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Can I sign a document remotely on my phone?

It’s highly important to be able to complete work tasks from any place and device. eSign your documents right on your smartphone, no matter whether you prefer iOS or Android. It's simpler than ever with signNow. Install the signNow application from the App Store or Google Play, or just use its browser-based version. After logging in to your account (or creating one), upload the file in PDF, Word, Excel, or image format. Now, tap on My Signature and select how you prefer to eSign the document. You can type your first and last name, customizing the stylized format. The tool also allows you to draw your signature by using the touchscreen or the stylus. Or simply take a photo of your wet signature using your phone’s camera, and then add it to the document.

How to add a wet signature to a PDF

A wet signature means someone physically marking documents with a handwritten signature in ink. Logically, you can execute a PDF file by printing it, then signing it, and scanning it back in the same format. But this method is outdated, not to mention it’s time and effort consuming. Try using signNow, a GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA, SOC II, and other related laws compliant solution for eSigning. It allows you to quickly sign documents with a legally-binding eSignature that looks just like your wet one. Upload a PDF and choose the My Signature option from the left-side toolbar. There are three ways of signing forms. You can simply type your first and last name, then choose the stylized format to make it look like a handwritten signature. The second option allows you to draw ti using a mouse or touchpad. Finally, you can also upload a picture of your original wet signature to eSign your document. No matter which option you choose, it’ll be legally valid.

Can I sign closing documents remotely?

Since the new covid-19 virus began to spread, people avoid close contact and continue to close deals remotely to stay safe. You can sign your closing documents remotely, with a trusted and compliant eSignature solution like signNow. However, closing documents must be notarized, so consider a secure service that can provide both legally-binding eSignatures and a sending for notarization option. We recommend you try pdfFiller. The software allows you to virtually sign documents, send them to another party for signing, connect with an e-notary, and get them notarized online. It will help you stay socially distanced and safe, as well as save your time and money.

How to add a signature to a Word document on a phone

There’s a number of applications for eSignatures in the App Store and Google Play. Try signNow and collect eSignatures in a matter of clicks right on your mobile device, just as millions of other users do. Set up the signNow application, launch it, and create an account. Load a Word document from your device or the cloud. It’ll be automatically converted into a PDF form. Open it, tap on the Signature Field, and place it where you need it to appear. Type your name to eSign, draw your signature using the touchscreen, or upload an image of your wet one.

What app can I use to sign a PDF?

If you need to sign your documents remotely, without the need to physically meet your partners, consider using a GDPR and other law compliant tool for electronic signatures, like signNow.

It’s a market-leading and trusted eSignature solution that allows businesses to close deals anywhere and anytime. signNow is a secure cloud-based service but we’ve also created mobile applications for both Android and iOS, so you can easily approve your documents from any device. Once you register an account and start your trial, upload your PDF file, and click on the My Signature option to create your signature and apply it to your document.

What qualifies as an eSignature?

According to the U.S. Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (ESIGN, 2000), an electronic signature refers to any electronic data associated with a person. It uses different authentication methods to verify the signer’s identification and provide a secure process for signing documents. The examples of electronic signatures are the following:

  • a typed first and last name;
  • a drawn signature made with a mouse, finger, or a stylus;
  • an image or a scan of a person’s handwritten signature;
  • a biometric mark made on a specialized device;
  • a voice authentication or eye scanning.

In signNow, you can sign documents by typing your name, attaching an image of your signature, or drawing it. All of these methods are equally legally-binding.

What documents cannot be signed remotely?

Unlike most of the contacts, invoices, applications, and other commonly-used forms, there’s still a range of documents that are required to be signed as hard copies only. Among the documents that you must complete and sign on paper are wills, papers associated with adoption, marriage, divorce, court orders, and notices. For the rest of the documents, you can use electronic signature solutions, like signNow. Run your business from anywhere, anytime.
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