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Industry sign banking arkansas form secure

[Music] what you guys got another video here for you in this one we're taking a look at how safe is your online banking practices now do you practice safe online banking now most people when they're banking online they will use their main PC now what happens if that PC gets infected or it has a man-in-the-middle attack earlier those sorts of things you've got anything embedded in your browser when you go to the browser and then open it up and go to your bank and login you have a major risk of having your dentist's identity cloned or copied or all your passwords and security passwords all copied and it's a high risk situation when you're accessing your bank online now much easier safer way is the way I'm going to show you right here you can go to a bunches website and download their ISO now if you want to use another type of Linux distro you can do whatever floats your boat a smaller version if you wish I'm just gonna download the latest version of Ubuntu here open to desktop now you want to keep this updated and redo this every so often to keep everything updated on that distro so as you can see here we're downloading this ISO here is quite a big ISO so better in my journey you have to do this once and once you've got this done you are going to need a flash drive as well so make sure you've got yourself a flash drive which you can then copy this onto and I'll show you how to do all of that process so here we have our ISO it's already done so next up what we're gonna do is go and get our piece of software which is going to allow us to create a bootable USB flash drive with Ubuntu on it now we're going to be using HS a free program to download and use this will create your bootable USB flash drive nice and easy and I've got that coming down there so as you can see I'm downloading HR right here in the bottom left hand corner once I've got that I can use this to create a boo-boo at USB media now if you haven't got a USB flash drive you can go to Amazon and type in a USB flash drive and search by brand if you wish or you can search by capacity or even search by speed and that's what I'm gonna do here so you want a pretty fast USB flash drive they're pretty affordable choose which one suits you I'll leave a link in the video description for a couple USB flash drives which are pretty useful and you can use those once you've got them you can then flash on the Ubuntu or the distro of your choice and in which you've got that you can in boot up to that and use your banking on there once we remove that we can then shut that down and it will be gone forever so this gone open up betcha here and create our booble USB flash drive with our chosen distro of our choice now this is Linux which means a lot of malware is not going to run on Linux itself so that is the reason why we use it for doing our banking now it's a bit of a pain that means you have to boot up to it but it's worth doing so you can see here inside we've got a bunch of other files which we can create images of I'm gonna select the a bunch of image which I've just downloaded I've chosen a bun too because it's pretty easy to use and it's always getting updated which means the browser's will be updated as well and that's the reason why I chose it so now we've got our USB flash drive plugged in and what I'm gonna do here now is click on the icon here to make sure there's the green tick so we know we're selecting our Drive we've got every image selected as well so click on here and you will see the green tick up here once we've done that we can click continue and it will tell you to just hit the flash button it'll give you a bit of an attention message here if you've got a larger Drive I'm not too worried about that I'm just gonna click continue and this will in a flash drive with Ubuntu or any other sort of Linux distro that you've chosen to use if you wish to use a smaller distro you can do like Puppy Linux or Linux light or something like that there's plenty of them out there to choose from so choose your flavor and go with whatever one you want so as you can see here this is starting to flash the USB flash drive it does take a bit of time so be patient I will speed this process up you can see here estimated time is around about five minutes but I'm not going to wait that long so I'll just quickly speed this up for you so you don't have to sit there and watch it flashing the USB flash drive with Ubuntu it wouldn't go through the validating stage just to make sure it's all been copied across lovely and that is done and now we've got successfully done finished and complete so we know you can close this off and take this over to the computer that we want to boot into with our bun to USB flash drive so let's go ahead and do that and I'll show you how it works so basically pick up a computer of your choice you've got your USB flash drive it doesn't really matter it doesn't have to be your computer you can plug this to any computer as long as you've got permission and plug it in and boot up to your Linux distro and basically use the internet from there now the good thing about using this method is it means there'll be no malware running on the system if there was malware running on Windows operating system so you see I've just got a little keyboard here I'm just gonna choose whatever I want to do here if you were to go into the bias you can choose to go into the boss or you can choose to access the boot menu in this case mine is f11 sometimes they're f12 or other keys that you might have to push to get into the boot options so in this case we're just gonna power on it will tell you on the bottom of the splash screen here sometimes it's on the left sometimes it's on the right on this case it's on the right and sometimes it's in the middle of the bottom of the screen so I'm going to tap f11 and this will open up the boot options so I can now choose my USB flash drive I'm gonna be booting to UEFI send this Cruiser edge as you can see here I'm just going to use the cursor keys to select this and when I push enter on the keyboard it's gonna start to use the USB flash drive as my boot option push enter it come up with a black screen here don't touch it it says try it Linux Ubuntu just let it go to try and Linux Ubuntu we don't reinstall it we just want to try it and let it boot up to the live CD basically and you'll see a bunch of stuff coming up on the screen don't worry about that it's okay now once this is loaded up as you can see you should they are CD a boon to screen now don't worry you don't need to be and a linux expert to use a live CD all you're interested in is using the browser inside the live CD now remember this is loading into memory so it will be pretty slow but that's okay because we're only using it to access the browser and access our bank now the good thing is the internet will work via this method so it may go black screen here for a while just leave it and it will suddenly fire into the desktop so there we go so you're seeing this in real time I haven't edited the video to cut this out so that's how long it took to get to the desktop not that long at all and the good thing is it means that we now have full access to the internet from here we can safely open up a browser on an Ethernet connection preferably and basically go to the bank of our choice depending on what country live in will determine which bank you're going to be using once we open this up and log in our details none of the details will be stored on the computer because it's a live CD and basically when we shut this down all the information will be gone because it's only stored in memory so there's no risk of someone getting your information and your locking details via the browser if I boot it back up to the same computer with this live CD there will be no information stored from the previous login I would have to look in with my personal details now as you can see here on the bank and I can look in here with the safe knowing that there's no malware on the system one it's using Linux which means it's not going to be targeted for malware as much as say Windows is and of course I can now look into my browser look into my bank and basically do all my banking on here and then shut the PC down and walk away and know that no one is going to be able to get my details from the browser it's very safe and very secure it's probably the most safest and the security of doing banking online even on your own computer if there's any sort of infiltration to the system and there's some sort of malware lurking on the system maybe a man-in-the-middle keyloggers whatever it is they've got the chance of getting your information so never ever looking to do banking online by that method I wouldn't advise it I would always do this I've been doing this for many years and this is the way I do my online banking someone asked this question the other day and basically that's how I do it it's a lot safer and of course I can go from any sort of computer and know that it doesn't really matter if there was malware on that computer by booting into this live CD it's not going to cause any problems and it's safe to use because we're booting into memory once you finish you can go and power off it will shut down the system it will tell you to remove your USB flash drive as you can see here you just removed the USB flash drive and of course once you've removed the USB flash drive you can then power off the system so I'll just quickly remove that for for the video so you can see it there we go and all I need to do now is just push enter to power off the system and the system is now powered off now what I need to do here now is just boot back up and i can boot straight back into Windows and use Windows just as you'll see in here no problems at all now as long as you don't go to install Linux and you just use try Linux or boot to a live CD I'll leave a link down in the video description for all the live CDs for Linux you can choose your own flavor and go from there use this method to boot your USB flash drive I'll leave a link down there for USB flash drives you can use as well and it's going to be the safest way for doing your online banking ok so anyway that's gonna be about it for this video hope this been useful to you my name is Ben brown for brighter computes Dori case they safe out there guys and use this method to do your online banking I know it's a little bit more time consuming but it's safer okay especially when using windows bye for now now if you haven't subscribed yet hit the red subscribe button and hit the bell notification button and click all to be notified when we upload new videos [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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