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Sign in Connecticut Job Offer for Banking

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Industry sign banking connecticut job offer myself

hi I am Karen and I am the founder of the student data and today we are going to talk about how to get into banking and run through eight tips of what you need to do to at least increase your chances of getting into what is a very popular profession first up if you haven't started University already is try it and read the right subject um bankers like numerical subjects so top of that list is economics second up is engineering and third is maths then anything that is financially orientated alright the next thing I would say is understand the roles in the industry are there's two broad areas of a bank they work route into the first is global markets which are sales and trading roles and then the other area is the investment banking area which is a corporate finance and NA some of the internships you can apply to also for within investment management asset management and Private Wealth you will be expected to understand the roles are that you're applying for and understand what are your going to do day to day even if you're 18 years old and have never got near a banking bank before they will expect you to understand the roles in some detail um third piece of advice I would say is to start early if you can get any work experience while you at school then do so but that's always quite tricky however once you start University all of the banks are provide first year internships they're generally called spring weeks and they run in Easter of your first year applications for them open sort of August September of your first year and generally close in December so you must apply to them and um you can potentially if you're lucky enough to secure more than one maybe do two or three over Easter because they're not always on the same dates so um and that was step second and great stead um for potentially being fast-tracked onto the summer winter chips however before you apply up for those internships what you must do is practice online tests um they are now just a prerequisite for just about any role they will certainly be numerical some of them a verbal and before your application actually gets progressed within the bank what even gets read aren't you've got to pass our online tests so please practice them as much as you can there's lots of practice tests on the student at the web site so have a look at those and do your best to do as many as you can before you you do them for real um next up is that summer internship now it's really important you secure a summer internship banks recruit their graduates from their summer internships which are like a 10-week interview really um they don't recruit from a days assessment center that's just not the way it works anymore so um apply in your penultimate year again they'll open applications will open September generally close in December but if you've missed that don't worry because I'm probably more than 50% of students who are doing on the summer internships were Bank of graduates or master's students so even if in your final year are still apply for the summer internship rather than the Graduate position and it's from there that you will get your offer um other things that you need to do are build your knowledge while you're at university just about anyone who's applying to bank banking is going to be academically very well qualified so you need to do more than that read the financial papers are joining the finance investment Society get involved maybe open a trading account and trade enter yourself into trading competitions do everything you can to immerse yourself in that that banking world really so you really start to build your knowledge because it we'll be tested in addition build your CV it's not good to just put your feet up unfortunately in just party it's not going to work you need to join society's playing sports teams volunteer initiate things take on some leadership roles take some responsibility for something you need to do stuff that makes you interesting maybe look at starting up a company stop blogging do any number of things but but but do something and start to build that CV out so you look interesting and finally don't give up it's tough but if you really want to get in there then keep on going some of the middle office roles are easier to learn things like credit risk and market risk so maybe apply for those and once you're in you might want to move into the front office investment management that tends to be a little bit easier as well that's it our study those areas well and do as much preparation as you can and good luck there's other videos in this series which I think you should watch particularly the competency one so subscribe to our YouTube channel for more frequent updates follow us on Twitter and Facebook good luck ok

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