going to get and then the total recommended contract amount also includes alternate number one which is uh paving the main parking area according to the bid regulations we have to follow we do have the option of adding other items uh later in the project but we can add via change order if the board approved it alternate number two which would be an addition to the building and the two additional parking areas there in the in the parking lot but the main parking area is included on amendment on alternate number one so adding the base and alternate number one gets us to the proposed contract amount of 2.3 million dollars mr davis you mentioned a detailed uh recap of all the scope changes i do not have that in front of me i know that we continue to make scope changes really until about the first week of january these changes involved equipment layouts power requirements hvac needed to get to that equipment and i will be happy to put together a timeline of what changed when i do think that our second middle the dcm went in around uh december or around the mid-november and so we uh definitely had that's the middle plus one more in december uh which accounted for all the the final design on this project but i will be happy to put together a list of of what changed over the interim yeah i think that would be beneficial to the board and and what's the validity of the uh the the bits what's are they good for 90 days i would have to confirm the architect at a minimum 30 i think that after after 30 days the contract is allowed to pull them back i don't sense that in this case this contractor does want to perform the project uh typically we've been able to go beyond that uh but i think 30 days is what is dictated by the bid instructions okay thank you uh president mitchell thank you for being here uh we really appreciate your presence and those others from uh that have uh have worked with this um this new site and democracy i i do have a a question or two and and uh ed or president mitchell what was the uh i was totally supportive of buying this this armory uh for a training site what what did we pay and what do we have invested in this as far as any improvements so far mr thompson i do not have that number i can research it uh just north of six for the building and no no money has been spent on it today so we paid six hundred thousand well overseas figures okay um and and ed what was the uh what was the uh proposed cost expenditures that you brought to us back at the november work session what was that we were targeting 1.5 million in construction which would result in 2 million total and now we're now we're at 29.60 yes sir and and i just i want to say uh from the get go i've been for this project it's needed it's in an area that needs this training and i've never wavered from that until we got this increase in scope and it was done i just felt like that the board needed a good understanding of this and a thorough briefing and not have to vote on it in 30 seconds after that or less uh it's it's being fair to the board and to have this expansion of cost which may be needed and necessary and and and a real good really good for that area and appropriate for that area for this training facility but to have that and for not to come back to the board um for the board's understanding uh it just it does not enable us to do our job appropriately and that's i just wanted to air uh my feelings about that uh because i i think we need to look look at these projects on a basis of of need and necessity and this may very well be exactly what this area needs but if it's not it's up to the board to make that decision but the board needs to be fully informed in a timely manner not at the last minute dr mitchell this is chuck i want to thank you because putting this project together because the six years i've been on this board this is the first request of a dime i've seen from wallace selma and thank you for the way you run your school and maintaining your financial situation over there anything else on this project uh chancellor president mitchell mr wiley anything else if board mr chairman uh considering that the bids are good for 30 days and i understand mr walter's position i would just make mention that if the additional information we have requested is provided to us it might be necessary to to call a meeting a special meeting to address this contract prior to that 30-day expiration good point certainly would be appropriate if if timeliness doesn't matter and uh uh it gets down to us being able to uh keep the commitments uh that we've given to us based on the timeline and exploration day so we don't want anything to slip up my request is that the board be fully informed of this and that you know that we uh if we have a call meeting we'll do it uh maybe an opportunity to do that as we may may have some information sessions that come up between now and the next regular board meeting and we might just even have a a brief board meeting if we can get proper notice uh we might get even i'll get with the chancellor and uh mr davis vice chair davis and we'll we'll uh see what options we have and what suits the schedule with the board members but excellent point mr macanally thank you anything else from the board on this project mr chairman um also in in ed sharing his list of scope changes i'm sure the chancellor will also share any findings that he he has with us as well to help us make a good decision we appreciate you chancellor for for reviewing it in further detail excellent point miss brown chancellor baker thank you for just giving some insight there and letting us know uh how that you'll be reviewing this i know each of us takes very seriously the responsibility we have in handling taxpayer money and we want to be good stewards of what we're entrusted with and that needs to be one of our utmost priorities anyone else if not we'll move to item nine uh gaston state community college building demolition natural if you don't mind would you pull up the second presentation that i sent you yes sir one moment let me close the other one really the next three items uh on the agenda the first two come from gadsden state next slide please gaza state uh is in the coming weeks going to bid a project that involves the demolition of three unused needed facilities there at the main campus it's actually two individual campuses the wallace drive campus and the east broad campus but they're right across the street from each other it's really all three in this implication the three buildings in question are browder hall mitchell hall and real-time reporting uh collectively these three buildings account for uh 54 497 square feet again these buildings are unused well two of the three are unused in the process of moving uh the remaining people out of real-time reporting uh i believe that there are six people uh who currently use that that building part-time and we're in the process of moving them to a different location on campus uh the intent is simply to get rid of buildings that we don't need that are not compliant with ada and other considerations and really buildings we're never going to use we're scheduled to build this project on february 15th of this year and pay for this if approved by the board with gas community college local funds next slide please i was asked last week a few questions were asked about these building when they were built when they're abandoned mitchell hall was built in 1928 abandoned 10 years ago in 2011 browder built in 1965 and abandoned last year and the real-time reporting was built in 1947 it is still currently in limited use and we are in the process of moving people out right now uh another question was asked about what are the yearly costs associated with these buildings right now we spend about 26 000 a year for these buildings and utilities and insurance costs i would point out these are the costs that we can count there's certainly a lot of other costs that we we know are there that we can't quantify certainly there's a potential for a bad event when you have an abandoned building there at campus but more importantly an old abandoned building sitting next to a modern new building really detracts from that modern new building and so the image we're trying to present for students and our potential students is really hurt when we have old dilapidated buildings sitting there unused next slide please again we're talking about the gadsden state main campus next slide if you're familiar with that campus uh here is uh the browder hall again built 1965 and abandoned last year next slide you can go through these uh asriel showing some of the interior pictures uh of browder again it is well past the point of being able to be used uh mental hall uh in my opinion is probably the worst of the three it's been abandoned for 10 years very clear that we're not going to use this building very clear that it needs to be removed these buildings all have problems with hvac some structural issues ada access you can see in that picture those are the infamous nine by nine floor tiles to those typically contain a lot of asbestos things we need to get rid of and then the last one is the real time reporting building located not far from from browder keep going down please again aged worn out hvac uh ceilings following through back up one slide i would imagine that all that installation has asbestos in it tremendously certainly certainly so i just want to show a few of these pictures to give an idea of how we got the decision of uh and this is made in consultation with gaston's architect uh to go ahead and get rid of the product get rid of the facilities i've spoken many times about this and i've told our presidents that the best option i believe is to renovate existing buildings when they can be renovated it's certainly the most cost efficient and i'm not sure if president rogers is on the phone we got a really good example what you can do renovating buildings we renovated four buildings down to enterprise state done a very nice job of it but there does come a point when buildings can no longer uh be renovated to an acceptable level uh and that occurs we do need to get rid of them either through sale or construction but the case may be demolition whatever the case may be for this total project we're looking uh all three buildings will be bid as part of one demolition package we're estimating a total of seven hundred thousand dollars uh to demolish the three buildings which would result in a total project budget of around 846 thousand dollars and answer any questions from the board about this project ed i guess this is not really facility related but i was just curious about the uh the names are they affiliated with any families associated with gaston state uh by us demoing those buildings do we need to maybe get a plaque or something on i don't know the history at all but i just know if someone's names on it there might be someone in that community that might be offended with our demo of the building or we might just need to at least look at it and address it we did check into that uh there are no um uh the three names are associated with the buildings the two names i guess uh they are not tied to donors uh gadsden did the research and i can provide you these specific answers i believe one uh was a former employee that was honored through the naming of a building but i don't think there are any restrictions uh on the ability to demolish a building certainly if there were there are things we can do to preserve the name even if the building is not preserved okay i just want to make sure we addressed it thank you this this one sticks in my crawl a lot number one if you're going to demolish a building first thing you got to do is hire an architect so that 53 000 design fees really sticks in my crawls on demolishing a building i understand the asbestos abatement lead abatement all that but that could be built into the project scope rather than having to have a design fee from an architect the other thing that really sticks in my crawl about this is we as a board future boards i don't know if we need to put it in policies or procedures that want to build it when you're building a new science building and abandoning an old science building the pro the cost of demolishing that old building needs to be captured in the new building so we can get rid of it in a timely manner and quit wasting the monies we've spent on monthly maintenance and insurance everything we're putting on that building so i'd really like to see uh crystal if y'all could look to see if there's something we could put in a policy to uh stop this from happening a building sitting there for 10 years should have been demolished nine years ago so i just like forced to consider any new building what are we doing with the old building i would address the you know with respect to the design fees of course it is state law that a design professional has to be involved in demolishing a public building so you know unless we're going to get a state law change we got to do this we also have these buildings have they've got to be bid and to be able to get reasonable consistent bids we have to understand what are in the buildings that we're asking contractors to tear down if there's a massive structure in the middle of this building and we don't tell anybody about it because we don't do plan you know we don't investigate it and report it in a bid package we're going to receive a massive request for a change order so you know there's gas electric water utilities are possibly still connected to these buildings and it's not just you know the architect it's going to be the engineers working with them to ensure that the building's properly disconnected and it's safe to be torn down and i you know i i'm obviously in the business of professional design services and every time we take on a project we ask an architect take on a project they're signing and selling that package is going out for bid they're buying an awful lot of liability and you know i personally in my small company i have to carry two million dollars worth of just professional liability insurance not counting casual liability umbrellas and other policies so you know these fees are justified and it's again tied to the fee schedule that is dcms was abc's and they have the authorization of the legislature to set those i echo that comment very true how do we how do we put how do we put in place though if you're abandoning the building capture that cost up front instead of coming back later i'm all for that chuck i would i would favor that policy uh you know it takes uh there's a lot of moving parts in that we have to finish a building move people into it totally abandon the other building and then tear it down but certainly that could be done and you know it's something that will require time money and resources to determine but it in this instance going 10 years beyond the building's life is was excessive and you know we spent if these were all 10 years out we spent at least 300 000 probably not including the potential liability because the buildings are still open and standing mr mr whiteley yes sir do i recall you telling us one time that you had a square foot matrix for demolition time i reached out to a cost estimator and asked them what they were including for demolition at the time he gave me a number of twenty dollars a square foot um there are economies of scale to change that uh you can get demolition right now i think if you work it out because we have uh 50 000 square feet this comes out to about 12 dollars a square foot we did one job uh up in uh uh at calhoun that actually came to eight dollars a square foot uh and so we try to we try to compare historical versus where we are we think this is a reasonable uh expectation but you're right at one time i did give you a number of 20 square foot for one project can answer any of the questions regarding the demolition project epigast if none uh the next hour or the next project also comes from gadsden state uh it is an hvac replacement uh at naylor hall uh the hvac system there is worn out needs replacement uh it's a 33 000 square foot building and we were proposing to move forward with a bid on the 12th to replace that hbac again also this will be funded with gas and state's local funds miller hall is right there quebec one uh you can see it uh in close proximity to the uh to the other buildings we've been discussing there at the main campus we estimate uh that the cost to replace the hvac the construction costs we're looking at one and a quarter million dollars in which adding in all the other we expect to spend around 1.5 million dollars and again this should all come from gas estates local funds can answer any questions about the naylor hall hvac replacement project the final project uh this month comes from shelton state uh it is the proposed replacement of a cooling tower again another hvac component this is located there uh at the uh at shelton state's martin campus uh the big 513 000 square foot building what we're doing is taking down the existing cooling towers and putting in new cooling towers the new towers are going going back in at ground level the existing towers are up on the roof which makes it much more difficult to access for maintenance purposes we are projected to uh fit this project on march 2nd uh with construction starting if approved by the board uh second quarter and completing the third quarter and again this will also be funded by shelton state local local funds go to the next slide please thanks and one more so with the construction cost of one million we're looking at a total project call stating in the contingency of around 1.15 million i'll be happy to answer any questions board might have about these or other products all good information mr wally thank you and i just uh kind of revisit uh some of the other previously mentioned projects during this work session in general terms just we would just really appreciate good communication with the board in a timely manner and that that just helps so much and we appreciate what you do and nathan as well anything else for the work session anything else from board members chancellor you have anything to add no i'm fine if not do we not have the self-evaluation piece i've got an old one and it's on there it's not on there my my uh mistake roger are you with us yes i see you're muted but roger bates mr bates all right can you hear me now yes sir yes yes so uh thank you for for everyone for looking at that i got some comments back from milton and from crystal uh to help with the edit of that document and circulated i think yesterday or day before yesterday my days run together now but within the last couple of days a final version for that document so it would be helpful if you all could address that on the march meeting we have two colleges that have contacted us who are doing their sac submission and will need that document as a part of their packet um obviously i need to commend glenda collagros who was very very helpful to me in that process as you know glenda has spent a great deal of time on sax issues over the years and was very helpful in helping to review all your board minutes i i do apologize for the length of that document but as you know we were teed up to address this last spring at the very board meetings the first one that got cancelled actually due to covet so that is a two-year evaluation report as opposed to a one-year report so it has a lot more uh pages to it to document all those actions but it was intended to capture those things that are important for this self-evaluation over a two-year period and we'll try not to have that again so you don't have quite such a long document to deal with but uh if no one has any questions about the items at this point uh mr chairman i would just simply ask that y'all consider putting it on your march agenda roger thank you for your work and for that of dr colagross and anyone else susan price anyone else that is has participated in this forgive me for leaving anybody out i'm really good at that but uh and uh anyone else to speak on on the self evaluation very good work thank you quite extensive have i missed anything else i'm good at that i need i need everybody's help okay seeing nothing we will uh we will stand adjourn that board members staff thank you for the staff technical staff legal department uh everyone that that helps bring these meetings together and board members thank you for your participation i know i know for a fact that we've got board members sitting here right now and they've got some significant business going on elsewhere that they need to be tending to and i uh that's not to uh complain i'm not in that situation but i know for a fact some board members are having that situation thank you for giving your time and doing it so selfishly there's nothing else we will stand adjourned thank you take care everyone good evening

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I couldn't conduct my business without contracts and this makes the hassle of downloading, printing, scanning, and reuploading docs virtually seamless. I don't have to worry about whether or not my clients have printers or scanners and I don't have to pay the ridiculous drop box fees. Sign now is amazing!!

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My overall experience with this software has been a tremendous help with important documents and even simple task so that I don't have leave the house and waste time and gas to have to go sign the documents in person. I think it is a great software and very convenient.

signNow has been a awesome software for electric signatures. This has been a useful tool and has been great and definitely helps time management for important documents. I've used this software for important documents for my college courses for billing documents and even to sign for credit cards or other simple task such as documents for my daughters schooling.

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Easy to use

Overall, I would say my experience with signNow has been positive and I will continue to use this software.

What I like most about signNow is how easy it is to use to sign documents. I do not have to print my documents, sign them, and then rescan them in.

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Frequently asked questions

Learn everything you need to know to use signNow eSignatures like a pro.

How do you make a document that has an electronic signature?

How do you make this information that was not in a digital format a computer-readable document for the user? ""So the question is not only how can you get to an individual from an individual, but how can you get to an individual with a group of individuals. How do you get from one location and say let's go to this location and say let's go to that location. How do you get from, you know, some of the more traditional forms of information that you are used to seeing in a document or other forms. The ability to do that in a digital medium has been a huge challenge. I think we've done it, but there's some work that we have to do on the security side of that. And of course, there's the question of how do you protect it from being read by people that you're not intending to be able to actually read it? "When asked to describe what he means by a "user-centric" approach to security, Bensley responds that "you're still in a situation where you are still talking about a lot of the security that is done by individuals, but we've done a very good job of making it a user-centric process. You're not going to be able to create a document or something on your own that you can give to an individual. You can't just open and copy over and then give it to somebody else. You still have to do the work of the document being created in the first place and the work of the document being delivered in a secure manner."

How to sign electronically on pdf?

Yes. There are a number of ways to sign electronically. You can download a printer friendly version of a document for easier printing.You can download a pdf document on to your computer or tablet and view, print, sign or email it.Once signed, you can print the document, email it to others, or fax it to others, and you can print a copy of your signed document at no charge.You can also print the signed PDF document on any other computer or device. This allows you to:Access documents online and print them.Copy documents online and fax them to others.View, print or email the document.Once you have a signed document, you can save and print a copy for your permanent record. You can also save or print a digital signature as an attachment to your documents or send them to other people for safekeeping.Are digital signatures and digital signatures on paper accepted as valid? Yes. Once you have signed electronic documents or a digital signature, they can be stored digitally as an attachment to your documents, emailed to others (for proof of delivery) or faxed to others.If I send a signed document to other people as attachments or attachments with a note attached, will it be considered a signature? No. Digital signatures can only be attached to documents if they are attached for a specific reason and can only be verified digitally to ensure they were sent in the exact way the original document was sent. Documents can have a digital signature as an attachment so th...

What does the eSign act provide quizlet?

How do I know if a given eSign will work? Will it work if I have a different e-identity than the one I had with my first eSign? Which is better? Is there a time frame or a time-space frame when you should be using eSign ( how long before an eSign should be used)? Does the eSign require a change in identity? Can I use my eSign as a proof of my current identity? What if I don't understand the eSign or the way it works? Are there any questions that are not answered in this FAQ? What about a second e-identity? I want to change my name to one of my choice. Is that possible? How do I know if a given eSign will work? Yes and no. It depends on the particular circumstances and the particular eSign.What does the eSign act provide quizlet? The eSign act provides two forms of evidence:the first is the original and signed copy of the eSignthe second is a written statement made by the person who made the eSign.The written statement must:be in the person's signaturegive the name and address of the person making the statementidentify the person by his or her own name and address – not by a reference to another person ( "I'm Peter" not "Peter's father").The written statement is valid only for 30 days and, once it has been expired, can be renewed by the person who signed it. If this is a permanent change of name then a new e-identity document can be issued. There are also restrictions on whether a person may apply for an e-identity ( a person under 16...