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E-sign Medical Services Proposal in West Virginia

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Document type sign terms of use agreement west virginia now

hey guys this is tyler with green health docs and today i'm going to take you step by step on how to register online for the medical marijuana program in west virginia as well as how to submit your application and attach your written certification that will be issued by your certifying physician so to start you're going to go to any internet browser on your laptop device even your smartphone or using google chrome right now you're going to go to the website www dot emmas and mary e is an elephant d is in david c as in charlie a is an apple and is a nancy wv for west virginia of course dot org all right now here we are at the state website this is like the home page for the actual state registry for medical marijuana within west virginia it's ran by the health department of health and human resources we're going to scroll down a little bit here to the patient registration link and click this link and this is going to take you to the my complia external link to actually get into the registry and to start here it's going to give you the option to enter your email and password but we're going to go and register instead so to find this button you're going to go to the top right here and click register there's a warning here at the top that says to make sure that your information is completely accurate so for today's purposes of the training video we're just going to use an example information but when you're doing this just make sure that you verify your information because it does say you will not be able to edit it after you complete your account so to start here we're just going to enter an example name we're going to go ahead and use john smith and you're going to have to enter each of the uh you're going to enter information into into each of the fields that has the asterisks there so we're going to start with john smith there for the email we're going to use the email that we used for west virginia and green for greenhouse docs which is for the phone number we're going to use our call center number here at greenhealth docs so you can always give us a call at and for this um question here what type of application would you like to get started with you're going to want to hit individual and here at this part you're going to have to enter your social security number and confirm it as well as your date of birth for the purpose of this video we're going to enter a fake social security number for date of birth we're going to use today's date and we're going to put a date of 1990 just to make sure it meets the age requirements and we're going to enter a password here it says here to make sure your password is at least eight characters at least one uppercase one lowercase and one number so you make sure you follow that so you get that to go through the first time okay once you've entered everything you should see green bars under each of the fields to show that everything has been entered correctly and that everything matches go ahead and click the box that says you've read the terms and conditions um go ahead and open the terms and conditions and read those we recommend that definitely we've already done that here at green health docs but it's always recommended whenever you fill out any type of form online once you've read through that you can click the i'm not a robot box just to signify that you are indeed not a robot once you're done with that you can hit the register button now when you hit this register button it's going to automatically trigger a verification email to get sent to that email that you entered in there so make sure you have access to that email if you're ready to go and start the application right away we're going to hit the register button okay so as you can see the verification email has been sent to our account so we're gonna go and pop over to our email inbox and open that email and it does take some time sometimes and it seems like it's taken too long there's actually a button in here that you can click that says if you didn't receive your verification email please click here if you click this you have the option to resend that or you can just do that just in case all right it says the request has been received you'll receive a new verification verification email if the account is associated with this email address it looks like we did receive it that time so for some reason the first one to come through way to receive the second one so if for any reason you didn't that happens to you just make sure you click that link to get it resent and it should come right through to you but you're going to open this email and you're going to click the verify button this button is going to allow you to actually verify your account and actually initiate initiate your application so click verify here we are and now you can see the account has been successfully verified so now we can close out of that original window there and we can go and sign into our account and this is going to be that same information that you entered earlier so it's going to be the email you used to get registered the password of course is the one you created make sure you click the i'm not a robot once again this will allow you to sign it okay here we are sign into our account this is the home page for when you're in your patient portal for the state registry to actually start your application you're going to click this create new application button so to have your application started you're going to have to go ahead and see the doctor first you need to obtain your written certification from a licensed provider within the state ukraine health docs we have multiple providers who are really ready to do that for you we offer telemedicine services as well as clinics in huntington morgantown and martinsburg with more to come so once you do obtain your written certification from our provider you can log right back into your account here and you're ready to start your application and we're going to do that by clicking this button right here create a new application now you've multiple options here assuming that you're going to be a patient here doing this for yourself you're going to click the new patient registration button once you click this it's going to put a check mark on there and you're going to create the application here we are at the actual application itself you're going to have to enter some more information here much like you did the first time when you initiated the registration um just go ahead and enter this information just you did the first time um it will actually allow me to go through this application while entering it so i'm just gonna go ahead and show you what needs to be entered without entering it so just make sure you don't miss any of the fields that have this asterisk here that means it's required so you need your last first name last name date of birth social security number you need to verify that you're a resident and verify that you're at least 18. you don't have to put your race there definitely put your phone number there's an asterisk there and make sure you put your email as well once you've entered all information and verified that it's correct you're going to click the save and next button this will move on to the next stage in the application the next piece of information you're going to enter is going to be your contact information this is going to be where enter your street address your city county just everything associated with your actual physical street address address verified after you enter it click the verify address button and this will automatically check to yes for you to show that it's been verified if your mailing address is the same as your street address you're welcome to click this copy from street address button to simplify things for you if it's not make sure you put the correct mailing address this will be used to possibly mail your card if they happen to do physical cards once they start issuing those once again you're going to hit the verified address button on this one make sure it goes to yes and then once you're completed everything and you've verified everything is correct hit save and next this information will be actually found on the physician written certification and it actually tells you right here that it will be found on that and it gives you a message right here so if you come to this stage and you're not really sure what information to put here you can actually reference the written certification that was issued by our provider you have your serious medical condition here um that's the only one that has an asterisk it looks like so you can move on to the next stage it looks like these won't be actually necessary down here you have more asterisks more fields with asterisks so you have to fill these in you have the first name of the physician last name license number work email phone number and once again you're going to find that all on the blank certificate or excuse me the physician written certification you have the street address of the the office of the provider you can find that on there as well once you've completed all the information and you verify it's come correct go ahead and hit save and next these are just going to be some simple questions they're going to ask you or you want to serve as a primary caregiver for the for the minor patient just make sure and complete all the questions with the asterisks once again um this one has one it looks like you can skip this one just make sure you complete all these and um if they're relevant to your situation you can just answer them correctly it looks like it's mainly just verifying the information's correct and if you're maybe going to become a caregiver for another patient so you just make sure you read all through all those questions and answer them correctly pertaining to your situation once you've completed all that and you verified all the questions are correct you would click save and next once again and this is going to take you to one of the last steps of the application so for this stage you have to upload three documents first thing is going to be a digital photo and this is a passport style photo if you click this eye that's what this will tell you this this i stands for information this is to help you when we say password style photo it needs to be from your breastbone up with an all white background this background needs to have no shadows or patterns anything like that on the wall so try to make it as just plain white background as you possibly can you also need to have no hat or head wear on whatsoever and no glasses um so that's pretty much the criteria that would meet a passport style photo if you think you have that completed you would click the upload new button and you would select that document from your computer and then you would upload that and once you actually upload that you'll be able to click the document and view it to make sure you did indeed upload the correct photo we're going to upload the physician written certification a little bit later on just to show you what it looks like when you upload a document the next thing you have to upload is a proof of west virginia residency now if you want to get more information what criteria what meets that criteria you're going to click this i and this is going to take you to a link actually to the state website to another page on the state website that is so we're going to click this and i'll show you what this looks like here we are right here so this is basically just a page explaining what qualifies as proof of residency within the state of west virginia um and the main page you're going to be looking at right is right here acceptable proof documents and you're going to be looking at proof of west virginia residency documents click this and now this is what you're going to have to choose from a list of you need two documents from this list as you can see uh two precious west virginia residency um it can't be a po box it can't be um any recurring document more than 60 days it can't be a termination notice what we recommend basically is two separate documents from this list and need to make the make sure the photo has both documents within that photo because you're only be allowed to upload one one file for this just make sure you have both proofs within that photo with your address and with that type of document clearly what it is on there so once you think you have your documents ready to go you can head back over to the my complia you can account out of that help screen there and once you have your file ready to go you can upload new and you can upload your file there once you've uploaded that you can skip down to the next part here which is physician certification this is what's actually going to be issued to you by your licensed physician here in the state of west virginia so this is going to have all the information that you put out back on this stage right here physician condition information so we're going to upload a blank one just to show you what this looks like so we're going to click upload new and then we're going to go to click this button and we'll get the blank certification we're going to open that up and once you see that popped up there populated with the name you're going to click this upload button down here in the bottom right corner you'll see the bar go across showing that it's working for you you'll get a notification showing that a document was uploaded successfully and to view that document all you have to do is click the name and you'll see it listed here and you have an option to delete it to update this document and to download the document and i believe you just click it it will show you what exactly you uploaded here so give it a little second to load here we are so this is the physician certification for qualified patients so this is what we just uploaded this is a blank version if you're not familiar with this this is what's going to be issued by your certifying provider so it's going to have your information here what you qualified for if you have a caregiver if you're under age of 18 that information won't be there any limitations if any this usually won't be necessary this usually won't be required um so we do have our doctor's information on here that one of our providers here at green health docs uh so this will be an example of the information they'll have on there and like i said you'll be able to take this information that you see right here and add it right to the conditional list on greenhealth docs excuse me on the state registration so if you keep going down here um it's going to show that the physician signed everything here and there we go that's the with the entirety of the physician certification looks like so we're going to close out of that so next up we're going to click the save and next button this will take you to the last stage of the application all right so for this part you're actually going to have to mail in your payment to the state of west virginia and it does so here that you're going to have to include your legal first name and last name and application reference number in the minimum line of the check so it does say that it looks like it's only a check but they also do accept money orders um so basically you can do a mail payment but it has to be a check or a money order so after you're ready to go you just click save and next now this information is obviously going to tell me that i have some errors here because i entered some blank information there but this is basically the last part here we're able to review your application and make sure you ever that everything you entered was indeed correct we definitely recommend that um we don't want your application to get denied because then you'll have to resubmit a new one most likely and that will definitely put a hold up on your application process in general so we definitely recommend reviewing this one last time before you submit it make sure everything's correct and then down here at the bottom you're going to find where you actually mail your payment to that's you're going to actually make it payable to wwvdhr and you're going to mail it to that right there and as you can see it is 50 we're not going to submit button today because obviously this was a fake aplication just for uh training purposes but obviously once you're all ready to go and you've reviewed everything you hit the submit button and that's going to actually send this to the state and that's going to start the review process and then make sure you uh get that submitted to the state with your payment in the mail as soon as possible we definitely recommend getting that sent over as soon as possible all right guys well that's pretty much it for the registration process and the application submitting process for west virginia want to reach us for any assistance you can reach us at 877-242-036 we're always happy to help you with the registration process we've had multiple people in our company go through it themselves as patients so we're very familiar you can also go to our website which i'll go and pull up for you that's going to be just like our name go and hit enter and you can actually book an appointment right on this website which is definitely the most convenient way absolutely you can sign up for our newsletter which we highly recommend as well we definitely love to keep our patients informed with any major updates within the states for example in west virginia um we're going to be keeping all of our patients up to date with when dispensaries open as well as reciprocity laws so that's definitely a good idea to get signed up for our newsletter and i was going to go and show you how to schedule if you would like to for west virginia we have telemedicine as you can see as well as in-person options and all you'd have to do is if you want to telemedicine just highlight over here go to west virginia and you would click that and you can actually schedule a west virginia telemetry appointment with green health docs right through our website or you can go to in person and hover over westford unit you can select one of our locations and you can look for an in-person visit with one of our providers as well alrighty so that's pretty much it for the registration process um if you have any questions or concerns uh feel free to reach out to that number i provided for you once again that was 877 and once again you also reach our website as well we look forward to taking care of you guys in west virginia thank you

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