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Document type sign permission slip idaho myself

go ahead and get started so we do understand that some of you may have other things to do this morning it may lead during the hearing and that others may be coming in so there may be some noise and for those on on the phone you have a phone appearance of listening line only so there is a microphone up here for the phone and there's one that we are recording the procedure so I will go ahead and start with a formal proceedings as people continue to come in let the record show that I am dukkha Disney Spencer designated facilitator for his public hearing by the administrator of the Division of Public Health and the Department of Health and Welfare it is 901 o'clock a.m. on Friday September 20th 2009 - we are in the large conference room of the region one office in Coeur d'Alene Idaho and this is the time and place set to receive oral and written comments as provided for in section 65 - 5 - 2 - Idaho code for the proposed rulemaking under I DAPA [Music] 16.0 2.08 final statistics rules found in docket number 16 0 to 0 8 - 1901 the purpose of this proceeding is to gather facts views and arguments from all interested persons persons relative to the proposed rules so that they may receive consideration by the Department of Health and Welfare I will accept written statements or documents today irrelevant and signed by the persons presenting them the material will be included as exhibits in the report in the record for this fury which I will submit to the administrative rules unit following the close of this hearing let the record show that the notice of this hearing was published in the Idaho administrative bulletin on Wednesday July 3rd 2019 as required by section 67 - 52:21 Idaho this publication was timely made and other necessary notice requirements have been met this public hearing is an informal proceeding there is no right to cross-examine the person offering comments nor is there a right to counsel or subpoena no objections or procedures of a technically legal nature will be accepted as the facilitator I am the sole regulator of the course of the presentations including but not limited to just excuse me determination that the comments are outside the scope of the rule or that comments are unduly repetitious I have not yet to answer questions or to explain any part of the proposed rules if you have questions or concerns during this rulemaking please contact LT Shaw talk at 2:08 three three four 5950 all those interested persons attending this proceeding are asked to sign in on the roster by the entrance indicating a desire of any to make it a whirl presentation after a brief statement made by the department of health and welfare summarizing the information upon which the proposed action is based each person will be given an opportunity to speak at least once prior to any person being heard a second time if the public attendance is high as it certainly seems to be and time does not permit the second testimonies the facilitator will limit the testimonies to one testimony per person but as stated earlier we will accept written written testimony also we have pen and paper on which to do that at this time the department of health and welfare statement will be read into the record followed by the opportunity for oral comments there have been two rules in place relating to gender change since early 2018 the first rule was implemented in 2018 in response to a federal court order that required the Department of Health and Welfare to allow people to change their gender on a birth certificate this rule was in effect as of April 6 2018 and remains in effect the second rule the rule pertaining to today's public meeting requires that those who want to change the gender on a minors birth certificate those under the age of 18 that they must submit a letter from the myth from a medical or mental health professional confirming the gender change request is consistent with the gender the minor identifies with this document is called an attestation the second rule is currently a temporary rule and is in the process of public comment following a series of public hearings this month the rule the rule will be presented for legislative review during the next legislative session starting in January of 2020 accordingly today's hearing provides members of the public with an opportunity to provide comments regarding docket number 16 - 0 2 0 8 - 1 9 0 1 the medical attestation rule for minors we ask that everyone adhere to the set of ground rules established to ensure a smooth and orderly process for hearing from everyone wishing to present today the ground rules are as follows number one remain respectful respectful of everyone including those testifying with opinions worse with respective x' with which may disagree by not interrupting testimonies or expressing disruptive verbal displays of agreement or disagreement after testimonies number two please do not applaud any speakers comments as this will limit the number of verbal comments that we will have time to hear number three please turn cell phones off or to the vibrate mode during the hearing to avoid distracting others that may be testifying and if you do need to take a call please step outside to take or make personal phone calls members of the public testifying will need to keep their testimonies to a maximum length of two minutes this time limit will be strictly enforced by the leading facilitators to ensure that as many people can provide testimony as possible and number five keep comments for older to the rule at hand the medical attestation rule for minors lastly due to the time frame a lot of to receive public comments we also have the paper forms available for members of the public to submit written comments which hold the same way as verbal comments this concludes the department statement so next I wanted to let you know that Ryan in the back who is at the registration table for those of you who come up to speak he will be holding up one minute left side and then 30 seconds last Friday unfortunately he's tall so you can see him over everything and I will so like he will call out the names and he will do the best you can some of them are a little difficult to read so we apologize in advance for that but we will go through it everyone who indicated either roster that they wish to make couple comments first we will then go and we will ask anyone else wishes to make kind of public comments and then finally we put a question mark so and we also will provide the written form the forms for written comments we have a whole bunch of pens we can give people I also at this point wanna point out I mentioned that we are recording this we have a voice only recording for the public records I do want to let you know that people are doing video recordings here as well I want to let you know if you are uncomfortable with that that you can't provide us with your written comments and that we'll take the same thing but I just want to know that it is being video recorded I'm not sure of the affiliation or what what's what's going to be done with those recordings since these per so because these are being recorded I will ask that all speakers come to the front and as you can see we don't have a microphone people will need to project since it is being recorded for the record please state your name and spell your surname that will help us make sure that we properly recorded in all of the all of the comments see I think that concludes all of my comments there now I'm ready to numerous to open the hearings and begin taking testimony so the time is now 9:10 a.m. and we're ready to start with our first speaker thank you my name is Rick Whitehead WH ite AP AP I've been a resident of Idaho since 2011 I fled Texas the nonsense this nonsense in Austin Texas in 2010 in regards to genders the Bible specifies there are two our DNA specify as there is only two and if there's still any doubt you just merely need to look down I am embarrassed for the state of Idaho that we are expending any budget resources on this discussion at all budget dollars are way too tight to be wasting our time on determining something that regardless of our opinion is zero changeable so I recently say no in any parent since this is a reference to children any parent having anything to do with these adjustments or changes is child abuse but to close if it says simply if it's as simple as self identifying that is right now I self-identify as a governor just meetings close [Music] Beverly Kinnett gue and et te and I'm a resident of coeur d'alene and I just feel that biology and science dictates that there's only a male and a female whether you're old young or whatever and like Rick today I identify as 50 pounds less guys I'll give her for now okay oh yeah my name is Gerry Haldeman h IL de in my head I agree with that man right there that lady right there a male and a female we're not earthworms okay God made us this way it's the way it should stay the question like this being brought up here in the state of Idaho is totally embarrassing to me it's adjustable to justifiable you bring it forward people that bring this forward are people are trying to destroy this country divide it and change it and put this section among us the Bible teaches us who is the leader of deception that's intelligent kind of want the devil live in my household and a lot of running my kids I hope and I pray that you guys people of this state say no to this garbage and make sure that it is put to the point where it is no we do not want it and then people that are running this state better understand we the people say no you're here thank you [Music] hello my name is grapes power BAU er I live in the city of Kootenay in Bonner County and I'm here today I have a little bit of a different take on things I do believe with the previous speakers that God created a man and a woman but there if you guys have heard of the medical condition from Aphrodite or intersex when a baby is born with both genitalia I can I can see this rule letting them grow up to be an adult and then decide what they're going to become that and my opinion is the only reason that for an allowance for to choose a different gender being born a woman and identifying it as a man or being bored a man and identifying as a woman and and changing that on a document and my opinion is fraud and and I this just really you really bothers me I've extensively researched gender transformation and with children and when a young male has a surgery has the bottom surgery they haven't they invert the penis and if it's not long enough they take the the colon and they extend it and that's that's a surgery that can never be undone and and just because you identify as one thing over another doesn't mean that that you should be able to create do fraud and on your document so I would I would like for the this rule to be taken away and for people like this ladies said up here identifies 50 pounds less if we can change our dent or gender on our versa ticket can we change the year we were born order these the race we are and you know so there's there's there's so many problems with this so we're opening up a Pandora's box and going down the slippery slope so thank you [Music] hi my name is Joanna plant PLA nte I'm confused why there wasn't the rights direct to negotiate rulemaking on the April of 2018 change our rights to decide the laws by the who are being removed if decisions like these are being decided by district courts and not heard by the majority of the people who live here and not allowing elected officials to weigh in I'm concerned that our state will be changed and manipulated by to be politically correct and it bow down to an extremely small percentage of people who have feelings that their biological factors their chromosomes and their genitalia they were born with the facts will always remain males have an X and Y chromosome and a female have two x chromosomes and these are facts that should be a permanent part of our record and legal documents that should not be able to be changed due to an opinion or feelings a person has legal documents are not to be based on feelings but are based on facts and truth it is absolutely impossible to change the chromosomes of a male or female so why would we allow it to be changed on legal documents it doesn't matter how much a man or woman favors something from the opposite sex and feels more at home or comfortable in what society may claim to be more male or female it's the proof of biological makeup the genitalia and the chromosomes of a person that makes them male or female and that's the truth we need to document on legal documentation and allowing the change will destroy the fabric of our society where someone can change it a legal document is on a feeling is ludicrous my name is sucker Bushnell you sh n DLL I just feel that this ruling is a band-aid it's not solving the actual issue and I just like to read a little bit of something I found that expresses my opinion I believe the transgenderism is psychological intersects is biological and transgenderism is ideological I do believe that transgender individuals deserve our love support and compassion as you all valuably human beings made in the image of God they need prayers I feel like it's in this issue not down there at issue the one study found that 41 percent of people who identify as transgender will attempt suicide at some point in their life compared 14.6% the general population I do know that with youth the suicide rate is going up and that's what concerns me this isn't going to affect that rate and the other thing that I thought was interesting is a lot of people say well it's a hostile or bigoted Society well in one study even cultures like in Sweden that accept are more accepting of people being transgender they still have the same suicide rate so I don't think this ruling is good because it doesn't fix the actual deep core issue it just expanded over thank you [Music] all the free right now Crysta Duncan Eun Seon I mean you want to identify this different gender that's fine but I still changing it on your birth certificate is a different story because at the top of your birth certificate it says this is a certification of by doll record and at the bottom it says any altercations or voids or any altercations or [Music] or erasure voids the certificate and I think that it would be falsifying a document to change it but for children especially because I don't think they're fully developed and know exactly what they want to be or what they're deciding to be I think that they can dress however they want but I definitely think that they should wait until their brain is fully developed and ready to make an actual decision and I don't think it should be able to be changed on your birth certificate since it's a certificate of who you were and you were born instead of who you are now so I am [Music] [Applause] [Music] my name is Karen stains sta tes and I just wanted to say that at this point I agree with what everyone before me have said the only thing I wanted to add is that in some of the studies that I'm reading that I've been reading they have shown that children minors who are questioning their identity if they're left alone to grow up and not pushed into changing their gender 80% of them remain what they were born and do fine those who do change their suicide rates are higher than their peers Catherine I'm Katie Martha MACC a the point that I would like to make is that this introduces confusion when a society does not know who they are at the basic point of gender identification it reduces the fabric and the stability of that people and this in my view is part of an overall destabilization of in society to the point where if this continues there will be a very very shaky foundation and anybody who knows anything about construction knows that you need a very strong stable foundation to have anything that's going to be last in the long view one other thing that I will add it doesn't stop with male or female I've come across young teenagers who have said I don't want to be either you're gonna call me in it it doesn't stop the problem is real and legislation I do not believe is the answer the answer lies in the heart of a person and a heart of society and thereare answers to these questions but I do not believe the legislation [Music] [Music] hello I am normal white I am from I don't know here I didn't realize we were speaking to the minor issue but what I got to say does speak to the minors as well and it's even more important because this is an issue of children and no one should be making these kind of decisions for them and I agree with the previous people but let me tell you why it is problematic to change birth certificates in the first place one it will hinder law enforcement investigations number two it will hinder provision of medical care there's a recent case of a woman who identified as a man she went to a hospital for a medical emergency and was treated as a man turns out she was pregnant and her child died because of her misrepresentation of her sex and the hospital staff conforming to her stating identity rather than observable facts conforming administrative rules which have the force of law to a person state of mind or motion regarding a matter which can and often does change over time undermines the validity of the state's vitals to take statistics collection and documentation and actually perpetuates a lie in every case except for those for whom there is an actual verifiable unchanging chromosomal anomalies anatomy affecting their sexuality at its core this rule represents social engineering conforming state regulations to a political agenda bent upon transforming society norms that has successfully guided human society for millennia will wreak cultural and psychological instability and ultimately destruction upon that society the state of Idaho should not be participating in that transformation at any level or for any reason including a federal lawsuit if I'm to understand this rule it is pretty clear defined a situation of a person who believes his or her gender doesn't match the sex stated on his or her birth certificate hence the person is allowed to change verifiable grants document on said certificate or over the fact that that certificate has been changed will be hidden from the public for law enforcement from medical providers from someone who may be the victim of a crime perpetrated or by that person who at the time of the crime was documented as a being of a different sex and later is in other words this rule could be misused by a criminal endeavouring to cover up his or her identity consider the following examples of people identifying this other than they were born there are now adulterer convinced that they are not adults at all and their minds they are small children there is a story the next thing so are we going to write rules that allow people to choose their birth certificates to reflect the new birth day [Music] Rober white from Idaho one of the things that really concerns me he is going back to the judicial system is especially juvenile house we're talking my kids we have a school system that is pushing confusion onto our kids and we see this all over the country happening this agenda and so some boy or some girl says on something else they get singled out and then the optical density of psychologists that pushes stuff now one of the things that really concerns me is we have a juvenile justice system and we have a young boy that's confused it gets to go to a juvenile system with the girls and a lot of times because I've had parents that were involved with a juvenile system they become creditors and now we're going to be endangering other people because of this and also to us from a legal standpoint for the for the sheriff's and police officers is they have to be able to track people and track crimes and they won't be able to do this thang [Music] [Music] [Music] morning my name is Roger berry I live in Idaho the goal posts are never step they're arbitrary to begin with and we're never allowed to reach them it's never enough we're never enlightened or woke enough to say okay we're there now people can figure it out the rest on their vote there are only two genders male and female and you developed in the womb to which those zero are you are are there more than two genders that deer are there more than two genders of horses or chimpanzees no there are only two genders of Homo sapiens also the two genders have worked very well for a long long time and they're validated in science unless you believe feelings are more important than science if you put your hand inside your shirt until a psychiatrist you are at Napoleon it's like Pyatt receive you lay down on the couch and he or she will start helping you understand when you are in actuality tell us psychiatrist that you're a man and woman's body and you're just as likely to be told to lay down on the couch and if you say the right words a psychiatrist instead of helping you come back to me really are he or she we'll actually confuse you further by starting to transition you into something you are not that's not so much the person's fault for being confused it's the failure of the medical community and of those people who cultivate the confusion with politics and even the court system that is truly a sickness a societal sick babies and children are the most innocent vulnerable and dependent members of society they must be protected and excluded from societal sickness they are already confused and for their parents and society to twist and confuse the menu and physically changing is viable it's repugnant beyond the measure there should be a law to keep people from transgender in a child no differently than we have laws against child molester because that's what it is it's abuse stop it I read recently that Ben Carson said big hairy men are trying to get into women's shelters that's disgusting I wouldn't be doing that and if you can just say who you are what you want to be why should anybody else believe that or go along with it just because they have an opinion doesn't mean you have to be tough to validate who they are and that's what this law does it validates feelings and it expects us to indeed [Music] [Music] throughout Edmond post falls G ood M a.m. when I heard about this through I went back and found an article that I had recently read by a gentleman who had served 20 years in the military and suffered PTSD during this period of mental health issues he decided he was a woman and he is now transitioned back he felt but he says I quote I should have been treated instead at every step doctors judges and advocacy groups indulged not action email is a counselor for others who are confused and has been able to help a good many number of people and they are doing the same thing why did everybody why didn't he be healthy why didn't everybody just go along with this in conclusion he says in the last paragraph what he really needed was help instead what he got was he was encouraged in his gender dysphoria and told that it was natural when what he really needed was to be seeking therapy we need to start helping these people and not buying into their fantasy and encouraging them to live out this fantasy that's why they're committing suicides they need help they don't need us buying into the Dennis [Music]

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