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How to document type sign profit sharing agreement template california

all right everybody what's going on what's going on this your man grip um get right on into this here tonight today this evening whatever time you're looking at this video i'm going to be doing um dot presentation i'm just going to go over a set of documents i've been trying to find time to actually just look a little janky there i've been trying to find time to like sit down and do a mock document presentation um between doing the signings and talking with notaries helping them out i honestly haven't had time to really sit down and do that so this weekend started yesterday saturday today sunday when i'm doing this video i just sat down and said okay let me just pull up a document um i found one from like two years ago and i said let me just modify that document for y'all and everything so that and then just go through it because one of the things that i've been hearing repeatedly is notaries saying well i would go out and i would take an order but i don't know where the sign is supposed to sign i don't know where i'm supposed to sign and to me i'm like that's not that difficult because it's clear if you've done a loan before um your own loan any kind of loan application it has where you are as the borrower supposed to sign so it shouldn't be hard for anybody to notice that oh they signed here and keep in mind the loan company is not going to make it difficult for them to sign by hiding or making it cryptic where the sign is supposed to sign ninety percent of the documents you're going to be able to figure out not even just figure it out you're gonna see this is where they need to sign um at least 98 of the time the other two percent there are a few occasions where they just have a line and they don't have anybody's name there but it's clear that they need to sign it because at the top of the law at the top of the document it has their name so ninety percent of the time is clear as day two percent of the time you might have to put a little bit of thought power behind it but 100 of the time there's going to be a spot for them to sign that's 100 of the time um and on the off chairs that that 100 down to 99 then you just have them sign the document as long as their signature is on there um and i will say there have been a maybe two times where i saw a document that was in there and it wasn't even a part of the loan it wasn't even a loan doc it was just some document that they had in there that they needed them to sign and it was like a statement that they made concerning something probably the underwriter wanted and they signed it um but they didn't have a signature line on that day but you can tell they you know they needed them to sign it or there was instructions for them to sign that stating that they saw this document and yep this document is my statement that i gave via email so it still stands 100 of the time you're gonna there's gonna be a spot for them to sign on those documents they may not have to sign every single page but whatever page they need to sign it's going to be a spot for them to sign it's that simple um i know that the document presentation is the number one thing that most notary trainers teach you to do and i've come to the conclusion that here's what's going on and i'm gonna get to the documents in a second but what's going on is that when you take training with the nna they teach you the proper way to notarize the documents when you take training with these notary trainers or loan signing trainers and it don't matter who okay it really really doesn't matter who what they are typically teaching you is how to do document presentation and how to run a notary or a loan signing business and they're going to defer and refer you to who the national notary association for your state specific ways of notarizing so in our essence you're really not getting trained in some cases on how to properly notarize the documents which is what you're there for okay you're there for to notarize the documents the loan company did not bring you in specifically to say here we want somebody that can present the documents we need somebody who can you know show them where the escrow breakdown is and someone can show them where the origination fee is that is not why they got you there they got you there to ensure that they signed those documents correctly and for you to notarize them which is your purpose okay period that's why the nna calls us what notary signing agents because we're there to do notary work over and above the loan signing concept or idea that a lot of people are pushing you can call yourself whatever you want but when you really look at it if the notary trainers or loan signing trainers are really they're training us how to do document presentation how to run a a notary or a loan signing business but they're deferring us to the nna for state-specific and proper ways of notarization or telling us we need to take the notary essentials course from the nna i would prefer to call myself a notary signing agent because at the end of the day that is what i'm there to do period another thing and this is something i've been asking um as i've been talking to probably about four or five notaries this weekend when you do your document presentation however you may do it whether a deep dive document presentation whether a simple straight to the point just giving them the title of the document or what a medium one where you give them the title of the document and you just give them a brief like hey this year is the title of the document and you read a paragraph or maybe a few lines of sentence or you give a summary of it or however you do it ask yourself this now well i'm asking you this so you ain't got to ask yourself i'm asking you this at each time you at that loan closing doing your document presentation how many times is the signing company or title company present with you to see you do that how many times how often do they see you actually do the document presentation i've done over 900 signings probably about 9 30 9 40 right now and there has not been one time through a signing company now of course if you're direct you might be in an office with them and they might see you but we're going to stick with the signing companies and even still some of these direct companies because not every time you do a signing you're going to be going into an office so any signing that you've done outside of an office have they really been watching you and seeing you do your document presentation of the loan package the answer is no when will any of these loan signing companies you in texas there in california are they sending somebody there to watch you and to ensure that you present meaning verbally present and say such and such about the documents prior to the person signing when you're doing it when you're doing the loan closing the answer is simply no they're not so if they're not watching you present the documents how would they know that you're good at what you do how would they know how would a how will a signing company how will a title company how will a loan officer know that you're any good at doc at your job of doing the closing they won't because they don't watch you they don't see you and you can't really and you can't say what about what if they do a quality control check the the signer will will tell them will they will i mean will they really tell them that oh yeah griff he presented the documents and he said this and he explained that all they want to do is get the thing done to make sure they're getting their money back and all of that that's it how will a signing company know that you did your job well what is the one way that they will know and at this point many of you already answered that question to yourself the only way that a company would know that you did your job well is when they get the documents back and all the signatures are there and you notarize it correctly there's that's the only way that anybody would know that you did what you supposed to do what is it that i'm supposed to do get the document signed properly and notarized properly this past week i received several phone calls from notaries who from based off of listening to them and talking no issues presenting the documents very confident in doing that however they made some errors in the notorious sections that had they not called somebody and in this case that somebody was me but had they not called anybody or talked to somebody they would have sent back those documents with the notorious area completely incorrect that's just the truth of the matter and we talk and they know the mistake that they made for whatever reason they misunderstood something so that's when i got to thinking i said the only way a company's going to know you did any good or your worth have some kind of value that what you're charging was worth you charging that and them paying it is when they get the documents back in their notarized properly and if you are not notarizing the documents properly the company is not the signing company they're not going to give you a pass because they say well you know what hey we get it you forgot to stand through the documents it's no big deal don't worry about it we good because you did a good job at presenting the documents you knew them documents and you was able to break them things down and when the signer had a question you was able to answer that question and you didn't have to call us and you know you showed a bank of bank of bank of bank even though you didn't know even though you didn't stamp three of the documents even though you printed your name where it said notary republic you didn't sign your name like you're supposed to but that's okay because you presented the documents well where it said um acknowledged before me on this date by should have been jon jones and james jones after dubai you put your name you said this document was this foregone instrument was acknowledged before me on this day by steven griffin not the person who actually signed the document you put the wrong person's name in the acknowledgement area for who actually signed the document but that's okay you presented the documents very very well and we're not going to deduct your paper we're not even going to ask you to go out there and fix that man please what you get in trouble with is not so much the only time let me back it up and back the only time you get in trouble with your document presentation is if you start running off at the mouth and saying something that will cause the signers to not sign think back on the nna exam when you see stuff in there talking about interest rates and you start running off it in the mouth about interest rates you start running off at the mouth about terms you start giving your own opinion you start saying dot dot dot stuff that you really shouldn't be saying that's when you get in trouble because the signer turned around and said you know what yeah we got this three day right to council that notary said something about he saw with the same company that somebody got a 1.9 interest rate and they're giving us a 2.3 now i want to i want the 1.9 i want to know why you couldn't give me the 1.9 you know what then i'm canceling along forget y'all i'ma go somewhere else you cause them to lose money that's when you get in trouble with your document presentation and there are notaries out there who have done that they have ran off at the mouth about the loan about their what they've seen what they've heard and it has gotten them in trouble so if you notarize correctly no errors but you run off at the mouth and call somebody to say you know what i don't want this loan because the notary said that they saw a 1.9 or 1.7 and there is a 1.7 not i've heard about it and i've seen a 1.8 nah um i don't want this and then you you they lose the business that'll get you in trouble but besides that let's say you keep your mouth quiet you don't do anything the only thing that can really get you in trouble is if you don't notarize the documents properly you don't have them signed the documents properly you don't have them date the documents when they're supposed to date it that is the thing that becomes an issue so i said all of that because this past week that is what i've been hearing been hearing it loosely over the last couple of weeks but most definitely this past week people have not been notarizing documents correctly they have not they're still not stamping because they don't see the word stamp or seal next to the name where they sign um some notaries have actually because it didn't say signature at the notary public line so it has no republic and i'm going to show you an example in the documents i'm going to be presenting to you it says signature and then there's a line and under the line it says notary republic and because it did not say signature on the next notorious acknowledgement area even though it said no to republic but it did not say signature some people did not sign a will not sign and they just print their name there that is not what we're supposed to be doing we're supposed to be signing and again these people have taken training from a variety of sources so it's not a thing of they didn't take training they took training but if your focus is on the document presentation aspect and not the actual loan closing y'all i don't know why all day my throat's been good and as soon as i get on here talking with y'all it wants to act up i'm serious i have not caught none today i've been good don't drop down on a recaller all right not getting paid for saying that okay so that is what's been going on so i'm going to show y'all this document that i've redacted um changed the names in it all of that kind of stuff um change the address so the address you see the name you see all of that is fake if you see your birth date the birth date is fake all of that stuff is fake okay so that's the way it is all right so this is a loan document and just going over the document fake address john q public that's not a real person if it is sorry john um so in some documents you'll have the line of credit now one of the things that throws people off is this right here where it says two is blank well that's the bank that is more like that's going to be to the bank that they are closing the credit line out and then the loan number they will fill that out now if for some reason the signer or you have issue with that being blank then you can just contact them and say hey do we need to fill this out i want to put the information in there and they'll tell you either yey or nay majority of the time they always tell me said no this is just them signing this acknowledging that they sing this now this is a one-person document so it's only going to be one signer now as you see and this here and this here is a standard like a business letter this is basically a business letter with the title the date the two um the subject all of that kind of stuff this lending bank this is really the from so they will be whoever the lending bank is the subject address the property the loan number all that kind of stuff and then is telling them hey dot that dot closing this stuff out all of that and then the person signs it okay they signed it and then they dated line of credit close out so if i'm presenting this document i say here's your line of credit close out and here's and i'm gonna share with you this the way i'm gonna be talking about these documents from a new notary standpoint you just got the documents 30 minutes before your signing you haven't had a chance to look them over they're paying you 175 to get this done because it has to close the day normally they pay 85 they got to get this thing done because the other notary that was supposed to do it got sick backed out didn't show whatever the case may be and now they're asking you to get it done because you live 15 minutes from them and they said we can we need you now or you live 45 minutes from them and all of the notaries who they prefer to use are not available so they go down the list you have responded earlier in the day yeah i can do this order they didn't pick you and now they're looking through all the people who responded you're next on the list all right time for you to get off the bench pull your warm-ups off let's get in the game ad hit some threes so you don't have time to go through this the way i would present it is how you doing mr public this here is your line of credit close out this is them doing the um attention to payoff department so they're paying off your existing mortgage or any other lines of credits that you may have please feel free to read over the document and if you have any questions just ask me and if i'm able to answer them i will if i can if i don't know the answer off the top of my head because as a notary i'm limited in what i can share with you we can get the loan officer on the line okay thank you um griff no problem that's the that's that document now affidavits anything that's the affidavit needs to be notarized it has up here the property title number i delete all that you do all of that and then it says here to be filled in person by the seller or borrower and here's a whole her own handwriting so they ought to fill this out as this state in their own handwriting um the indemnity and affidavits as to the debt liens possessions continuous marriage all of that and if there's multiple parties you can use a separate form for each one and then you do the um swear in however your state says and then they this year says they appear personally known to me to be the person whose name is subscribed here too and upon his or her of the poses and says that no proceedings in bankruptcy or receivership have been instituted by or against him or her and that the marital status of the affirmative has not changed since the day of acquisition of say a property and represents the purchaser and the lender in this transaction that there are none of this stuff here below they're basically saying and i don't read all of this to them i'm just telling straight up at some time this is affidavit and the overall arching concept for this document this year indemnity and affidavit that's the debt celling's possessions and continuous marriage is stating that you are content you've been continuously married if it's a couple since the day of the acquisition of the property and represent to the purchaser and to the lender in this transaction that there are that basically there are no legal issues with the property you don't have any unpaid desks you don't have any kind of judgments you don't have any labor or materials and i tell them i said that's all i say and then i say please read over the the rest of this and if there are no if this is not applicable you're good there are no unpaid debts and if you can say there's no unpaid debts for this stuff it's no if there are then you need to list who the creditor is that's why they're doing it in their own handwriting you list who it is and the approximate amount that you owe them that's simple no loans judgments federal state liens child support judgments no there aren't any boom any labor materials dot dot there are none if there were it would print them down there legibly and then this year says about they agree to pay on demand to the purchasers the lenders or title companies that that dot whatever else they read all of that if everything's good to go then they sign they date and if the content down here if this is your acknowledgement area is what your state requires then you use it if not if this isn't the right verbiage for your state then you reach out then you get a um all-purpose acknowledgement in this case a giraffe and you attach it so you don't use this they sign and date it but then you use the proper acknowledgement or juror it goes that has a proper verbiage for your state simple okay survey for special i mean um affidavit for special survey coverage again another affidavit that needs to be signed by them and that you need to notarize and then now some people will do one swear-in for everything some people do want a swearing for each one whatever your state requires you to do that's what you do i'm not going to tell you how to do all of that i'm not even going to say what the language is that is your responsibility to figure that out and then push come to shove you always can reach out to the nna that's why instead of paying somebody 250 a month for mentorship put that money in to spend paying a full membership with the nna so that they can be available to you on the hotline and answer you some questions and for about 200 you can have a four year membership with the nna so borrow a full age being duly sworn into poses and says that we reside at the described property above we are the owners of the said property and the said property is not subject to this land contract and all of that and that there are no other tenants except sometimes it might be an investment property and then they put the tenant's name down there and then to talk about here there's no one no judgments or commerce sense that we are unaware so meaning we do not know of any of this stuff then this here is saying there have there has not been any disputes with any neighbors with respect to any structures or property lines so they're attesting affirming f of david that there is no issues so simply put this affidavit of for special survey coverage is again just stating that there are no legal issues and there's no property disputes with the property please read through each one of the statements and if if the answer is if you can agree that these are this does not is not applicable to you then you will sign in date number six they have to put when they purchase the property they've owned the property since whatever date some people don't know that exactly day of the month or like six to twelve or whatever so you can ask them please put down the month of the year if you want you can actually go into zillow and look it up and zillow a lot of times we'll have it in there number seven is if the person's spouse has passed on and then they can fill this out appropriately if not you just leave it blank they sign they date and now notice in here it says seal a lot of notaries if they see this oh i need to seal if that word is not there they won't stamp if you are filling this out as the affidavit or the other knowledge you need to sign and stamp it the nn4 is for the state that you're in most people right here will say wait a minute i can't notarize this because the state and county isn't down there it's on the document up here it is on the document up here so the state of the county of is right there and then boom sometimes it'll be down here sometimes they put it up there and sometimes it will be in both locations if you are concerned you can attach your all-purpose acknowledgement or jiret so that you can have it the way you believe it should be okay this here that the arizona missions the bottom line is simply this arizona missions is this person agreeing to cooperate with the title escrow lender or agent or whoever if there's clerical errors or any other type of corrections or things that have been omitted and they need to be fixed so they are all right they are saying you have as it says here um oops sorry about that 15 days from the date of said request to reply or to comply they have to comply so the undersigned borrower agrees to comply with the infidel the above noted request within 15 days of the day from the date or said request so all this here is arizona missions and compliance agreement you're agreeing to work with them to fix anything that has been clerically wrong or anything that has been omitted that's it you don't have to read this whole thing to them you don't have to give them some kind of history behind this document at all and then they sign and date it this is agreement to pay escrow all this document is simply saying if for some reason the lender did not give the existing or the current company that's coming up the proper information on unpaid taxes and sewer charges and all of that kind of stuff and if they told them hey for basically here's all the fees and the fees come out to five thousand dollars and in this case this company closing usa is the title company or the closing company and then they go to pay those fees and then come to find out there's an additional two thousand dollars that needed to be paid you're going to as it says here hold them harmless and you're going to cover that you're going to make sure that those things get paid so if there's money that needs to get paid you the borrower is going to ensure that it gets paid because if the existing lender did not properly give the title company or closing company the right information in order for them to pay the bills or pay that escrow and those closing costs correctly you are responsible because it's your loan this your property okay that's all this is the way i would say it this is your agreement to pay escrow if there's any money if there's any shortages of what needed to be paid for closing you're going to be you're responsible for ensuring that those things get covered simply put and then you ask them to read that and they can read this now let me stop here if for some reason your signer or signers start talking about let me come back to y'all for a moment if they start talking things like explain this to me what do you mean sir what am i signing here what is this document it is the um agreement to pay the escrow what if what are you talking about i thought y'all was taken again i thought it what you need to do is encourage them to read the document sir please read the document please read the document so you can understand what it's talking about and after you read the document if there's anything you do not understand please share that with me and then i can make a determination of how i can answer that or whether i can answer that or if we need to get the loan officer on the phone one of the things people tend to do is they will think that you are an employee of the loan company and you are not so what i tend to do is i ask them to read the document for themselves to ensure that they have an opportunity to understand it if they read it and they still don't understand then instead of trying to explain stuff because they may understand certain things but not and not something else then the question is okay well what don't you understand sir ma'am please communicate to me what you don't understand about what you just read well i just don't understand none of it okay if you don't understand any of it let me get the loan officer on the phone so y'all can discuss this and that they can help you understand it now for some notaries you're like nah i'm gonna break it down to a moment do what you want to do i'm be honest with you do what you want to do one of the things that i have experienced there has never been a loan officer that has up got upset with me fussed at me questioned me about why i was contacting them concerning their client because most of the loan officers always tell the client hey going to closing if you have any questions or any concerns give me a call because that guy don't know or that lady that loan officer does not know who i am and they don't know how i'm going to come in there and what i'm going to say or what i'm going to do so i come in there and i started talking some some crazy stuff they called me because i'm independent of the process i don't work for any of them so i don't know what's been going on with this loan for the past two three four months that they've been working on it so the loan officer wants to ensure that his people aren't getting swayed away from signing so case in point last week had a signing get there they the lady was going off started going off over 30 cents 38 change in the closing disclosure what she was given what i had presented to them had a 38 change on one line item then she found a dollar change item and then another change item stuff to where what she was paying was higher on her document was now lower on the one that i gave her what's going on reached out to the loan she reached out to the loan officer he didn't answer them he didn't pick up the phone they got voicemail i said well let me give them a try i started texting them saw a text string come up that i've already been communicating with this loan officer before i texted them say hey this grifter notary yes i say that i say this is griff the notary for so-and-so they have questions concerning the closing costs can you please call them within 30 seconds he was calling them they put him on speaker and i always ask them to put them on speaker if they don't and the reason why so that i can hear what the loan officer is saying because when you listen to what the loan officer is saying and how they break stuff down that's how you garner some real knowledge and information about the document that's why i prefer to refer to the loan officer than me trying to be the one to be the the oracle of knowledge concerning these loan docs because i don't know what they've discussed i don't know what the terms and conditions are surrounding this loan so i put it back on the loan offer and not even really putting it back because that's his role or her role anyway now will a signing company or title company get upset with you for calling and asking questions yeah because they want you to look they want it to look like you 100 know what you're doing and there's no issues there's no concern there's no hiccups but i've never had a loan officer fuss at me text me get on me for referring or deferring to them after they got all that stuff straight told them what was deal the long next thing i know i get a text message mr loan officer saying hey thank you for the help appreciate it and he said i remember we worked together before on another one i said yep i remember you sir too glad to work with you can't wait to work with you again so now that loan officer knows that out of all the notaries in this area if i ever have a problem if there's ever a concern or problem with the paperwork or with the signers they know that if griff is involved they're going to get the right response they're going to have me contact them and not try to sit here and finagle it myself okay so i defer to them and if they have any questions i say explain to me what you need to know excuse me or what you don't know well i just don't understand why this document is in here i mean what is this document here for okay i'm not i'm not here to express you know break down the history of it sir if you really need to know the reason why this document here the purpose i mean do is it something in the document that's making you concerned are they making you iffy about signing the loan do you not want to sign the loan what is it what is the concern well i mean i mean i just see this document i just don't understand the purpose of it or why it's here now at that point you can try to rectify calm them down try to come up with something that will be acceptable to them but the concern i have is that they take if they're already taking the stuff incorrect they're not getting it and then i try to come with an explanation and i've had people do that like i tried in the beginning we'll try to explain what the reason for this document is because well but that still don't make sense to me and then it got worse so i said you know what loan officer title i said well how about you give your loan officer a call now someone they get to a point where i don't really want to call them i just want you to answer it and there are some notaries i mean some sign i mean that's some signers that are very difficult and and semi-difficult and lightly difficult and that will put all the illness back on you like well i mean you're the notary so you work for this company right so just explain it to me no i don't work for them oh you don't no i am not an employee of them and what's your role in all of this my role is to present the documents to you and presentation can be either detailed lightly detail or just the title of the document my job is to ensure that that you present you the documents bring the documents to you present them to you and ensure that you sign these documents correctly and that you and that i notarize them correctly so that your loan can be processed in time if you have questions about why who whatever and you can ask me any question but if i don't understand it then i'm gonna have to defer to the loan officer to ensure that you get he correct answer that you desire then they're like oh okay cool and yes i can set the tone in the beginning tell them all of that but there are signers who don't listen who don't care and they're going to demand that you ask them they want some scientists want people to read to them they want some people to just pander to them and you have to be on guard for all of that and then there's just some signers that like to pick with notaries they used to be a notary themselves and they like to pick they used to work in the mortgage industry and they like to pick that's that's out there so moving on privacy policy simply put talks about how to ensure that um how to what um information they collect and how they protect your privacy their signature now this document here is some information sheet that comes from the title company or the closing company and a lot of times they stick this all the way in the middle now in this case it's at page seven but this was 132-page document and i took out all of a lot of the um on non-pertinent stuff for as closing instructions and all of that this document is always pushed like almost to the end of the document i mean on the other document the loan packet so when i do a closing usa and there's nothing wrong with this company at all nothing at all i'm serious nothing at all and i really do like their documents um a whole lot i pull this document out and then i have them fill this out and what i tend to do is i'll have them while they're filling this out i'll be doing the the patriot act and i will get the patriot act done while they're filling this out and if i haven't had time to prep the documents then i will go through and get like the signature affidavit set up and all of that i'll put my dates in there and everything and then once they do their signature then i'll sign it and stamp um sometimes i'll go ahead on and start um you know predating or you know dating um the other acknowledgements that are in the document because this will take probably depending on the coupling and what information they need they have to put on here which we see it could take them 10 minutes to do it really could because they don't remember all the places they live if they're military and they've been in multiple places for like two years or three years well and they need 10 years worth that's going to take a while they got to look and addresses up all of that kind of stuff so i pull this up to the front after i collect the ids and put it in my law book then i do this and i get them to do this next okay affiliated business arrangement all this here is a list of companies that are part of the process and the range of fees that they normally charge that is it that's all this is now here's what's kicking here's the kicker this also has been tearing up some notaries they look at this document and then they get down here to the bottom and it says borrow it just says borrow and some people won't have them sign this because it doesn't have the name there they're like the name not there sometimes let's see if i can do this sometimes on these documents especially on um on documents like this they will they will just have a line there and no name at all no borrower cobar nothing so that can sometimes happen um that can sometimes happen in these documents now how do you say well who's supposed to sign here at the standard business letter at the top it says john q public and it may say jnq public they both need to sign this these are title documents these are documents that's coming from the title company now here's where it gets tricky and i know this video is going to be long so please bear with me y'all if she's not on the loan or he's not on the loan if somebody's not on the law meeting on the on the note or the promissory note you may still see their names listed here as borrower even though they're not responsible for the loan on the title documents sometimes they don't say borrow slash cobar and then down here they just say barcode bar or borrower and non borrower they don't sometimes they won't they won't denote that on these title documents if that person's name is up here they need to sign at the bottom if there's questions about it you contact the title company the closing company whoever documents whoever created the document and you ask them hey they have concerns about signing this document because they're not on the loan but you have them listed here as a borrower and i contact them we discuss it out basically they're going to tell them this is a title document this is just want to make sure that you acknowledge that you sing this because your name is on the mortgage yes you're not a borrower you don't owe the money for the house but this is just through our standard form and this is just the way our form is so they're not gonna they're basically saying they ain't gonna change it just for that so they have to sign that then this document here is okay somebody's okay somebody's in the hospital okay hold on i'm sorry y'all y'all know i i got you know one of the notaries just contacting me sitting there in the hospital so okay okay sorry about this y'all i you know thanks for the day what i can do all right um yeah person up there in michigan one of the one of us one of our notary subscribers and all of that so um okay so this is the um alter statement american landtime association settlement statement simply put all i do is say this is the debit side of everything that needs to be paid this is the credit side of the money that you're borrowing to pay the debit side and then down here at the bottom is the difference between the two of money coming to you or from you okay all right thank you for letting me know yeah you know so this is the money coming from you or to you or there's no money owed on either end now with this document a lot of people will get deep into this and break things down talk about discount points interest prepaids all of that kind of stuff i i don't go into all of that the impound is another word for escrow and then they start breaking all of that down i don't do all of that i'm just being real with you i don't because most a lot of the people they just read it for themselves they read this document for themselves and i don't sit here and say well here's the settlement fee here's the title fee here's a disc feed i don't do that okay i really don't do that i don't go in here and break this stuff down and spend five ten minutes covering each and every single line item a lot of this stuff is covered by the loan officer with them on the closing disclosure and that's i'm just making sure she's okay so people will go through that and on on the title on the young closing disclosure is where they cover a lot of that with them sometimes they'll give them the altar but typically they will give them just this closing disclosure and now i've been hearing signers saying they've been looking at these documents online before i even get them so a day before whatever they actually see this and then they will sign here and date now this jane public i just put that there that that's somebody else that was um i think the closer so i should have put a different name there so the u.s patriot act another document that is getting notaries in some hot water because the notaries are having the signer the borrower sign down here and print the name and this is for you and only title they want a lot of people fuss back and forth about whether it should be a notary or notary signing agent or a loan signing agent most companies ask just to put notary i mean that's who you are the person who did this is the notary whatever title you want to put is up to you the most important thing is that you sign it you date it you put your name you put some kind of title and this information up here is properly filled out and in this case as it says we require one primary form of identification for each borrower to comply with section 326 of the act of what act the u.s patriot act sometimes they'll say two whatever they ask for you make sure it gets done and i love it when they only want one since 2000 20 they've been really just asking for one some companies still want to it's that simple this is not for them to sign this is for you this is not for them to fill out this is for you period you don't notarize this there's nothing for you to notarize i've only seen one time where they had the borrower signed and they had an acknowledgement statement on the um us patriot act and i still don't understand why they did that and they may have done that to ensure that the notary signed the document because the notary probably been wasn't doing it and then signature affidavit now down here it says witness by witness my hand in official seal so most notaries say oh i need to put my seal they see signature oh i need to sign here i believe that some of these companies they're putting signature on certain documents to ensure that the notary signs it in cursive and not print their name that's what i believe but it says here all of this here's the verbiage for virginia i believe yeah this year should suffi i believe this suffices for virginia because it has their name in there all of that we good shouldn't be too many questions about this they sign here they date there and as and as you should be able to see it's clear where the people are to sign it's not hidden it's not cryptic it's not well i need to figure out where they need to sign and i still don't understand why people keep saying that that they need to figure out what they need to sign and i'm like okay if you took some kind of training and you're saying that you can't figure out or you don't know where they need to sign then i'm then then then you're gonna be in trouble because it's not hidden where they need to sign they're not going to make this difficult and i'm not belittling anybody i'm making trying to make anybody feel bad but it's just like okay why don't you know or why do you feel that you can't figure that out because it's clear now this is the deed of trust what i did with this is i only have the first page and this in the signature page where i have to they signed and i notarized all the other pages i took out um in virginia they called it deep trust sometimes they just say d well one of the two i forget which one but their name and then this here is the signature area borrower they sign county all of that then you sign and you date now if you notice and you put your expiration there is nothing over here that says seal stamp but you still put your seal you put your stamp there you still stamp it and a lot of notaries think that because there's nothing spoken over here that says stamp they don't have to stamp if you're filling this out and you're signing this you need to stamp this is the signature line because if the person if you know that they're supposed to sign this and it doesn't say signature why don't you think you need to sign this because it doesn't say signature it is to be in cursive that is what you're supposed to do and then you fill this out i've seen documents where notaries don't fill this out that's up to you or your state period but this here is the notorious acknowledgement area for the um d now as you see in this case they have put the names there what's been also happening is it says this foreground instrument was acknowledged before me on this date by and there would be no name there and the notary would think that they supposed to put their name there no you put the person up here who acknowledged it their signature there is acknowledge me and you're down here acknowledging that this person was the one who acknowledged it in front of you they acknowledge that dot dot dot on this date by not you them because this because it does not make sense to say the foreground instrument was acknowledged before me and to me is the notary on this february 14 2021 by steven christopher griffin iii and then our signing my name that doesn't make sense that is not you that is them period there's no questions about that you do not put your name after buy it is their name okay and then you sign it and then you stamp it this is a condominium um a lot of times you have this when there's like a homeowner association right here says owners association um so if there's a homeowners association it gives lists of covenants and agreements between the borrower lender and further covenants and all of that about the kind of you know about the homeowners association that's all this is and then they sign the data i mean if you can't find if you if you have you can clearly see i'm not being funny that's where they need to find it's not hidden it's not cryptic then this is assumability va loans are not assumable meaning people can't just take them over just because they have to go through a process or whatever i don't know what the process is don't care what the process is this loan is not assumable without the approval of the veteran affairs or is authorized agent that's all i say to them i say the loan this is your assumption letter basically saying that nobody can take over the loan without the va's approval and most people already know that because they've been told that over and over over and over again oh man sorry about that just a little tired and then they signed it now if you notice on these last couple there's no date field if there's no date field they don't date it and i hope i'm not going too fast y'all again you got the promissory note i don't know about all this here foothill ranch california i don't know anything about that or why maybe that's where this company is that i think that's it i think yeah they might be there on a promissory note you can point out the interest rate when the first payment is due when the last payment is due and the principal interest payment that they're promising to pay and then it goes through all of this stuff put a note and then they sign no date okay not a majority of the document um the promissory notes don't have date and there are some that will put date there and i know one time i didn't have them dated because they say don't take the note and i got in trouble because it didn't get there they said well the date field was there all right well normally you don't date you know but the date field was there got it occupancy statement all this is saying that this person is the owner it's the owner occupied property that's it and that they will be occupying the property within 60 days after closing as required by and in compliance with the terms of the deed and trust and all of that if it was a second home you would they would check that if it's an investment property they would check that sign it and then do the notarizations that's it very simple nothing come complicated about this again another errors and omissions notice this time they want you to notarize this one now this arizona missions says they have 30 days that's why i said if you're a new notary let me let me come to y'all let me come to your real quick if you are a new notary don't get all bent out of shape if you're like well i can't i need to be able to know the documents and that's what everybody say to me and i'm just being joking when i say it that way but i need to know the documents sometimes they're two three and i've seen four arizona missions or compliance agreements or combination in there so the first one said they had 15 days this one said they got 30 days what's the difference they can read it and find out now if you want to read it and meditate on it and massage it so you can give that answer not a problem i don't think anybody would get in any kind of legal trouble but the document but the the um signers can read the document to find out for themselves okay but as a new notary you're getting something for the last minute just share with them the title because you can get a chance you have a chance to make some money and you're like well i don't want to i can't go out there because i i don't know i mean there's two errors on arizona missions and i don't know why they have them in there i don't know why they got two different ones and they both got two different dates i mean what if they asked me about that what am i going to say i can't do the signing because no uh-uh no no because that documentoh no no no and then you're sitting here not making any money because or whatever and you're heartbroken and that is not why you got in this business get out there and do it it's that simple just get out there and do it okay not trying to take a bite off of nike but just get out there and do the business it's that simple all right so arizona missions i mean this year and this year one if you want to know what the difference is i think this one is specifically for the veterans affairs for the housing authority all of them for the veterans affair so you might get a arizona emissions for one company and then arizona missions from these people um requests and you got to do it and in this case they wanted notarize okay there's nothing that says you need to stamp there's nothing that says you're supposed to sign but you are supposed to sign and you are supposed to stand there's no and just because the date is up here does not mean they don't date down here and sometimes this date isn't filled out sometimes this will say dated this blank day blank day of blank either you or them fill that out right to counsel three business days not including sunday and holidays it's ideal to keep a copy of the um right to cancel it's a pdf that you can have on your phone um that the national associations provides it this year it's blue it's blue um last year was red in color so they got two different colors so you know and that's all 17 to the 20th i guess this was during the weekday so it was clear that it was on three business days not including sunday or holidays i normally put a big old sticker here to keep them from signing and then i tell them sign down here end date closing disclosure i go over this information up here the closing information transaction information the main thing in the transaction is just who the lender is and then i read to them this 30-year refinance fix rate va loan i don't read all the loan id and all that stuff and then loan amount here's your interest rate your principal and interest payment your principal your um escrow for your taxes and insurance here's your monthly payment and then this is just talking about a breakdown which now this dollar amount here is higher because there's a homeowners association dues and it says estimated taxes insurance and assessment so there's a homeowners association due that's over top of this 240 but it's not included in the escrow so that's the difference between these two numbers so properties taxes is included in escrow homeowners insurance is included in the escrow but the homeowners association dues is not so that would be a difference what was it was 431.67 minus the 240.67 so it's 191 dollar difference so association fees are 191 dollars that they pay then in this case cash on closing costs was this and then cash is coming back to them is 50 i think on the alter statement they said 41. if they got any questions about that they can contact the lord the loan officer to get clarification as to what exactly is the um the fee i mean the money coming back to them so it's either coming to them or from them some companies will have this as a minus and they won't have the to or from so if you see minus 50 or negative 50 that means it's coming back to them that money is going to them if there's a positive or there's no negative sign in front of it that's money that they owe to understand whether or not they who owes what you look at page three of the document okay now some instructors teach to go over this document here the second page of the closing disclosure um i don't break all of this down most people will read this most people have already seen this because they get the closing disclosure three days prior to closing and they've already looked it over so i don't sit here and try to explain all of the different pieces to this here and i know we've been doing a while so y'all just hang in there so on the third page page three down here final it tells you [Music] what cash is either coming from them or to them if you ever get confused on that because you'll sometimes see a negative symbol in front of the dollar amount don't don't worry about these negative symbols here but you'll see it on the first page you come to the third page just to check yep that's what they owe then you go through all this and then they sign and date okay if you ever get stuck and you're like yeah i need to call somebody this page here has all the people who you need to call here's the lender here's the settlement agent so there's a there's something tricky and they need to get the loan officer and for whatever reason they don't have the loan officer's number you go to page five or whatever signature page of the closing disclosure to get their information told y'all i'm tired probably go to bed after this w-9 social security number just verifying it with the irs then they just sign in the middle here it's already dated limited corrections um corrections agreement limited power of attorney the main thing here is this middle section this limited power of attorney may not be used to increase the rate interest rate of the undersigned the under sign is paying who is the undersigned the borrower increase the terms of the under signs loan or dot dot dot and their name here i didn't i got tired i didn't change it so i just blacked this stuff out there um but they were signed there and then you do all the notarizations boom if this notarization language again is not correct for your state you attach an acknowledgement form that's all you do itemize itemization of fees fees to be paid by your account on your account by you or others they say well who paid this right here guess who pays it you or others who the others don't know and then acknowledgement we the borrowers hereby acknowledge receipt of this itemization boom first payment letter just a breakdown again of their payment that's all for the closing disclosure first payment february 1st 2020 that's it and they sign a date hardship all this is saying is that this year isn't going to be a hardship for them to pay and it would like it says we the undersigned borrowers understand and acknowledge that our mortgage payment for this loan uh for the loan on the above reference property may be due within 30 days of the closing this will not create a financial hardship on us slash me or me slash us in other words they got two months off to pay and then they turn around and for whatever reason now your loans do in 30 days and it's going you know the first payment and it's not going to create a hardship that's all that's saying impound is another fancy word for escrow this isn't typically already checked by the lender and pound requested by the borrower no that's all this is saying that you're getting your escrow account set up they sign it there's no date there they keep going initial escrow just a breakdown the cushion here of that amount and then they just sign in date flood insurance coverage um flood insurance coverage subject to change disclosure they just read this it talks to them about it we may sell transfer the servicing of your mortgage and that the new lender services may require more flood insurance coverage and the minimum that has been identified by in your notice of special flood dot dot dot that's all this is saying they sign end date bar certification authorization this document is simply they are certifying that the information that they have shared with them is correct that they've given to long depot or whoever penny mac freddie mac whoever is correct and then you're authorizing them to release this information if they decide to sell the loan and if and what in the information that they're going to that you're authorizing them to release then you're also authorizing them to release this loan this information that they've collected from you to any government or to um to government agencies who are backing the loan which could be um the department of defense veteran affairs or any investors to whom the loan depot llc may um sell my loan and mortgage to okay and then they sign it and date it 45 60t simply put this box needs to be checked saying that this person that is up here is the person who's signing it down here they say well if it's a couple they say well my spouse supposed to sign this is the spouse name here if the spouse name is in on block 2a then they sign down there in the spouse box if it is not they do not sign it it's that simple okay because a lot of times they will have their own and they will have them sign it two separate ones then you have taxpayer consent form sometimes it may be called borrowers because um borrowers consent to use tax return or taxpayer consent form information is plain and simple here they read this and you're just giving them permission to use your tax return and it talks about what they're going to be doing with it universal residential loan application as it says here if this is an application for joint credit the borrower and cobar each agree that we intend to apply for joint credit and then both of them sign here if it is not if it's just one person they don't need to sign up here unless that company wants you to but typically if it's for both of them they sign how do you know whether or not it's two people right here section three borrower information there's him there's nobody else that simple and then they go through they have all the other pertinent information all that information and then they sign here now here's where a lot of people make the mistake and i don't know why but for some reason and i always put arrows on these here some signers and even some notaries have called me some notaries and that sign is calling me but no reason called me do they sign here and loan originator this is where you gotta think let me come back to y'all for a second who the people who are in front of you are the borrowers they're not the mortgage people they're not loan originators so there's no reason for them to sign as long originators but i've heard notaries having the borrowers sign in that spot both of them as the loan originator when it clearly says above it borrow and i've even had borrowers go back to it i've even had borrowers say do i sign here what says loan originator and i'm like oh right above it where it says borrower and they're like oh and that's why i started putting arrows i put arrows there for them to sign point to where they and belongs it seemed like long as those arrows there there's no issues but for some reason some notaries they think well do they sign here or do i sign there you nor them are the loan originator a lot of people think they're supposed to sign up here at the top no on this continuation they sign down here plain and simple now this document here blows some people off because there are two signatures required on it this document is just basically saying that the information that you're testing that the or green that's so much a testing but that you're basically saying that the information that you furnish and if you read down here [Music] it says the long-term the long-term furniture health this that and the other i'm sorry the information contained in the initial own applications was obtained by the borrower and employee of the undersigned mortgage company um it's complete and accurate it um to them to the best of the lenders knowledge is complete and accurate all you're doing all they're saying is that this information is complete and accurate it is nothing you know it's not false and then they sign it and then down here you're signing it testing to your social security information and then you're also attesting that you're going to up occupy the the residence and then you sign the date this document has two spots to sign and date what i normally do what i normally do is i'll put a two different color arrows red on one side green on the other blue on one side orange on the other whichever way you want to do it but he signs one person signs on the left the other person signs on the right then what you got here going on is this here is the interest rate is the uh interest all rate let's talk about that so what you have here is the loan comparison showing the comparison of the old loan versus the new old loan was this this is how much they was paying in principle and interest at that interest rate and then this is the principle of interest at this interest rate this year is saying that the payment decreased by 124 dollars that's how much they're saving closing costs was 55 was 5900 and 124 times 48 gives them that dollar amount and it's going to take them 48 months to recoup that via savings those closing costs and then they sign and date it the insurance disclosure i just tell them to read this they sign and date it military counseling sign it dated federal collection policy signed and dated the certificate cert the report and certification of loan disbursement that's for the va has information about from the closing disclosure about the loan that person and then down here this is very important if they don't fill out the demographics or don't want to fill out the demographic information then they need to initially hear saying that you know they don't want to do that or they go ahead on the completed then here's where they sign the date their name isn't printed there the time from over and over what i've been told is the time their spouse signs this only the spouse signs this only if they are on the promissory note hold on all right so the spouse signs this only if they're on the promissory note that is what i've been told repeatedly over and over again okay and then just about done and then this is the fact notice basically furnishing of negative information if they don't pay any bills they report them to the credit bureau and then initial disclosures just saying that they agree to have an impound statement and all of that this is information from regarding lender contributions if there was any contributions it was signed and date that verification of va benefits they were signed here on line nine dating to line ten for whatever reason they got to make sure they let them know to sign it in ink and that is it that is it so took a little while y'all but we went through the whole document um it was modified not all the information you know the pages that were known to be there so i hope that was helpful to y'all feel free to ask me any questions in the comments section most of y'all should have my information that y'all can contact me and um if you have any other questions all right talk to y'all later peace

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