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Industry sign banking indiana work order online

so moving forward what needs to happen and what is your vision what needs to happen is that the state and the federal governments need to embrace this land bank movement ohio is not the only state to have a land bank and we've been talking to our neighboring states the the issues that we have with vacant abandoned residential and commercial property are the same if not greater in michigan pennsylvania new york indiana and so we're looking for more funding streams to keep our momentum going when you when you can say that people in mahoning county have noticed the difference that that last demolition program makes then you know that that's a big thing right because change is not easily perceived and it's often something that people don't want but we certainly do have momentum going in ohio and we can't afford to lose it but federal and state governments need to look at this as a priority we probably have 100 million square feet of vacant abandoned commercial property around the state of ohio and if you think about what it would cost to tear all of that down and that a lot of it is going to have environmental issues that will need to be remediated and the costs associated with that we're talking about a billion dollar problem only in ohio so there's something that the state legislature can do about that and that is to commit to a continued funding stream for land banks they gave us a one-time shot with a reimbursement award a couple years back but we need something that's dedicated to this work vacant abandoned properties do not heal themselves and land banks are a great way to get in there and and let's not leave it to be demolition only let's get in sooner rather than later so that revitalization can mean building up not only tearing down so are you advocating for a specific revenue stream coming from some specific legislation there was a bill that was in before the legislature last year that would have created a 50 million dollar revolving fund so that land banks could apply and it would have been on a competitive basis and but it would have renewed over time and we would love to see that happen again and if it cannot happen with the funding stream that before was diverted to help with covid relief then certainly there has to be another funding stream available because all of the impacts around this are too great for the state to let this moment pass by and kovit only amplifies the need right now same is true you know we've had a change of administration at the federal level and so maybe we fit in with an infrastructure bill maybe we fit in with coveted relief because when you think about the many ways in which land banks can be a partner you know affordable housing is a huge issue right now we can do something about that environmental health when was the last time environmental health was such a big issue in our communities but it is right now we can do something about that too with the removal of bad properties and the way that we beautify them to add something to public health economic opportunity rebuilding you know the businesses that we know are being lost but some of those businesses are still essential and we need for those essential services to continue well there are ways that we can help with that too um so you know we're encouraged that um marcia fudge is on her way to being the next leader of the housing and urban development department at the federal level an ohio person there's a great opportunity there to see something a commitment not not a one-time deal but a commitment out of both federal and state governments to keep this momentum going at a critical time we had uh joked earlier i think that if you were to do a ted talk it would be on traction that's kind of your buzzword tell me tell me about that i talk about traction out of the perspective of you know i've kind of had to do this a couple times in my life i did it with the cog and even before that when i was at the vindicator the life of a reporter um is somewhat independent because you you have to meet deadlines every day and when i was first at the vindicator we had five deadlines every day because we had five additions um you have to keep track of your stories and you were expected to have daily copy sunday copy um 10 of the 17 years i spent at the vindicator i was the entertainment editor and in that time we went from having a couple inside pages in sections to a standalone entertainment guide on thursdays and it had a calendar and it had other features to it and i had to see to it that all of those things were moving to again meet the regular deadline the weekly deadline for that um so i think that some of my vindicator experiences and my reporting experiences have fed into this whole idea of how do you get traction some of it is pure sweat some of it is being organized i'm not the most organized person in the world but i've picked up a few things along the way some of it's tenacity that you just you have to do you have to do and then it also has to do with who you collaborate with i did have support at the vindicator i had editors to guide me i had composition clerks who could do some data entry for me i wasn't alone in compiling those calendars in the entertainment guide but there's always a collaborator or two or five along the way and you have to identify them and you have to exchange ideas and draw energy from them if you're ever going to achieve traction if you're trying to do it all alone it's not going to work our i don't think that we would be operating the way that we do right now were it not for yndc and and the many things that they've done in the community and the way that they have validated the existence of the land bank and what we can do that adds value to what they do so i have known how to work independently in my career and i have learned how to rely on other people and so that's part of my traction conversation with those smaller land banks okay so you don't have a planning department in the city but you do have a university connection right do you have somebody at the university can you employ some students or can you go to a professor who maybe makes a research project out of something and use a student help in order to meet your needs when you say you need data and you don't have it there are a lot of ways to do it and so i offer what i can in the way of do this do that don't do it on your own it's never going to work alone yndc wouldn't work alone either and ian would say that too everybody needs a good collaborator and now's the time to take that seriously we've talked about your partnership with western reserve port authority with yndc you're also partnering with rotary tell us a little bit about that yes so um i joined the rotary club of youngstown about five years ago and uh it is a great opportunity to network with people and to to collaborate again and so the first collaboration came around little free libraries those small boxes that hold books and people can help themselves they can donate they can take we started to incorporate little free libraries and some of our vacant lot reuse strategies now we're on to something called operation pollination rotary has designated certain causes as being essential to all rotary functions and so the newest priority for rotary international is environmental needs we are doing that through trying to promote the need for more pollinating plants in the area because we know the ramifications better now of losing pollination it affects our food supply it affects our environmental health it affects our physical health and so rotary wants to promote what is happening in the way of using pollinating plants here and to expand it and as a property owner mahone county land bank relishes this opportunity we have about 2 400 or more properties in our inventory right now the idea of trying to maintain all of them like we would our own lawns is not sustainable and so by working with rotary and many other partners mill creek park and mahoney county soil and water district and just many many partners are coming forward now we're going to beautify some properties in very meaningful ways and it will also be connected to the greening guide that mahoning county land bank just released on valentine's day which is written exclusively about native perennial plants and how they benefit our conditions here and how they are long-lasting beautiful and will attract pollinators so it's um it's it's a great opportunity a great partnership and we will have some demonstrations of how this looks in the year ahead and i think we'll be at this for several years but we are committed to having some demonstrations planted this summer so that people will again as they're driving through neighborhoods they'll see yet another change and we'll have signage there to let them know what's happening and we'll invite them to be part of it [Music] thanks for watching the video be sure to like subscribe and hit that little bell for notifications and also make sure to connect with us on twitter facebook and linkedin for all of your business news visit business journal for all of your arts and entertainment news go to after hours built for the 21st century american workforce eastern gateway community college has two campuses and is a national leader in online learning is a digital gateway where 30 000 students are quickly transforming their financial futures through degrees certificates transferable credits and higher paying jobs and now residents of the mahoning valley can enroll in summer classes for free it's the egcc summer guarantee eastern gateway america's new workforce starts here

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