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Industry sign banking arkansas executive summary template now

[Music] so the big question is this how do small businesses like yours who feel like you're doing all the right things and going to all the right events reach the federal buyer in a way that helps you win more contracts that is the question and this is the place to get your answers my name is neil mcdonnell welcome to the govcon chamber of commerce [Music] okay let's get started with another quick tip for you my name is neil mcdonnell and as you can see here this is the govcon chamber of commerce today's tip is about trying to build relationships through industry days so if you're not familiar with industry days the government hosts these events they used to be in person it's awesome now actually that they're much more virtual they're happening virtually so that's awesome so you can attend them all around the country and particip and potentially participate as well as meet people industry days from the government's perspective is about putting out to industry their plan on acquisition often it's around one particular opportunity or requirement that they have sometimes they'll get into several of them and say hey here's what's going on but either way it's their way of briefing industry about their organization some of their challenges goals etc and then the acquisition life cycle that they expect for a particular opportunity they also want to engage industry and hear what their feedback is as they're going through these acquisitions the larger the acquisition the more chance they'll have an industry day and um it's also a chance for the government to hear from small businesses if they think that they can do this work and maybe the government should set this aside to small anyways that's their reason for doing it for me um there's a lot of reasons on why you would want to do an industry day obviously the the first one is if you're interested in the requirement you want to get details but the one i want to talk about today is building relationships and so you want to find out where if you want to find out where the industry days are you can come into beta there's a lot of places that will give you the information this is one of them if you hit the home page on come here to contract opportunities and you can click on this little link search contract opportunities or you can kind of go this path up here on the search bar so i'm just going to click on search contact opportunities and i'll just put in some basic information this is always fun for me right now there's active active notices so many different reasons why the government is putting out a notice but there's 96 000 right now and um today is i think this sixth or seventh i have no real idea what day it is march 2021 but anyways let's come here i'm going to type in first thing i want to do is just filter it industry day this way now beta has its own version of doing this but i like doing it myself i just have more control and frankly their data is all all screwed up like if i look at this there's 19 000 opportunities that are active and that just doesn't make any sense there's not that many industry days and that's what i searched on so i'm going to keep coming down these filters are great to be able to let you go down here i'm just going to use update right if i if i start looking for industry days today then going forward i can sit there and get into a habit of seeing what's new every day right now i'm just going to say show me three months passed that's enough so when you select it you push this button filter and it went from nineteen thousand down to four thousand now the other thing is i'm only really interested in um well so here i'm gonna try to just change this a special notice and um when i click it it went from 4 000 to 486 which is an interesting thing um and now i'm going to come down here to the federal organization this one really matters to me i'm going to type in the navy and you want to type in your primary agency you can bounce around but really once you determine an agency you want to stick with it okay so i just found 81 results in here that's perfect i don't know if i'm going to see a lot of them in there but right off the gate you can see virtual industry day so i'm going to click on a couple of these and open them up in a new tab so that one interests me this one interests me submarine warfare platform as a service so it's i t let me see and and you know if you've done my things you know that i try to um aim for uh i.t related stuff virtual industry day for next uh small boat regular ball no i'll skip that one wednesday with the small business director might as well click that find out which area it is and notice the primes on pearl harbor i don't really care oh this one looks interesting cloud policy and strategic vision we'll see what happens that was just a couple of days ago so that's great let me pause there so now i'm going to come into each one of these opportunities there's several things i want to do first off if i've got nothing going on that day and my job is business development i'm going to sign up for this this event it depends on how long it is whether i actually stay the whole time but either way i'm still going to sign up for it let me zoom in a little bit here this this notice tells you a couple of different things right the first thing i'm looking for is that i missed the date uh so they've got stuff up there but i'm really looking right down here where's your industry day and a lot of you guys are faster than me there you go 24 march 20 uh 2021 so that's ahead of me um and that's perfect so i'm going to sign up for it i don't want to get into what the meat of this of this is because that's not the point of my video today but so i'm going to come back to the top again and just start looking at this so this is navair for the headquarters which is awesome now there is a strategic command within my strategic customer navy as an example right there's some basic details you should pay attention to i go really fast once i get used to this here they're talking about what they're what they're going to share and that um this is interesting podcasts are going to be here uh addressing industry this will be it really interesting for me right and and so this information is great when you're doing business development you're trying to learn about an organization and here they're giving you that information okay so then coming down here tells you how to register it's almost always with eventbrite no later than march 17th so you'll see me do that really quickly and the rest of this is neat what i'm looking for now is do i find a point of contact right so you already saw that i know how to register but are there points of contact and i'm looking in the paragraphs first that it's funny down here there's nothing here um this is fun for me because these guys are literally 10 minutes from my house so that's kind of convenient for me i sit on the water out here right next to pax river but i don't see any attachments that would have been nice um in there but anyways i'll sign up for this thing so you see the event i'm going to come over here and look at this one same thing and i'll just go through these a little faster now so this is navsea headquarters in dc um i'm going to come down here when's the date so virtual industry day april 7. perfect i'm going to do that um so this is this is one of their largest offices and it's iws what's iws peo integrated warfare systems oops um right there okay so that's perfect if i want to do one-on-one i can i'm not really overly interested in it at the moment mostly i want to register so here's my registration which is ironic i just said everything's eventbrite and here it is on zoom um so this one's kind of cool so it's coming down it looks like uh they're going to give me all sorts of um attachments when i get farther down and that's that's what i'm looking for and i'm also going to look for people's names right here's um an admiral's name that's a little high but it's it's good for me to be able to look at it um it's not a request for proposal i get that so here here's the agenda their current priorities the invite letter i'm going to read it but it's probably not that big of a deal but these current priorities are always useful let me see if it just opens up a tab because it it helps me make sure i'm tracking on their challenges et cetera well to just open it right in here in a browser for me whoa okay that's funny this is not a fairly this is like click bait current priorities this is not their current priorities this is every single thing they do um it's beautiful slide but you know this is this is not a priority slide that's that's not good um but that event is perfect so i'm two for two now i'm coming into this next one um common computing environment i'm not totally sure what it is uh the details of the of the um the folks but here here's a contracting officer right i can direct all contract uh questions to these people guarantee i'm gonna figure out a uh um set of questions now this particular one's cancelling the event but i can i can figure out a question it opens the door for me to be able to call in remember you're building relationships you don't want to waste their time but it's a perfect time to say to reach out for me to reach out to kurt or avery and say hey i was hoping to learn more and be able to introduce my company can i schedule a one-on-one introduction with you whatever it is at least now you got an email and perhaps down here you got a phone number too um let's just see how and where am i no no phone number but you got emails for both of those folks here's another one and i think you're seeing this the pattern here so here's spay war which is really interesting i'm assuming this thing's going to be over because speedwar's nav war is now called navborn that's been like that for a year um let me see what it's got this is okay so this is interesting this is not an industry day this is um the q a from industry day that was held in october actually now that i think about it i might actually have gotten this document navwar has an e-commerce site and so they dump all their information in there and then here i've got a point of contact i can track it as i'm building my own points of contact i can look at it let me look at these last couple and see which kind of so this one's a different kind of an industry day i don't know what the details are yet but it says uh wednesday with the deputy for small business for wear napsy wharf or uh underwater where um i guess it'll tell us a little further so keyboard okay um so here it's an opportunity to meet with the deputy small business which is funny because personally i would just call them up and schedule any regular meeting um okay so this is this is where they're trying to schedule some time and maybe talk about uh particular next codes that they're doing i don't really track on this um i look down here and i see that you know here's a couple of my nakes and this is the um 330 is seaport next gen for anybody's in the navy but anyways i'm looking at this what i really could use is there david waltz there's his phone number and thing and and i'm assuming this is another small business specialist but he's the deputy so now i have his information i would just call him directly and and say hey can i set up an intro call and absolutely he will um he's he's very interested everybody's really interested in talking to smalls okay so here's another one from nav war which is for some reason still being called spay war um that's funny this is an example of beta sam must must be delayed in updating their stuff so i'm going to come down here i'm looking for the date again so march 25th so look at that i i think i got like four events just the top ones i did they're going to share their strategic vision on cloud policy um and and and there's a point of contact i wonder if they told me what that person's title is um they don't and um so anyways very quickly i came into sam i did this search just to remind you right i came in and i searched industry day and then i only said updated in the last uh three months this thing here i will probably save it as a search i did another video and i showed you how you can save a search just look at rfis well i would do the same thing here saying hey give me any updates for um for industry days so that way i'll start getting an email every single day into my inbox that will tell me what was updated yesterday that's uh so now i'm in a rhythm and if you track this and every single day you're looking at what was changed in the last 24 hours you'll never miss an industry day again and unless you want to right if you choose not to do it so put in industry day is what i did i said the last three months i chose my department of navy actually when i'll do this offline i'll probably set it up for dod dhs and hhs those are the three largest spending agencies that equal 70 or something in the federal budget if i if i focus in there i'm looking at the bulk of the government um spending and and that's perfect for me and then the last thing i did is i chose special notice um because that typically is how these are coming out as uh industry days are coming out as special notice that's it um if you found this content valuable others will too please give it a thumbs up so they can find it if you'd like to connect with me personally talk about any of this definitely do so on linkedin we often do free training webinars and interview federal buyers go ahead and sign up for the govcon chambers email list to be notified about those opportunities right here at and the last thing please consider becoming a sustaining member of the govcon chamber of commerce help us keep bringing you great content like this for a dollar a day i'm neil mcdonald wishing you great success

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