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Sign in Kansas Affidavit Of Heirship for Banking

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what is an airship affidavit an affidavit of airship identifies the heirs of an estate to real property it is signed by two disinterested witnesses who state to their best knowledge the marital status children and family of a decedent now notice here i'm highlighting some things in red okay the reason i'm highlighting these things in red is because they're very important distinctions i want you to make first off we will go over later what disinterested witnesses are and under texas law texas estate code chapter 203.001 lays out a path to establish prima facie evidence for an estate heirs without a court proceeding those are some big words but let's go through what that actually means and what's actually happening prima facie means evidence sufficient to establish a fact or raise a presumption unless disproved or rebutted in a court of law it's very difficult to establish facts most things that we deal with are people's opinions it's hard to really know what actually happened at a circumstance and an airship affidavit is designed to eventually establish a fact now it takes time it takes five years after an airship dave affidavit has been filed and the process that we're going to talk about later are followed correctly it will establish it as a fact now just because it's prima facie evidence for a fact doesn't mean that it can be overturned who can be a disinterested witness who actually can sign the document in order for us to file it and it be effective we're supposed to have too disinterested witnesses most title companies one family member and two disinterested witnesses they want a bunch of people to identify because they're the ones insuring this property and they're the ones that are taking the risk an individual who can state the following can be a disinterested witness the decedent did not owe any debts it's very important if they owe debts you have to go through a probate proceeding to make sure or pay off those debts you got to pay off the debts first before you do the affidavit of airship or you need to go to court in order to handle the debts of an estate the identity of the family member and the heirs of the deceit so we want to know hey who is really supposed to inherit this property that is that the decedent died on a certain date and in a certain place a witness is the most important key one the witness will not gain financially from the estate now this becomes a difficult question if you're the spouse of an individual who's going to inherit so you're a child your husband is a child and is going to inherit are you financially gaining from that always the best practice to find people who are completely independent who will receive no gain at all however a lot of times we have no choice and we have to go with...

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