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Sign in Alaska Living Will for Banking

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[Music] we look out the window and it's starting to snow and Marie as you had me [Music] [Music] just [Music] hello good morning happy people's hope your day is going awesome awesome and awesome and today it is different here in the good ole a.k we have got a change in weather we had snow for the first time it's kind of turned more to rain right now I'm told the roads are icy so I'm gonna go attempt to drive on I'm sure it's gonna be fine if these are being deposited today so and my wife's pregnant you and what those are for those of you too don't know but all kinds of sales all across Alaska everyone wants to hold Alaska PFD money so that's going on I need to go into town I have a job walkthrough I'm still trying to get over the crud it's just boom all these things right getting on the road now got to make my meeting there's a business a new business opening up and the other side of Fairbanks and I need to go look at and see when you do mechanically we just had a cold call happen she sent one of our Tech's out to a restaurant town they had a rooftop unit that stopped working you know like the big units on top of buildings that make heating and cooling it's getting taken care of hope I haven't heard back yet hopefully that's working out but anyway that's pretty much what's happened today okay getting on the road hope things going great for you and [Music] all right this one went pretty well and yes off of the next emergency let's check in on the family see how they're doing as you saw we had some snow this morning it did not stick what do we got here is that it did you make that that is perfect hey is the day that a majority of Alaskans celebrate today is he every year around this time for residents of Alaska that generally you have to be here more than a year to qualify you get money from the state and it's pretty fantastic basically the state was smart once upon a time where we took all of our oil profits and essentially put it into a big old savings account and all the interest that was made off of it and thought you know we're gonna pay back our citizens because they're pretty awesome and they helped us get to where we're at so that's what it is we get this year we get a grand total of one thousand six hundred dollars and six cents per household members so each one of us get that pretty awesome it actually helps a lot for our heating expense is primarily what we put mine and Burt's towards and the kiddos we put into a savings account and they just get to have that probably when they turn 18 they need to buy a car or if like I know I use mine for my wedding so we just kind of tuck it away for them another video where we kind of discuss about the PFD if you want to check it out right here here so that is that is one of the big things that is going on today it's a pretty dreary day out so we've been just been kind of hunkering in a bit it's kind of whatever I don't have leggings on look at guys do that that is jet that is genuine Jean Jean I know it's got holes in it can't believe we pay for things like that but hashtag style right I don't know and school for today we've done our chores for the day the old holiday season is right around the corner right let me know in the comments below what you guys would like to see from us this holiday season I would love to know your thoughts what you'd like to see you know we've done the old blog myths let us know in the comments what you'd like to see from us this year for the holiday season I mean we live in North Pole this is like the Christmassy town right okay so that's what that's that would be great if you guys could let me know in the comments what you guys would like to see because I always like to know what you guys see thing follow us on Instagram there is a new feature that I'm so excited about it allows me to see when you guys mention us in your stories I would never see them like they would get buried or they just wouldn't pop up in my notification that people are tagging me and their stories and I'm not seeing them so if you guys tag me in your stories I will now see them I'm so excited that's so that's a new feature I can see it right up at the top so I can see who mentions me in the story so if you guys do that I'm gonna I'm gonna pop your ID on on onto our story because it's so sweet and so cute you guys are like filming when you're watching our vlog it just makes my heart so happy that is my life today is Nana and Papa anniversary and I'm so excited for their anniversary and we're making parts for them this is what mine says this is tuna from Audrey I'm gonna color some down here in the white space some back here and some right there I'm gonna go ahead and color and I'll see you when I color and three two one [Music] being as it is my mom and dad's 39th wedding anniversary holy moly mom is actually gonna come over here after work and we are gonna go grab a coffee and maybe something fun to eat and so like I said my mom got here is that we're gonna go out for just a little bit we're gonna go grab a coffee maybe something to eat and then come back here and just chill that's that's the plan we're gonna go head that way I'm walking down the street on clouds instead dub dub concrete I'm dancing you know what that means [Music] [Music] [Music] [Laughter] [Music] [Laughter] [Music] right they escaped a very intense pillow fight and then of course we had to have some Bible trivia good times I think we're gonna wrap this one up guys but I want to talk about the PF do you think my wife I'll hit on it for those of you that don't know so there's been some talk in the presidential elections even about how Alaska is an example of giving everybody money on like a monthly money how the government should just do that and I wanted to clear that up that is not what we get here when we have the Permanent Fund dividend believe it or not at one point in time there were actual politicians that did a good job during this start of the pipeline all this money came in because all of Alaska's money comes in from oil revenue we do not have a state tail sales tax they actually had more money come in than they knew what to spend believe it or not that existed back in the day back in the 70s zappers all this money was put into account and they said we're going to take all this money put it into one large account the Permanent Fund dividend and they're gonna pull the interest off of that over average over the last five years they invest it in the stock market different stocks and I'm not exactly sure what they invested in but it's invested basically in the stock market and the average the last five years is what they use they pulled the interest off of that and they give a checked every Alaskan that's how that works so it doesn't go away so we literally we get money we're getting money off of the interest only of the money that was invested literally decades ago genius I don't know why more politicians and more states couldn't do stuff like that and a lot of people spend on a lot of different things I'm a fact I'm curious if you are an Alaskan or if you're getting a Permanent Fund dividend this year leave me a comment down below I'm really curious if you if you're comfortable sharing of course like if you have anything that you specifically spend yours on for us we tend to save the kids for them for like long-term savings ours we will probably use for taxes to be honest trying to make sure our taxes are paid up because we have we found an extension we're paying our taxes off so that's where ours is gonna go this year kind of boring maybe unless no if you're gonna spend it on anything fun but usually a lot of folks they'll they'll get your PFDs right now and then they'll kind of make it to the winner and then they'll have your tax refunds and that's kind of where that money goes but that's what the PFD was just wanted to clear that up because it is not a like Alaska is taxing their people in the state and then using that money and dispersing it to US residents no this is money that was made a long time ago the government actually didn't spend they put it in an account and we just simply get the interest off of that so completely different in the government taxing people and then taking that money and handing it to the people I think we're gonna call this one tonight guys thank you so much for coming along we are just completely honored to be able to share this with you we will share our ins and outs and our everydays and we're gonna close this one out and I think the kids gave us the closeout so here you go kids take it away I'm walking down the street on clouds instead of the concrete I'm dancin through everything is about to come my weight nothing can run with my date no matter what anyone does but say I smile at booze no I don't care cuz I'm on my way and I won't

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