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How do i industry sign banking colorado word online

welcome to episode three of the hustler mindset podcast my name's sebastian and i'm here with my co-host dave good morning sebastian how are you tired really bloodshot and tired but we're here it's episode three which is crazy yes it is i never thought we'd have episode one but we're on number three so good deal good deal we're on a roll dude i love it um what are we talking about today uh we're gonna talk about thrifting um or purchasing reselling inventory from uh from different sources and the mentality that goes into as a buyer knowing who's selling it to you and reading them and understanding what their goals are yeah i think we're both resellers and there's a lot of different types of resellers right there's people that buy truckloads of stuff from amazon and they just flip that stuff but then there's people like me that buy and pick and choose things off the ground but you have a completely different racket and i think we should start with yours okay so let's talk about your sourcing methodology and how you actually source and then we'll kind of go into other stuff there just like any other reseller who started i would buy anything from anybody anywhere and over time i just i realized there's better types of product and people to buy from that makes it easier and smoother and um efficient and it really comes down to emotional equity that sellers either have in the product or don't have in the product and i love when the sellers don't have any emotional equity in it and by that i mean garage sales oh well i bought this for 300 retail i'm looking to get 180. i can't do that because we are such high volume sellers that that would just be a drain so i've noticed that over time that the emotional equity seller is a tough one tough nut to crack it is and it kind of like yeah you're you're at a garage sale right and you hear this spiel from this person it's like oh this is my grandpa's thing he had it in the family for a hundred years yeah and then you try to haggle with the guy it's like uh like how much can you really get away with at that point so people that are emotionally attached to things is really really just upsetting to you as a reseller you know yes that's why like things like iphones people aren't attached to their phones especially like when they're broken you can usually get them really really cheap screen's crack because people have moved on and that's the beauty of like swap meets most people are not attached to swap meets or anything like that but how do you actually source let's talk about how dave sources for your business yeah uh our reselling business as previous uh listeners know we have four thousand listed items which means uh our turnover rate is healthy so we're selling anywhere from 25 to 30 items a day seven days a week that's 210 items let's just say that we need to replenish that those are coming out of the funnel so i need to replenish those 210 on the top of the funnel me as an individual one person i doubt i could ever get 200 ish items a week so i have to outsource that sourcing uh we are one of a kind thrifted type of resellers so i can't just buy a pallet of a thousand items and say i'm done so what i have done over time is really form relationships with people that are pickers picking for themselves to either sell it swap meets flea markets or online themselves and i just worked out a deal where it's and i explained to them listen let's go into this as a business partner um i will split the profits what i typically will get on ebay if i get 25 of the gross sale i will pay you 25 of that upfront cash and i won't return it if it's broken so they seem to like it because it's consistent and it's predictable um as opposed to them listing and dealing with the headaches of waiting for sale that i mean that's that's amazing that's i'm assuming everyone that's a reseller and that's listening to that it kind of blows their mind it blows my mind even knowing you and knowing this story already every time you tell me that it's seriously it's like how do i do that like i'm good at making relationships but i've never been able to get to this point like i had people like girl at my garage sales at swap meets that would hold stuff for me so it was it was similar to that right but it was not on this level that you have this is a very grand level it's amazing so yeah no doubt like you you just mentioned if you form relationships with certain people at swap meets and they have hey i have a bag back here for you that's where it starts so you just multiply that get to the point where uh your your funnel is being re replenished by that so and i tell them flat out this is what i do and many of them don't even want to get into the selling online so they're they're happy not to do it some have dabbled in it and as you know it's headaches are paying the fees and returns they can't be bothered so it's selling online is not for everyone so that's how i present it totally and i from the swap meet people that i knew i would always tell them hey i'm an ebay seller every single one of them would look at me they're like oh we have no idea how to sell on ebay oh ebay we had issues 10 years ago of paypal we stopped selling on ebay it was always like negative things about ebay it was never positive it's never like oh i'm an ebay seller too i do this much it's like you said they're happy to get their little cut and they want to move on they don't care about growing this huge business they just want to make enough money for the week to pay their bills and it's just an interesting mindset that you and i are very different than that you know we have bigger dreams and we don't mind doing this because it's not difficult for us you know and i love forming the relationships with these uh pickers or scouts as as the technical term if you want to call them that they're just my buddies really and so we have it's a blast it's a it's good to form that consistent relationship we spoke about it on a clubhouse before where it's about respect and it's not about the each individual item each individual transaction i i never go into it uh saying well show me what you got and i'll tell you what i could do nobody has time for that you know they just want hey here's a couple hundred bucks looks good how many bags you have okay boom and and it and it just rolls into next week hey how was that um how was that inventory i got you last week i'm like yeah there was a lot of broken stuff they're like here take this then and it just balances out so it's respect have you ever had issues with it i mean you make it seem like it's all rosy and you know rainbow colored but there has to be issues with it obviously you get broken items which you expect you kind of figure that into your budget but has there been any bigger like personality clashes or like maybe people not wanting to sell you stuff maybe you approach someone and they like they got angry at you for some reason like has there any ever been anything like that uh you know i'm just delicate with it i it comes down to respect as i mentioned i and being transparent this is what i do this is what i'm looking to do i need to quadruple or triple them uh based on what i'm giving you and and i show them how to look up what it is on ebay and also if there are broken items they have to identify that and let me know otherwise it's just like hey you know i don't have the time to go through i'm relying upon you to kind of vet it in the field so i don't have to do it on the back end i've never really had a problem i think the the type of people that i try to avoid buying from are those that always have that um you got me again i just it's not the case it's not the case because i never come back to you and say hey this is broken give me back that hundred bucks or something so uh no not not too not too much it's something you said though um you let everyone know what you do there's two trains of thought there they're like no i'm not gonna tell anyone at the swap meet or at the garage sale what i do i'm like hey i'm sebastian i'm an ebay seller i'm here to buy stuff if you have more stuff to sell in your garage let's go i'm here with money yeah are you the same way like if you went to a garage sale would you be like hey my name's dave i do have this business i see you're selling a lot of stuff would you introduce yourself as a as an ebay seller or a reseller or would that make you uncomfortable in that kind of situation um i know a garage sale you just i probably wouldn't uh because i wouldn't i wouldn't uh i would only if i sensed that it was like a one-time deal and it's you know they're they don't know how to unload a lot of stuff from their estate i'd be like okay well you know i get i'm into this business and it wouldn't necessarily all be for me it would be for me to help the network of other resellers that i know that may be into vintage large electronics where i could call them up and be like hey you want to come down here i'll give you a story i went to an estate sale this was like two years ago and they had a lot of automotive really cool collectible stuff like hood ornaments from cars from the 50s really neat stuff i wasn't familiar with that at all so but i was really pounding away on my phone trying to get a sense of what all this was and then the gal said you know i also have a stack full of comic books in boxes in the garage and my first reaction was like no i don't really do that but i was i remembered somebody that does do that and i reached out to them so they were able to work out a deal i don't need to get everything so it's it's it's all about networking and helping other others that you that you know totally um i just i've experienced it online a lot of people are scared to admit that they're resellers like they really think that i go to your swap meet booth and i'm like hey i'm sebastian i resell stuff they think automatically they're going to be pushed away they're like no don't buy any of this stuff in three years of doing this three years of telling people what i do i have never had anyone be negative about this business about selling me stuff people how you kind of said about garage sales there's two different types of garage sales there's people that are like moving and they don't care they just want to clear it out and there's people that maybe had a family member pass away and again two trains of thought maybe they don't care maybe they don't know but maybe they do care maybe they care so much about uncle bob's you know turntable and his all his records and they think every record that uncle bob owned from the 70s is worth a ton of money when they're not worth anything right people are attached to emotions like how he started this podcast and it's it's just interesting well that you know then that goes into what we spoke about earlier also it's like are you looking for treasures or value so i'm i'm a i'm a volume reseller so i'm all about just value if i spent my time just looking for treasures whether it's a tiffany lamp or this and that i might find five of those a year yeah and neglect the rest of my business which is finding value so typically in a garage sale i'll i'll get a good gauge on if it's going to be successful if i just you know put a couple things in a pile and be like hey you know what what are you asking for this and if it's reasonable it's like okay let's let's buy as much as we can because it'll all work out i'm the same way i'm not like american pickers i'm not going to try to travel the country and find like the rarest harley davidson buried in someone's yard like that would be cool but that stuff is so rare like you see it on tv and social media once in a blue moon but these people are not making really a full-time living doing that and it goes back to my industry of clothing the clothing market is so fluffed up like these people think that a vintage single stitch t-shirt is automatically like a million dollars because they saw one harley-davidson t-shirt itself for that much like 10 years ago it's just it's interesting what we do we're not attached right you're not attached to anything you buy it seems like i'm not attached whatsoever i do not care about my inventory it means nothing to me except all i see is dollar signs you know some some sellers they get so attached because they're so maybe like niched down right maybe they only go after those tiffany lamps and those crystal balls and those tchotchkes because they have some sort of personal memory with them so they want to collect them all and then they become a hoarder right totally that's a big problem in this industry people don't sell stuff they buy to resell that's true so you have to be careful of that you could easily do that the one thing a value hunter versus treasure hunter is and this gives me a lot of peace when i go out to let's just say a flea market or a garage sale is that i don't feel like i have to put on a poker face and be so secretive if i'm piling up a cordless drill charger with this and i'm gonna yeah i'll make 15 20 bucks on it net as opposed to pretending something is worth nothing it's would you take five and i know i'm going to sell for 500. i can never do that that's not my personality i i'm not going to tell them hey this is 500 bucks but i just there's what i would feel much better just piling things together and just saying what makes you happy let's go let's move on yeah i'm the same way it's like if i go to a garage sale and someone's like all right this is only five dollars for this 500 item i'm not gonna be like no like i want to give you more you chose your price that you said the price you set it it's your rules i paid the price you wanted maybe you lose a little bit of money but again we have this knowledge over years of experience that knowledge is not free oh yeah this knowledge has come with losses tons of losses i know i've lost thousands upon thousands of dollars on bad buys over the past few years and that's a big part of this you see new resellers they're really scared to lose money in this business and i don't understand that there's not a single business you can tell me that doesn't lose money every single year on some aspect right whether it's focusing on growth training employees buying bad inventory you can go to the you know the head of amazon you think that they don't make bad buys every single year you don't think like one product line is garbage and they lose a ton of money on it yeah it's okay to lose money and that's how you learn you sometimes you get emotionally you get caught up in let me buy this this looks like it could be good and then it's a little toxic you don't and you you know it's okay to just cut and go just throw it out move on or re-donate it whatever you want to do but yeah that's that's the thing when they're when you're a value volume reseller it all works out you don't have to win on every transaction and that was the biggest thing that worked for us is to get over this winning on every transaction and this goes back to working with the sourcers that uh bring stuff to me i know that yeah there's going to be a 20 of this is going to be chucked out or broken but there could the rest is made up so yeah you can't a lot of people especially new sellers they get so invested into looking at the reports every single day they're looking at every single day sales like hour by hour they're like why didn't i sell anything on tuesday but then sunday they sell you know a hundred thousand dollars for this stuff right it's like if you get so granular it will drive you crazy and that goes for like sales for social media it's like watching a youtube video and you made it's like why did my video only get one view today kind of thing it's like when you start focusing on such little minute details it will literally drive you insane and that's with sales it's awful yes so it's easier said than done but if you could look at your sales from a monthly time period every month how do we do how do we do it i would i would bet you if you had a thousand listings you'd be you would be like plus or minus 500 month after month and you know it because that's where you're at almost right and it's almost it's very predictable yeah i mean it's been three years now on ebay as far as like part-time nd full-time my numbers after i hit um six months into it i hit almost like 70 grand in sales or something like that like i had a pretty good trajectory with ebay and then our first year we did over a hundred grand in sales on ebay it hasn't really fluctuated much from there except in 2020 we kind of took a hit we were like i don't know five to eight thousand dollars lower than 800 grand which kind of sucks but the monthly revenues like how you're talking about it stayed the same the weekly revenue has pretty much stayed the same our gross sales i mean our our baseline has always been like over a thousand dollars in sales a week if it's lower than that it really starts to concern me i don't have a lot of overhead obviously you have way more overhead but for me store my stuff in a garage my cost of inventory is really really low so it's like yeah if we can clear a thousand bucks a week we're good you know yeah in in the one variable that always pops in as a reseller is our returns so you factor in oh i got hit with two returns this platform stinks there's too many scammers then the psychology uh then you you know plays comes into play and that's never good so you have to that's challenging to remove that psychological factor from your your business and just look at the numbers because the numbers don't lie the numbers are very predictable uh as long as you adhere to your criteria your buying criteria if you're if you're buying things that have a history of selling within three months they will sell within three months uh and and if you're doing an average selling price that is consistent with what you need to hit then the numbers would follow and that's what we've learned over the years we most resellers dive into this and we'll sell anything that they think will sell some it might take a year but sometimes it might take a month so it's uh it goes both ways that's i mean i've had my fastest sale was literally i listed some ink toners before i even walked back into my storage area i'm talking about 30 seconds literally 30 seconds someone bought these inktoners but then i have items that take six months to sell some items have never sold and i have to give them away yep it's like yeah it's part of the process and it's okay again to lose money it's called a thrift degree whatever you want to call it however you want to justify it and so i don't take returns long story but i sell mostly clothing i feel like people need to be more accountable when it comes to clothing it's like a long story clothing is one of the highest return rates just because of personal preference yeah i'm not here to be a tailor or to be like a specialized boutique i'm just not going to do that but for most sellers say like you you have to factor in some sort of return or rate of loss if you're doing 100 grand a year in sales and you only lose a few grand over the course of a year from bad buys or from returns it's not going to kill you you know it's not going to overnight just shut down your business and things like that that's not the reason i don't take returns again i i don't take them because of customer accountability and just the clothing market in general but also my average sales price is under 30 so if i'm taking returns for that it's like it doesn't really make sense for the buyer it doesn't make sense for me and especially when things are under 20 dollars like there's literally there's no it's a waste of their time to even return it obviously if i mess up that's a different case i let them keep the item i'll send them a full return and you know it's like i i make it okay if it's my problem sure but a lot of sellers they fret on these little details they fret on selling fees and that's the one thing that drives me so crazy about people that want to get started on ebay they all complain about the selling fees and i do not understand it i don't uh two two podcasts ago we were laughing saying if you could have a 10 marketing budget you would sign up for that in a heartbeat and that's what ebay essentially is it's a platform marketplace that you're selling on they are driving traffic to their sites and having your products being promoted and sold so yeah it's a it's a fee it's okay uh and uh returns our return rate is around eight percent it's factored in your return rate you know we you don't accept returns but you will have to still maybe give people money back if you misrepresent or make a mistake which is which is fine so yeah it's just it's part of the the calculation so yeah and like the whole returns thing it really just depends on your business right my market is active men between 30 and 55 years old they're they tend to be less picky about clothing right i'm not selling to young girls who are super fashionable who are going to complain more about fit and style and color doesn't match and things like that so i created my business around my ideal customer i don't cater to everyone i know a lot about clothes but i don't sell kids clothes i don't sell women's clothes it's not my thing you know i like to sell to men like us because we're brutes we're just gonna get something as long as it's cheap and fast they're not going to really care that's interesting yeah i've checked at your store and the items you sell are there they're like there's a lot of utility to them they're they're practical type of items not fashion always fashionable yeah i i stay away from that world even though i do know a lot about it i can recognize vintage and all that i have no interest in it i really don't on a personal level i it's just not doesn't do anything it doesn't really do anything for me and it's like that market is so different it's so if you start selling vintage t-shirts and all this stuff there's gonna be a lot more uh criticism about things especially if you're selling like 300 harley t-shirts but those are also so hard to find yeah you see like a few posts on social media but how often are these guys really finding these kind of crazy t-shirts true vintage does not sell that well it didn't sell well years ago but now it's flooded it's not special yeah you know so and i yeah and it comes down to what really drives you what you what you get joy in selling people that sell vintage love it they and it's like their niche their hobby so yeah it's that's why reselling is cool it's just so much fun i say it all the time say it i say it all the time lori's like it's not fun it's work i'm like no it's fun this is great it is a treasure hunt you know it's always a treasure hunt whether you want it to be or not because you never know that sorcerer can call you you can walk into the bins the thrift store at the garage sale you never know what you're going to find you can literally find priceless items every single day and that's the beauty of it oh yeah so we ranted on vintage we did all that stuff when it comes to thrifting and reselling there's a lot of different levels of it again there's plenty of ways to source there's plenty of items to resell but so many people pass on so many items at thrift stores and it blows my mind away they don't see individual components is valuable items they just see oh like this vitamix mixer it needs to be complete or else no one's gonna buy it right let's talk about that okay yeah i call it the shiny object everybody when they go sourcing it's like oh look at that that's that's great you know it's complete i could sell that to and and an end user i never look at things like that i i look at i'm able to identify things even if they're broken that have value you mentioned vitamix mixers i could talk about those that the lid alone for a vitamix mixer is thirty dollars the jar on a vitamix mixer is sixty dollars the motor the base is 90. so yeah even if something is missing uh like a plunger or a lid it still has value so that that changed our reselling game because i was able to almost branch out and and have this parts approach versus the complete shiny object for the end user have do you do that with uh what you source as well totally and for me with kitchen appliances especially just because i know that world of my previous career i know how expensive some kitchen appliances get you know especially if you found like just the um the mixer paddle for a hobart mixer like a big commercial hobart that could be hundreds of dollars right it's not a joke we've sold them yeah exactly so it's like people just want the whole shebang they want it to work perfectly they don't understand that you can sell broken stuff on ebay all day and plenty of people love it yeah you can sell untested stuff all day and it's totally fine it's like you're not going to find cars to resell but you can find headlights you can find floor mats you can find all that stuff and it sells really well yeah and this is not an ad for ebay we even though we are all about ebay there's other platforms that you can't sell that it just so happens ebay is allows for that parts repair and you'd you could do well and that's uh people that do sell on just platforms that are strictly apparel they are going out to thrift stores or wherever they're getting their items they should they could if they want if they want to expand their business open open it up to that type of those type of items that we mentioned like the parts the components and maybe sell on a mercari or ebay if you can well that's um it's a really low entry point for a lot of people like say you've been a mechanic for 30 years you can literally just buy cars the junk yard get them at auction park them out real quick 99 of the time those parts can be worth more than the whole car right it's but people don't think about that they don't think about the value on a grant we we talked about not being granular but when it comes to actually sourcing inventory granular is actually really really good if you can see components on as individual items that's where you really make a lot of money especially if you buy a whole vitamix set most likely you will make more money parting it out rather than selling it as a whole set it's the crazy thing yeah you know that doesn't always apply it's not always the case but a lot of times it is and that's going back to uh the sourcers for our business they they recognize that and they've learned that as well they're like hey buddy you know i have this it's missing parts but this is worth this and this is worth this and so they're educating me because they're they're aware of the parting uh the granular approach to this as well and they're happy because it just means more inventory that i'm going to buy from them so it works on both ends yeah definitely something that was a game changer for our business selling items even if they're not working people need parts off of them that's fine so yeah how you said it's like we don't want to center this around ebay and this is not like a promotion from ebay it's like we're not attached to it but that's where we make all of our money the reason i think we both chose it is because it's so unique there's no other marketplace besides you know facebook and mercari but they don't even touch the huge scale the huge worldwide scale of ebay that's why i tell everyone to get on there is because you can sell to literally anyone and everyone and people do not understand the value in that they just think oh i'm a reseller it's going to go to kansas tomorrow in california it's like do you know there's a whole other bigger world out there yeah it's like going back to when i do like clothing especially like some heavy-hitter vintage stuff and like um vintage like 70s motorcycle helmets all that stuff goes straight to japan i'm just gonna say that every single one of those items always to japan yep like clockwork yep how about north face brown label yeah it's like that stuff they love this stuff people think everyone hates americans that's not true they love americana they may not like us as americans for whatever reason but they love americana and they love the brands they love levi's it's just it's funny it's just um i we saw the 1950-ish coleman lantern it was called like a christmas lantern it was green and red and it i i sold it to um someone in san fran that i know is sending it overseas for like six five six hundred dollars able and i was able to get it for like five bucks at the thrift store i mean that's i love it that's like crazy treasure right yeah uh that that will happen totally as long as you're out there looking for items so you'll come across that kind of stuff but yeah uh the and back to the ebay thing ebay has 185 million buyers there's going to be a buyer for your item in the in the world yeah somewhere it's somewhere out there someone wants your item yeah it's like i people people have this idea of ebay that it's like this hunky-dunky garage sale place yeah 20 years ago it was ebay was kind of sketchy you can send money in an envelope and hope you can actually get your item yeah nowadays it's a very established system of a lot of respect and clout all around the world yeah so it's like people try to downplay and say oh you're just an ebay seller it's like well no i'm a worldwide marketplace seller i can sell whatever i want you know yeah the platform does have its challenges it's it's uh clunky at times but they're they're working on it they're aware uh and that's that's all i have to say about ebay it works for us same thing and happy to use it we've used other other platforms and they have their issues as well totally so if yeah i have no complaints i have nothing negative to say about ebay i'm like how you said it's a little bit clunky at times there's refinements that they could definitely make for especially like the seller end of things it's very buyer-centric but a lot of these platforms are very buyer-centric right that's what they care about they really care about the customer yeah yeah whether it's like youtube youtube sets it up for uh consumers not creators they want the consumer to find exactly what they searched for it's the same thing with ebay that's what they're going to do they're going to care about the end experience right the seller is just part of the cog it's kind of unfortunate at times obviously because we want to feel respected as you know sellers especially the bigger we get yeah um which that's about the only gripe i've ever had with ebay but again it's like i make my money on there i've had very few issues over the past few years and i think a lot of that comes back to your mindset and kind of the psychology of selling it's are you going to be negative are you going to be pessimistic about your sales and about ebay and be that guy that had a bad experience with paypal 10 years ago like literally dave i've had people tell me at the swap i mean these old old-timers yeah paypal uh i had a refund 20 years ago and i'll never use ebay i'm like what is it right now i know where crime engines that's a good word yeah oh boy but i know who they are yes you have those everywhere though you know it's i'm just i'm grateful for the opportunity we have and going back to the fees and what we pay for this kind of service i challenge anyone to create a website and try to get millions of views and millions of impressions on your items i challenge anyone to do that for under uh 90 percent of your fees if not thousands of percent of your fees to pay for that kind of traffic to your website yeah well it's like teaching an old dog new trick tricks it's it's no different those who have been on a platform for 25 years such as ebay don't want to change and nobody likes change change is good but transition is tough that that's the phrase i always uh use and it's so true nobody likes that transition but the change is good it really you need to be fluid this industry of reselling is fluid i'm not i'm not about to write off amazon as a avenue or any other platform no way but i'm just not ready for it yet that's the thing like when you become a reseller you don't have to be a master at every single platform yeah i don't sell on poshmark even though all of my income comes from clothing okay i should be selling on poshmark right but i i don't because i don't enjoy it i don't sell on makari because i i don't enjoy it i enjoy being on one platform and mastering it and like you said mybe one day when amazon fba is something that i want to consider i'll do it then but at this point i'm just totally content with my one thing yeah love it and not and not all resellers are created equal that's for sure some some just like it for the the little the thrill the the transaction some are really looking at it from a business model to make a full-time living off of it so that's that's the different difference you know and not you can't go on a forum and just if you listen to everyone what they have to say your head's going to spin so you just have to identify who you are what you want to get out of it and find those people that are like-minded and not recreate the wheel find out what they've done that works and collaborate with them partner with them just network with them as well it's just it works out well so why do you do it what is it you like the thrill of the hunt you like the business model you like the freedom i mean what is it for you that has kept you going for years yeah i think it it's all the above what you just mentioned uh it's it's um it's such a basic approach to business there was such a blow barrier of entry the the cost to start it was minimal but to get to where we uh are now we did have to invest in it and as with any business if you want to grow it you have to invest in it or you could just let it grow organically and it'll take a long time so um yeah so it's a little bit of both that's the excitement i i i've always been a value hunter i call it i'm cheap you know but i like finding value and yeah i've never sold honestly i've never sold anything in my life i i may have mentioned that to you and you're like no you sell this you saw you sell yourself but um i i don't like i don't like that persuasion or persuasion that the sales persuasion approach to things i never liked that but this is we sell 10 000 items a year but it doesn't feel like we're selling you've sold things yeah i've sold things and i totally agree this does not feel like selling i buy things and i list them and that's it i'm not going to market them i'm not going to talk to you about them i'm not going to fluff them up i'm not going to do any of that it's i am a list it and forget it reseller i am not in there like tweaking my listings every single day for like maximum algorithm exposure like some seller like some sellers literally go in every single day and modify things and they think it's gonna help it may help but after you've spent a ton of time modifying these things how much like time have you lost which is profit now on that note though big reason why i don't sell on poshmark is because of the whole sharing aspect of it now yeah you can like you can download a a closet bot that shares your thing but that's also against the terms of service so i'm not recommending anyone to do that but that's what i was doing before right so it would automatically share my closet and my items yeah but cheyenne and i sat down one day and we're like how much does it cost to like physically click the share button right and it was like a few cents every time you clicked it literally it would cost you a few cents if you're like a full-time reseller think about how many times people share their items over and over and over and just sit there and just mindlessly do this they're not thinking about the higher level they're not thinking about why they got into this business like for me it's all about freedom if you don't want to buy my stuff don't buy it that's great i'll wait for the next buyer but i'm gonna put all these hooks out into the ocean yes i'm gonna wait and that's my methodology it's never swayed from anything else even though i have a sales background and i enjoy selling right it's interesting that's true yeah time is my time is money and and time is freedom so you have to value what you want to get out of it there's no there's no question that many resellers enter the world of reselling for the freedom they don't have to they can make it their full-time income for themselves yeah but the freedom um it's hard to value that if the freedom i can't put a dollar amount on that we you and i know that we could just go out and source we we spoke uh two uh episodes ago about how much could you source an hour and you were like conservatively probably 150 to 200 in gross ebay type of value an hour yeah you know that may be great but you may love those couple hours to spend with your family it's not all about the money so growth freedom and growth is is are two things that are a balancing uh act with free selling when i started dave like when i started this business like we again we talked about this my corporate job made me absolutely miserable i hated it i would have did anything to quit it i was thrifting four to six times a day like literally four to six times a a day it was insane i would go to swap meets and garage sales and thrift stores over 20 times a week and it's like it's crazy because now i look at it i'm like i'll hit two stores three times a week now at the most and that's that's about all i do i spend less than six hours sourcing now and a lot of that has come from years of experience and being really good at breaking down a thrift store and knowing my niche right but then also a lot of it has become i want to base my business around my lifestyle and not base my lifestyle around my business i don't want to be an employee i don't want to be a slave to it i don't want to be spending 60 hours a week thrifting because as much as i enjoy it i don't enjoy it that much right i don't want to be in a store for 60 hours a week yeah some sellers they do like the people at the bins it's a whole other story if you're like a heavy hitter at the goodwill outlets you kind of have to spend eight hours a day there especially if you're really looking for those treasures because those treasures do come out every 10 15 minutes right when the new cards yeah that's totally different and we talked about the other day where there's different types of resellers and methodologies in thrift stores where some are just sitters and they'll sit around for hours and hours and hours in a retail goodwill yep whereas me i just i go in there for an hour i grab my stuff and i go to the next store i cut my losses as soon as possible too so that's a big thing that i i started doing in my business is if i walk into a store and i can tell within 15 minutes that i only grabbed one item in 15 minutes i put that item back i'm out oh i don't even check out i don't buy that one item because it's not worth my time to even check out a lot of people aren't like that they'll sit in line for one single item i cut my losses i'm out you just don't get the karma or whatever you want to call it you're just not feeling it just not my thing don't yeah i can tell within 10 or 15 minutes in a thrift store if it's going to be worth my time you know and that's not be being cocky or having an ego but it's just years of experience and knowing how quickly i can find things if i don't have five to ten things within a few minutes there's something wrong but again i sell clothing it's it's easy to find good clothing if you know what you're looking for right you know right you're a little bit different yeah you know uh well lori and i when we go on road trips or just vacations uh we you know we're not antique or antique whatever they're called we're not like that we are like thrifter so it's like oh thrift store oh this let's hop in and uh just a store out in rifle colorado and we were on our way out to telluride for in our anniversary and uh we stopped had lunch in this town rifle uh really cool really cool place and colorado's neat it's full of these mining towns so and really we walked into this thrift store right that was right next to the restaurant we went to and it was just like a thrill to go in there and find oh just found 400 worth of stuff it was just enough to jazz you up and be like okay you know this is so we spent our entire uh anniversary weekend going to thrift stores how romantic is that dude i'm the same way cheyenne and i when we travel i'll be like hey we need to go here like we need to pop in for a second and if they could pay for our whole trip that's the beauty of it you know what you're doing yeah one thrift store stop can literally pay for your whole trip it could pay for everything and you know you said something to me early on in our relationship is about the mindset of actually being a reseller and drifter it's not a physical location you're not tied to anything it's all in your mind it's a storage like unit in your brain right i have all of these things stored in my brain over years of experience and it's such a such a beautiful thing and i don't think a lot of people realize that especially if you've been a thrifter for a long time you have this bank of knowledge and you can literally bank off of it you can make money wherever you go and it's a beautiful thing i love it dude we got a couple minutes left anything else you want to say no back to telerad real quick this is this is actually funny uh we for our anniversary dinner 25 years by the way so it was a fancy dinner it was at the top of the mountain that telluride beautiful place it was excellent restaurant and uh it came time to buy a bottled water bottle of wine and we picked one out that was 150 bucks all right which means it probably sells in a liquor store for 40. okay but it i would never do that i would never buy that bottle but it was a special occasion and i just sold like a 150 apple router that i found at the thrift store two hours earlier so it made it alleviated that pain all right so uh beauty of it isn't it crazy it's just it's just yeah it blows my mind like yesterday we were sitting here recording a podcast and i made a 25 dollar sale it's like we're still making money right now yeah we're still making sales we're doing everything it's like yep ebay doesn't stop the internet world doesn't stop no matter what we're doing whether we're sick whether we're driving whether we're with our family that's the beauty of this that's the beauty of this business yeah you know it's the ultimate freedom if you position it the right way if you're making money while you sleep that's a good thing the best thing to wake up to man yeah i mean it's kind of dreadful when you're first starting out that's like i didn't make any sales but now i'm like and they'll come later in the day they'll come later in the week it doesn't really matter at this point you know no just yep final words just be positive and enjoy what you're doing if you don't enjoy what you're doing and get that joy from reselling just reevaluate it remove items that are dragging you down that's it find your niche find your lane and make yourself happy you know that's my thing i stopped selling heavy goods because i hate shipping stuff i hate shipping heavy items i like throwing stuff in a poly bag and then sending it off to it so beautiful i think on that note this was great episode three under the books which is crazy let's do a million more let's do it i'm looking forward to the next episode dude we got like 50 downloads already by the way i got our little award from buzzfeed we got 50 downloads what does that mean what does that mean 50 of y'all want to listen to this which is crazy are we monetized yet not yet oh okay what does monetize even mean i don't know someone's going to sponsor us one day if you're listening to this and you want to sponsor us on that note peace have a great day

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When a client enters information (such as a password) into the online form on , the information is encrypted so the client cannot see it. An authorized representative for the client, called a "Doe Representative," must enter the information into the "Signature" field to complete the signature.

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How can i create a pdf on my laptop? How to download pdf on computer? I can't find a pdf on my computer.I can't download pdf in my computer.I want to create pdf on my computer.How to create pdf on computer? How to download pdf on computer? How to create pdf on computer? How to create pdf on laptop? How to make a PDF in windows? How to make a pdf files in windows? I want to create pdf in windows? I can't create pdf files in windows!I am a user who can't make the pdf files.

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"The best way of getting a document signed is by a real lawyer, but if they are unavailable we can often work it out. In addition to getting your lawyer involved, I'll want to know who is handling it for you. Do you trust a real estate lawyer to do the signature work for you, or do you need to do the work yourself (and get a professional to make sure it's done well)? "Do you want to get all the documents in one fell swoop ( all your insurance paperwork) or do you want to get some small bits and pieces in there? "Will you need an escrow account or do you already have one? "If you can't get your signature or your lawyer is unwilling to take care of it, you can have the client send back and tell the attorney that they want the document signed. If the attorney doesn't sign it, you can ask for a refund.I've found that a good way to handle the paperwork is to start with an original copy. Make a note of where you got it — your computer, your mobile, wherever makes sense. Then make your signature in a new envelope and hand it to the lawyer. When the lawyer gets it, send it back to the original address. This is a good idea to start with, so you aren't in trouble if any of the other information (like the signature) is missing or incorrect.Once the document is in the attorney's possession, let her know that it's not complete, so they can start working on the paperwork. You'll want the attorney to start the process over again, this time sending the signed document back to you...

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